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Cemeteries Located in BENTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS

Cemeteries Located in BENTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS
Copyright 1974 - 2003 ~ Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society
*** Italicized Information is ca 2000 - 2003. Some cemeteries may be duplicated. ***
*Names and burial dates can be found in these volumes of the Cemeteries of Benton County, Arkansas

Benton County Cemetery Books

Allen I 32 Located at Cave Springs, AR
Alley VI 67 Located 4 miles E of Siloam Springs and 1/4 mile S of Hwy. 68 near Rain Bow Farm.
Anderson IV 40 Located about 1 1/2 miles S of Vaughn in the area known as Hazel Glen.
Armstrong II 76 Located on the William Armstrong property 2 1/2 miles NE of Highfill, AR. ~ 13801 Armstrong Rd
Austin V 73 Located 18 miles SW of Rogers, AR. Take Hwy. 12, 3 miles past Oxford's Grocery to a sharp curve, go right on one-lane dirt road to the first house. Go through gate at barn. ~ 1/4 mi. W of 12635 Gar Hole Rd.
Avoca I 60 Located one mile south of Avoca in a pasture.
Ball II 74 Located 1 1/2 mile W of Beaty along Hwy 72.
Ball IX 60 Located on Hwy. 72 W out of Gravette, AR, about 2 miles W of Beaty Rd. on S side of the Hwy.
Banks E of 16885 Patterson Rd.
Baptist (Old) IX 46 Located in the 400 block on E Tahlequah Street in Siloam Springs, AR.
Barron I 33 Located about 2 miles NE of Vaughn, AR. ~ 11500 Opal Rd.
Bates I 33 Located on the west side of the entrance drive to Wendt-Sonis Plant in NE Bentonville, AR.
Bayless V 96 Located about halfway between Garfield and Gateway, AR. Turn N off Hwy. 62 on dirt road at Gann's DX Station; follow road to cemetery.
Beaman Place II 74 Located 2 1/2 miles S of Fisher Ford Bridge on the county line.
Beaver Lake Cemeteries IV 59 Located originally in the area of Beaver Lake. They were either moved to their newly, created cemetery or placed in an existing cemetery by the Army Corps of Engineers 1961-1963.
Beavers N of Prestwick Ln. & N Mt. Pleasant Rd.
Benton County Memorial Park IX 1 Located on Hwy. 71B halfway between Bentonville and Rogers, AR.
Bentonville III 1 Located in the SW Section of Bentonville. ~ 416 SW F St., Bentonville
Best IX 63 Located in the Best area in the SW corner of Section 8 on the S side of the creek.
Bethel VI 76 Located NW of Decatur, AR; Hwy 59 N 4.2 miles N of 4-way stoplight, then E or right on Bethel Rd. .3 miles ~ 18299 Bethel Rd.
Bethel Heights 16017 Bethel Heights
Bill IX 60 Located 3/4 mile W of the Bentonville, AR Holiday Inn on the Gregg Wall Farm.
Blackburn-War Eagle IV 43 Located about 1/2 mile W of the War Eagle Mill.
Blagg-Duckworth I 22 Located 2 1/2 miles W of Siloam Springs on Dawn Hill Rd. across from the old City Lake. ~ 13995 Dawn Hill Rd., Siloam Springs
Bland 2957 Moberly Ln.
Blaylock I 54 Located on Posey Mountain, E and N of Avoca, AR.
Bloomfield IV 53 Located 3 1/2 miles W of Gentry, AR, S of Hwy. 12W. ~ 22683 Harper Ln. Dr.
Bozarth I 103 Located 3 1/2 NW of Gentry, AR. ~ 22003 Bozarth Cemetery Rd.
Brady II 73 Located S of Siloam Springs, AR on Hwy. 59 to the county line, then turn right. ~ Lake Francis Road
Burkshed IX 84 Located E of Springdale, AR; take Hwy. 68 to Hwy. 303, turn N, go 3-4 miles to an old building, turn E and go about 1/2 mile.
Butler Creek VI 23 Located N of Sulpher Springs, AR on State Line Rd. off Hwy. 59 N at the AR/MO state line. ~ 20395 State Line Rd.
