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Some very Irish sounding settlement names which were named from the Irish settlers in the area are found in the Kindersley Gen Web Region such as D'Arcy, Marengo, and McGee. Also in southern Saskatchewan Moose Jaw are Limerick, and Shamrock. The city of Regina, Regina Gen Web Region, had Irish settlers as well. Kamsack Gen Web Region has an Irish influence at Sturgis. The Irish at Young, and the city of Saskatoon are part of the Saskatoon Gen Web Region. Lloydminster Gen Web Region saw some Irish come to Canwood, Mullingar, and Clonfert.

Protestants from Ulster came to Canada and there were Catholics from Ireland. In the late 1800s the campaign of the Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood of Ireland was to overthrow Britain. From 1865-1871, American Irish (The Fenians) invaded Canada, a British Colony. Due to an anti-emigration society in Ireland, many Irish that emigrated in 1904 went to the U.S.A. and not to Canada.

Ireland Reaching Out "Have you Irish ancestors? Do you know where your people come from in Ireland? If you are of Irish Heritage, and would like to connect with the Irish parish community from where your people first came, please register with us! Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO) is a multi-award-winning Irish government sponsored initiative established to help people of Irish heritage abroad connect with the Irish parish from where either they or their ancestors first originated in Ireland. Discover your Irish Roots and connect with your ancestral community in Ireland"

Saskatchewan and the Emerald Isle ~ an article submitted for Saskatchewan Gen Web E-magazine

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Ireland - Irish Links

1922 Maps The New World Atlas and Gazetteer - Ireland

Atlas of Saskatchewan British Group Settlements Map

Abortive Fenian Raid on Manitoba Account by one who knew its Secret History

Atlas of Saskatchewan British Bloc Settlements: BRITISH Ethnic Bloc Settlements 1850s-1990s Map

Barr, Jim and Alex from Belfast Ireland area

Black, John Calvin, M.D. - Biography

Boards > Topics > Immigration and Emigration > Canada > Irish immigrants

Bob MacIlwaine and Family from Ireland

Bond, Richard and Flossie and Bond, William and Lillian from Tipperary, Queen's County, Ireland

Brett, Augustus J., D.D.S. - Biography

BritishIslesGenWeb Project

Bruton, Martin J. - Biography

Butter down the well : reflections of a Canadian childhood (a book) by Robert Collins Published Saskatoon, Sask. : Western Producer Prairie Books, 1980.(Frontier and pioneer life, Shamrock history.)

Canada Ulster Heritage

Canadian Immigration history the arrival of Irish Immigrants. - Canadian Immigration history the arrival of the Irish

Canadian Ulster - Scots Mailing List

Cardy, Florence

Carefoot, William and Madelaine

Carragher, Owen Eugene (Pat) and Augusta

Claddagh Branch, Saskatoon

Census of Ireland 1901/1911

Cleary, Thomas William and Laura

Cobbe, William and Mae from Monte, West Meath County, Ireland

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann preservation and promotion of Irish traditional music.

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann North America

Conroy, Jim and Laura May

Corofin School District 1507 named after Corofin County Clare, Ireland

Cyndi's list Ireland & Northern Ireland

Did your ancestors come from Ireland (Eire)? Library and Archives Canada Blog

Emigration from Irish Workhouses during the Great Famine (pdf)

Emigration to North America in 1847 - The Ships List

Ethnic-Irish Mailing Lists

FamilySearch Historical Record Collections (Ireland)
  • Ireland Deaths, 1864-1870 51,248 27 Apr 2010
  • Ireland, Births and Baptisms, 1620-1881 5,340,494 26 Mar 2012
  • Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes, 1845-1958 21,090,790 14 May 2010
  • Ireland, Marriages, 1619-1898 430,834 10 Mar 2012
  • Ireland, Prison Registers, 1790-1924 3,127,594 26 Jun 2012
  • Ireland, Tithe Applotment Books, 1814-1855

Fenians in Canada

Fenian Raids (Wikipedia)

Fenian Raid into Canada

Ferguson, Victor J.

First Years - the Rural Municipality of Pleasant Valley, NO. 288-the communities of D'arcy and McGee

Footsteps to follow a History of Young, Zelma and districts

Force of Hope Irish Immigration - Scattering of Seeds the creation of Canada

Genealogy Resources on the Internet - United Kingdom MAILING LISTS

Ghost Town Trail - (Limerick)

Great Famine and Irish Diaspora edited by Arthur Gribben online book

Great Famine in Ireland 1845-49

Great Irish Famine and Mass Emigration


Harris, James A. - Biography

Harves of Memories Sturgis and District, the first hundred years 1900-2000

Hennessey, William Maurice

History - Fenian Invastions, 1886-1870 Our Roots / Nos Racines

History of the Village of Limerick (Prairie Trails and Pioneer Tales : R.M. of Stonehenge #73)

History Place - Irish Potato Famine, Gone to America

Hourigan, John M. - Biography

Ireland's History in Maps

Ireland List Irish-Canadian Page

Ireland Mailing Lists
  • IrelandGenWeb
  • IrishGenes

Ireland Reaching Out

Irish Abroad Genealogy Anglo - Norman Surnames of Ireland

Irish Ancestors / Pre-famine emigration

Irish Canadian Documentary Heritage at Library and ARchives Canada

Irish Canadian Mailing List

Irish Club of Regina, Saskatchewan

Irish Colony of Saskatchewan by Jack Coughlin (book) Look up Volunteer

Irish Genealogy and emigration

Irish Genealogy and emigration Query Board


Irish Emigration Irish Emigration and Canadian Settlement: Patterns, Links & Letters

Irish Emigration before the famine

Irish Emigration to North America: Before, During, and After the Great Famine

Irish Lives Remembered. A free monthly digital magazine dedicated to helping you trace your Irish ancestors. Each month focuses on a different Irish county.

