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Highway 290
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

Fourche Loupe Cemetery, Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

GPS Coordinates: Latitude 34.40807, Longitude -93.08752

This is a listing of information taken from Caruth-Hale and Gross funeral home records. This does not depict that an actual tombstone exists. There are many unmarked graves in the cemetery, and this might help in identifying some of them. It must be noted that the parents or spouses listed below are not always correct. This information to the funeral homes are often given under the stress of losing a loved one and often confused at times. The funeral home records were transcribed by Lewis Stephens and may be used as a reference.

The listings that show (Findagrave) may be found at with photos.

IC-means this tombstone was read by Inez Cline on October 15, 1968.

Location: From Hot Springs take Highway 7 South to Lake Hamilton Baptist Church and turn left on Highway 290. Drive about 6/10 of a mile. Cemetery is in the second curve to the right upon a hill.

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1997 through 2016, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more.

Compiled by Debra Slater Garner.

Original transcription corrections are shown in red and were made from Patti Vance Hays by viewing the tombstone or tombstone photograph.

We also would like to add personal photographs. If you have any you would like used, please email the webmaster. These may be found by the icon shown as ,. When you see the photograph icon, click on it for a personal photograph. These photographs may not be used on any other website or published in any manner.

Adams, Charles 11-12-1899 10-4-1979 (Findagrave)    [month of birth corr by pvh from SSDI]
    Broken Caruth-Hale Funeral Home marker
    Parents: Perry Adams and Elizabeth Clark
    Spouse: Beulah_______

Adams, Beulah E. 3-5-1906 2-1-1995 (Findagrave)    [day of birth corr by pvh from SSDI]
    Broken Caruth-Hale Funeral Home marker

Adams, Arnold Lafayette1 3-2-1924 5-13-1972 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Charles Adams and Beulah Smith
    Spouse: Hazel Ann See married 7-4-1949

Adcock, Heber S. 3-4-1903 4-17-1959 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Stephen Adcock and Mary Ellen Phillips
    Spouse: Anita_______

Adcock, Hubert Jr.    12-23-1925 7-16-1987 (Findagrave)
    MAM2 US Navy World War II Korea
    Spouse: Dean McDowell married 6-20-1948

Adcock, Gladys Marie 3-15-1905 1912

Albright, Oliver1 N.  3-24-1850 2-9-1929   (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Francis Montgomery
Albright, Francis1 E.  1-17-1853 2-19-1929   (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Oliver N. Albright

Albright, Hugh 2-17-1884 4-6-1949 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Oliver N. Albright and Frances Montgomery
    Spouse: Ruby Ella Pittman married 5-8-1919
Albright, Ella Ruby1   3-28-1890 12-26-1994   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Newitt Eugene Pittman and Laura Luella Mahan

Albright, John 1-1-1880 10-16-1967 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Oliver N. Albright and Frances Montgomery
    Spouse: Virgie Minton

Albright, Virgie 7-14-1884 6-24-1958 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Davis Minton and Matilda White
    Spouse: John Albright

Albright, Roy Oliver 3-18-1906 1-28-1975 (Findagrave)
    Parents: John Albright and Virgie Minton
    Spouse: Argie Mannie______married 6-27-1931
Albright, Argie M. 10-14-1907 11-16-1994 (Findagrave)

Albright, Ira 9-15-1916 1-29-1928 (Findagrave)
    Parents: John Albright and Virgie Minton

Albright, Eugene 7-25-1920 6-20-2000 (Findagrave)
    US Army World War II
    Spouse: June J. Greeson married 5-8-1938
Albright, June J. Greeson    6-8-1921 11-3-2002 (Findagrave)

Albright, Florence 6-3-1911 10-28-1911 (Findagrave)

Albright, Louie 7-1-1920  Open (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Maxine Donna _____married 11-25-1939
Albright, Maxine Donna 3-4-1920 4-22-1989 (Findagrave)

Arbuckle, Charles G. 11-17-1849 7-1-1940

Aringe, George W. 11-11-1866 8-23-1944 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Aringe and Sarah Smith
    Spouse: Bertha Mae Grimsley married 9-7-1924

Aringe, Arthur Allen 1-9-1934 11-12-2001 (Findagrave)
    AN US Navy
    Parents: George W. Aringe and Bertha Mae Grimsley

Ashley, Nancy Jane 12-3-1866 8-1-1952 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jesse Williams and Talitha Rowe
    Spouse: 1st Leonard Sullivan
        2nd Benjamin Franklin Ashley married 1898

Ashley, Henry 1899 1985 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Benjamin Franklin Ashley and Nancy Jane Williams
    Spouse: Sadie Helms married 05-24-1919
Ashley, Sadie 1901 1987 (Findagrave) IC

Ashley, Lillie Mae   6-3-1902 5-29-1970   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Richard Couch and Louella Thomason/Thomas
    Spouse: 1st O. T. Eubanks on 8-23-1917
        2nd Virgil Ashley on 8-15-1926

Ashley, Vernon    09-27-1924 08-26-2013    (Sentinel-Record Obituary)
    Parents: Henry Ashley and Sadie Mae Helms

Avant, Mary A.   06-18-18851 10-19-19441   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: David F. McClain and Mandy Dyer
    Spouse: 1st J. A. Ray married 11-6-1907
        2nd Arthur Avant married 11-18-1939
          (Arthur married 1st Mae Hill on 8-31-1923
        3rd Janie Short on 1-3-1949)

Avaritt, Willa Kay 7-5-1934 2-1-1998 (Findagrave)

Aven, A. C. 11-27-1847 2-21-1898 (Findagrave) IC

Aven, Janie 10-24-1862 4-3-1937 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: James Kilgore and Parthena Carpenter
    Spouse: Alfred Aven

Aven, Alice Georgia 7-8-1884 4-8-1955 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Alfred Aven and Jane Kilgore

Aven, Arthur C.   03-25-18861 11-17-19471   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Alfred Aven and Jane Kilgore

Aven, James Monroe1   3-25-1891 1-26-1951   (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas Pvt 116 Infantry 29 Div World War I
    Parents: Alfred Aven and Jane Kilgore

Bailey, W. Charlie1   5-31-1882 3-15-1933   (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Martha _______

Baldwin, Ted Dewitt 7-13-1951 1-31-1954 (Findagrave)
    Parents: N. Eugene Baldwin and Ruth Cooper

Batterton, W. F.   03-14-18671 10-15-19381   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Batterton and Stacy_______
    Spouse: 1st. Lue Ella ________
        2nd Sarah Phillips married 4-15-1923

Batterton, Lue Ella 2-27-1878 10-9-1922 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: W. F. Batterton

Batterton, Ellis 8-21-1884 1-15-1967 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: James Batterton and Viola Fulton
    Spouse: Vada Kemp married 8-30-1908
Batterton, Vada A. 1-10-1892 7-21-1994 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: William Milton Kemp and Roena Saphronia Wright

Batterton, Elbert 7-10-1909 3-31-1993 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Ellis Batterton and Vada A. Kemp
    Spouse: 1st Rua Mae Henderson married 6-26-1927
        2nd Opal Chitwood Grisham
Batterton, Rua Mae 12-22-1909 6-20-1974 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Chester Henderson and Lilly Malone

Batterton, Edward E. 9-28-1924 9-16-1944 (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas PFC 48 Armd Inf Bn 7 Armd Div World War II
    Died near Marieulles, France
    Parents: Ellis Batterton and Vada A. Kemp

Batterton, Leah Matilda 3-22-1950 3-22-1950
    Parents: James E. and Jeannette Batterton

Batterton, James A. 12-4-1859 10-19-1912 (Findagrave) IC
Batterton, Viola 4-12-1863 11-27-1926 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: J. Fulton and _______
    Spouse: James A. Batterton

Batterton, Baby unknown Unknown (Findagrave)
    Parents: James A. Batterton and Viola Fulton

Batterton, Charlie C. 11-5-1880 1-24-1965 (Findagrave) IC
    "Married 66 years"
    Parents: James Batterton and Viola Fulton
    Spouse: Perilee Emma Hobgood
Batterton, (Perilee)1 Emma 12-25-1883 1-12-1975 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jonas Drew Hobgood and Catherine Perry

Batterton, Infant 12-25-1907 12-25-1907 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Charles C. Batterton and Perilee Emma Hobgood

Batterton, Rush R. 11-17-1902 3-22-1920 (Findagrave) IC

Batterton, Henton 4-11-1898 2-22-1918 (Findagrave) IC

Bayless, Nancy Lynn 9-7-1869 3-15-1926 (Findagrave) IC

Bendt, Louis 10-22-1867 12-16-1910 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Elise C. Geweske

Bendt, Elise C(aroline)1 8-1-1876 12-18-1969 (Findagrave)
    Parents: August Geweske and Caroline Koewing

Bennington, Sylvia Batterton1 Rasberry     03-28-1 1897   March 19861 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Felix Warren Rasberry married 2-15-1920

Bice, Adaline age 80 10-6-1931

Bledsoe, Charlotte E. 12-13-1952 9-16-2004 (Findagrave)
    "Loving Parents of Felicia and Zachary"
    Parents: Harold C. Widener and Vida E. Ashley
    Spouse: James B. Bledsoe married 4-9-1971
Bledsoe, James B.    [no date of death shown]    [added by pvh]

Bledsoe, Cliffie R. 3-29-1894 12-3-1952 (Findagrave) IC

Bradford, Betty Ruth 2-21-1940 10-17-1941
    Parents: John W. Bradford and Agnes Oliver

Bradford, Dannie Lee, Sr    age 62-12/11/1996    [added by pvh from obituary] 2

Bradford, David Lloyd 8-17-1961 7-3-1984 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Dannie Lee Bradford and Edna Janette Burks
    Spouse: Linda_______

Bradley, Marjorie G.    9-23-1929 1-23-1971 (Findagrave)
    "We Miss You Mom"
    Parents: Robert Adcock and Vanita Gifford

Brantley, Larkin1 Newby1 4-3-1812 2-15-1880 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: James Brantley and Lettice Newby

Brantley, Rebecca M Bagwell 5-29-1816 4-29-1901 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Larkin Newby Brantley married 12-24-1833

Brantly, Rev. William1   4-25-1887 5-21-1961 (Findagrave) IC
Brantly, Clara S.1  4-25-1892 12-10-1972 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John H. Sanders and _____Fulton
    Spouse: Will Brantley
    (The spelling on stone is Brantly)

Brantley, John Doyle 9-30-1915 11-25-1984 (Findagrave)
    Parents: William Brantley and Clara Belle Sanders
    Spouse: Nancy Martin

Brantley, Nancy 5-23-1928 5-14-1983 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Henry Martin and Fannie Bradley

Brantley, Sandra Kay1   8-20-1948 12-2-1971   (Findagrave)
    Parents: John Doyle Brantley and Nancy Martin

Brantley, Sherry 7-31-1950 1-1-1951 (Findagrave)
    Parents: John Doyle Brantley and Nancy Martin

Branum, Lafayette1 A.   11-7-1876 6-20-1927   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Branam and Louisa Warwick
    Spouse: Martha________

Branum, Luther 8-7-1913 2-21-1983 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Mary Williams married 12-15-1934

Bray, Daniel S. 11-22-1875 1-30-1947 (Findagrave)

Breshears, Mary A. 1850 1932 (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker

Bridges, Arthur M. 5-21-1878 3-19-1954 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Peter Bridges and Almeta Welch
    Spouse: Nancy Susie________

Bridges, Nancy1 Susie   11-8-1879 5-8-1968   (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Arthur Bridges

Bridges, Arlie Franklin1   8-30-1913 1-19-1945   (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas Pvt 475 Inf World War II
    Spouse: Gussie________

Bridges, Arlie E., Jr.   9-11-1967 9-11-1967   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Arlie Edward Bridges and Anna Margaret Shelby

Bridges, Ira Wiley 1877 1934 (Findagrave)
Bridges, Florence Evelyn1  09-28-1 1878  12-18-1 1961 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Jestes and ____________
    Spouse: Wiley Bridges (J. W. Bridges 34 to Florence Clark 32
    Married 11-17-1910)

Brock, Lucille Davis 11-20-1897 6-16-1962 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Leander Davis and Martha E. Dooley
    Spouse: Fred Brock married 3-14-1914

Brooks, Edna B. 8-12-1883 6-8-1887 (Findagrave)

Brown, Albert C.    09/08/1875-11/14/1876    (Findagrave)    [added by pvh]
    "Son of J. A. & M. C. Brown"

Brown, Martha 4-18-1848 8-29-1877 (Findagrave) IC
    "Wife of F. D. Brown"

Brown, Elfrieda 4-15-1907 2-18-1980
    Spouse: Thomas Brown

Brown, Nellie Mae1   6-18-1883 9-16-1975  (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker
    Parents: Prentice and Norma Hurd

Brown, W. D.  08-28-1 1854 12-04-1 1928 (Findagrave) IC
    (Gross Funeral Home marker)
    Parents: Andrew Brown and Martha Burroughs
    Spouse: Hattie June Lloyd

Brown, Hattie J. 12-23-18581 [marker shows 1859] 01-18-1 1943 (Findagrave) IC
    (Gross Funeral Home marker)
    Parents: David Lloyd and Louisa Sue Bound
    Spouse: W. D. Brown

Brown, Locke 5-20-1855 11-8-1936 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Sarah Jane Howner

Brown, Sarah Jane 6-27-1857 11-8-1946 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jim Howner and Mary Linton
    Spouse: Locke Brown

Brown, Albert Ernest 10-23-1880 3-17-1963 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Locke Brown and Sally Hammer

Brown, Roy A. 10-8-1893 7-6-1947 IC
    Parents: W. D. Brown and Hattie June Lloyd

Brown, Baby Robert 1882 1884 (Findagrave)
    Gross Funeral Home marker

Brown, Mary I. 8-28-1870 2-1-1879 (Findagrave)
    "Daughter of J. A. & M. C. Brown"

Burch, Thomas J. Unknown Unknown (Findagrave) IC

Burkes, David B. 5-2-1880 9-26-1927 (Findagrave) IC
Burkes, Rosa Lee 4-5-1886 5-19-1967 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Harrison Riley Massey and _______
    Spouse: David Burkes

Burks, Tom Frank 8-12-1904 4-22-1950 (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas Pvt 803 Sig Training Regt World War II
    Parents: David B. Burkes and Rosa Lee Massey
    [His marker is spelled Burks]

Burkes, John Richard 1-7-1910 9-14-1925
    Listed at Findagrave no photograph
    Parents: David Burkes and Rosa Lee Massey

Burkes, Mary 7-27-1912 Sept., 1928 (Findagrave)
    Parents: David Burkes and Rosa Lee Massey

Burks, Riley Unknown Unknown (Findagrave) IC

Burks, I. E. 1870 1901 (Findagrave) IC

Burks, L. J. 1-27-1863 9-26-1916 (Findagrave) IC
    Woodmen of the World marker

Burks, Truman L. 2-03-1916 5-21-1997 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Edna Meredith
Burks, Edna Rachel 10-3-1919 12-23-2000 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Wallace Meredith and Nettie Jackson
    Spouse: Truman Burks

Burks, Lenard D. 2-5-1944 8-12-2005
    Listed at Findagrave no photograph
    Parents: Truman Burks and Edna Rachel Meredith

Burks, Carylon Joyce 3-26-1947 4-9-1969 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Calvin Henderson and Beulah Editha Adams

Burks, Lula A.1   6-25-1887 5-16-1940   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Benjamin York and Adeline McCann
    Spouse: George E. Burks married 4-23-1906