Butler Ford IX 61
Buttram Chapell V 19 Located 2 1/2 - 3 miles E of junctions Hwy. 94 & Hwy. 72 S of Pea Ridge on the S side of the road. ~ Lee Town Rd. & Guthrie Rd.

Buxton Located inside Bella Vista Memorial Cemetery. After entering, the Buxton Cemetery is to the right
Caleb Davis II 74 Located 1 mile N, 1/4 mile W, and 1/2 mile N of the Norwood Community.
Callis-McKissick V 103 Located 2 miles S of Hiwasse on S side of the Spavinaw Creek.
Callum E of 10152 Ruby Hill Rd.
Carden I 32 Located 1 1/2 miles NE of Pea Ridge, AR on the Carden Homestead Farm.
Case VI 110 Located on the Nick Hendren Property 1 1/2 miles E of Gravette, AR on Hwy. 72.
Cave Springs (1) I 28 Located at Cave Springs, AR.
Cave Springs (2-Old) I 31 Located by the First Baptist Church in Cave Springs, AR.
Cave Springs (3-Unknown Name) I 32 Located about one mile W of Cave Springs on the top of a hill.
Centerton I 74 Located in Centerton, AR, across from the Methodist Church. ~ 10732 Hwy. 102 Spur
Chambers IX 63 Located in Escalupia "W" Twp. Section 31. Take Hwy. 62 E to Old Wire Rd. The cemetery lies 1 to 1 1/2 blocks E of the B.R. Stocker property and Old Wire Rd.
Clantonville IV 17 Located 2 1/2 miles SE of Gateway, AR just off Hwy. 62. ~ 21965 E Hwy. 62
Coats IV 35 Located 4 miles S of Maysville, AR, then 1 mile E on Coats Rd. ~ 24700 Coats Rd.
Coffelt V 31 Located about 2 miles W of Vaughn (2nd crossroad), 1/2 mile N. ~ Coodlet Rd. & S. Coffelt Cem. Rd.
Daniels V 104 Located W and N of Hiwasse. Go W on Hwy. 72 to Mt. Pleasant Church, turn right, go N to marker pointing to the cemetery. ~ E of 14687 N Mt. Pleasant Rd.
Davis 19438 Nokes Farm Rd.
Deans I 27 Located E of Brightwater, a short distance E of Lonnie Blands. ~ 16227 Sugar Creek Rd.
Decatur IV 1 Located 1 block E of the junction of Hwy. 102 and Hwy. 59 in Decatur, AR. ~ 4th & Day St., Decatur
Dent-Moore IX 35 Located 5 miles from Hwy. 72 E of Pea Ridge, AR and 3 miles NW of the12 Corners Church almost on the AR/MO line.
Denton I 6 Located 1/4 mile W of Batie, Appleglen Twp.
Dibler V 50 Located E of Springdale; take Hwy. 264 to Hickory Creek and follow road to the cemetery. It is next to the Mrs. C.L. Clardy Farm just NE of Pleasure Heights. ~ N on Dibler Cem. Rd. from 19000 Arnold Rd.
Dickson VI 67 Located 2 miles N of Cherokee City, AR on Hwy. 43. ~ 8933 S. Hwy. 43
Dickson (Old) V 30 Located 1/2 mile W of Bentonville on S side road 1 block.
Dodson V 103 Located at the SW corner of Hwy. 112 ("J" Street) and Olive Street, between Hwy. 102 and 71B. ~ 2825 SE J St.
Douglas I 10 Located between Healing Springs and Highfill, AR, 1/2 mile N of Hwy 264. ~ 11660 Douglas Cem. Rd.
Dow II 26 Located W of Gravette about 5 miles on Hwy. 72 then 1/2 mile S on Dow Rd. ~ S end of Dow Rd.
Dug Hill II 7 Located 3 1/2 miles N of Bentonville off Hwy. 71, a short distance from the Bella Vista Shopping Center. ~ US Hwy. 71 & Hwy. 340
Edens IX 62 Located in War Eagle E Twp, Section 12, about 2 blocks W of Harvey Blakely home on land owned by Rex Spivey.
