Here are a few other links that the Wabaunsee County researcher might find interesting.

Wabaunsee County City of McFarland - city site of one of the smaller communities in the County. It's a fantastic site with a thorough history of the town, plus lots of pictures.
  Don Palmer - Don, a local photographer, has taken a shine to Wabaunsee County. If you have some time to spare, take a look at some of his photo essays. You won't be disappointed.
  KGS photos - The Kansas Geological Survey website has has a number of wonderful pictures of the county.
  Post offices of Wabaunsee County - on the Kansas State Historical Society website
  Lake Wabaunsee - information on the fantastic Flint Hills lake in the southeastern part of the county
  LASR - Leisure and Sport Review site for Wabaunsee County (a few nice photos)
  Blue Skyways - a small site dedicated to Wabaunsee County on the state library website.
  Underground Railroad - Randolph Middle School class researched the Underground Railroad. The site contains some information on the Wabaunsee Colony.
State of Kansas Where in Kansas Is... - Search for dead (and living) towns in Kansas
Kansas Genealogy Links - A State Library site
  State Library Search - search the entire State Library website
  Bleeding Kansas - discusses Bleeding Kansas and the Enduring struggle for Freedom NHA (there's a little bit on Wabaunsee County under the About page
  Kansas Pioneers Project
  Kansas GenWeb Archives
  Kansas Surnames List