Burks, William Lafayette 3-3-1899 6-21-1964 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jefferson Burks and Rilla Young
    Spouse: Myrtle Green

Burks, Melvin 11-16-1909 2-10-1969 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Lola Schultz married 12-16-1938

Burks, Bobby L.    01-11-1946 06-11-2014    [added by pvh from obituary] 2

Burroughs, Ezra E. 2-16-1915 3-2-2000 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Lois Marie Albright married 10-4-1936
Burroughs, Lois Marie1  8-27-1922 12-30-1992 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Hugh Albright and Ella Pittman

Burroughs, Arnold Ezra 10-5-1945 3-14-1963 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Ezra Edward Burroughs and Lois Marie Albright

Burroughs, James Franklin 3-30-1926 4-13-1926
    Parents: S. L. Burroughs and Velma Green

Burroughs, James Edward 10-4-1938 10-4-1938 (Findagrave)

Byers, Fred J.1   04-06-1 1914 06-19-1 1956 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Louis Milton Byers and Sinia L. Richards Byers Glasgow
Byers, Dorothy 1914 - Open (Findagrave)

Bynum, Flo Marie 07-23-1 1925 11-22-1 1935 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Jesse L. Bynum and Florence Martinus

Campbell, William Harvey 5-18-1971 6-27-1971 (Findagrave)

Carpenter, O. no dates (Findagrave)
    57 US Cal (Civil War marker)

Carpenter, Green (1829 1-31-1898)1 (Findagrave) IC
    Co L 4th Ark Cav (Union)1

Carpenter, Sarah A. 8-18-1813 5-7-1870 (Findagrave) IC

Carpenter, H. W. no dates (Findagrave)
Carpenter, Fannie no dates (Findagrave)
    (on one homemade marker)

Carpenter, Henry Warren 11-17-1885 12-3-1959 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Henry Carpenter and ________

Carpenter, Willis O(len)1 11-17-1862 10-30-1949 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: William F. Marion Carpenter and Sarah A. Jones
    Spouse: Nancy Jane Johnson married 1-4-1883
Carpenter, Nancy J(ane)1 9-1-1863 11-29-1946 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John J. Johnson and Onia Bounds

Carpenter, William Walter 1897 1929 IC
    *not found at Findagrave or in funeral home records

Carpenter, William Ruble Unknown Unknown IC
    Parents: William Walter Carpenter and Edith Virginia Brooks

Carter, J. W., Jr. 1917 5-19-1923
    Parents: J. W. Carter and Ethel Moore

Carter, Joe Alma 4-28-1919 4-14-1923
    Parents: J. W. Carter and Ethel Moore

Casey, Adell F. Reynolds 9-10-1918 1-21-2002 (Findagrave)

Caver, Samuel F(letcher)1  9-9-1878 6-15-1963 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Archie Caver and Alma Coston
    Spouse: Dora Tisdale married 8-2-1899

Caver, Dora J. 9-27-1882 5-19-1952 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Robert Fred Tisdale and Emma Jane Mahan
    Spouse: Samuel Fletcher Caver

Caver, Marvin 12-10-1916 2-22-1981 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Samuel Fletcher Caver and Dora Jane Tisdale
    Spouse: Lillian (Lilly Mae) Phillips married 12-8-1934

Clark, John Edwin 8-25-1917 7-15-1918 (Findagrave)

Clay, Dixie Carol Sanders Henderson    02-13-1951 06-18-2012    (added by pvh from obituary)
    Parents: Raymond Sanders and Louise ___
    Spouse: Charles Joseph Henderson; Jerry Clay

Cliff, Ollie 5-4-1876 11-7-1958 IC
    1968 reading shows Caruth Funeral Home marker
    Parents: Bill Jones and _______
    Spouse: Charles Cliff

Cliff, George Clay 9-25-1895 5-15-1969
    Parents: Charles Cliff and Ollie Jones

Cline, Clyde P. 1-22-1883 2-19-1956

Collins, Arley Edith (4-17-1883)1 1882  (6-29-)1 1966 (Findagrave) IC
    (Gross Funeral Home marker)
    Parents: Calvin Wesley Crabb and Loretta Alice Hill

Conner, Blonnie 7-26-1905 8-5-1908 (Findagrave)

Conner, Joseph C. 3-12-1905 8-28-1916 (Findagrave)

Conner, Opal 10-26-1901 10-2-1906 (Findagrave)

Conner, Richard Albert    10-13-1921 11-17-1997    [from Sentinel-Record obituary] 2

Conner, Lorraine    10-24-1917 11-16-1998    [from Sentinel-Record obituary] 2

Cooper, Cora A(nnie)1 12-22-1889 5-13-1978 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Harrison R. Massey and Lou Ann Bray
    Spouse: J. B. Cooper married 12-9-1906

Cooper Dyle Bert 11-20-1882 1-17-1962 (Findagrave) IC
    Ledger-type marker
    Parents: Major Cooper and ____Shuffield
    Spouse: 1st. Alice M. Harper married 3-22-1905
        2nd Cloe Graham

Cooper, Cloe 9-11-1900 10-19-1982
    Parents: Gustavus Graham and Elizabeth Glenn

Cooper, J. W. 5-24-1850 7-6-1916 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Elizabeth _________

Cooper, Elizabeth 6-15-1853 7-4-1920 (Findagrave) IC
    "Wife of J. W. Cooper"

Cooper, Ruben (K., Sr.)1  (7-25-)1 1888 (1-1-)1 1973 (Findagrave)
    Parents: J. W. and Elizabeth Cooper
    Spouse: 1st Belle Madigan married 9-7-1912
        2nd Katie Groves married 7-11-1920
Cooper, Katie 1905 1939 (Findagrave)
Cooper, Raymond (12-26-)1 1926 (5-9-)1 1938 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Reuben King Cooper and Katie Groves

Cooper, Joe Sanford 9-7-1890 1-4-1968 IC
    Parents: J. W. and Elizabeth Cooper
    Spouse: Bertha Massey married 10-10-1915

Cooper, Harrison R. 8-23-1926 7-10-1928 (Findagrave)

Cooper, Clinton Jacob 3-20-1930 5-5-1962 (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker
    Parents: Reuben King Cooper and Katie Groves
    Spouse: Gracie Inez Terry

Cooper, Gracie Inez 10-1-1934 3-15-1968 (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker
    Spouse: Clinton Jacob Cooper

Cooper, Raymond Murl 4-1-1952 5-5-1962 (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker
    Parents: Clinton Jacob Cooper and Inez Terry

Cooper, Rose 4-18-1874 9-12-1943
    Parents: Morgan Ussery and Rhoda Caroline Lynch
    Spouse: S. B. Cooper

Couch, Leona (11-16-)1 1908 (10-2-)1 1975 (Findagrave)
    Gross Funeral Home marker
    Parents: John Frank Howerton and Vinnie Helton
    Spouse: John D. Couch married 3-21-1926

Couch, Clarence D. 7-14-1937 6-18-1965 (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas GMG2 US Navy
    Parents: John D. Couch and Leona Howerton
    Spouse: Wanda Ray

Couch, Donnie Lee, Sr. (2-15-)1 1962 (9-28-)1 1985 (Findagrave)
    Gross Funeral Home marker
    Parents: James T. Couch and Pearl Dean Meredith
    Spouse: Brenda Sue______

Couch, L. C. 4-24-1928 12-10-1995 (Findagrave)
    Cpl US Army Korea - Silver Star
    Spouse: Leona Bradford

Couch, Larry Ray 7-25-1955 7-25-1955 (Findagrave)
    Parents: L. C. Couch and Leona "Tootsie" Bradford

Couch, Richard D.    4-10-1862 11-9-1938 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Mark Couch and _______
    Spouse: Luella Thomason married 3-1-1912
        (Oma Cemetery: Lou Ella Couch b. 12-8-1879 d. 2-15-1964 dau. of Frank Thomason and Angeline Holder)

Couch, Durward 4-10-1907 6-26-1966 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Richard Couch and Luella Thomason
    Spouse: Ivena Henderson married 9-25-1926
Couch, Ivena 2-10-1907 12-9-1996 2    (Findagrave) IC

Couch, James Troy 12-8-1936 8-26-2006 (Findagrave)
    SN US Navy Korea

Couch, Jeffery S(hane)1 3-7-1961 3-7-1961 (Findagrave)
    Funeral home marker
    Parents: Lloyd D. Couch and Bettie Lou Faulkner

Couch, Lonnie James (2-25-)1 1971 (3-6-)1 1971 (Findagrave)
    Funeral Home marker
    Parents: James Troy Couch and Pearl Merdith

Couch, Leo Walter 1-14-1906 3-24-2000 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Hettie Branum married 12-6-1924
Couch, Hettie Branum 6-25-1907 6-1-1997 (Findagrave)

Couch, Hershel Harold 2-27-1926 7-29-1927 (Findagrave)
    "Suffer the Little Children to Come unto Me, and Forbid them not For of such is the Kingdom of God"
    Parents: LeoWalter Couch and Hettie Branum

Crabb, Calvin W(esley)1  7-26-1861 11-23-1940 (Findagrave) IC
    Gross Funeral Home marker
    Parents: John Vincent Crabb and Mary Jane Pinkerton
    Spouse: Loretta Alice Hill married 10-4-1927 (second time they married)

Crabb, Loretta Alice 5-13-1862 12-25-1940 (Findagrave) IC
    Gross Funeral Home marker (very rusty)
    Parents: Ephriam A. Hill and Harriet M. Orn
    Spouse: Calvin Wesley Crabb

Crabb, (Glen)1 wood D. (4-15-1893)1  (4-9-)1 1968 (Findagrave) IC
    Gross Funeral Home marker - many letters are missing
    Parents: Calvin Crabb and Loretta Hill
    Spouse: 1st Mollie Maddox married 5-21-1924
        2nd Bessie Shirley Lester married 11-30-1929

Crabb, Bessie S(hirley)1  (9-4-)1 1895 (2-1-)1 1961 (Findagrave) IC
    Gross Funeral Home marker
    Parents: John Shirley and Addie Rowe
    Spouse: 1st George F. Lester married 5-15-1915
        2nd Glenwood Donald Crabb married 11-30-1929

Crabb, Eldon Anthony 5-24-1900 12-29-1960 IC
    Parents: Calvin Crabb and Loretta Hill
    Spouse: Ethel____

Crawford, Eva (Mae)1 1878-1947 (See Eva Crawford Priddy) IC
    Gross Funeral Home marker

Davis, Sarah Elizabeth born 1869  [no date of death shown] (Findagrave)
    "Daughter of John Y. Spencer"
    Parents: John Y. Spencer and Martha Reed
    Spouse: C. M. Davis married 7-29-1885

Davis, Bill 1891 1929 (Findagrave) IC
    Gross Funeral home marker

Davis, Billy O. 6-2-1948 8-11-1957 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Elzie Davis and Jessie Cockrell
Davis, Gerry M. 10-25-1950 8-11-1957 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Elzie Davis and Jessie Cockrell

Davis, Floyd Earl 1-12-1910 11-5-1955 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Oscar Davis and Hettie Dewitty
    Spouse: Josephine________

Davis, Dodd D. 5-17-1894 12-9-1963 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Lee Davis and ___________
    Spouse: Edna Hobgood married 11-18-1916

Davis, Edna 6-10-1898 11-18-1995 (Findagrave)

Davis, Edward D. 10-23-1917 9-4-2002 (Findagrave)
    T Sgt US Army World War 11

Davis, Lucille Akin    01-24-1920 06-11-2011    [added by pvh from obituary]
    Parents: Elijah and Susie Akin
    Spouse: Edward D. Davis

Davis, Richard O(dd)1 1887 1937 (Findagrave) IC
    *1968 reading shows: b. 7-20-1886 d. 5-28-1937
    Spouse: Dove A. Grandstaff married 10-30-1907
Davis, Dove A. (4-1-)1 1892 (2-13-)1 1982 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Sam Grandstaff and Annie Trammel
    Spouse: Richard Odd Davis
    "Our Precious Mother and Father"

Davis, Nancy Jane 3-12-1872 12-5-1955 IC
    *1968 reading shows a Gross Funeral home marker
    Parents: William Thornton and Nancy Jane Riddle
    Spouse: James A. Davis married 1-15-1899

Davis, Charlie (R.)1 5-17-1881 5-7-1963 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Minnie McClain married 3-3-1907

Davis, Minnie 3-12-1889 4-20-1956 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: David F. McClain and Mandy Dyer
    Spouse: Charlie Davis

Davis, Rush Myron 6-25-1920 5-26-1944 (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas Sgt 13 Armd. Regt. 1 Armd Div World War II  (died in Italy)

Davis, Hettie C. 10-5-1893 10-15-1944 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John W. Dewoody and Jennie Sheffield
    Spouse: Oscar C. Davis
    "Rest Mother Rest"

Davis, Oscar C(leave)1 12-18-1912 5-2-1983 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Oscar Davis and Hettie DeWoody
    Spouse: Ella Rowe
Davis, Ella L.   11-04-1914 10-14-2014    (dod from obituary) 2

Davis, Ronald C. 7-19-1947 6-17-2004 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Oscare Cleave Davis and Ella L. Rowe

Davis, Loma L(illian)1 3-27-1895 10-12-1969 (Findagrave)
    Parents: A. C. Aven and Jane Aven
    Spouse: R. D. Davis married 9-7-1913

Davis, S. F. 10-5-1871 3-27-1923 (Findagrave) IC
    "Wife of E. M. Davis"
    "She was to good, to gentle and to fair, To dwell in this cold world of care"

Davis, Monroe H.    11-12-1913 4-1-1918 (Findagrave)
Parents: S. F. and E. M. Davis

Davis, Leon H. 1-21-1924 7-19-1994 (Findagrave)
Spouse: Eva_______(see Eva Dennis) (doubled)

Davis, Josephine W.    4-19-1907 4-7-1991 (Findagrave)

Davis, Janet M. 10-17-1941 2-27-2006 (Findagrave)   "Loving Mother"

Davis, Floyd E. 1-12-1910 11-5-1955 (Findagrave)

DeLano, Lydia Bell 5-1-1864 12-2-1919 (Findagrave) IC   "Wife of E. E. DeLano"

deLorge, Florence 6-28-1926 12-26-1989 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Wallace B. Wallace and Margaret G. Matthews

Dennis, Eva Davis 12-24-1929 Unknown (Findagrave)
    (Double with Leon Davis)

Dennis, Rena Ann 9-3-1912 5-8-1960 IC
    Parents: Lon McClenahan and Margaret York
    Spouse: Clifton D. Dennis

Dennis, Infant 5-10-1953 5-10-1953
    Parents: Clifton D. Dennis and Rena McClanahan

Dewoody, John W. 3-11-1871 1-24-1954 (Findagrave) IC 2
    Parents: John Dewoody and Julia Kemp
    Spouse: Mary Jennie Shuffield married 12-25-1892
Dewoody, Mary J(ennie)1 8-6-1876 3-17-1954 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jim W. Shuffield and Mary Moore

Diggs, Missouri Alice 6-23-1852 3-11-1936
    Parents: Walter Roberts and _______
    Spouse: John Diggs

Diggs, Charles E. 3-15-1877 12-8-1947 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Diggs and Missouri A. Roberts
    Spouse: Mollie Aven

Diggs, Mollie 4-12-1882 11-27-1947 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Alfred Aven and Jane Kilgore

Diggs, Pinkie McClain 8-8-1893 5-31-1925 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: David F. McClain and Mandy Dyer