Etris IX 89 Located under the runway of the Rogers Municipal Airport, no stones remaining.
Fairmount VI 33 Located 4 miles S of Springtown, AR; turn S off hwy. 12 at 1st road W of low water bridge W of Springtown. ~ Fairmont & Shady Grove Rd.
Falling Springs II 66 Located about 4 1/2 miles NE of Decatur, AR.
Flint II 28 Located 2 miles S of Gentry, AR, N of the Ozark Academy. ~ 12989 Marion Lee Rd.
Ford (1) I 50 Located in the Pea Ridge National Military Park. ~ Military Park Rd.
Ford (2) I 50 Located 3 miles S of Garfiled, AR on the farm of Mrs. Paul Crabb.
Foster V 81 Located 1 mile W of Pea Ridge, AR off Hwy. 94 1/2 mile N on dirt road. ~ 15343 Marino Rd.
Frisco Springs I 53 Located E of Lowell, AR in the vicinity of Edens Bluff and McGarrah Community. ~ W of 9511 Ervin McGarrah Rd.
G. A. R. VI 98 Located 1 1/2 miles N of Sulpher Springs, AR. ~ 194 Skyline Dr.
Gamble IV 87 Located NW of Centerton, AR; go N on Hwy 102S 1 mile, turn left and go 1 mile, turn left again into narrow lane leading to the cemetery. ~ S of 12089 Seba Rd.
Gateway 20400 Cemetery Rd., Gateway
Gentry VI 45 Gentry, AR
George IX 47 Located 1/4 mile N from the junction of Hwy. 16 and Hwy. 68 E of Siloam Springs, AR on an unmarked lane.
Georgia Flats II 65 Located 4 MILES from Gravette, AR. Go 2 miles W on Hwy. 72, then 2 miles S on Georgia Flat Rd. ~ Georgia Flat Rd. & Kane Rd.
Goad Springs II 32 Located SW of Lowell, AR, on the Cave Springs road to 1st cross road, then left about 1/4 mile to the cemetery. ~ 361 S. Goad Springs Rd. Click here to view the deed.
Gotcher VI 67 Located on the 1st road to the right after crossing the 1-lane bridge going S from Cave Springs; go less than 1 block, known as the old Hughes Place.
Grammer I 59 Located on Hwy 264 between Highfill and Healing Springs. The single marker is in the front yard of the old homestead.
Grimes I 52 Located about 4 miles N of Rogers, AR, then 3/4 mile E and 1/2 mile S.
Gunter 447 N. Hill, Siloam Springs
Hall II 24 Located W of Springtown, AR, near Flint Creek off CR# 7 on the Lee McAllister Farm.
Harris V 72 Located E of Brightwater, S from the Lonnie Bland residence.
Hart V 41 Located SE of Rainbow Curve on Hwy. 71B; turn S on 1st road E of Rainbow Curve , go about 2 miles.
Hastings IX 60 Located 3/4 mile N of the Gentry, AR Post Office, then 1/4 mile W.
Heaslet VI 40 W of Peterson Mill on Hwy. 59 N
Helen Roberts Farm IV 33 Located 3 miles E of Maysville, AR.
Henderson IX 64 Located on the ridge E of Emmaline Piercy Farm S of Osage Mills.
Henry (Old) IV 46 Located about 2 1/2 miles SW of Bentonville off the Cave Springs Rd. in front of the Earl Bright Residence.
Hess I 69 Located 5-6 miles E of junction of Hwys 68 & 59 across the Illinois River on the right.
Hickman V 69 Located 1 mile W of Hwy. 94 & Hwy. 72 junction, then S 1/2 mile in a fenced area in a pasture. ~ 11265 Blue Jay Rd.
Hickory Creek I 24 Located S of Lowell, AR. Go to Hwy 264 and go E 5-6 miles. ~ 13075 Schoolhouse Dr.
Hickory Grove IX 88 Located off Hwy. 12 3 1/2 miles from Clifty, then turn N 1/2 mile.
Hico VI 105 Located in Siloam Springs, AR at the corner of Tahlequah & Siloam Place.
