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Hot Springs High School 1962 Old Gold Yearbook
Hot Springs, Arkansas

Under Construction (partial listing)

This page has just been added. More of the 1962 annual will be added as time allows.

If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information.  Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly or you find errors.  We may have the obituary online.  Just click on the obituary link after the name.

We wish to thank Ken Lambert and Don Short for scanning this yearbook and allowing us to use their scans. They have scanned most of the Old Gold Yearbooks and these scanned files on CD-Rom may be viewed at the Melting Pot library.


Ahrenholtz, Judi

Akins, Phyllis

Anderson, Bobby Wayne

Andrews, Elizabeth

Andrews, Richard Wayne

Appleton, Mariann

Ashbrook, Shirley Kay

Ashbrook, Sandra C.

Atkinson, Virginia

Bailey, Bob

Bailey, Nancy Carolyn

Baker, Doney Jean

Baker, Virginia Ann

Ballowe, Pat

Barnett, Donald

Bates, Jeannine

Beck, Katherine Ellen

Bell, Pat

Benson, Guy

Bibb, Cheryl

Booles, Dusty

Bowling, Dewitt

Bowman, Mary Helen

Boyd, Harold

Bradley, Joel

Briegel, Linda Sue

Brown, Janet Ann

Brown, Michael Stephen

Brown, Norma Gene

Browne, Richard

Bryant, Doris Anne

Bryant, Jayne

Bundy, William L., Jr.

Burks, Edwin Layton    Edwin Layton Burks was born November 13, 1944, and died September 19, 1988. He is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Garland County.

Burns, Ricky

Burris, Jimmy

Burroughs, Frances Sue

Burroughs, Inez Nadine

Burroughs, Linda

Burrow, Linda

Callahan, Thomas P.

Campbell, Susan

Cantu, Ronnie

Carter, Eddie

Case, Jim

Cecil, Richard B.

Cheek, Ronnie

Childs, Millard Lee

Chitwood, David Warren

Clark, Kay

Clark, Pat

Clemens, Ralph

Clinton, Elizabeth    Margaret Elizabeth Clinton was born March 13, 1944, and died December 26, 2013.    Margaret Elizabeth Clinton Little Obituary

Cochran, Michael Lee

Coleman, Dalton

Cooley, Nella

Cotton, Tommy

Cowart, Linda

Cox, Carolyn

Cox, Kenneth Herbert

~ to be continued ~

Harris, David B.

Harris, Sue

Hartman, Alfred Edward

Hawthorn, George

Henderson, Douglas

Hensley, Barbara

Hensley, Shirley

Hill, Harold Clark

Hoffman, John P., III

Hogue, Paul J.    Paul James Hogue was married to Barbara Martin Hogue. He died January 12, 2014.  Paul James Hogue Obituary

Homan, Donnie L.

Homan, Tommy

Hopper, Eudeana Jewel

Horne, Paulette

Horner, Barry R.

~ to be continued ~

Joyce, Donald Anthony

Jucas, Diana Teresa

Jucas, Walter

Kallsnick, Richard

Keith, Karen

Kempner, Frances Suzanne

Kilby, Jimmy

King, Dean H.

Kinsey, Jerry Wayne    Jerry Wayne Kinsey was born July 17, 1943, and died November 1, 2014.    Jerry Wayne Kinsey Obituary

Kirchner, Coy

Kizzia, Roy

Knight, Joyce

Knight, Sharon

Lacy, Robert Wayne

Lane, Vicky Carol

Lee, David

Lewis, Weldon

Lingo, Teresa

Linington, Doug

Longinotti, Katherine Ann

Longinotti, John

Love, Lindell H.

Lucy, Frank Norton

Lynch, Alfred Paul

Magby, Earnest

Mahan, Glenda

Main, Suzanne Elizabeth

Manatt, Sharon Kay

Maner, Martin

Marlar, Richard

Martin, Barbara    Barbara Martin was married to Paul James Hogue. She died February 21, 1999.    Barbara Martin Hogue Obituary

Martin, Landra Lynn

Martin, Skipper

Martindale, Robert A.

Matula, Gary

McBee, Gene

~ to be continued ~