Diggs, Lucille 9-25-1904 9-21-1905 (Findagrave)

Donaldson, Guster C(leveland)1 2-23-1884 10-9-1962 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Doc Donaldson and Dora Summers
    Spouse: Victoria Trammell married 7-10-1908
Donaldson, Victoria R. 2-18-1890 1-17-1940 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: A. W. Trammell and Tidley Hoskins

Donaldson, Cleveland A. (4-8-)1 1914 (12-18-)1 1950 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Gus C. Donaldson and Victoria L. Trammell

Donaldson, Billy Joe 3-2-1925 6-28-1975 (Findagrave)
    PFC US Army World WarII
    Parents: Gus Donaldson and Victoria Trammell

Donaldson, John F. 9-10-1911 4-13-1983 (Findagrave)
    Chief Petty Officer US Navy World War II
    Parents: Guster C. Donalson and Lucy Victoria Trammell
    Spouse: Dorothy Jochim
    "Grandpa Doc Donaldson"
Donaldson, Dorothy E. 7-23-1911 9-28-1973  (Findagrave)
    Parents: John Jochim and Sunie Wickenkamp
    "Grandma Dora Donaldson"

Donaldson, Jack F(letcher)1 10-6-1919 8-15-1982 (Findagrave)
    BT 1 US Navy World War II; Chief Petty Officer USN WWII 1941-1961
    Parents: Guster C. Donaldson and Victoria Trammell
    Spouse: Jeanne Jones

Donaldson, Georgia F. Unknown Unknown (Findagrave)
    "Baby Girl Georgia F. Donaldson"    [no dates]

Dozier, Price 11-19-1891 3-3-1908 (Findagrave) IC

Dugan, Alexia Grace    10/22/2010-10/22/2010    [added by pvh from obituary]
    Parents: Greg Dugan and Brandy Doss

Duke, John M. 4-29-1871 10-22-1940 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Duke and Mary Katherine Gourson
    Spouse: Ira Lena Farmer

Duke, Ira Lena 3-29-1877 8-28-1958 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Farmer and Annie Wilder
    Spouse: John M. Duke

Duke, Willie A(delbert)1  2-3-1901 10-11-1959 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John M. Duke and Ira Lena Farmer

Dyer, Emmett Loren 3-4-1902 5-10-1991 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Orphia Madgelene Branum married 5-8-1949
Dyer, Orphia Branum 4-12-1918 11-13-2004 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Lafayette Branum and Martha York

Eaton, Marion S. 9-1-1900 8-10-1983 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Cory and Amelia Eaton

Eaton, Mary Vinita Adcock 1-24-1904 1-28-1994 (Findagrave)

Echols, Hubert 4-25-1910 6-19-1992 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Cecil Smith married 4-26-1930
    [marker shows they married in 1930, but marriage license shows 1931]
Echols, Cecil 3-26-1914 1-6-1992 (Findagrave)

Echols, H. C. 10-31-1931 4-22-1994 (Findagrave)
    PFC US Army Korea
    "Loving Father and Pappa in Our Hearts Forever"

Echols, Thomas Eugene 6-23-1934 10-17-1992 (Findagrave)
    SP3 US Army
    "Loved and Remembered"

Echols, Loretta 1-31-1936 1-25-1937 (Findagrave)
    "Our Darling"
    Parents: Herbert Echols and Cecil Smith

Echols, Bobby Glen 5-14-1955 3-1-2005 (Findagrave)
    "Loving Son and Brother in Our Hearts Forever"

Enz, William A. 12-28-1920 3-29-1996 (Findagrave) 2
    Spouse: Doris_______
Enz, Doris T. 2-13-1926 8-12-2004 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: William A. Enz

Farr, John L. 2-23-1854 9-20-1928
    Parents: Riley Farr and_______
    Spouse: Nevada Rogers

Farr, Nevada "Vada" 1-14-1873 8-13-1943
    Parents: Richard Rogers and _______
    Spouse: John L. Farr

Farr, Louis Edwin 1-10-1945 1-10-1945
    Parents: Jimmy Farr and Clara Denny

Fenley, (David)1  Dave I. 5-12-1894 8-29-1996 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Lena Jane Massey married 11-25-1922
Fenley, Lena Jane 1-12-1907 4-26-1987 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Harrison R. Massey and Lou Ann Bray
    Spouse: Dave Fenley

Fenley, Vicki Ann 12-27-1974 4-27-1975 (Findagrave)
    Parents: L. D. Fenley and Frankie Maddon

Ferrell, Bob E. 10-7-1934 6-24-1989 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Sue Higdon married 8-28-1951

Ferrell, N. Sue 8-8-1935 Living (Findagrave)

Ferrell, Gary Granger 8-27-1955 10-13-1991 (Findagrave)
    SN US Navy Vietnam
    Parents: Bob Ferrell and Sue Higdon
    Spouse: Laura Stevens
    "Beloved Husband, Father, Son and Brother"

Fitzsimons, Eugene 3-20-1931 3-20-1931 (Findagrave)

Fullton, Jonathan 1834 1915 (Findagrave) IC
    [Marker shows it as Fullton but it may have really been Jonathan Fulton -- pvh]

Fulton, Mary 1842 1915 IC

Fulton, Jay J. (5-28-)1 1872 (11-1-)1 1944 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jonathan Fulton and Mary Keaton
    Spouse: Jonathan J. Fulton married Louella Patrick on 12-22-1892
Fulton, Louella (10-17-)11876 (1-30-1965)1 1966 (Findagrave) IC    [marker shows 1966 - pvh]
    Parents: John Patrick and Fannie Terrell

Fulton, Mollie 5-15-1894 10-24-1914 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Jay J. Fulton and Louella Patrick

Fulton, Fred 3-8-1900 8-31-1963 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jay F. Fulton and Louella Patrick
    Spouse: Evelyn Mae Pittman married 12-23-1920

Fulton, George D. (3-15-)1 1877 (10-7-)1 1952 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jonathan Fulton and Mary Keaton
    Spouse: Lydia Mary Rainwater
Fulton, Lydia M(ary)1  (3-23-)1 1875 (12-4-)1 1931 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: George D. Fulton

Fulton, George W. 1860 1924 IC
    Parents: Dekalb Fulton and Susannah Curtis
    Spouse: 1st Edith Gibbs
        2nd Rose Nichols married 6-4-1922

Fulton, Edith A. 12-2-1858 1-9-1915 (Findagrave) IC
    "Wife of G. W. Fulton"
    Parents: Cornelius Harvey Gibbs and Elmirah L. Bailey
    Spouse: George W. Fulton

Fulton, Thelma Lou 11-17-1917 12-6-1996 (Findagrave)

Furr, Hester Smoke 2-21-1931 3-10-1992
    Parents: James Newton Stewart and Eather Nutt

Furr, Eric D. 4-1-1995 4-1-1995 (Findagrave)
    Parents: David and Brenda Furr

Gallagher, David E. 10-23-1860 9-12-1944 IC
    1968 reading shows Caruth Funeral Home marker
    Parents: Samuel Gallagher and Isabel Webster

Gallagher, Ada L. 10-18-1865 7-14-1943 IC
    1968 reading shows Caruth Funeral Home marker
    Parents: Everett Cook and Martha Hollingsworth
    Spouse: David E. Gallagher

Garner, John H. 1-27-1900 7-13-1942 IC
    1968 shows Heady Funeral Home marker
    Spouse: Rena McClendon married 4-12-1928

Garrett, Charles H. 1-17-1891 3-11-1967 (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas Pvt Co M 7 Infantry World War I
    Parents: Jesse Garrett and Martha Harrison
    Spouse: Mae Bradford

Garrett, Mae 12-25-1915 11-29-2001 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Charles H. Garrett

Garrett, Infant 7-10-1939 7-10-1939 (Findagrave)
    "Son of Mae and Charles"
    Parents: C. H. Garrett and Mae Bradford

George, Ruby P(auline)1  6-15-1922 4-16-1949 (Findagrave) IC
    Caruth-Hale Funeral Home marker
    Parents: Gerald Grandstaff and Minnie Davis

Gerheart, B. F. 1843 age 82 5-3-1925

Gibson, Alvin Cornelius    born and died 02/08/1945    [added by pvh]

Gibson, Ernest Virgle 3-11-1902 11-16-1977 (Findagrave)
    Parents: John Cannon and Mary Alice Gibson
    Spouse: Georgia Standiford married 10-22-1925
Gibson, Georgia S. 4-14-1907 4-2-1977 (Findagrave)

Gibson, Jorden Thomas 4-16-1898 4-27-1981 (Findagrave)
    Parents: John Gibson and May Callie Grantham
    Spouse: 1st Era Marie Bailey married 11-16-1919
Gibson, Era Marie 10-21-1901 12-18-1974 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Charlie Bailey and Martha Denny
    Spouse: J. T. Gibson

Gibson, John Cannon 9-10-1860 6-21-1923 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Mary Caldonia Grantham
Gibson, Mary Caldonia 4-20-1872 9-26-1960 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: James Grantham and Annie Couch
    Spouse: John Gibson

Gibson, Samuel Rufus 4-6-1879 11-11-1949 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Sam Gibson and Mary _____
    Spouse: Jessie Belle Goodwin married 11-9-1925

Gibson, Mary Earl 6-26-1904 8-12-1918 (Findagrave) IC

Gibson, Infant 5-9-1910 5-10-1910
    Parents: Sam Gibson and ________

Glasgow, Sinia L. 12-4-1888 12-5-1957 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Thomas Glasgow

Glasgow, Infant 11-26-1947 11-26-1947
    Parents: Thomas Edison Glasgow and Mary Louise Gibson

Glasgow, Gary Eugene 8-23-1949 8-23-1949
    Parents: Thomas Edison Glasgow and Mary Louise Gibson

Glasgow, Perry Ray 5-7-1955 5-11-1955
    Parents: Thomas Edison Glasgow and Mary Louise Gibson

Gloyne, Burley B. 3-20-1889 10-26-1938 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Rosa Burks married 5-9-1909

Gloyne, Bertie Mae 9-21-1935 1-28-1936 (Findagrave)

Gloyne, Beulah Mae 9-21-1935 12-11-1936 (Findagrave)

Godwin, Bernice Johnson Hickman 7-28-1900 11-19-1993 (Findagrave)

Gooden, Loraine 1-25-1923 3-2-1988 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Marvin Evans and Myrtle Moore
    Spouse: George Gooden

Goodman, Caleb K. "Buddy"  3-8-1872 2-6-1942 (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker
    Parents: Robert Goodman and Esther M. Killian
    Spouse: Caroline Smith

Goodman, Caroline 2-2-1890 11-23-1969 (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker
    Parents: Henry Smith and Leria Otwell
    Spouse: Caleb Gilliam Goodman

Graham, William T. "Bill" 2-16-1913 9-15-1983 (Findagrave)
    Ledger-type marker
    Parents: Sam Graham and Elizabeth Barkman
    Spouse: Helen Smith
        Inez Boyd

Graham, Helen Smith 7-24-1912 7-2-1976 (Findagrave)
    Ledger-type marker
    Parents: Gus Smith and Gussie A. Roxberger
    Spouse: William T. Graham
    "We Miss you, Sweetheart W. T. and Deets"

Grandstaff, Samuel Huston 6-18-1852 1-26-1930 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Annie Trammell

Grandstaff, Annie L. 2-5-1855 2-20-1945 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Dennis Trammell and Mary Crockett
    Spouse: Sam Houston Grandstaff

Grandstaff, A. G. 2-11-1881 5-15-1978
    Parents: Sam Grandstaff and Annie Trammell

Grandstaff, Jerald D(ennis)1  (1-12-1884)1 marker shows 1885 (5-14-)1 1967 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Sam Houston Grandstaff and Annie Trammell
    Spouse: 1st Minnie Davis married 9-24-1911
        2nd Daisy Davis married 12-3-1915

Grandstaff, Minnie L. 7-13-1892 10-28-1911 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: 1st wife of Jerald Dennis married 9-24-1911

Grandstaff, Daisy B. (9-24-1895)1 marker shows 1896 (11-7-)1 1962 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: William John Davis and Jane Lewis
    Spouse: Jerald Dennis Grandstaff married 12-3-1915

Grandstaff, George M. C. 1-31-1924 1-26-1925
    Parents: Jerald Dennis Grandstaff and Daisy Davis

Grandstaff, Emma 2-5-1885 5-10-1976 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Sam Grandstaff and Annie Trammell

Grandstaff, Wade Milton 8-31-1877 8-4-1939 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Samuel Houston Grandstaff and Annie Trammell
    Spouse: Mary Lula Witt married 9-23-1906

Grandstaff, Grady Shelton 7-4-1907 11-8-1991 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Wade Melton Grandstaff and Mary Lula Witt
    Spouse: Cora Lee Donaldson married 7-4-1932
Grandstaff, Cora Lee 5-9-1909 9-29-1990 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Gus Cleveland Donaldson and Victoria Trammell

Grandstaff, Sammy A. 10-2-1917 9-21-1944 (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas Tec 5 Infantry World War II

Grandstaff, Dennis 5-27-1940 1-27-1995 (Findagrave)
    (Caruth-Hale Funeral Home marker)

Graves, Emma Catherine 1925 1997 (Findagrave)

Gray, William E. 7-1-1871 3-18-1911 (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker
    Spouse: Nancy Jane Goodman married 12-20-1891

Gray, Nancy Jane Goodman 2-16-1875 3-24-1965 (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker
    Parents: Robert Goodman and Easter M. Killian
    Spouse: William E. Gray married 12-20-1891

Gray, Clifford (1899)1 10-15-1918 (Findagrave)
    Arkansas Pvt., 116 Inf. 29 Div. World War I
    Parents: William E. Gray and Nancy Jane Goodman

Gray, Hellen Unknown Unknown (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker
    "Infant Daughter of William and Nancy Gray"

Gray, Edgar M. 8-27-1910 6-24-1916 (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker

Gray, Ross "Jr"  Unknown Unknown (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker
    "Infant son of Nettie Gray"

Gray, Lon 5-15-1925 10-27-1929 (Could be Ross Gray Jr.)
    Parents: Nettie Gray

Gray, Willis B. 6-19-1907 11-6-1907 (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker

Gray, Edward Marvin 9-9-1934 4-27-2007
    Parents: Oscar Edward Gray and Gertrude Bradford
    Spouse: Judy______

Grider, Infant unknown unknown (Findagrave)

Grisham, Elbert J. 1-11-1900 7-25-1977 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Walter Grisham and Nancy Holland
    Spouse: Vadia E. Waldrop married 9-3-1922
Grisham, Vadia E. 8-26-1903 5-6-19962  (Findagrave)

Grisham, Elbert James Jr. 11-26-1927 5-16-1930 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Elbert Grisham and Vadia Waldrop

Grisham, Lorin "Buddy" 1-13-1926 5-28-2009 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Elbert J. Grisham and Vadia E. Waldrop

Groves, Gustine D. 1-29-1866 6-3-1952
    Spouse Metta ______

Hall, Allie (1-15-)1 1889 (9-10-)1 1928 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Farr and Nevada Rogers
    Spouse: W. G. Hall

Hall, Carl Lee 11-11-1911 7-19-1942 (Findagrave) IC
    "Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection"
    Parents: C. J. Hall and Nettie Moore
    Spouse: Belva Burch married 11-28-1931

Hamilton, Bonnie Hignight 1-8-1965 9-14-1988 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Neland Hignight and Loretta_______
    (Doubled with Loretta Hignight. Bonnie and Loretta were murdered in Hot Springs, Arkansas)