Highfill IV 47 Located on Douglas Rd. in Highfill, AR. ~ 14273 Douglas Rd.
Hill II 38 Located on the Henry Sharp Farm about 5 miles NW of Springdale, AR. Turn W off Mwy. 71 on Wagon Wheel Rd.
Hillcrest VI 1 Located 1/2 mile N of Gravette on Hwy. 59. ~ Cemetery Rd.
Holt IX 63 Located 1 mile N of Mr. Wright's house in the extreme NE corner of Section 4, Decatur "E" Twp., Benton Co., fenced in SW corner of stand of trees.
Horsley I 52 Located at the corner of Dixieland and Persimmon Streets in Rogers, AR.
Hugh Clark Farm IV 34 Located 3 miles NE of Maysville, AR.
Hughes IX 64 Located 9 miles SW of Bentonville, AR , W of Osage Mills near Dr. Philo Aldens's old home.
Ingram - Lowell Area IV 52 Located N of Hwy. 264; turn E at 1st crossroads, right at 2nd crossroad, go to 1st road left.
Jackson Memorial Rd. & Town Vu Rd.
Jefferson I 102 Located 2 miles E of Bentonville on Hwy 72. Turn right on 1st road past Apostolic Church to fenced enclosure in the pasture of the former Jefferson Homestead. ~ 3070 Blueberry Ln. - East Bentonville
Keith (1) IV 34 Located 1/4 mile E and 1/4 mile S of Maysville, AR.
Keith (2) IV 57 Located 2 miles S of Hiwasse, AR on Hwy. 279. ~ 12830 N Hwy. 279
Kellam II 75 Located on the C. Jim Farmer property, 1 1/2 miles E of Cherokee City, AR.
Key End of Key Rd.
Kindley II 75 Located NE of Bentonville, AR. 1st road before Sugar Creek on Hwy. 72, turn right and go a short distance. Located on the left. ~ 5120 Rocky Ridge
Lee II 47 Located 4 miles W of Gravette, AR on Hwy. 72, then right on Beaty (Baty) Rd. about 5 miles. ~ 1600 Beaty Rd.
Leetown IV 91 Located in the Pea Ridge National Military Park. ~ Military Park Rd.
Liberty (Old) II 53 Located 3 1/2 miles SW of Garfield, AR, 1 mile E of the main entrance to the Pea Ridge National Military Park, turn right 1/2 mile. ~ SE of Perry Rd. & Pratt Rd.
Lichlyter I 14 Located in the pasture on the W. O. Dawson property, Springtown, AR.
Little Flock I 70 Located 4 1/2 miles NW of Rogers, AR. Follow Dixieland Rd. until you come to the cemetery (fenced). ~ 2696 Little Flock DR.
Logan Community II 73 Located 6 miles E of junction of Hwy. 59 & Hwy. 68E, then 2 miles N of the Logan Community Building. ~ 15288 Logan Rd.
Lone Elm I 17 Located 2 1/2 miles NE of Siloam Springs, AR; 1/4 mile E off Hwy 59N. ~ Bill Young & Airport Rd, Siloam Springs
Mahurin I 9 Located about 3 miles NW of Garfield, AR.
Martin I 20 Located 5 1/2 miles E of Siloam Springs, AR on Allen Cannery Rd.; 1/2 mile N of Hwy 68. ~ 16170 Fairmont Rd.
Martin-Larue VI 107 Located 1/2 mile N of Larue on Beaver Lake. ~ 9207 Larue Rd.
Maysville IV 18 Located 1 mile N of Maysville, AR on Hwy. 43. ~ W on Hwy. 43 1/4 mi. in OK
McCraw IV 34 Located W of Gravette, AR; approximately 5 miles to Benson Rd., then S 1 1/2-2 miles, turn left at lane just past Clary, Rd. and drive to gate, cemetery in the woods to the left of gate.
McDaniels-Granny Mack I 55 Located 3 miles S of Rogers, AR; just S of Oak Grove Cemetery. ~ 600 Cemetery Rd.
McMillan II 75 Located between Hiwasse & Bentonville on Hwy 72, turn N on Hwy. 340 1 1/2-2 miles. On right side of 5th curve adjoining the Holloway property.