(The) Irishman in Canada (1877). online book written by Nicholas Flood Davin (January 13, 1840 – October 18, 1901)

Irish organizations abroad

Irish Research: Suggestions For the Beginner: Global Gazette Irish Origins August 27, 1999 Vol. III No. 14

J.A. Gallagher, "The Irish Immigration of 1847 and Its Canadian Consequences"

Irish Society of the National Capital Region in Ottawa Canada

Irish Times - Irish Ancestors / Surnames

J.A. Gallagher, "The Irish Immigration of 1847 and its Canadian Consequences

J. Service, Fegan and R. McMoran Families from Belfast, Ireland

Johnson, William B. and Anna Belle Moody, and "Irish Colleen" from Belfast Ireland

Journeys to Canada Grosse-Île in Quebec - The Last resting Place For Over 6000 Irish Souls

Kearney, Harry and Emmalind from Kilkenny Ireland

Kerr, William Franklin - Biography

L' invasion Fénienne au Manitoba : un journal contemporain Our Roots Nos Racines

Leslie, Andrew - Biography

Library and Archives CAnada Connects Canadians to their Irish Roots: New Genealogical Records Available online

Limerick Hotel : a history (A book) by Wilson, Garrett, 1932-published [Regina] : Benchmark Press, 2011.

Lines of the Past Our Roots Nos Racines - Sturgis, Saskatchewan History

Logan, Tom

Magrath, Charles E.- Biography

McGinn, Leo and Margaret from Galway, Ireland

Migration, Arrival and Settlement The Great Famine - Multicultural Canada

Mooney, William J, D.D.S. - Biography

Moriarty, John

Most recent genealogy records for Ireland

Morrison, Thomas A., M.D. - Biography

Mr and Mrs. John Clements from Belfast Ireland

Mr.s Magnus Gunnlaugson from Ireland

Mr. and Mrs. Young and family

Muirhead, Stuart - biography

Murphy, Edmund E.- Biography

Nine to four : a history of the elementary school of Sturgis, Saskatchewan (A book) compiled by Patricia Armstrong ... [et al.] Published Sturgis, Sask. : The authors, c1963.

Northern Ireland Research: Selected Resources - Global Gazette Irish Origins August 20, 2000, Vol. IV No. 14

Oliver, John C. - Biography

Oliver, Isaac and Maggie

O'Malley, Anthony (tony) and Anna from Doom Castle, Ireland

Orange Lodge of Canada

O'Reagan Patrick and Catherine from Dublin, Ireland

Osborne, Walter - Biography

Our roots Nos Racines - Fenian Invasions

Pioneers and Prominent People of Saskatchwean: KNOX: Andrew, M.P.

Pioneers and Prominent People of Saskatchwean: HEARN: Lieut.-Colonel. John Harvey, B.A., LL.B.,

Pioneers and Prominent People of Saskatchwean: SEYMOUR: Maurice MacDonald, M.D..

Pioneers and Prominent People of Saskatchwean: DAVIS: His Worship Mayor, Thomas Clayton

Pioneers and Prominent People of Saskatchwean: ARMITAGE: Captain Alex. Howard, M.D., C.M., .

Prairie Trails and Pioneer Tales; R.M. of Stonehenge #73 -Limerick, Saskatchewan history

Preserve you Irish Heritage with Pictures and Stories.

Rathwell, Ammon and Anne

Reminscing Ye Old Schoolhouse

Robb, T. Irwin , D.D.S. -Biography

Robert Metcalf Large from County Wicklow, Ireland

Roots Chat Irish Immigrants to Canada

Rootsweb Ireland-L and Ireland-D Mail List Web Site

Rootsweb Posting Boards Boards > Topics > Immigration and Emigration > Canada >Irish immigrants

Rootsweb Posting Boards Boards > Topics > Immigration and Emigration > Ships from Ireland

Rootsweb Posting Boards Boards > Topics > Ethnic / Race /
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    • Irish Clans
      • Many mailing lists for close to 100 separate clans
  • Language
    • Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic)

Rural Municipality of Shamrock No. 134 : 1912-1987 ;75th anniversary ;a little bit of local history (a book) Shamrock, SK : Rural Municipality of Shamrock, 1987.

Saskatchewan and the Emerald Isle ~ an article submitted for Saskatchewan Gen Web E-magazine

Seymour, Maurice Macdonald , M.D., C. M., D. P. H. - biography

Shamrock and the Maple Leaf Library and Archives Canada an exhibition of Irish-Canadian documentary heritage

The Shamrock and the Maple Leaf / Le trèfle et la feuille d'érableBiblioArchives / LibraryArchives [photos]

Shaw, Thomas Robert and Sarah

Sources for Research in Irish Genealogy

The Spirit and the Soil: Leroy, St. Patrick Parish

Sprigs of shamrock in the wheat : [a history of the Irish in Saskatchewan] (A book) by Michael Cottrell. published Regina, SK : Author & Irish Club of Regina, c2003.

Tate, William B. - Biography

Using the Internet for Irish Research: Global Gazette Irish Origins September 24, 1999 Vol. III No. 18

Welcome to the Wild Geese Today - The Story of the Irish in Exile

Westgate, Robert J. - Biography

What to Search Topics Genealogy and Family History - Library and Archives Canada

Willoughby, Charles - Biography

Wilson, Charlie and Florence from Upper Driem, Wicklow Mountains of Ireland

Wilson, John Thomas, and Georgina from Kiltegan County, Wicklow, Ireland

Wilson, Thomas A. - Biography

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