Hamilton, Charlie 12-23-1894 10-19-1951 (Findagrave) IC
    Texas Eng2 US Navy World War I
    Spouse: Emma________

Hampton, Dana Furr 9-18-71 6-17-1997 (Findagrave)
    Double with daughter, Kristeen Louise King
    "Loving Mommy of Kristeen and B. J."    [double with Kristeen King]

Hansford, J. E. 2-26-1859 9-22-1932 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Sarah A. Woods
    "At Rest"

Hansford, S(arah)1  A. 12-18-1862 8-11-1936 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: William Woods and _________
    Spouse: Joseph Hansford

Hansford, E(mory)1  L. 12-21-1881 2-3-1965 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents:: Joseph Hansford and Sarah Woods
    Spouse: Lizzie A. Stone married 10-30-1913

Hansford, Lizzie Annie 10-13-1889 12-8-1934 (Findagrave) IC
    "Wife of E. L. Hansford"

Hansford, Pearl (Hardage)1  12-17-1893 8-16-1934 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: William T. Hardage and Clarice Diffie
    "Gone but not Forgotten"

Hardage, W(illiam)1  T. "Billy"    9-3-1872 12-12-1950 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John D. Hardage and Zilphia Allen
    Spouse: Clarice Diffie married 2-4-1893
Hardage, Clarice (J.)1  12-10-1874 11-23-1940 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: William O. Diffie and Martha Cash

Harmon, George Mark 3-8-1866 3-26-1944 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Harmon and Laura Randolph
    Spouse: Anna Bell Johnson

Harmon, Anna Bell Johnson 7-26-1878 3-1-1971
    Spouse: George Mark Harmon

Harper, F. M. 3-23-1826 12-15-1908 (Findagrave) IC
Harper, Hellen 4-8-1845 6-24-1880 (Findagrave) IC
    "Wife of F. M. Harper"

Harper, Cornelia 7-6-1866 3-2-1887 (Findagrave) IC
Harper, Nancy 1-14-1870 5-8-1891 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: F. M and Hellen Harper
    (These girls are on the other side of stone with parents)

Harper, William T. 10-24-1852 5-1-1931 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Tom Harper and Paulina Dobb
    Spouse: Emma Sinclair

Harper, Emma G(ertrude)1  9-8-1856 3-13-1930 (Findagrave) IC
    "Wife of William T. Harper"
    Parents: John L. Sinclair and Mary C. Temple

Harper, Virginia A. 2-27-1874 2-15-1908 IC
    Not listed in FH records or at Findagrave

Harrell, Harriet 5-14-1855 3-2-1939 IC
    1968 reading shows Gross Funeral Home marker
    Parents: Theo Wells and Cynthia Pruitt

Henderson, I. A. 1-3-1862 1-20-1924 (Findagrave) IC

Henderson N. E. "Betty" 4-15-1868 12-23-1944 (Findagrave) IC

Henderson, J. Chester 4-13-1885 6-19-1932 (Findagrave) IC

Parents: I. A. Henderson and Nancy Mulligan
    Spouse: Lillian Beulah Malone married 3-12-1905
Henderson, Lillie B. 11-22-1887 5-31-1962 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Elijah Malone and Ella Golden

Henderson, Harlan T. 10-3-1910 3-24-1978 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Flora Allison
Henderson, Flora V. 9-30-1916 - Open(Findagrave)

Henderson, Calvin Coolidge    9-26-1924 3-19-1976 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Joseph H. Henderson and Susie Kendrick
    Spouse: Beulah Editha Adams married 11-3-1942
Henderson Editha Adams 5-9-1926 - Open (Findagrave)

Henderson, Beloved Daughter Unknown Unknown (Findagrave)
    Parents: Calvin Henderson and Beulah Editha Adams

Henderson, Charles J.    (5-20-)1 1948 12-30-1975 (Findagrave)
    Age 27 yrs 7 mos 10 days [on fhm marker]
    Parents: Calvin Henderson and Beulah Editha Adams

Henderson, Charles Joseph 3-5-1968 2-12-1991 (Findagrave)
    "Father of Kimberly and Charles"

Henderson, Orvis    12-27-1932 05-20-2012    (Sentinel-Record)
    Parents: Coyle Henderson and Alice McGrew
    Spouse: Barbara

Henderson, Barbara Ann Caldwell    09-09-1937 03-08-2013    (Sentinel-Record)

Herring, Cura May 3-28-1938 5-30-1938
    Parents: Herbert Herring and Ollie Warwick

Higdon, James Robert 2-25-1872 3-25-1938 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Brant Higdon and Mollie _______
    Spouse: Martha Clay
Higdon, Martha Morty 6-10-1873 1-3-1938 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Wm. Clay and Mary Etta "Mollie" Gardner

Higdon, Ernest E. 1-15-1896 1-15-1979 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Nell Stallings Linbaugh married 5-1-1938
Higdon, Nell B. 7-3-1895 8-29-1982 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Tony Stallings and Mittie Pate

Higdon, Ruth 1895 1-22-1937 IC
    1968 reading shows Heady Funeral Home marker
    Parents: ______Pounders
    Spouse: Ernest Higdon married Ruth Stevens on 3-2-1924

Higdon, William B(rant)1  8-26-1906 11-13-1977 (Findagrave)
    Parents: James Robert Higdon and Martha M. Clay
    Spouse: Mary Jane Bates married 11-28-1938
Higdon, Janie Bates    1-29-1906 4-23-1963 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Granville Bates and Dolly McGaugh

Hignight, M. C. 7-29-1863 2-20-1925 (Findagrave) IC
    "Husband of Jessie"

Hignight, Jessie L(evenia)1 3-22-1873 12-20-1944 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Peter Bridges and Almedia Walsh
    Spouse: Mark C.Hignight
    "Wife of M. C. Hignight"

Hignight, L(uther)1 B(rown)1 "Luke" 9-17-1898 7-4-1940 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Mark Hignight and Mary Emmerson
    Spouse: 1st Dollie Burks married 8-3-1918
        2nd Cleo Warford married 4-12-1934
        3rd Martha Mathews married 12-6-1937

Hignight, Kruger 12-21-1900 9-4-1931 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Mark Hignight and Jessie Bridges
    Spouse: Vera Burch married 12-10-1922

Hignight, Rev. Creed 9-4-1902 12-20-1960 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Mark Hignight and Jessie Bridges
    Spouse: Lucy Jones married 6-9-1923
    "Asleep in Jesus"

Hignight, Maggie 2-15-1891 7-3-1923 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Maggie McTigrit married O. J. Hignight on 12-17-1911

Hignight, Gussie Bridges 1-8-1914 4-19-1988 (Findagrave)

Hignight, Jason 10-20-1924 - Open (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Clarace_______married 4-11-1946
Hignight, Clarace 9-11-1925 12-2-2000 (Findagrave)

Hignight, Leland Dale 7-27-1952 7-27-1952 (Findagrave)

Hignight, Neland S. 10-6-1930 - 07/11/2010  Spouse: M. Loretta___    [from obituary]
Hignight, M. Loretta 11-16-1931 9-14-1988 (Findagrave)

Hobgood, Jonas D. 6-30-1855 5-30-1915 (Findagrave) IC
    "Husband of Catheren"

Hobgood, (Letha)1 Catheren 1-28-1865 3-5-1925 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Chris Perry and Emaline Foster
    Spouse: Jonas D. Hobgood

Hobgood, Frank J(erome)1 9-9-1885 9-12-1968 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jonas D. Hobgood and Letha Catheren Perry
    Spouse: 1st Manchie Brantley married 10-25-1908
        2nd Della Brantley Henderson married 8-31-1938  (Buried at Oma Cemetery)

Hobgood, Manchie 5-6-1883 1-26-1934 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Frank Jerome Hobgood married 10-25-1908

Hobgood, (Columbus)1 Drew 1-19-1888 10-17-1957 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jonas D. Hobgood and Letha Catheren Perry
    Spouse: Lillie Redding married 1-16-1908
Hobgood, Lillie 12-19-1891 7-4-1964 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Dave Redding and Rilla Payne
Hobgood, Gertie (Mae)1 12-27-1908 3-24-1983 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Columbus D. Hobgood and Lillie Redding

Hobgood, (Miles)1 Herman 9-6-1890 2-23-1960 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jonas D. Hobgood and Letha Catheren Perry
    Spouse: Rena Irene Tubberville married 9-10-1908
Hobgood, Rena 4-5-1894 10-8-1968 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: James Tubberville and __________

Hopkins, Arthur B. 5-31-1887 6-25-1945
    Spouse: Rosie L. _______

Housley, Ruth (Morgan 5-14-1898 6-3-1938) 2 (findagrave) IC
    Stone reads: 1899-1939
    [Arkansas Death Index shows she died June 3, 1938, in Garland County]
    Parents: Robert Morgan and Hattie Johnson
    Spouse: Albert H. Housley married Ruth Green 2-27-1933

Houston, George H(erbert)1    1-1-1903 10-30-1967 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: David Houston and Florence Steel
    Spouse: Elfriede_____
Houston, Elfriede M.    04-15-1907 2-18-1980 (Findagrave)

Howell, Roy Arden    02-05-1946 06-20-2014    [added by pvh from obituary] 2

Huddleston, Walter Swift 9-29-1894 3-1-1972 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Flemon F. Huddleston and Minnie C. Swift
    Spouse: 1st Urah A. Fulton married 9-30-1917
        2nd Effie Meeks

Huddleston, Urah (A.)1 Fulton (1-18-1897)1 4-6-1945 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: George D. Fulton and Lydia Mary Rainwater
    Spouse: Walter S. Huddleston married 9-30-1917

Huddleston, Effie Meeks 5-2-1914 8-28-1994 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: 2nd wife of Walter Swift Huddleston

Huddleston, Byron 11-27-1920 11-8-2002 (Findagrave)
    Cpl US Army Air Forces World War II

Huddleston, Glendyl Curry 6-21-1922 3-20-2001 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Byron Huddleston

Huff, Pearl Gray 8-20-1893 8-20-1914 (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker
    Parents: William Gray and Nancy Goodman
    Spouse: Charley Huff married 1-11-1912

Hughes, Martha 9-21-1873 4-12-1965 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John W. Johnson and Oma Bounds

Hughes, Cornelia Trammell 2-14-1889 12-25-1972 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Wiley Burch and Mae Wilson
    Spouse: 1st Ben Trammell married 1-2-1910 (See Ben Richard Trammell)
        2nd C. G. Hughes married 8-27-1939

Hughes, Earnest 3-4-1919 6-9-1919 (Findagrave)
    "Son of Joe and Mattie"

Hughes, Mary Arena 5-10-1921 7-10-1922 (Findagrave)
    "Daughter of Joe and Mattie"

Hughes, Lois Nellie 1-18-1924 6-24-1926 (Findagrave)
    "Daughter of Joe and Mattie"

Hyman, George 9-8-1880 1-5-1955
    Parents: Samuel Hyman and Amanda Odom

Ivey, T. J. 10-25-1858 3-12-1923 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: 2nd husband of Rebecca Elizabeth Goodman Rowe
    Married 11-12-1922

Jackson, Nancy Ellen Spencer 7-8-1867 6-7-1891 (Findagrave)
    Parents: John Y. Spencer and Martha Reed
    Spouse: Lemuel F. "Bud" Jackson married 2-5-1885

Jenkins, Veola O. 5-19-1923 7-14-2003 (Findagrave)
    Caruth-Hale Funeral Home marker

Jestes, John A. 6-15-1854 7-2-1935 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Alec Jestes and __________

Jestes, Martha Katherine 2-27-1856 4-30-1931 (Findagrave) IC

Jestes, Odom S. 11-20-1880 1-24-1960 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Gatha Carter
Jestes, Gatha Carter    1-3-1908 2-9-1984 (Findagrave) IC

Jestes, Odom Windell 2-1935 8-19-1940 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Odom Jestes and Gatha Carter

Jestice, Morris E. 12-13-1900 7-13-1978 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Jewell Fulton

Jestice, Jewell M. Fulton 6-21-1906 4-9-1992 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Jay J. Fulton and Louella Patrick
    Spouse: Morris E. Jestice

Johnson, John J. 6-25-1838 2-24-1885 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Naomi P. Bounds

Johnson, Naomi P. (Bounds) 1  1-5-1843 1-22-1923 (Findagrave) IC
    "Darling Youth as you pass by as you are now, so once was I As I am now, so you must be Prepare for Death and follow me."
    Spouse: John J. Johnson

Johnson, William W.  6-1839 7-1901 (Findagrave)
    PVT Co G 42 Regt Miss Vols Confederate States Army

Johnson, J. B. W. 8-6-1876 3-17-1878 (Findagrave)

Johnson, Edward C. 1877 1953 (Findagrave) IC

Johnson, Raymond Glen 9-25-1914 10-7-1984 (Findagrave)
    TEC 4 US Army World War II

Johnson, Mary Ann Elizabeth Nebergall    age 89-05/28/2011    [obituary]
    Spouse: Raymond G. Johnson
    Parents: Royo and Lena Nebergall

Johnson, Bernard A. 6-6-1958 9-18-2002 (Findagrave)

Jones, L(ouis) B(utler) 1  9-6-1848 12-18-1937 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Mary Jane Dollar

Jones, Mary Jane 4-1852 1-24-1941 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Elijah Jackson Dollar and Mary Garrett

Jones, Lonie 5-3-1877 3-28-1936 (Findagrave) IC
    (Homemade marker)
    Parents: Louis Butler Jones and Mary Jane Dollar

Jones, James (Odie) 1 11-22-1881 2-28-1950 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Louis Butler Jones and Mary Jane Dollar
    Spouse: Minerva Catherine Rasberry
Jones, Ervie C. 8-21-1884 3-11-1956 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Warren Rasberry and Emma C. Wilson

Jones, Walter Jackson 6-8-1874 11-18-1972 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Louis B. Jones and Mary Jane Dollar
    Spouse: Mary Emmer Wilson
Jones, Mary Emmer 10-8-1869 6-5-1944 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Wells Wilson and Catherine Rogers
    Spouse: Walter Jackson Jones

Jones, Robert Edgar 5-22-1906 3-2-1964 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Walter Jones and Mary E. Wilson
    Spouse: Ellen Eddlemon married 12-8-1930
Jones, Ellen E. Eddlemon  5-20-1915 2-26-1976 (Findagrave)

Jones, Fletcher D. 10-6-1889 6-13-1952 (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas PVT Provost Guard Co World War I
    Parents: Louis B. Jones and Mary Jane Dollar
    Spouse: Grace E. Burks married 8-10-1919

Jones, James Cecil 1-10-1922 12-12-1929 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Fletcher D. Jones and Grace E. Burks

Jones, Ida Burkes 3-2-1915 6-28-1933 (Findagrave)
    Parents: D. B. Burks and Rosalee Massey
    Spouse: Bill Jones married 12-14-1929

Jones, Marvin M. 5-18-1921 12-31-1970 (Findagrave)
    Parents: James Odie Jones and Minerva Rasberry

Jones, James Roy 9-4-1902 11-6-1993 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Audrey G. Maughan

Jones, Audrey (Geneva) 1  12-16-1904 7-23-1971 (Findagrave)
    Parents: John Maughan and Judy Simmons
    Spouse: James Roy Jones

Jones, Ernest W. 1-18-1906 3-30-2000 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Gladys Perry married 1-29-1933
Jones, Gladys Perry  12-27-1909 8-7-1993 (Findagrave)