Miller (Miller Church) IV 82 Located about 3 miles W of Bella Vista, AR; turn left at 1st road past Linebarger Home, go past rock water tower, turn left an d stay on main road. Church and cemetery located on left side of road. ~ 12900 Miller Church Rd.
Mills IV 86 Located about 1/2 mile SW of Blowing Springs, Bella Vists, AR;near the low water bridges on top of the hill on the right going to the spring from Bella Vista.
Mott IX 45 Located on the Illinois River, 1st house S of the Fisher Ford Bridge on the Everett Andrews Property.
Mount Eden-Maxwell IV 84 Located about 2 1/2 miles E of Bentonville, AR; take Hwy. 102 E to Water Tower Rd., turn N (left) go about 1 mile, cemetery is on the E side of the road. ~ 878 Watertower Rd.
Mount Hebron II 1 Located 3 1/2 miles W of Lowell on Cave Springs road, then 1 1/2 mile N. ~ 1079 Mt. Hebron Rd.
Mount Olive I 73 Located about 2 miles E and 1/4 mile N of Cave Springs in a field off Mt. Hebron Rd.; 1 mile S of Mt. Hebron Cemetery.
Mount Pleasant II 94 Located 2 miles W of Hiwasse, AR, at the Mt. Pleasant Church on Hwy. 72. ~ Hwy. 72 & Mt Pleasant Rd.
Neale II 72 Located in the Robinson Community on the Roy Snodgrass Farm. 1st road past Wildcat Creek between Springdale & Siloam Springs; turn S about 4 - 5 miles.
New Home I 83 Located 3 miles N of Bentonville on Hwy 71; then 1/2 mile W. ~ 12713 Peach Orchard Rd.
New Prospect Church Gann Rd. & Mill Hill Rd.
Nicodemus 20224 Fisher Ford Rd.
NN 1 - The Campbell Place II 74 Located on the Campbell Place across the road from the Norwood Community Church.
NN 2 - The Col. S. Myers Farm II 74 Located on the Col. S. Myers Farm 1 1/2 mile E of Healing Springs, AR.
NN 3 - The Shelby Tisdale Place II 74 Located on the Shelby Tisdale Place 1/4 mile E of the church at Cherokee City, AR
NN 4 - The Sherman Dellinger Farm II 75 Located on the Sherman Dellinger Farm near Springtown, AR.
NN 5 - The Dee Jones Property II 75 Located on the Dee Jones Property, Rt. 2, Gentry, AR.
NN 6 - The John A. Pautsky Place II 76 Located on the John A. Pautsky Place 1 mile N of Highfill, AR.
NN 7 - The Floyd Wilmoth Property II 76 Located on the Floyd Wilmoth Property 2 miles E of Falling Springs Cemetery.
NN 8 - The Jack Garrett Property II 76 Located on the Jack Garrett Property 1 1/2 mile E of Falling Springs Cemetery.
Norwood Family I 105 Located on the Joe Brown place S of Hwy 16; in the Norwood Community.
Norwood IX 42 Located SE on Hwy. 16, 6 miles from Hwy 59, turn right (small sign says Norwood Bible Church 1/4 mile) and go 3/4 mile, turn left and go 3/4 mile, then right a short distance.
Oak Hill 299 Holly St., Siloam Springs
Oakes-Oaks IV 41 Located E of Bentonville, AR, go E on Hwy. 72, turn left on dirt road just before crossing Sugar Creek, stay right on all forks and cemetery is on the right in a fenced area. ~ 8391 Ford Springs Rd.
Oakley Chapel II 77 Located approximately 3 miles W of Rogers, AR on S side of Hwy. 71 by Oakley Chapel.
Ocheltree I 52 Located about 3 1/2 miles E of Rogers, AR on Pleasant Ridge Road.
Oliver IX 34 Located near the present town of Beaty on Beaty Road W of Gravette, AR.
Ozark VI 110 Located in Beaver Shores W of Rogers, AR on Cypress Lane. ~ S of 16267 Cypress Ln.
