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Malvern High School
1947 Mirror Yearbook
Malvern, Arkansas

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This is not the entire annual. We are showing the senior's photographs and are including photographs of the "honors" section of the yearbook. Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly.

If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email the webmaster so that we may include that information. We may have the obituary online. Just click on the obituary link after the name.

We wish to give a huge thanks to Mrs. Mary Edith Harper Daves for allowing us to scan and post her yearbook to our site!

The Mirror 1947 Cover Malvern High School

The Board of Directors for Malvern High School were Duncan Cothern, Myron Mange, Cecil Riley, Robert Roland, and R. E. Van Dusen.

Mr. H. A. Brooks was superintendent of schools, and Miss Ella Goza was the high school principal.

The high school faculty included Miss E. Dunlap, Mrs. Jim Dildy, Jim Dildy, E. J. Travis, Mrs. H. A. Brooks, Mrs. R. H. Jones, Miss Agee McCray, Mrs. H. J. Schroeder, Mrs. C. J. Baker, Penn Tucker, Mrs. Rutherford, Mrs. Maurine Wells, C. M. Hughes, Mrs. W. E. Finley, Mrs. George Kyle, W. L. Lindvall (most popular teacher), Mrs. V. Cundiff, Miss McFadden, Mrs. J. W. Mason, Miss E. Harrison, and Q. M. Baber.

Sponsor of the Student Council was Mrs. Rutherford. Student Council members included George Travis, Marian Cardin, Beverly Brosell, Ann Billings, Bob Brewer, Earl Treadaway, Rosemary Byrd, George Spheeris, Nettie Jean Phelan, John Dunlap, Beatrice Inglis, Mickey O'Quinn, James Borland, Tommy Murry, June Blair, Virginia Knauts, Steve Hedges, and Wilburn Cox.

Sponsor of The Mirror Staff was Miss Ella Goza. Staff members included Bob Brewer, Pat Bryan, Nancy Williams, Mary Ann Mange, Joy Galloway, Alice Perle McCray, Ann Billings, Jean Gephart, Mary E. White, Mickey O'Quinn, Joe Cheatham, Bettye Wallace, and Florence Beason.

Page 10 of The Mirror is here. It includes the names of Marian Cardin, Beverly Brosell, Beatrice Inglis, Ann Billings, George Spheeris, Nettie Jean Phelan, Tommy Murry, Earl Treadaway, Virginia Knauts, Mrs. Rutherford, George Travis, John Murry Young, Miss Goza, Otho Lee Heitt, Mary Lou Fielding, Herbert Sebren, Ronald Jordan, Frances Beerstecher, Mickey O'Quinn, Roy Bixler.

Page 23 of The Mirror is here. It includes the names of Bob Brewer, Betty Wallace, Miss Goa, Bobby Cox, Jimmy Martin, Eddie Green, Miss McFadden, Mary Elizabeth McReynolds, Joe Cheatham, Betty Barrier, Ann Billings, Milton Harbuck, Robert Krueger.

Page 43 of The Mirror is here. It is the Who's Who


Alexander, Wren

Bailey, Martha Lee

Barrier, Alice Elizabeth

Beason, Florence Emmagene

Beason, Lawrence Lindell

Beauchamp, James Allen

Belcher, Thelma Lorain

Bengoa, Wilbur F. C.

Billings, Ann

Bixler, Roy James

Boyett, Marian Irene

Boyle, Jack E. H.

Brady, Vannie Gay

Bray, Patricia

Brewer, Bobby Lee

Brooks, Rubie R.

Bryan, Patricia Ann    Band Queen    Most Popular Girl    Honorary Homecoming Maid

Butler, Etta Lee

Byrd, Rosemary

Caldwell, William Richard

Cardin, Marian Alice

Cheatham, Joe Leonard

Clardy, Edwin

Cox, Robert Elvon

Crutchfield, Martha LaVerne

Cunningham, Frankie Lee

Drake, James William

Duke, Mary Sue

Erwin, William Edward

Fielding, Mary Lou

Foster, Emojean

Foster, Vera Jean

Galloway, Alice Joyce

Gephart, Charles Dale

Goza, F. D. Jr.

Gray, Frances Evelyn

Gray, Virginia Ruth

Green, Edward Campbell

Green, Oneita

Grissom, Florence Irene

Harbuck, Milton Seaborn

Henard, Lillian Jeanette

Hicks, W. J. Jr.

Hokette, Joyce DeLorse    Honorary Homecoming Maid

Hughes, Elizabeth Jane    Homecoming Queen (homecoming court)

Hughes, Harold Edward

Jones, Leatrice

Jordon, Ronald Lynnwood

Key, Crosby Delton

Knight, Berna Catherine

Krueger, Robert Victor

LaLumandier, LeRoy Gilbert Jr.

Lee, Nina Louise    Senior Homecoming Queen

Mange, Mary Ann

Maroney, Thomas Edward

Martin, Jimmy

McReynolds, Mary Elizabeth

Morrison, Rush    Most Handsome

Neeper, Helen Anne    Most Beautiful

Nichols, Billy Eugene

Nowalk, Harold Paul Jr.

Paul, Vernice

Payne, Rubie Louise

Payne, Ruth Elizabeth

Phillips, Gaylon Gene

Pounders, William B.