Jones, Lawson B(rooks) 1  11-8-1886 8-23-1962 (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas CPL 61 Co 162 Depot Brigade World War I
    Parents: John Jones and Ann Hickerson

Jones, Paul E(llenberg) 1 8-9-1903 3-5-1979 (Findagrave)
    Parents: John Jones and Mary Ann Childers
    Spouse: Julia ______married 11-20-1924
Jones, Julia M. 8-7-1903 3-14-1986 (Findagrave)

Jones, May 5-1-1876 11-16-1929 IC

Jones, Ronnie Joe 9-6-1967 9-6-1967
    Parents: Ronnie Lee Jones and Reva Jo Adams

Joyce, John 3-4-1854 1-11-1930 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Donia Cooper
Joyce, Donia 2-28-1874 9-18-1930 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Wiley Cooper and ______
    Spouse: John Joyce
    "Twas hard to give them up But thy will be O’God be Done"

Joyce, Infant 1-11-1926 1-11-1926
    Parents: Justin J. Joyce and Ernestine Campbell

Joyce, Infant 2-28-1927 2-28-1927
    Parents: Justin J. Joyce and Ernestine Campbell

Keller, William H(enry)1 5-5-1895 7-26-1964 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Edward Keller and Matilda Southern
    Spouse: Zula Mae Tubberville married 11-15-1914
Keller, Zula M. 4-5-1898 (4-16-1984)1 (Findagrave) IC
    *error in 1968 reading. Listed then as Zula M. Sharkey
    Parents: William P. Tubberville and Julia Pate (Findagrave)

Keller, Bonnette 12-13-1926 4-22-1936 (Findagrave) IC

Kenney, Mary E. 2-11-1917 4-1-1996 (Findagrave)

Kilgore, George W. 4-13-1860 10-2-1928 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: James Kilgore and Patricia Carpenter
    Spouse: S. B. McDonald married 11-27-1884

Kilgore, Martha 1-2-1854 4-15-1934 (Findagrave) IC

Kilgore, Robert Clinton 9-2-1885 6-21-1944 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: George Kilgore and ____________
    Spouse: Lottie Magby married 6-20-1909

Kilgore, Lottie Larcoa 11-13-1890 4-19-1968 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Sam Magby and Mary Jane Denton
    Spouse: Robert Clinton Kilgore

Kilgore, Adious R. 6-23-1910 7-5-1966 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Robert Clinton Kilgore and Lottie Magby
    Spouse: Marnette Handly married 9-17-1935

Kilgore, Marvin 1-23-1921 6-16-1942 (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas PFC 6 Regt US Marine Corps 2 Div World War II
    Parents: Robert C. Kilgore and Lottie Magby

Kilgore, Vernon C. 3-22-1926 5-4-1991 (Findagrave)
    US Air Force World War II
    Parents: Robert C. Kilgore and Lottie Magby

King, Kristeen Louise 3-16-1989 7-6-1997 (Findagrave)
    Doubled with mother Dana Hampton
    "Our Little Angel"

Kirkpatrick, J. G. A. 9-10-1872 1-18-1913 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Nellie Rhodes married 6-20-1909

Kurtz, Willie Roulston 2-4-1900 11-19-1965 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Abe Kurtz married Willie Thurman on 1-9-1933

Laird, Mary (F.)1 11-16-1863 12-26-1944 (Findagrave: 1864-1945) IC
    Parents: Neil Mathis and Elizabeth Thornton
    Spouse: J. F. Laird

Lape, John C(harles)1 (10-15-)1863 (8-7-)19541 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: J. E. Lape and _________
    Spouse: Ida Miller
Lape, Ida (10-14-)1881 (11-8-)19441 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Charles Miller and Mary ______

Larson, Elmer G(eorge), Jr.1 1-21-1937 1-19-1989 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Elmer George Larson and Snowdie Albright

Lee, Jewell (5-15-)1926 (12-27-)19521 (Findagrave) IC
    (Gross Funeral Home marker)
    Parents: Henry Lee and Makey Franks

Lester, Elizabeth V. 4-12-1842 2-12-1876 (Findagrave) IC
    "Wife of N. N. Lester"
Lester, Jennie 10-31-1873 12-24-1890 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: N. N. Lester and Elizabeth______

Lester, Cora Belle 12-24-1866 10-20-1892 (Findagrave) IC
    "Wife of A. C. Lester"
    Spouse: A. C. Lester married Cora B. McDonald on 1-14-1885

Lester, Jennie A. 7-22-1870 8-27-1894 IC
    Spouse: J. E. Lester married Virginia McDonald

Lester, William W. 5-8-1853 2-2-1940 IC
    Parents: George Lester and ______Thurman
    Spouse: Mary Elizbeth Meadows

Lester, Mary Elizabeth (2-17-)1877 (10-20-)19571 (Findagrave) IC
    (Gross Funeral Home marker)
    Parents: _______Meadows
    Spouse: William Lester

Lester, George Francis (6-17-)1898 (12-29-)19631 (Findagrave) IC
    (Gross Funeral Home marker)
    Parents: William W. Lester and Mary Elizabeth Meadows
    Spouse: Mary B. Jones mmaried 5-14-1930

Lester, Mary B. (4-24-)1899 (9-1-)19601 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Frank Jones and Mollie Burroughs
    Spouse: George Francis Lester

Lester, William B(urton)1  (3-24-)1935 (1-23-)19611 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: George Frances Lester and Mary B. Jones
    Spouse: Barbara_____

Lester, Infant 3-30-1894 4-8-1894 (Findagrave)
    "Infant Daughter of J. B. and A. Lester

Limbaugh, Bert 8-16-1922 3-4-1939 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: P. T. Limbaugh and Nell Stallings

Limbaugh, William H. 9-3-1920 10-13-1945 (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas F1 USNR World War II
    Parents: P. T. Limbaugh and Nell Stallings

Loy, J(ohn) P(aris)1 6-19-1884 1-21-1962 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Loy and _______
    Spouse: Annie S. Lynn

Loy, Annie S. 9-20-1875 8-8-1952 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: John Paris Loy
    Parents: Lemuel Lynn and Barbara Snodderly

Loy, Dallas S.1   4-20-1907 7-10-1960   (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas PFC 9200 Tech Svc Unit World War II
    Parents: John Paris Loy and Annie S. Lynn
    Spouse: Bessie Barbara Lynn

Loy, Bessie Barbara1   2-26-1911 8-18-1980   (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Dallas S. Loy married 3-22-1930
    Parents: Daniel Lynn and Lillian Williamson

Loy, Elmer    08-08-1931 07-25-2014    [added by pvh from obituary] 2

Loy, John T. 12-5-1912 11-10-1992 (Findagrave)
    TEC 5 US Army World War II

Loy, Walter    07-02-1915 09-15-1993    (Findagrave) 2
    Spouse: Lottie Reynolds married 2-4-1940

Loy, Lottie 6-24-1920 2-22-1965 (Findagrave) IC

Loyd, Baby Sept., 1882 Sept, 1882 (Findagrave)
    "Son of J. R. and Sallie"

Lumpkin, John Ross 7-28-1900 2-28-1968 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Richard Lumpkin and Mary Otwell
    Spouse: Rachel Frances Howell married 4-17-1925
Lumpkin, Rachel Frances 4-26-1905 1-28-1987 (Findagrave)

Lumpkin, John H. 12-28-1929 10-2-1931
    Parents: John Ross Lumpkin and Rachel Frances Howell

Lynn, Daniel Smoot1   2-2-1883 5-23-1942   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Lemuel Lynn and Barbara Snodderly
    Spouse: Lillian Williamson married 5-8-1910

Lynn, Lillian 4-16-1893 3-21-1991 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Henry Williamson and Marietta Dozier
    Spouse: Daniel Smoot Lynn married 5-8-1910

Lynn, Bon 8-27-1919 8-1-1972 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Daniel Smoot Lynn and Lillian Williamson
    Spouse: Gladys_______

Lynn, Hazen L. 9-15-1912 9-25-1979 (Findagrave)
    PFC Us Army World War II
    Parents: Daniel Smoot Lynn and Lillian Williamson
    Spouse: Eva Elizabeth McGuire

Lynn, Eva 10-22-1920 6-23-1968 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: James McGuire and Ruth Southerland
    Spouse: Hazen L. Lynn

Lynn, Myron 3-30-1917 12-2-1981 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Daniel Smoot Lynn and Lillian Williamson
    Spouse: Ruby________

Lynn, Fred 1-13-1922 2-2-1969 (Findagrave)
    Arkansas PFC 498 B HQ & AB SQ AAF World War II
    Parents: Daniel Smoot Lynn and Lillian Williamson
    Spouse: Bernice W. _______

Lynn, John 6-29-1925 1-7-1973 (Findagrave)
    Arkansas PVT US Army World War II
    Parents: Daniel Smoot Lynn and Lillian Williamson

Lynn, Lemuel L. 11-19-1845 2-19-1923 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Barbara Snodderly

Lynn, Barbara 1-12-1855 2-22-1923 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Lemuel Lynn

Lynn, John Barton 10-22-1880 12-25-1942 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Lemuel Lynn and Barbara Snodderly
    Spouse: Florence E. Bayless Trout married 3-1-1914

Lynn, John Lymuel 1-18-1918 2-19-1988 (Findagrave)
    PFC US Army World War II
    Parents: John Barton Lynn and Florence E. Bayless

Lynn, Luke 5-6-1877 1-4-1931 (Findagrave)

Lynn, Marietter (3-29-)1867 (2-20-)19531 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jim Dozier and Nancy Golden
    Spouse: Luke Lynn

Lynn, Ryan 6-3-1872 3-29-1937 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Bell Elizabeth Cooper

Lynn, Bell 11-15-1879 12-3-1917 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Ryan Lynn

Lynn, Charlie S(awyer)1 8-7-1906 6-6-1965 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Ryan Lynn and Bell Elizabeth Cooper

Lynn, Idele 6-11-1908 5-25-1931 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Ryan Lynn and Bell Elizabeth Cooper

Lynn, Bud 1900 1914 (Findagrave)

Lynn, (James) Clyde1 7-8-1899 2-19-1978 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Truler Lynn married 9-20-1926

Lynn, Truler 6-8-1910 6-24-1974 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Ryan Lynn and Bell Elizabeth Cooper
    Spouse: James Clyde Lynn married 9-20-1926

Lynn, Robert 1932 1932 (Findagrave)
    Parents: James Clyde Lynn and Truler Lynn

Lynn, Paul L. 3-18-1912 2-19-1970 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Ryan Lynn and Bell Elizabeth Cooper
    Spouse: Mary Lou Kirkland

Lynn, Mary Lou 2-3-1926 11-19-1973 (Findagrave)
    Parents: John Kirkland and Cora___________
    Spouse: Paul L. Lynn

Lynn, Henry Loman 11-12-1914 3-21-1994 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Mildred Gloyne married 5-31-1945
Lynn, Mildred 6-7-1924 6-26-1981 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Burley Gloyne and Rosa Burks

Mace, Janet Kaye 5-27-1965 5-27-1965 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Raymond Mace and Ola Stafford

Malone, Cleve 3-10-1900 12-17-1970
    Parents: Elijah Malone and Ella Golden

Malone, Opal 4-13-1926 2-4-1971 (Findagrave)
    Caruth-Hale Funeral Home marker
    Parents: Jerold D. Grandstaff and Daisy B. Davis
    Spouse: G. A. Malone

Martin, Henry E. 10-12-1876 4-11-1956 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Fannie _______
Martin, Fannie J. 3-10-1886 ----------- (Findagrave) IC

Massey, H. R. 4-8-1860 1-14-1913 (Findagrave) IC

Massey, Mrs. L. A. 5-17-1864 2-29-1920 (Findagrave) IC
    "Best Mother rest in quiet sleep While friends in sorrow o’er thee  weep"
    Spouse: H. R. Massey

Massey, W. Silas 11-29-1903 5-15-1987 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Beulah Burch married 3-4-1928
Massey, Beulah 7-8-1894 2-29-1968 (Findagrave) IC
    "Forever in our Hearts"
    Parents: Jim Burch and Ella Patton
    Spouse: W. Silas Massey

Massey, William Lee "Pete" 2-18-1929 8-4-2004 (Findagrave)
    CPO US Navy Korea
    Parents: W. Silas Massey and Beulah Burch

Matula, Leslie Lynn 7-13-1964 7-13-1964 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Mike Matula and Linda Taylor

Maughan, Robert L(ee) 1 11-14-1872 2-12-1950 (Findagrave) IC
    "In Memory of Dad"
    Parents: John Maughan and _______
    Spouse: Mary Oaks Moore married 1-13-1910

Maughan, Mary F. 9-24-1884 8-6-1961 (Findagrave) IC
    "In Memory of our Dear Mother"
    Parents: W. C. Oaks and ________
    Spouse: Robert Lee Maughan

Maughan, Doyle D. 1-22-1923 11-10-1982 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Robert Lee Maughan and Mary Oaks

Maughan, Jimmie E. 10-28-1910 4-13-1998 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Hazel Meredith married 12-25-1930
Maughan, Hazel M. 7-31-1914 12-15-1998 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Wallace Meredith and Nettie Stafford
    Spouse: Jimmie E. Maughan

Maughan, Cecil E. 7-31-1932 3-15-2000 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Jimmie E. Maughan and Hazel M. Meredith
    Spouse: Rita________ married March 31, 1956
Maughan, Rita P. 5-28-1934 10-30-1990 (Findagrave)

Maughan, Allen "Leon" 2-22-1936 12-25-2000    Loving Husband and Father (Findagrave)
    Parents: Jimmie E. Maughan and Hazel M. Meredith
    Spouse: Mary Etta______

Maughan, Mary Etta 7-5-1936 Living

McClain, David F. 04/05/1860 6-20-1930 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Penke McClain and Hulda McDaniel
    Spouse: Mandy Dyer

McClain, Mandy Katherine 12-9-1869 7-17-1940 IC
    Parents: John Dyer and __________

McClenahan, William H. 3-28-1888 2-2-1935 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Grace Brown married 2-13-1910
    *See Grace Veazy

(McClung), Lorene America (Phillips) Meredith 1   06/19/1921-08/20/2005
    (see Lorene America Meredith)

McDonald, D. C. 5-4-1840 5-15-1874 IC
    Not listed in FH records or at Findagrave

McDonald, Elizabeth 11-15-1838 1-9-1906 IC
    Not listed in FH records or at Findagrave

McGuire, Lucinda Rowe 11-16-1854 3-1-1919 (Findagrave) IC
    "Wife of D. I. McGuire"
    Parents: S. P. "Buck" and Jane Rowe

McRee, Anne Laura 10-25-1913 2-15-1950 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: A. C. Parker and Florence Victoria Golden
    Spouse: Woodrow McRee

McTigrit, Mary 1856 1936 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Scott McTigrit

McTigrit, John A. 2-8-1881 8-12-1936 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Scott McTigrit and Mary Kizziar
    Spouse: Eva Mae Rowell
McTigrit, Eva Mae 12-4-1881 7-28-1947 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jefferson M. Rowell and Olive Morrow

McTigrit, Clyde O. 6-15-1912 10-9-1936 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John A. McTigrit and Eva Mae Rowell

McTigrit, Edna A. 7-21-1909 11-29-1938 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John A. McTigrit and Eva Mae Rowell

McTigrit, Elmer H. 9-11-1905 3-29-1946 (Findagrave) IC
    "Tho lost to sight to Memory Dear"
    Parents: John A. McTigrit and Eva Mae Rowell
    Spouse: Jewell Fulton married 7-28-1929