Patterson IV 85 Located S of Pea Ridege, AR; 1 mile E of junctions Hwy. 94 & Hwy. 72 S of Pea Ridge, turn N about 1/2 mile, cemetery on left.
Pattishall I 31 Located at Cave Springs.
Pea Ridge V 1 Located in the SW section of Pea Ridge, AR. ~ 14388 One Ln., Pea Ridge
Perkins-Parn IV 92 Located about 8 miles W of Bentonville on Hwy. 102 at Burgin Valley; cemetery is behind the house on the left at the 2nd curve. ~ 14801 W Hwy. 102 & N Coffelt Rd.
Phagan VI 97 Located W of Gentry, AR to CR# 99, then S 1/4 mile on the left.
Phillips I 7 Located NW of Cave Springs, 1 mile E of Council Grove M. E. Church.
Phillips IV 50 Located E of Hwy. 71 Lowell, AR; turn E at 1st crossroad N of Hwy. 164 and go about 2 miles to the end of the road. ~ 1879 E Apple Blossom Ave.
Pleasant Grove I 61 Located 5 1/2 to 6 miles SW of Rogers, AR. ~ 239 Pleasant Grove Rd.
Post Oak II 10
Pratt II 10 Located across from the old "Busch" Hatchery on Hwy. 62, a short distance W of the Pea Ridge NMP, then S about 1/4 mile. ~ E of 16629 Old Wire Rd.
Providence Church E of 13728 Pitts Rd.
Putman IV 91 Located about 3 miles W of Rogers, AR S side of Hwy. 71 on the Walter Heins farm.
Rambo V 92 Located 18 miles SW of Rogers, AR. Take Hwy. 12, 3 miles past Oxford's Grocery to a sharp curve, go right on one-lane dirt road to the first house. Go through gate at barn. ~ 1/4 mi. W of 12635 Gar Hole Rd. ~ 9669 Hwy. 137
Reed-Trent V 101 Located about 1 1/4 miles N of Bayless Cemetery; turn right at the church, left at the fork and go about 1 mile. After passing Douglas house, turn right at wire gate & follow lane to the cemetery.
Ricketts IV 46 Located E of Bentonville, AR off Hwy. 72; turn left on dirt road just before crossing Sugar Creek, go 1-2 miles, located off the road on private property.
Robbins IV 84 Located about 1 1/2 miles NE of the Bentonville, AR square; Go 1/2 mile N of NE "J" Street, turn right on NE 13th Street, runs into Kings Dr., turn right on Palace Lane to the end of the street. Cemetery is N of circle drive in briars.
Robinson-Yell VI 101 Located 10 miles E of Siloam Springs in Hwy. 68: turn right on gravel road to Robinson Community, turn left on 2nd road. ~ 13990 Yell Cemetery Rd.
Rock Church V 95 Located E of Rogers 18 miles to Oxford's Grocery, left 2.6 miles to Hwy. 112, right 1/2 mile to church. ~ W of 22056 Hwy. 127
Rogers VII 1 Located in Rogers, AR.
Rogers (Old) I 51 Located in the NE part of Rogers between the railroad and the old highway.
Roler IX 62 Located 1 mile E of Gateway, AR in Rolor Ridge Twp., S 24 Benton Co., on Burrell Weston's Farm.
Roller-Arkansas V 51 Located 1/2 mile N and 1/2 mile E of Gateway, AR.
Ruddick-Reddick I 89 Located 3 miles S of Garfield, AR on Lost Bridge Road. ~ 19316 N Hwy. 127
Russell I 67 Located 1 mile W of Gravette, AR on Hwy 72. Turn left at Russell Corner Rd. into private driveway, go straight through gate and down the fenceline for approximately 500 feet.
Scott V 102 Located about 2 1/2 miles NE of Twelve Corners; stay on mail road, turn left at 3-way corner, cemetery on the right past the rock house. ~ 15894 Cornith Rd.-100 yds. E
Section 17 Private Rd west of 18028 S Hwy 59
Sharp 8678 E. Wagon Wheel Rd.
