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(also known as MADDOX CEMETERY)

Calico/Reynolds Road
Royal, Garland County, Arkansas

McDowell Cemetery, Royal, Garland County, Arkansas

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 34.49216, Longitude: -93.29970

Take Highway 270 West out of Hot Springs; go past Royal, Arkansas; turn left on Ragweed Valley Road; go about .7 mile and turn left on Calico/Reynolds Road; take the first right (about .5 miles) to stay on Calico/Reynolds Road. Drive about 1 mile and the cemetery is located in an an enclosed fence. (Directions are from "Google Maps.")

The cemetery has numerous graves marked only by rocks or round concrete pavers and were not photographed. It is still active and well kept.

The cemetery was copied by Debra Slater Garner in 1995 and notations were also made by Debra. The cemetery was updated by Patti Vance Hays February 27, 2010.

The tombstone photos may be found by clicking on the underline names (or words). The tombstone photographs are the property of Patti Vance Hays, Dennis McDowell and Bettye McDowell Jarrell.

Please click on the photograph icon for a personal photograph. You may use the photographs for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission.

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Apodaca, William "Sky"    1-13-1954 3-31-2007
    Member of the Hunkpapa Sioux Indian Tribe, a descendant of Sitting Bull

Carpenter, Arlene E.    07/08/1920-03/17/2011    [dod from obituary]
Carpenter, Henry P.    08/21/1917-08/24/2010    [dod from obituary]

Carpenter, William Ted 4-5-1911 11-4-1991
    s/o Jack and Nancy E. Fisher Carpenter

Carpenter, Nancy E. 1874 1946
    d/o Henry and Tennessee McDowell Fisher
    m: Jack Carpenter




Hughes, Sidney A. 9-8-1887 5-17-1962
Hughes, Iva 7-18-1906 12-24-1999
    w/o Sidney A. Hughes

Reynolds, Theda K.    12/24/1924-03/13/1999
Reynolds, Ferman R.    09/05/1924-07/15/2005    World War II

Reynolds, Terrance Lee 5-17-1905 9-11-1982    [closeup]
    s/o Jerry and Fannie Mayhab Reynolds
    m: Georgia Opal Maddox 6-3-1923
Reynolds, G. Opal 1-13-1905 9-21-1990    [closeup]
    d/o Evan and Estella Cearley Maddox
    wife of Terrance Lee Reynolds

Maddox, James W. 11-24-1923 12-31-1991

Green, Claude 3-25-1898 2-7-1985

Maddox, Evan 2-26-1881 7-9-1966
    s/o James and Deborah E. Morris Maddox
    m: Estella Cearley 1903

Maddox, Estella 6-22-1886 1-26-1944    "Wife of Evan Maddox"
    d/o George Cearley and Mary Jane Cain

Maddox, Loyzel Gilford 7-21-1908 3-29-1961
    Arkansas Tec5 3196 Sig Service Co World War II
    s/o Evan and Estella Cearley Maddox

Maddox, Lucile 1903 1905
    d/o Henry M. and Belle Dillon Maddox, Jr.

Covey, Troy David 3-7-1935 8-8-1935

Lavender, Infant Son of Mr. Mrs. L. F. Lavender    [no dates]

Maddox, William E. 9-1-1901 9-18-1901
    s/o Leonard and Eldorado McDowell Maddox

Maddox, Devorah Ellen 2-16-1857 10-27-1916
    w/o James William Maddox

Maddox, Leonard Elmer 6-2-1875 7-19-1936
    s/o James and Deborah Morris Maddox
    m: Eldorado McDowell 12-30-1900

Maddox, Eldorado McDowell    2-30-1872 3-24-1972
    d/o James and Lavicy Griffin McDowell

Sorrells, Dallas Aiden Fisher 11-25-2006 11-25-2006
    Parents: Luke Hawkinson and Kristina Sorrells
    Grandparents: James and Debra Sorrells
    Great Grandparents: Klugh and Loretta Sorrells

Sorrells, Floyd E. 2-13-1909 2-13-1983
    s/o Thomas and Elsie Maddox Sorrells
    m: Ruby Houser
Sorrells, Ruby Houser 2-15-1912 3-16-2000
    D/o Joel A. and Gertrude Houser
        Our Children Klugh, Tommy and Richard

Thornton, Odie Sorrells 4-14-1899 10-13-1990
    d/o Thomas and Elsie Maddox Sorrells
    w/o Wade Thornton married 12-24-1933

Sorrells, Thomas Elmer 2-5-1874 12-16-1923    [Tom]
    m: Elsie Maddox
McDonough, Elsie Sorrells 3-15-1879 11-24-1967
    d/o James and Deborah Morris Maddox
    m: 1st. Thomas Sorrells 11-8-1896, 2nd. Wm. McDonough

Sorrells, Baby no dates

Fisher, John H. 3-8-1887 10-13-1962
    s/o Henry and Tennessee McDowell Fisher

Rodgers, Sallie Fisher 9-18-1878 5-24-1959
    d/o Henry and Tennessee McDowell Fisher

Fisher, Harvey    1892-1919

Fisher, Henry Millard 1-13-1848 8-24-1908    [closeup]
    s/o George and Elizabeth Millard Fisher
    m: Tennessee McDowell 11-24-1872
Fisher, Tennie McDowell 3-20-1855 4-27-1927    [closeup]
    d/o James and Nancy Baldwin McDowell

Fisher, Rado    1883-1898
Fisher, Lola    1880-1898

Hall, Malinda    1876-1901

Unknown (52)