McTigrit, Claude E. 9-2-1903 4-2-1917 (Findagrave)

McTigrit, Corene 5-13-1915 8-15-1916 (Findagrave)

Meadows, John H. 1870 (1-24)-1928 1 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Hester Jones

Meadows, Hester A(nn 4-6)-1874 (3-24)-1937 1 (Findagrave) IC .  ,
    Spouse: John H. Meadows

Meadows, Harry (Irvin) 7-9-1898 4-12-1985  1(Findagrave) ,  ,
    Parents: John H. Meadows and Hester Ann Jones
    Spouse: 1st Ethel Victoria Morrison married 7-9-1921
        2nd Rosa Daniels

Meadows, Ethel V. (4-14)-1900 (7-6)-1948 1 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jack Morrison and __________
    Spouse: Harry I Meadows married 7-9-1921

Meadows, Rosa 2-14-1903 9-1-1984
    Parents: Thomas Walter Daniels and Sarah E. Langford

Meadows, C(larence) O. 4-26-1917 1-28-1988 1 (Findagrave) .
    Parents: John H. Meadows and Hester Ann Jones

Meadows, Elmer 4-15-1875 12-5-1924
    Parents: Merideth E. Meadows and Elizabeth F. Spauser
    Spouse: 1st Savanah Spooner married 12-7-1906
        2nd Mattie Finley married 10-27-1910

Meadows, Mattie J. 5-30-1867 1-15-1953 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Elmer Meadows

Meadows, Eliza E. Mother
Meadows, Elmer Son
    (Double marker no dates) (Findagrave)

Meadows, Gladys 12-13-1903 2-12-1923 (Findagrave) ,

Meredith, Emily 5-18-1840 8-9-1920 IC

Meredith, (James) Wallace 12-18-1892 2-2-1955 1 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Meredith and Mattie Smith
    Spouse: Nettie Stafford
Meredith, Nettie 10-2-1897 6-27-1968 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Will Stafford and Annie Norris
    Spouse: James Wallace Meredith

Meredith, William DeCoy 6-5-1918 1-31-1966 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: James Wallace Meredith and Nettie Stafford
    Spouse: Lorene Phillips married 8-31-1940
Meredith, Lorene America 6-19-1921 8-20-2005 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Lorenzy Dow Phillips and Emmer Jean Yarbrough
    Married second_____McClung

Meredith, Jesse James 5-6-1925 5-3-1960 (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas PFC US Army World War II BSM
    Parents: James Wallace Meredith and Nettie Stafford

Meredith, V(ance) Vanoy 2-22-1929 9-30-1974 1 (Findagrave)
    Parents: James Wallace Meredith and Nettie Stafford

Meredith, Robert Lee 8-20-1931 7-30-2004 (Findagrave)
    Parents: James Wallace Meredith and Nettie Staffored
    Spouse: Virginia L. ________
Meredith, Virginia L. 11-17-1932 Living (Findagrave)

Meredith, Clyde 5-11-1893 12-31-1954
    Parents: John Meredith and Mattie Smith

Meredith, Elbert Leon 5-23-1911 1-19-1960
    Parents: Clyde Meredith and Bertha Davis
    Spouse: Bertha Davis

Meredith, Joe Elgin 12-19-1916 5-2-1946
    Parents: Clyde Meredith and Bertha Davis

Merkle, Mary E(lizabeth) 1-10-1877 5-14-1948 1 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Henry Stacey and Minerva Dehart

Miller, Nina G. 1-10-1876 5-06-1957 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Green Sifford and Rebecca Brown
    Spouse: W. H. Miller married 3-5-1910

Miller, Mary Jo 2-25-1951 6-29-2004

Millsap, C. J(ackson) 6-28-1907 2-20-1970 1 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Leonarois Millsap and Amanda Jordan

Moen, Cassandra Emelie   05-07-1986 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Ingvald C. Moen and Stacy Detar

Monroe, J. H. age 63 Unknown Unknown (Findagrave) IC
    Gusie age 19
    Attie age 16
    Oscar age 2
    Infant son age 15 days
    (all on one stone)
    "Farewell my husband and children. Thou hast left me alone."
    *1880 Census of Garland Co., AR Antioch Twp. Dw/ 293-297 shows household of James H. Monroe 54 Hd KY VA VA

Montgomery, Malinda Jane 1836 1918 (Findagrave) IC

Moore, William Lindsay 9-20-1855 7-8-1917 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Harriett Jane Carpenter

Moore, William Derrell 1892 5-13-1923 IC
    Parents: William Lindsay Moore and Harriet Jane Carpenter
    Spouse: Bess Holt married 2-1-1914
    (see Bess Schwartz)

Moore, Lorrayne 9-26-1916 5-27-1926 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: William Derrell Moore and Bess Holt

Moore, R(obert) L. "Bob" 1-3-1892 1-5-1942 1 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Lee Moore and Fronie Carpenter
    Spouse: 1st Nora Holt 10-3-1909
        2nd Ellie ________  (Robert married Mrs. Ella Krumlauf on 10-3-1930)   

Moore, Garnett L(ee) 1-16-1913 3-28-1980 1 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Robert L. Moore and Nora Holt
    Spouse: Goldie Marie Douglas

Moore, Goldie M. 7-5-1916 12-20-1971 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Sidney A. Douglas and Burlie McClard
    Spouse: Garrett Lee Moore

Moore, Cecil Mae 6-26-1907 1-16-1969 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Dyle B. Cooper and Alice Mae Harper
    Spouse: Lester Doyle Moore

Moore, Lester Doyle 11-13-1906 12-28-1962 (Findagrave) IC

More, J. L. 3-4-1863 6-18-1894 (Findagrave) IC

Morgan, Virgil D. 11-9-1893 7-12-1895 (Findagrave)
    Parents: R. D. and M. H. Morgan

Mueller, Carl G. , Jr. 2-25-1949 12-24-1994 (Findagrave)
    MSGT US Air Force Vietnam Desert Storm

Murders, R. C. E. 2-11-1939 12-19-1996 (Findagrave)
    SP4 US Army Vietnam

Murders, Sue McTigrit 3-20-1940 4-17-1991 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Elmer McTigrit and Jewel Fulton
    Spouse: Ralph C. E. Murders

Nelson, Levert H. 12-8-1909 6-25-1977 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Elbert and Prudie Nelson
    Spouse: Myrtle Moore Sorter married 3-16-1941

Nelson, Myrtle M. 10-30-1907 4-12-1988 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Lee Moore and Mary Oakes
    Spouse: 1st Herbert Sorter married 2-25-1925
        2nd Levent H. Nelson married 3-16-1941

Newcomb, James M. 11-28-1890 5-1-1925 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Una Smith

Newcomb, Una 7-6-1891 8-17-1974 (Findagrave)
    Parents: John Smith and Julia Corn
    Spouse: James M. Newcomb

Newton, Roy J(ones) 9-11-1900 12-7-1959 1 (Findagrave) IC
    PVT US Army World War I
    Parents: William Newton and Catherine Fulton
    Spouse: 1st Tennie Daniels married 5-5-1921
        2nd Roma Hardister married 6-30-1936

Newton, Geneva 9-26-1921 6-6-1923 (Findagrave) IC

Newton, Terri Lanette 3-20-1962 7-8-1970
    Parents: William C. Newton and Jo Ann Garner

Nobles, May 5-1-1896 11-16-1929 (Findagrave)
    Parents: J. H. Phillips and Cinthia Newman
    Spouse: J. B. Nobles

Nutting, Ethel Mae 11-22-1896 10-16-1936
    Parents: ______Bell and Mary Kissee
    Spouse: Wm. G. Nutting

Oaks, William C. 12-28-1897 1-5-1937 (Findagrave) IC
    "His Memory is Blessed"
    Parents: John Oaks and Susie Manns
    Spouse: Carrie Maughan married 6-15-1918

Oaks, Carrie M. 12-16-1901 9-12-1957 (Findagrave) IC
    "Her Memory is Blessed"

Oliver, William F. 3-3-1870 10-6-1939 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Edna Tubberville
Oliver, Edna I. 9-26-1876 (3-1-1962) 1 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jim L. Tubberville and Anna Givens

Oliver, Ervin 8-22-1905 9-6-1921 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: William F. Oliver and Edna I Tubberville

Oliver, William "Bill" 6-28-1911 10-30-1959 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: William F. Oliver and Edna Tubberville
    Spouse: Hazel Moorehead married 9-16-1932
Oliver, Hazel B. (Wager) 6-19-1913 1-23-2006 (Findagrave) IC

Oliver, Erby 2-23-1919 2-23-1945 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: William F. Oliver and Edna Tubberville

Oliver, Juanita 5-3-1917 11-2-1944 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Burley Gloyne and Rosie Burks
    Spouse: Robert Oliver

Otwell, Robert Daniel 5-8-1875 7-19-1963 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Thomas Otwell and Priscilla Beason
    Spouse: Mary Arizona Dyer

Otwell, Mary Arizona1    11-27-1872 9-2-1957 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Dyer and Nancy Jane Burnett
    Spouse: Robert Daniel Otwell

Otwell, Lawrence G. 9-7-1900 11-10-1980 (Findagrave)
    PVT US Army World War II
    Parents: Robert Daniel Otwell and Arizona Dyer

Otwell, Thomas J(oseph)1  2-11-1876 1-25-1961 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Thomas Otwell and Priscilla Beason
    Spouse: Hattie Elizabeth Trammell

Otwell, Hattie E(lizabeth)1 3-6-1880 9-22-1949 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Talbert Trammell and Rebecca Odell
    Spouse: Thomas J. Otwell

Otwell, Gilbert 8-26-1900 6-23-1918 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Thomas J. Otwell and Hattie Elizabeth Trammell

Otwell, Ernest E.    7-22-1907 1-12-1954 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Thomas J. Otwell and Hattie Elizabeth Trammell
    Spouse: Mary Meeks married 10-5-1940

Otwell, Floise     10-29-1898  07-26-1934     (Findagrave) IC

Owens, Ben L.   6-9-1875  7-3-1944    (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Minnie Allen married 5-30-1905
Owens, Minnie (Pearl)1         1-1-1874  5-22-1942    (Findagrave) IC

Palmer, Essie Johnson   10-29-1883  12-05-1958    (Findagrave) IC
    "God is and all is Well"
    Parents: John J. Johnson and Naomi P. Bounds
    Spouse: S. P. Palmer

Parker, T(homas) L(ee)1    1-15-1861  6-5-1916    (Findagrave) IC
    (Woodmen of the World marker)
    Spouse: 1st Catherine Moorman married Aug. 1888
        2nd Mandy Melvina Hobbs

Parker, Melvina    9-21-1874  6-3-1957    (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: _____Hobbs and Cindy Withworth
    Spouse: Thomas Lee Parker

Parker, Florence V.    11-11-1891  2-13-1933    (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: M. Golden and Sidney Redwine
    Spouse: Arthur C. Parker married 2-21-1909

Parker, Lelia Mae 9-15-1922 7-20-1923 (Findagrave)

Parents: Arthur C. Parker and Florence Victoria Golden

Parker, Arthur Leo 6-5-1925 8-24-1940 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Arthur C. Parker and Florence Victoria Golden

Parker, James L(loyd)1   6-8-1929  9-22-1962   (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas SN US Navy
    Parents: Arthur C. Parker and Florence Victoria Golden

Parker, Jeff T.   (09-12)-1905  (11-04)-19731   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Thomas Lee Parker and Melvina Hobbs
Parker, Alta   (04-18)-1907  (11-20)-19761   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Henry M. Ratliff and Vinna E. Chitwood

Parker, A. J. 10-25-1929 9-26-2009 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Jeff Thomas Parker and Alta Odessa Ratliff
    Spouse: Opal Barnes married 12-30-1953

Parker, James C. 7-4-1876 7-21-1941 IC
    Parents: Jeff Parker and _________
    Spouse: Dorothy Stanley married 2-20-1908

Parker, Dorothy (O.)   (08-02-)1891  (04-20)-19591   (Findagrave) IC
    (Gross Funeral Home marker)
    Parents: Russell Stanley and Minerva Bagley
    Spouse: James Charlie Parker

Parker, Elsie D.    01-18-1923 10-31-2011    [added by pvh from obituary]
    Parents: Clark Terrel Smith and Maud Ann Stanley
    Spouse: Wesley Jake Parker

Parker, Fred Otis 6-3-1910 11-13-1978 (Findagrave)
    Parents: James Charlie Parker and Dorothy O. Stanley
    Spouse: Betty Jo Jones married 8-20-1935

Parker, Wesley Jake 9-10-1919 7-12-1967 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: James C. Parker and Dorothy Stanley
    Spouse: Elsie Smith married 6-28-1942

Parker, Margaret 8-31-1849 12-27-1938 (Findagrave) IC
    (Findagrave info incorrect 1891-1959)
    Parents: John Wood and _____

Parker, Gertie no dates IC
    No FH listing or on Findagrave

Parker, Dudley no dates IC
    No FH listing or on Findagrave

Parker, Gracie no dates IC
    No FH listing or on Findagrave

Parker, Samuel A. 2-23-1912 2-2-1948 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Duddy Parker and Myrtle McClard

Parker, William R. 7-13-1909 11-13-1951 (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas PFC 110 Infantry World War II BSM
    Spouse: Lillian Adams 8-27-1927

Parker, Myrtle Allie   (11-06)-1884  (12-24)-19561   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: S. S. McClard and Martha Benson
    Spouse: Duddy Parker

Parker, Robert E. "Bobby" 2-20-1930 10-24-1945 (Findagrave)
    Parents: William R. Parker and Lillian Adams

Parrish, Carl A(lfred)1   12-31-1906  11-2-1959   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Thomas Parrish and Charity L. Center
    Spouse: Hazel Marie Warwick married 11-27-1932
    (1911-1973 buried in Laurel Land Memorial Park Fort Worth, Texas)

Patterson, Walter W. 3-2-1886 12-25-1915 (Findagrave) IC

Pattinson, George, Jr. 5-31-1910 9-18-1989 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Mildred______

Pattinson, Mildred P. 5-10-1916 8-29-1997 (Findagrave)

Pearson, Ethel York 12-25-1900 7-3-1961 (Findagrave) IC

Perry, Dennis   9-9-1886  3-28-1967 2     (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Buchanan Perry and Mollie Fulton
    Spouse: Iva Laird married 8-11-1908
Perry, Iva   9-18-1891  1-1-1973   (Findagrave) IC

Phelps, Opal Gibson 4-20-1939 7-7-1981 (Findagrave)

Phillips, Clyde 1921 1923 (Findagrave)

Phillips, Henry 1919 1925 (Findagrave)

Piner, Lillian Sherrill 5-20-1923 10-6-2006
    Parents: Roy Sherrill and Arcie Clark

Plemmons, Infant 10-8-1946 10-8-1946
    Parents: Mack G. Plemmons and Mildred G. Meadows

Pounders, Calvin E. 7-16-1857 1-22-1931 (Findagrave) IC

Pounders, Hawkins 1-5-1910 12-17-1929 (Findagrave)

Pounders, Laura E. 7-4-1884 11-18-1934 (Findagrave)

Powers, Stella 11-27-1897 2-21-1963 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Bill Richard and Georgian Stephens
    Spouse: Sanford Powers

Price, Cynthia 11-26-1863 10-18-1937
    Parents: Frederick Smith and Lina Young
    Spouse: J. H. Price

