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Saline County, Arkansas

Geurin or Ewell Geurin Cemetery in Saline County

(from November 1980 Melting Pot)

This cemetery is located on the old George James Homestead in Saline County, Arkansas. George James homesteaded this land between 1830-1832. The cemetery was then known as Geurin Cemetery. His granddaughter married Charlie Ewell, and the cemetery soon became known as the Ewell-Geurin Cemetery. From Highway 5 take Highway 9 North about three miles to the first low-water bridge. Turn right on a dirt road which leads to the gate of the old George James property (almost a mile down the road). See photos or more photographs on an off-site link.

New directions by Patti Vance Hays; take Highway 9 North until you get to the Alum Fork Ranch Road; take a right and go about 3/4 mile. The cemetery is on privately-owned property and you should get permission before visiting the cemetery.

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James, Mina died March 1860 (aged 65 years)
James, George died June 1872 (aged 70 years)
"We'll Join Thee in that Heavenly Land
No More to Take the Parting Hand"
Erected by L F James
[couple's tombstone]

(Editor's note: Lewis Fletcher James was one of the youngest children of Mina and George James and since this stone was not erected until many years after their deaths, I assume he had forgotten Mina's correct age. In the 1860 Mortality Schedule for Saline County her age is given: age 48, died of flu, sick 3 days.)

Robinson, Laura E, daughter of D M and Barbara Robinson, died March 15, 1873, aged 1 yr, 8 mos, 20 days    [footstone]    [middle initial corrected by pvh; her marker is now illegible]

Robinson, Arminda J, wife of D V Robinson, died July 4, 1869, aged 18 yrs, 5 mos, 24 days

Robinson, D J, .  died October 26, 1880, aged 60 yrs, 7 mos, 21 days. Erected by his wife, Lucinda Robinson [daughter of Horner James]    [closeup]

Blevins, C T, born December 12, 1853 - died August 13, 1875 "There is Rest"

Ewell, Bannie Fay, March 31, 1924 - July 19, 1937 "Faithful to her trust - Even unto death"    [closeup]    [Her name was corrected by pvh.]

Chennault, Fina C, wife of John S, died November 21, 1877, aged 20 yrs, 8 months    [closeup]    [The surname was no longer legible; the prior reading showed it to be Chennault; however, John's marker is spelled Chenault - pvh]

Brewer, Bessie L, November 4, 1866 - March 15, 1937
    Brewer, M C "Fred," March 5, 1850 - November 16, 1929    [Fred added by pvh]

Geurin, Archibald, died February 17, 1881, 56 years, 8 mos, 28 days. Erected by his wife, L E Geurin. "A Member of Ionic Lodge #377 A F & A M Arkansas"    [closeup]

James, Cary J, born May 25, 1849 - March 12, 1929 "He followed unto ___ As his truest guide Lived as a Christian As a Christian died"    [closeup]

James, Sarah E, wife of C J, June 22 1851 - May 25, 1890. "Not lost thought But gone before Where we shall meet To part no more"    [closeup]

James, Analiza, January 15, 1860 - March 13, 1928. "You are not dead to us But as a bright star Unseen we hold that you are Ever near Though death intrudes between"    [closeup]

Caldwell, James M, died March 26, 1866 aged 45 years, 1 month, 4 days. Erected by his wife, Mary J. Caldwell    [closeup]

Caldwell, Mary J, April 17, 1834 - August 3, 1905    .

Hickman, Naomi, wife of Martin V Hickman died September 9, 1869 aged 26 yrs 6 mos 27 days    [closeup]

Hickman, Loretter I, daughter of Naomi Hickman, aged 1 month, 23 days [Note from writer of article: I think they were buried in the same grave and had same headstone.]

James, Lewis F, June 19, 1848 - August 3, 1929, aged 81 yrs, 1 mo, 14 days. "To him we trust a place is given Among the saints with Christ in Heaven" erected by his grandchildren    [closeup]

James, Nancy M, wife of L F, born August 25, 1853 - January 18, 1928. "She was too good, too gentle and fair To dwell on this cold world of care"    [closeup]    [year of death corrected by pvh]

Ewell, Nancy E, wife of C D, born September 1, 1873 - October 26, 1907. "Beautiful, lovely She was but given A fair bud on earth to blossom in Heaven"

Ewell, Charles D, February 19, 1866 - April 18, 1947. Rubicon Lodge #627

Ewell, Garland H, son of C D and N E, January 13, 1893 - August 5, 1896    [year of death corrected by pvh]

Ewell, Charles C, son of C D and N E, July 5, 1902 - July 16, 1907

Tittle, Nancy Ellen, January 23, 1918 - August 23, 1919
    Tittle, Emma Lewis, Sept 8, 1909 - December 29, 1909

Tittle, Dellar Chenault, born February 15, 1893

Fletcher, Agnes, died September 30, 1921 aged 90 years. "Asleep in Jesus, Blessed sleep From which none ever wake to weep". Erected by L F and N M James and grandchildren.    [click here for obituary]

James, A B, died June 30 1885, 24 yrs, 8 mos, 18 days. Erected by his wife, M A James

Chenault, Laura E, wife of John S. 1872 - 1911

Chenault, John S, February 1856 - April 14, 1914

Jackson, Baby    December 22, 1930    [added by pvh]

Ewell, Baby    June 14, 1913    Mags Twin Brother    "With God"    [added by pvh]

James, Daughter    [pvh: a descendant of Lewis Fletcher James says this was a daughter of his and Nancy and that she died as a child. The marker has no name; added by pvh]

Spencer, Geneva (Mrs. Sam)    died April 15, 1919 at age 20    [her burial is based on Saline County, Arkansas Obituaries and Death Notices 1823 - 1930 Indexed by Eddie G. Landreth and was added by pvh]

Garner, Nellie James    died August 14, 1919    [click here for obituary; added by pvh]

There are quite a number of unmarked graves in this cemetery. It is on private property, surrounded by a wire fence, has a number of trees on it. The property was the original homestead of George and Mina (Price) James who settled here in 1825 (according to Goodspeed's History and Biographical Memoirs). The property was inherited by Lewis Fletcher James and sold to two Shemin brothers (one a doctor in Little Rock and one a doctor in Tennessee) about 1967 by Frank Ewell, grandson of L. F. James. The original log cabin built by George James is still standing on the property. The bricks for the fireplace and foundation were fired on the place by George James and the original 400 acres are still mostly intact. Photos of the George James Place may be found here.