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                               GOAD SPRINGS CEMETERY


Benton County, Arkansas Deeds, Book B, Page 488


            Be it remembered on this the 11th day of February 1853 That we Robert and

Elizabeth Hubbard his wife do give grant unto James E. Cowan Isaac Griffith & George

Creager as trustees and their successor forever for the use of a grave yard school and

meeting house for all orthodox denominations to preach in under name of Liberty the

following tract or parcel of land to wit: Beginning on the section line between sections

10 & 11 Eighty rod south of the section corner at a corner between James E. Cowan

and Robert Hubbard Runing with the line between the said Cowan and Hubbard forty

Poles thence south forward Thirty Poles thence westward Thirty four Poles to the

beginning including seven acres more or less it being section Eleven Township

Eighteen and rang Thirty west and to have the use of sd Hubbards spring for the use

of the house sd further bind our selves and heirs and assigns forever to warrant and

defend the title of the same James E. Cowan Isaac Griffith & Gorge Creager as trustees

and their successors forever in testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and



Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of  )     Robert Hubbard         (SEAL)

                                                                             )                  her

Attest  Wm. A. Cowan                                          )     Elizabeth X Hubbard    (SEAL)

                                                                             )                   mark

Sam A. Cowan                                                     )




            Personally appeared Robert Hubbard and Elizabeth Hubbard his wife before me

Gorge Creager Justice of the Peace in and for Benton County and State of Arkansas

And acknowledged that they sind the within for the purposes  therein set forth and

contained the said Elizabeth Hubbard first being said acquainted with the contents

thereof acknowledges that she sind and relinquishes her dowry to said land of her own

free will without any undue influence of her said husband.


            Given under my hand this February the 11th 1853.


                                                                                    Gorge Creager J. P.


            Filed and recorded the 26 day of February 1853.


                                                                                    A.G. Williams    Clerk

                                                                                                Ex Officio Recorder.   




NOTE: This deed is presented exactly as it was written in its typed version. The Benton

 County Deeds and Mortgages have both the typed and handwritten version of the deed

available for reference on microfilm. – Nancy McClellan Feroe                  

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