Priddy, Eva (Mae)1 Crawford   (08-07)-1878  (02-02)-19471   (Findagrave)
    Parents: W. D. Brown and Hattie Lloyd
    Spouse: Josh Priddy
    *Gross F. H. marker says Eva Crawford, and their records show Eva Mae Crawford Priddy

Purvis, Unknown ------ 1881 (Findagrave) IC
    Slate rock

Rasberry, Felix W(arren)1   1895  1958   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: James Warren Rasberry and Emma Wilson
    Spouse: 1st Janet Evans married 12-20-1913
        2nd Sylvia Batterton married 2-15-1920
        *See Sylvia Rasberry Bennington

Rasberry, Clemdell 9-30-1914 6-9-1940 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Felix Warren Rasberry and Janet Evans

Ratajskie, John 4-17-1931 9-3-1991 (Findagrave)

Reed, Earl L. 1899 1974 (Findagrave)
    (Gross F. H. Marker 7-19-1899 1-31-1974)
    Parents: Frank Reed and Mary Binkey
    Spouse: Nellie Riley

Reed, Nellie Mary Riley 1896 1970 (Findagrave)
    (Gross F. H. Marker 5-25-1896 7-15-1970)
    [All that is on funeral home marker now is ie Mary Re.]
    Parents: William Riley and Mary L. Muse
    Spouse: Earl L. Reed

Reed, Sam age 38 3-25-1946

Reynolds, Ethel   07-01-1858 05-15-1928  (Findagrave)
    Carved Rock

R(eynolds),1 George   Unknown 1916   (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker

R(eynolds),1 Bert   Unknown 1918   (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker

Reynolds, Jonathan 1913 1914 (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker

R(eynolds),1 Mary   unknown 1923   (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker

R(eynolds),1 Theo   unknown 1931   (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker

Reynolds, Verna 1912 1931 (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker

Reynolds, Will 1880 1937 (Findagrave)
    (Homemade marker)
    Spouse: Delilah Ashley

Reynolds, Delilah 3-2-1880 8-6-1903 (unmarked per Findagrave)
    Parents: Benjamin Franklin Ashley and Mary Ann Williams
    Spouse: John William Reynols

Reynolds, Claude Elbert 4-15-1899 10-16-1982 (Findagrave)
    Parents: John W. Reynolds and Delila Ashley
    Spouse: Roma Lynn married 11-8-1922
Reynolds, Roma Mae 2-19-1897 9-5-1982 (Findagrave)
    Parents: _____Vandergriff and Annie Mae Lynn

Reynolds, James E(lbert)1   (08-14)-1923  (07-25)-19871  (Findagrave)
    US Army World War II
    Parents: Claude Elbert Reynolds and Roma Mae Vandergriff
    Spouse: 1st Pearl Berry married 2-9-1932
        2nd Judy Fuller

Reynolds, Milford 5-9-1926 7-21-1926 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Claude Elbert Reynols and Roma Mae Lynn

Reynolds, Tilford 5-9-1926 8-18-1926 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Claude Elbert Reynolds and Roma Mae Lynn

Reynolds, Chester A. 3-18-1886 1-28-1931 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Ibby Easter Goodman married 12-29-1907

Reynolds, Ibby Easter 9-22-1888 1-18-1938 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Robert Goodman and Easter Killian
    Spouse: Chester A. Reynolds married 12-29-1907

Richards, James A(lvers)1   4-16-1893  2-9-1966   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Dewitt Clinton Richards and Rosa Ussery
    Spouse: Addie Shepard married 11-25-1916
Richards, Addie   4-14-1898  1-2-1978   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: William Franklin Shepherd and Martha Moore

Richards, Everett C. 5-12-1922 3-30-1945 (Findagrave) IC
    Technial Sergeant Co F 333rd INF 84th Regt World War II
    "Died of wounds received in action in Germany"
    Parents: James A. Richards and Addie Shepherd

Robbins, Belva Hall 10-27-1907 9-28-2001 (Findagrave)
    Gross Funeral home marker in shape of a cross

Robinson, James Eugene 9-12-1966 9-15-1966
    Parents: Gary Hershal Robinson and Doris Jean Baldwin

Robinson, Kathryn Gale 9-12-1966 9-20-1966
    Parents: Gary Hershal Robinson and Doris Jean Baldwin

Rogers, Mamie Batterton 9-29-1903 12-27-1966 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: James A. Batterton and Viola Fulton

Ross, Eva Lee Grandstaff 7-19-1919 9-15-1976
    Parents: Jerald Dennis Grandstaff and Daisy Belle Davis
    Spouse: James V. Ross (buried Price Cemetery)

Ross, Louis Spence 9-10-1900 9-4-1935 (Findagrave) 1
    Parents: John Isaac Ross and Florence Chamberlain
    [His obituary indicates he died September 3, 1935, and his name was spelled Lewis.]

Roulston, Joseph T. 1-16-1854 1-12-1870 (Findagrave) IC

Roulston, W. R. 5-6-1852 10-28-1916 (Findagrave) IC

Roulston, Fronee E.1   7-17-1859  3-07-1932   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Derrell Carpenter and Mary Diggs
    Spouse: _______Moore
        Wm. R. Rawlston married 4-23-1899

Roulston, William Ambrose   3-2-1877 12-3-1923   (Findagrave) IC

Rowe, Jane   3-18-1821 7-22-1917   (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: S. P. "Buck" Rowe

Rowe, Riley   10-12-1846 5-5-1897   (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Lucinda K. Williams

Rowe, Albert   7-13-1873 11-7-1893   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Riley Rowe and Lucinda Williams

Rowe, Alonzo Oscar1    9-21-1882 12-13-1966   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Riley Rowe and Lucinda Williams
    Spouse: M. L. Sanders married 6-12-1931

Rowe, Lillie D.   3-11-1885 9-8-1957   (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Alonzo O. Rowe

Rowe, Charles P.   2-22-1877 4-13-1959   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Riley Rowe and Lucinda K. Williams
    Spouse: 1st Sallie Higdon married 10-18-1899
        2nd Gertrude Owens married 10-9-1923

Rowe, Sallie   9-18-1876 2-24-1923   (Findagrave) IC
    "Wife of C. P. Rowe"

Rowe, Charles B.   12-28-1901 12-10-1946   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Charles P. Rowe and Sallie Higdon
    Spouse: Beulah__________

Rowe, Beulah Dora   10-07-1901 01-26-1975   (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Charles B. Rowe

Rowe, Floyd   12-061 -1903 06-151 -1960   (Findagrave) IC
    Gross Funeral Home marker
    Parents: Charles P. Rowe and Sallie Higdon
    Spouse: Beulah Bray married 9-3-1939
    (Buried Greenwood Cemetery 1903-1968)

Rowe, Ennis 3-8-1906 3-1-1923 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Charles P. Rowe and Sallie Higdon

Rowe, W. A. 1882 3-16-1929
    Parents: Yancey Richerson Rowe and Sarah Ann Sheets

Rowe, Yancey Richerson1    03-18-1857 06-21-1922   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: S. P. "Buck" and Jane Rowe
    Spouse: 1st Sarah Ann Sheets married 8-6-1876
        2nd Rebecca Ann Goodman married 11-30-1890
        *See Rebecca Turner

Rowe, Richey   03-30-1879 06-19-1914   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Yancey Richerson and Sarah Ann Sheets

Rowe, Samuel Dale   4-11-1887 6-17-1959   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Yancey Richerson Rowe and Sarah Ann Sheets
    Spouse: Delia Wright married 4-21-1907
Rowe, Delia   7-27-1890 12-22-1970   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Richard Wright and Jackie Pittman

Rowe, Robert Elmer   12-10-1892 11-8-1963   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Yancey Richerson Rowe and Rebecca Goodman
    Spouse: Rosa Kelly married 9-24-1911
Rowe, Rosa A.   01-24-1893 5-18-1984   (Findagrave) IC

Rowe, Willis Graden   2-11-1900 4-25-1976   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Yancey Richerson Rowe and Rebecca Goodman

Rowe, Jewell   1906 - 1906   (Findagrave)

Rowe, Ruby May 4-5-1910 4-3-1911 (Findagrave)

Rowe, Robert Sr. 9-25-1940 5-1-2005 (Findagrave)
    Parents: William Rowe and Juanita Lay
    Spouse: Mary ________

Rowe, Elwanda M. 1923 1992 (Findagrave)

Rynders, Thelma Irene Moore1     5-20-1911 03-07-1947  (Findagrave) IC
    "Darling We Miss Thee"
    Parents: Robert L. Moore and Nora Holt
    Spouse: Hobart M. Rynders married 3-3-1926
    Remarried 12-2-1935

Sanders, Raymond 1-23-1932 11-5-1967 (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas PFC US Army Reserve Korea
    "Husband of Louise"
    "Father of Dixie Brenda & Patty"
    Parents: Otis E. Sanders and Gertrude Oliver
    Spouse: Louise_________

Saunders, John E. 12-20-1895 5-22-1943 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Henry Saunders and Sarah Barlow
    Spouse: Rena Aylor

Schwartz, Bess Moore   12-20-1893 3-14-1940   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Dr. A. H. Holt and Martha Green
    Spouse: 1st Derrell Moore married 2-1-1914
        2nd Ed. B. Schwartz married 12-26-1931

Scott, Joe Lewis1    2-2-1886 3-11-1962   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Silas Scott and Dessie Vandever

Scott, Laura Edna1    02-14-1890 07-22-1949   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: W. R. Stinson and Emma Laura Williams
    Spouse: Joe L. Scott

Scott, William Gale1    4-7-1922 12-18-1926   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Joe Lewis Scott and Laura Stinson

Sellers, Miriam D. 6-16-1922 5-14-1964 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Grady Sellers

Sharkey, Alton J.   01-20-1887 08-27-19431    (Findagrave) IC
    (Gross Funeral Home marker)
    Spouse: Belle Sullivan married 10-11-1938

Sheffield, Marguerite Perry 1875 1913 IC

Shepard, Juda Samantha 9-4-1868 1-22-1956 IC
    Parents: Joseph Simmons and _______

Shepard, Cairl E.   4-14-1900 10-3-1994   (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Epsia L. Stephens
Shepard, Epsia Louise1    11-24-1905 5-23-1968   IC
    Parents: Horace Boone Stephens and Arlena Simmons

Sherrill, Arcie Mary1     09-13-1905 06-12-1929   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Clark and Florence Jester
    Spouse: Ray Sherrill married 7-4-1922

Shirley, John Milton 6-8-1864 11-2-1946 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Joe Shirley and ______
    Spouse: Attie Rowe

Shirley, Attie 1-10-1869 6-14-1922 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: John Milton Shirley

Shirley, Algie Lee1    12-10-1898 09-12-1954   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Milton Shriley and Attie Rowe
    Spouse: Tessie C. Wright married 6-17-1925

Shirley, Tessie C. 8-9-1899 5-12-1976 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Henry Richard Wright and Della Mahan
    Spouse: Algie Lee Shirley

Shirley, Infant Son 12-27-1925 12-27-1925 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Algie Lee Shirley and Tessie C. Wright

Shirley, Robert Jeff1    10-1-1889 2-22-1953   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John M. Shirley and Attie May Rowe
    Spouse: 1st Ouilla Hobgood
        2nd Emma Henderson married 8-3-1913
Shirley, Emma Lee   8-14-1889 7-27-1955   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: I . A. Henderson and Nancy E. Milligan

Shirley, Orby Ray 12-28-1917 1-20-1969 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Robert Jeff Shirley and Emma Henderson

Shirley, Cloyd Conan 1   12-2-1919 7-31-1990   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Robert Jeff Shirley and Emma Henderson
    Spouse: Estene Looper married 4-20-1940
Shirley, Estene L.    1923 --------   (Findagrave)

Shirley, Quilla 1892 1912 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Robert Jeff Shirley married 12-18-1907

Simmons, Jennie E. 11-2-1911 5-24-1972
    Parents: Jessie Donald and Edna Phillips
    Spouse: Heaston M. Simmons

Simpson, Cleve 9-5-1858 10-3-1930
    Parents: Sam Simpson and Lousia Kirkendall

Sims, Della Smith 10-22-1890 2-14-1961 (Findagrave) IC
    "Her Inspiration Still Lives"
    Parents: Thomas J. Smith and Mary Jane Trammell
    Spouse: Fred Sims married 9-12-1916

Skillman, Alton Drew, Jr. 12-1-1925 1-22-1994 (Findagrave)
    PVT US Army World War II
    Spouse: Argie Ashley

Skillman, Argie A. 11-29-1929 3-8-2007
    Parents: Henry Ashley and Sadie Helms
    Spouse: Alton D. Skillman
    Siblings: Deceased: Vida Widener, Alta Volpert, and Ralph Ashley
    Living: Vernon Ashley and Francis Bunch

Smith, Thomas Joshua 1-18-1846 6-1-1923 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Mary Jane Trammell

Smith, Mary Jane 7-16-1859 10-18-1942 (Findagrave) IC
    "Beloved Wife of Thomas Joshua Smith"
    "We Loved Her So"
    Parents: Elisha Desha Trammell and Amanda I. Bartlett
    Spouse: Thomas Joshua Smith

Smith, Joseph Amanda 10-5-1893 11-26-1901 (Findagrave) IC
    "Our Beloved Sister"
    Parents: Thomas J. Smith and Mary Jane Trammell

Smith, Augustus B. 10-26-1877 10-25-1958 (Findagrave) IC
    "We Loved Him So"
    Parents: Thomas J. Smith and Mary Jane Trammell
    Spouse: Helena Augusta Roxberger Merritt married 11-28-1908

Smith, Helena Augusta   03-18-1881 6-25-1975   (Findagrave)
    "We Miss You Mom"
    Parents: Christin F. Roxberger and Helene Bevil
    Spouse: Augustus B. Smith

Smith, Cleveland Woodrow   4-6-1918 4-12-1978   (Findagrave)
    PVT US Army World War II
    Parents: Augustus B. Smith and Helena Augusta Roxberger
    Spouse: Edith Hope

Smith, Brad Oliver1    12-31-1879 9-20-1938   (Findagrave) IC
    "Our Loved One"
    Parents: Thomas J. Smith and Mary Jane Trammell
    Spouse: Maude Shaw

Smith, Brad Oliver, Jr.   03-08-1920 06-30-1949 (Findagrave)   IC
    Corporal 206th Coast Artillery
    Parents: Brad Oliver Smith, Sr., and Maude Shaw

Smith, John   1845 1914   (Findagrave) IC
    *Inez Cline read this stone as J. M. Smith b. 10-27-1848  d. 1-5-1914
Smith, Julie 1846 1922 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: John Smith

Smith, Nuel Atwell   11-1-1886 10-6-1970   (Findagrave)
    Parents: John Milton Smith and Julia Cora______
    Spouse: Mamie Fulton married 4-26-1906
Smith, Mamie   10-8-1892 3-24-1975   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Euel Fulton and Martha Jane Allen

Smith, George Raymond   1882 1954   (Findagrave) IC
    1968 reading has death as 6-13-1954 per McConnell Funeral Home, Booneville, Arkansas
    Spouse: Thena Troglin
Smith, Thena Troglin    2-2-1885 1-21-1944   (Findagrave)
    *stone says 1884-1944
    Parents: Dave Troglin and Sarah Jane Hefley
    Spouse: George Smith