Shockley IX 62 Located E of Rogers, AR on Hwy. 12; turn right on Benton Co Rd.# 95, go about 2 miles to curve and take gravel road directly ahead, take right fork and go 4.6 miles. Single grave is on the right on top of the hill.
Silent Grove I 57 Located NW of Springdale by Silent Grove Baptist Church. ~ 4857 Silent Grove Rd.
Siloam Springs VIII 1 Located in the NW section of Siloam Springs, AR on Holly Street.
Smith IX 41 Located just off Hwy. 68E down the Robinson Community Road on Fred Littrel's Farm.
Snoderly (1-Unfenced) I 67 Located about 3 miles E of Brightwater, AR. The Providence Church used to be here.
Snoderly (2-Fenced) I 68 Located about 3 miles E of Brightwater, AR. The Providence Church used to be here.
Snoderly (3-Family) I 69 Located about 1/4 mile west of Snoderly Cemetery on the Boyd Snoderly Farm in a fenced area. ~ S of 16940 Sugar Creek Rd.
Spring Creek II 39 Located S of Lowell, AR 2.4 miles on Hwy. 71 to the Little wagon Wheel Grocery and Station; W 3.7 miles on blacktop road. ~ 8529 E. Wagon Wheel Rd.
Springtown II 14 Located 1/4 mile E of Springtown Post Office on Hwy. 12. ~ 17351 W Hwy. 12
St. Vincent IX 31 Located on Hwy. 62 E approximately 4 miles NE of Rogers, AR. ~ 11250 Cemetery Rd. & US Hwy 62
Stanley At the end of Hwy. 264, Hickory Creek
Stony Point II 93 Located approximately 2 miles S on Old Wire Road; then 1/8 mile E.
Story II 45 Located 6 1/2 miles E of Siloam Springs, AR; off Hwy. 68.
Summit IV 83 Located NE of Bella Vista, AR 2 1/2-3 miles E from Blowing Springs.
Temperance Hill I 15 Located 1/2 mile W of Osage Mill Dam. ~ Sear Rd. & Brassy Rd.
Tuck’s Chapel II 57 Located 4 1/2 miles N on Hwy. 94, then 1 mile E of Rogers, AR. ~ 12422 E Tuck's Chapel Rd.
Twelve Corners I 1 Located 2 1/2 miles NE of Pea Ridge, AR. ~ 16061 Twelve Corners Rd.
Unknown (1) IX 34 Located N of Beaty 5-7 miles, back off in the woods off a logging road.
Unknown (2) IX 60 Located on Hwy. 72 W of Gravette, AR; 1/4 mile W of Beaty Rd. on the Bob Piggott Farm.
Vandagriff IV 86 Located on the Howard Morrison Farm E of Pea Ridge, AR.
Walnut Hill I 84 Located about 4 miles SW of Garfield, AR. Turn S at new Brightwater Church on Hwy. 62. ~ 12622 Walnut Hill Rd.
Wann VI 41 100 yds. W of 24000 Honey Creek Rd.
War Eagle N on Private Rd. from 11259 High Sky Inn Rd.
Wardlaw I 51 Located about 1 mile W of Brightwater, AR.
Webb Bittersweet Dr.
Wet Prairie II 25 2 1/2 miles N of Maysville, AR on Wet Prairie Rd. ~ 25429 Wet Prairie Rd.
Wild Cat Creek II 24 Located on Hwy. 68 on private property just before reaching the county line.
Williams S of 16900 Sugar Creek Rd.
Wilson (1) V 83 Located NE of the Springdale Rodeo Area about 2 1/2 miles. ~ N on Private Rd. from 4099 E. Monitor
Wilson (2) VI 110 Located 5 miles NW of Bentonville, AR in the Pumpkin Hollow area on the P.S. Wilson Farm now owned by Bob Short.
Woods I 60 Located NW of Rogers, AR on the old Bryce Woods Farm. ~ E of 3000 Little Flock Dr.
Word II 46 Located approximately 5 - 6 miles NW of Decatur, AR on Mt. Zion & W Mt. Road off of Hwy. 102W of Decatur. ~ 21582 W Mountain Rd.
Yell 13990 Yell Cemetery Rd.

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