McDowell, Oliver Davis 10-15-1886 7-20-1888    [day of birth corr by pvh]
    s/o Wm. D. and Amanda Mayberry McDowell

McDowell, Tennessee E. 2-21-1879 8-25-1880
    d/o of Wm D. and Amanda Mayberry McDowell

McDowell, W. D. 12-27-1851 6-27-1905
    s/o James and Nancy E. Baldwin McDowell
    (died in a sawmill explosion)

McDowell, Amanda C. 10-30-1857 7-28-1941
    d/o David and Rhuannah Gibbons Mayberry
    m: William Davis McDowell 1-12-1873

McDowell, James Wilford 08-1825 2-14-1908
    s/o Isaac McDowell
    m: 1st. Nancy Baldwin 12-20-1850
        2nd. Lavicy Griffin

McDowell, Lavicy E. 11-30-1840 1-19-1929
    d/o James and Rebecca Brewer Griffin
    w/o James Wilford McDowell

McCaslin, Charles   -02-09-1942
    s/o Emmett R. McCaslin and Lucile Maddox

McCaslin, Emmett R. 8-2-1903 2-3-1979
    s/o Robert E. and Clara Ann Rawls McCaslin
    m: Lucille Maddox 12-20-1925
McCaslin, Lucile 1-25-1909 1-2-2009    [added per obituary]
    d/o Leonard and Eldorado McDowell Maddox

McCaslin, Jerry Wayne 04-07-1965 1-16-1992   [dob from SSDI]
    s/o Stanley and Ima Ferrell McCaslin

McCaslin, Arthur Ray 10-29-1929 4-23-2008
    s/o Emmett R. McCaslin and Lucille Maddox
    h/o Martha Abbott married 6-19-1951

McDowell, Nona Ethel 6-23-1898 4-2-1993
    d/o Wm. D. and Amanda Mayberry McDowell

McDowell, Henry W. (10-3-1892) 5-31-1936
    s/o William D. McDowell and Amanda Mayberry
    h/o Elva McCaslin

McDowell, John B.    01/26/1876-01/25/1975

McDowell, Mary E.     02/23/1884-11/03/1963 photo



Bayless, Joseph E. 12-22-1928 6-30-1995 photo
    Pvt US Army World War II
    Parents: Joseph E. Bayless and Eldorado McDowell
    Spouse: Veda Anne Garver

Walker, Eugenia Virginia    02/18/1927-01/21/1996 photo

Smith, Andrew Wesley    born and died 06/27/1996
    "Beloved Son of Nathan and Jenny"

Bayless-Jarrell, Rado  7-7-1908 10-4-2001 photo
    Parents: John Bunyan McDowell and Mary Elizabeth Henson McDowell
    Sp: Joe Bayless 4-12-1925
        J. Prentice Jarrell married February 12, 1999



Fisher, Elisha    1897-1897

Fisher, James B. II 1930 1930
    s/o James B and Era Cunningham Fisher

Messamore, Lillie Fisher 2-25-1894 8-1-1984
    d/o Henry and Tennessee McDowell Fisher
    m: Fred Messamore 2-21-1922

Fisher, Elva 11-14-1889 5-19-1969
    d/o Henry and Tennessee McDowell Fisher

Unknown Gross Marker    [no name]

Fisher, Dewey L. Z.  11-21-1900 3-13-1969
    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War I
    s/o Henry and Tennessee McDowell Fisher

Hullinger, Kenneth E. 3-10-1928 6-1-1988

Hullinger, Edith K. 3-10-1928 5-4-2000

McDowell, Daniel 03-28-1923 4-10-1993
    Tec5 US Army World War II
    s/o John and Elizabeth Henson McDowell
    h/o Irene Staggs
        Elizabeth Page

McDowell, Brison Elmine  6-1-1914 1-22-1975    [month of birth corr by pvh]
    s/o John B. McDowell and Mary Henson

McDowell, Frances E. 4-13-1878 6-4-1940
    d/o William Phillips

Following are ones seen by Debra and unable to read February 2010.
Some of these may be the unknowns that are listed above.

Fisher, George Wilford 4-26-1885 1-28-1965
    s/o Henry and Tennessee McDowell Fisher
    m: Edith Helms 2-10-1928

Maddox, Ethel 6-14-1888 2-12-1898
    d/o James and Deborah Morris Maddox

Maddox, James William 4-22-1852 1919
    s/o Henry and Elizabeth Maddox
    m: Deborah E. Morris 3-5-1874

McDowell, Carrie 1913 8-11-1916
    d/o John B. and Elizabeth Henson McDowell

McDowell, James D. 12-14-1874 1952
    s/o Wm. D. and Amanda Mayberry McDowell
    m: Frances Phillips Bowers 12-2-1911

McDowell, Lillian 12-6-1884 1904
    d/o Wm. D. and Amanda Mayberry McDowell

Miller, Ruie Olivia McDowell 6-17-1906 8-5-2004
    d/o John B. McDowell and Mary Henson

Reynolds, Inf. b.d 1958
    s/o Clifton and Velma Blanton Reynolds

The following were found in Garland County, Arkansas Tombstone Inscriptions Western Volume II compiled by Inez E. Cline and Bobbie Jones McLane and were no longer there or illegible:

McDowell, William H.

Rogers, Sarah Ann    1878-1959 (Gross)

These are added from obituaries

Martin, Robert Samuel "Sam"    06/21/1936-06/15/2010