Smith, Johnathan   01-21-1910 3-31-1984 (Findagrave) IC
    TEC4 US Army World War II
    Spouse: Lola Russell married 9-30-1933
Smith, Lola M.   2-1-1915 5-6-1964   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: B. B. Russell and Claudia McCully
    Spouse: John Smith

Smith, Earl J.    10-30-1923 11-12-1974  (Findagrave)
    CPL US Army
    Spouse: Lillian_____
Smith, Lillian   05-20-1923 ------- (Findagrave)

Smith, Mary M. Otwell   07-24-1917 1995   (Findagrave)

Smith, Beulah M. Massey   7-12-1930 1-8-1992   (Findagrave)

Sorters, H. L. "Buddy"   4-3-1926 12-2-1992   (Findagrave)

Spencer, John Y.   02-03-1850 12-07-1933  (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Martha Reed married 11-16-1865

Spencer, Martha Reed   unknown 8-21-1905   (Findagrave)
    "Wife of John Y. Spencer married Nov. 16, 1865"

Spencer, James R.  0 9-13-1855 6-2-1932   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Levi Spencer and Eliza Ann Monroe
    Spouse: Nancy Jane Roark married 12-18-1884

Spencer, Nancy Jane1    1859 1889   (Findagrave)
    Spouse: James R. Spencer

Spencer, Lona O. 9-13-1886 9-3-1933 (Findagrave)
    Parents: James Rufus Spencer and Nancy Jane Roark

Spencer, Robert H. 12-18-1888 3-11-1962 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: James Rufus Spencer and Nancy Jane Roark

Stafford, Elmer B. 6-6-1902 6-21-1974 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Will Stafford and Annie Jackson
    Spouse: Ola Rea ________

Stafford, Ola Rea   6-25-1911 10-8-1991   (Findagrave)

Stafford, Vernon J.   12-10-1936 9-26-1958   (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas AN US Navy

Staley, Loyal George   08/17/1919 - 07/29/1969   (Findagrave)
    Arkansas AVN Cadet Army Air Forces World War II
    Parents: Joseph D. Staley and Minnie A. Pierce
    Spouse: Vanetta______

Starr, E. L. 11-8-1875 6-4-1929 (Findagrave) IC

Stephens, William D.   07-31-1886 03-14-19541    (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Nettie Scott married 7-10-1908
Stephens, Nettie   07-18-1888 03-20-19721    (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Silas Scott and Odessa Vandiver

Stephens, Baby   1930 - August 1930   (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker

Suddeth, Frank age 45 3-1-1937
    Spouse: Maggie Terry married 6-5-1922

Sullivan, Jasper Lee 3-7-1890 8-22-1963 IC
    Parents: Leonard Sullivan and Nancy Jane Williams
    Spouse: Belle Oliver married 10-3-1928

Sullivan, William C.  11-16-1894  09-04-19481    (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Leonard Sullivan and Nancy Jane Williams
    Spouse: Rosie Crab married 8-29-1915
    Willie Deaton married 4-20-1927
    Belle Sullivan married 3-30-1933

Sutton, Frances Amanda Ann   10-12-1927 02-07-2003  (Findagrave)
    Parents: George Washington Aringe and Bertha Mae Grimsley
    Spouse: William R. Sutton

Swint, Ruth Hamilton1    4-10-1895 10-22-1936   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Paget Negley and Addie Sweet
    Spouse: E. Rabun Swint married 7-18-1936

Tankersley, James W.   7-29-1858 11-3-1928   (Findagrave) IC
Tankersley, Minnie A. York1    5-7-1880 10-24-19401    (Findagrave) IC
    *Death date for Minnie was not added to stone. Cooper Funeral Home of Malvern, Arkansas, listed her death as October 24, 1940.

Terry, Nettie Jane 12-29-1912 6-24-1991 (Findagrave)

Thomas, Linda Ellen Phillips1    04-26-1892 2-27-1965   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Scott McTigert and Mary Kizziar
    Spouse: J. M Phillips married 3-1-1915

Thomas, Nora 7-21-1891 9-28-1966 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Dr. A. H. Holt and Martha Ann Green
    Spouse: Edward G. Thomas

Thomas, Bettie 9-2-1888 8-6-1895 (Findagrave) IC

Thomas, Sylvia Kilgore 12-10-1911 9-24-1982 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Clinton Kilgore and Lottie Magby
    Spouse: Lilburn Thomas married 1-24-1931

Thomason, Betty Oct., 1936 Nov., 1936 (Findagrave)

Thornton, Joe A. 4-16-1888 5-2-1965 (Findagrave) IC
    "The Lord is my Shepherd, I Shall Not Want"
    "Uncle Joe"
    Parents: Jim B. Thornton and _________

Thurman, Rice   12-29-1866 3-24-1954   (Findagrave) IC
    RCT Mounted Service
    Parents: Jim Thurman and Fannie _____
    Spouse: Mittie L. Carpenter married 6-2-1890

Thurman, Mittie L.1    12-31-1872 5-8-1958   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Green Carpenter and Nancy Jane_______
    Spouse: Rice Thurman married 6-2-1890

Thurman, Auston Green   7-25-1891 1-10-1952   (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas PVT 150 Infantry 38 Div World War I
    Parents: Rice Thurman and Mittie Carpenter
    Spouse: Mary E. Overby married 7-17-1914
    Willie Roulston married 12-24-1917

Thurman, Esther   3-26-1895 4-17-1944   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Rice Thurman and Mittie Carpenter

Thurman, Clarence E.   8-4-1903 5-22-1927   (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas S2 US Navy
    Parents: Rice Thurman and Mittie Carpenter

Thurman, Wayne R.    1-25-1906 2-7-1976   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Rice Thurman and Mittie Carpenter
    Spouse: Mamie M. Loy married 12-23-1936

Thurman, Maime Loy1    2-7-1904 1-17-1939   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Paris Loy and Annie Lynn
    Spouse: Wayne Thurman

Timbs, "Doc" unknown unknown (Findagrave)

Trammell, Dennis 1-14-1824 6-15-1901 (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Mary_______

Trammell, Mary 5-9-1837 11-15-1903 (Findagrave) IC
    "Wife of Dennis Trammell"

Trammell, Tolbert 8-4-1854 11-16-1914 (Findagrave)

Trammell, Rebecca 7-1-1859 7-23-1908 (Findagrave)
    Spouse: Tolbert Trammell

Trammell, Bev Richard 1   4-27-1886 10-3-1937   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Tolbert Trammell and Rebecca Odell
    Spouse: Nelia Burch married 1-2-1910

Trammell, Willie H.   6-18-1875 2-1-1970   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Allison W. Trammell and Matilda Hoskins
*Error in death date
Gross Funeral Records, Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas, 1958-1992 lists William H. Trammell son of Matilda Haskins and Allison Trammell, born 18 June 1875, died 01 February 1971.  Social Security Death Index also list his death date as 01 February 1971.

Trammell, Frank   1-11-1881 1-23-1940   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Allison W. Trammell and Matilda Hoskins

Trammell, Jarrett T.   8-18-1890 10-24-1968   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Allison W.Trammell and Matilda Hoskins
    Spouse: Mishie Scott married 8-24-1913
Trammell, Mishie   2-18-1896 5-28-1978   (Findagrave)
    Parents: John Silas Scott and Bessie Vandiver

Trammell, Bonnie Jean 2-22-1924 8-20-1941 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Jarrett T. Trammell and Mishie Scott

Trammell, J. D. Unknown 10-12-1939 IC
    Age 39 years 11 months 11 Days

Trammell, Baby Unknown Unknown (Findagrave)

Trammell, Baby Unknown Unknown (Findagrave)

Traywick,, Ruby M. 6-14-1898 6-28-1934 IC

Tubberville, William Jasper    01-28-1874 4-23-1951   (Findagrave) IC
    1968 reading shows Caruth Funeral Home marker
    Parents: J. L. Tubberville, and Anna Givens
    Spouse: 1st Julia Ann Pate (Book 2 pg 43 GC marriages)
        2nd Laura Cason married 12-7-1940

Tubberville, Julia   9-23-1873 7-8-1939   (Findagrave) IC
    "Gone but not Forgotten"
    Spouse: W. J. Tubberville

Tubberville, Lucius 11-10-1896 5-10-1916 (Findagrave) IC

Tubberville, Rosy 8-28-1903 7-15-1919 (Findagrave) IC

Tubberville, James L.    01-1850  10-6-1924   (Findagrave) IC
    Age 73 yrs. 8 mon. 21 days  Homemade marker

Turner, Rebecca 3-24-1868 6-28-1943 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Robert Goodman and Esther Matilda Killian
    Spouse: 1st Yancey Richerson Rowe married 11-30-1890
        2nd T. J. Ivey married 11-12-1922
        3rd O. W. Turner married 5-25-1925

Ussery, Crockett L.   02-9-1901 6-18-1954   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: George Ussery and Georgia Wheeler
    Spouse: Nettie_____
Ussery, Nettie D.   07-3-1897 06-30-19611   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents _______and Nancy Thornton

Veazy, Gracie McClenahan    9-29-1892 2-26-1940   (Findagrave) IC
    "Our Beloved Mother"
    Parents: Calvin C. Brown and Lizzie Cavender
    Spouse: 1st Will McClenahan married 1-13-1910
        2nd Charlie Veazy married Grace McClenahan on 5-27-1939

Vega, Lyle C. 6-5-1963 7-28-1964 (Findagrave)

Vernon, Bud Karl "Buddy"1   12-19-18911 2-28-1952   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: W. H. Vernon and Edna N. Patton
    Spouse: Violet Fulton
Vernon, Violet Fulton  12-6-19031 7-14-1943   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: George D. Fulton and Lydia M. Rainwater

Vitro, Margaret Ann Maughan 4-11-1940 3-31-1990 (Findagrave)

Wacaster, Cynthia Renee 9-18-1965 9-2-2002 (Findagrave)
    "Loving Mother of BreeAnna"

Wager, Hazel Oliver 6-19-1913 1-23-2006 (Findagrave)
    *See Hazel Oliver wife of William Oliver

Wager, Walter 4-22-1906 11-14-1998 (Findagrave)

Waldrop, William R.   3-13-1875 3-01-1938   (Findagrave) IC
    Spouse: Susie Davis
Waldrop, Susie   7-19-1882 11-11-1963   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: John Davis and _______
    Spouse: William Waldrop

Waldrop, Frank Theodore1   07-19-1907 8-10-1956   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Wm. Waldrop and Susie Davis

Waldrop, Carl William1   01-9-1917 2-18-1966   (Findagrave) IC
    Illinois S1 US Navy Reserve World War II
    Parents: William Waldrop and Susie Davis
    Spouse: Opal Smith married 11-15-1939

Waldrop, Opal V.   04-13-1920 1-1-20031   (Findagrave)
    *Death date missing on stone
    Spouse: Carl William Waldrop

Waldrop, Donald P.   7-12-1940 7-14-1960   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Carl William Waldrop and Opal Smith

Waldrop, David Steven   unknown unknown

Walker, William Walton   5-21-1862 2-16-1886   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: A and N. L. Walker

Ward, Shirley Lynn   1-1-1937 3-29-1992   (Findagrave)
    "Bobby Loved Her Since 1968"
    Parents: Clyde Lynn and Truler Lynn
    Spouse: Bobby L. Ward

Ware, Ada L.   7-8-1886 8-21-1925   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: W. R. Roulston and _____Carpenter
    Spouse: Horace J. Ware

Ware, Ira   09-20-1904 11-26-1946   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Alfred ZenusWare and Franey Arabelle "Belle" Moore
    Spouse: Edith Jones married 1-24-1932
Ware, Edith   12-28-1906 3-7-1994   (Findagrave) IC

Warren, Volney O. 2-12-1854 12-31-1902
    Parents: Samuel Nott Warren and Anna Keeler West
    Spouse: Hortella Warren (cousin)
    (Missing monument per George Falk at Findagrave)

Warren, Sam B. 3-5-1872 7-10-1935 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Volney O. Warren and Hortella Warren
    Spouse: Lela Ora Lee

Warren, Lela Ora1   03-21-1882 11-27-1970   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Daniel Lee and Julia Bridges
    Spouse: Sam B. Warren

Warwick, Cora A. 8-18-1884 7-27-1974 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Allison W. Trammell and Matilda Hoskins

Weaver, Roy 4-21-1896 5-25-1897 (Findagrave)
    Homemade marker
    Parents: D. L. Weaver and Ardina E. Carpenter

Weaver, Raymond 8-16-1907 10-6-1981 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Dale Weaver and Lula Cooper
    Spouse: 1st Exer Smith married 10-17-1926
        2nd Lula Godwin married 12-8-1937

Weaver, Exer 12-9-1907 9-4-1937 (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: Wiley Smith and M. M. Glazner
    Spouse: Raymond Weaver

Weaver, Monroe 1928 1928 (Findagrave)
    Parents: Raymond Weaver and Exer Smith
    Gross Funeral Home marker

Weaver, Woodroe   05-31-1928 06-14-19281   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Raymond Weaver and Exer Smith
    Gross Funeral Homer marker

Westphall, Augustus 11-27-1901 2-23-1902 IC
    Parents: W. J. and M. E.

Wethington, James M.   09-17-1927 4-27-1991   (Findagrave)
    CPL US Army Korea
    Parents: Joseph and Florence Wethington
Wethington, Peggy A.   09-05-1928 11-15-1999   (Findagrave)

White, Lottie Francis 1913 1937 (Findagrave) IC
    *Metal emblem plate

White, Sandra Kay age 19 12-2-1971
    Parents: Johnny Brantley and _________

Widener, Harold C.   07-2-1917 7-17-1971   (Findagrave)
    Arkansas TEC 4 Co C 56 Armd Engr Bn World War II
    Parents: Edwin C. Widener and Media McKinnon
    Spouse: Vide E. Ashley
Widener, Vida E.   03-31-1920 5-9-1992   (Findagrave)
    Parents: Henry Ashley and Sadie Helms

Williams, Dora Ann 10-25-1869 2-22-1942
    Parents: L. W. Gaines and __Weatherley
    Spouse: John G. Williams

Williams, Joseph G. 11-9-1874 2-19-1943

Williams, Jessie Rich 8-26-1884 3-18-1970
    Parents: Jessie Williams and Talitha Rowe
    Spouse: Louisa Gabbert

Williams, Louisa 12-10-1879 2-20-1957 IC
    Parents: J. N. Gabbert and Emma Bryant

Williams, John Ray1   03-06-1888 02-12-19591   (Findagrave) IC
    Parents: James and Ella Mae Williams
    Spouse: Minnie Lee

Williams, Luther W.   age 52 12-29-1947
    Spouse: Alpha Bettis married 6-6-1915

Williams, Clarrice   08-21-1896 11-29-1918   (Findagrave) IC

Wilson, James Joesi   09-07-1894 01-03-1967   (Findagrave) IC
    Arkansas PVT Btry F 306 FA 77 Div World War I
    Parents: Joesi Wilson and Mandie Helms
    Spouse: Ollie M.

Wilson, Ollie M.   09-03-1903 05-28-1988   (Findagrave)
    "Wife of James J. Wilson"
    Parents: Sam Welch and Belle Tittle

Wilson, Mary   unknown unknown

York, S. A.   1851 1928   (Findagrave) IC

Yorke, Jesse   7-23-1889 5-23-1937

1  When parentheses (or shown in blue) are shown, Debra has added information that is not on the marker discovered when marker photograph is available.

2  The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has the obituary archived. You may go here to find out how to request an obituary. After reading the instructions on requesting, please be sure to find the obituary in the listings so that you may copy and paste the entire line in your e-mail.