Price, William H.

Richardson, Clovis Edwin

Richardson, James Ben

Rowe, Mary Beth "Bettye"    Homecoming Queen

Sampson, Guinn Leon

Sebran, Herbert Arthur

Sebren, Norma Robertson

Sesser, Bettye Louise

Sesser, Neva

Smith, Troy Carl

Tanner, Linden O.

Travis, George M.

Treadaway, Earl Jr.

Tyler, Opal Faye

Wallace, Bettye    Typical M.H.S.Student

Watson, John D. Jr.

Welty, William Arthur

Westerman, Minerva Lorene

Wheatley, Virginia Grace

Wilcox, Ruth Elizabeth

Woodall, Elsworth

York, Marjorie

We will not be scanning the junior and sophomore photographs but are listing their names here:

JUNIORS: Page 24 - Gilbert Ault, Martha Jane Badgett, Audra Dean Baker, Marilyn Ball, Ruthie Mae Bennett, Jane Birch, Martha Bowdle, Beverly Brosell, Robert Browning, Charles Carver, Jean Collie, Norris Collie, Bobby Jean Draper, Johnny Dunlap, Billie Frances Fisher, Dorothy Fitzhugh, Tommie Belle Fitzhugh, Wayne Foster, Norma Jean Freeman, Bobbie Lou French, Elwood Gage, Joan Gephart, Inez Glenn, Eloise Grant, Bobby Green; page 25 - Carolyn Green, Willa Mae Green, Austin Gullett, Zelda Hall, Jack Hardin, Troy Harper, Steve Hedges, Gladys Henard, Marilyn Hibbs (Honorary Homecoming Maid), Ray Hicks, Delores Hodges, Hoyle Hughes, Beatrice Inglis, Mary Anna Jones, Mary Lee Jones, Virginia Jordan, Vivian Kight, Doris Koen, Jimmy LaMandier, Letha Mae Langley, Billie Lofton, Virginia Logan, Alice Perle McCray, James H. McDonald, Jean McReynolds; page 26 - Tommy Matlock, Ora Lou Morris, Jim Bob Morrison, Mary Ann Murphy, Richard Ogletree, Charles O'Neal, Jack Pate, Barbara Paul, Nettie Jean Prelan, Charles Phillips, Shirley Railey (Junior Homecoming Maid), Thelma Ray, Herbert Roberts, H. C. Rood, Judith Rowell, James L. Scott, Stella Mae Sesser, Glen Smith, Clyde Speer, Jr., George Spheeris, Estalene Stanley, Elmer Stricklin, Thelma Stricklin, Bettye Jean Sulton, James Taylor; page 27 - Harold Taylor, Robert Thomason, Dorothy Thomerson, Millie Thornton, Willard Thornton, Alvin Turner, Billy Whitener, Margie Williams, Ouida Beth Williams, Bill Wright, Mary Evelyn White, Nancy Williams.

SOPHOMORES: Page 28 - Jamie Dell Ainsworth, Jennie Mae Allen, Helen Ashcraft, H C Atchley, Franklin Ault, Quinn Baber, Milton Baker, Mary May Bass, Martha Sue Baxter, Garland Beason, William Behrens, Harold Bennett, June Blair, James Borland, Robert Bowdle, Bennie Mae Boyett, William R. Boyle, Norma Jean Bray, Olen Bray, Agee Caldwell, Christine Carr, Harold Cates, Naydean Cates, George Chambers, Emma Jean Clark; page 29 - Jerry H. Cole, Patricia Cooper, Vera Fay Cox, Wilburn Cox, Evelyn Crutchfield, John Bobby Darby, Vonceil Daugherty, Martha Davidson, Gerald Davis, Mary Ann Denham, Jack Eason, Mildred Elliott, Jimmy Faulkner, Marguerite French, Willia Perle Goessman, Mary Ellen Green, Jack Gullett, Carolyn Halbert, Vivian Hammond, Mary Perle Harbuck, Suzanne Hardin, Wanda Jean Hardy, Josephine Harkrider, James Harp, Mary Edith Harper; page 30 - James Heard, Ross Helms, Martha Henard (Campus Sweetheart), James D. Henry, Eunice Hightower, Martha Lou Holloway, Gladys Holmes, Charlie Merle Hopper, Florence Howe, C. C. Hunt, Cherie Hutto, Raymond Jacks, Edward Jones, Rodney Kight, Virginia Knauts, Jimmy Lashlee, Jane Anna McHenry, Wanda Merryman, Kathryn Mitchell, Donald Morris, Billy Morton, William Thomas Murry, LaVerne Neighbors, A R Patrick, Virginia Patrick; page 31 - Richard Patrick, Ellen Louise Patrick, Claude Ragland, Joy Lea Richardson, Donald Roark, Donna Robertson (Sophomore Homecoming Maid), Billy Dock Rood, Nelson Scrimshire, Bobbie Lois Sesser, Peggy Jane Shuffield, Dorothy Stembridge, Geraldine Stroupe, Jerry Sullivan, Mildred Sullivan, Evans Taylor, Sallie Tillery, Eugene Treadaway, Sara Van Dusen, Alvin Vaughan, Calvin Vaughan, Flora Lou Walters, Milton Wilder, Charles Williams, Nolen Lewis Young.

O'Quinn, Mickey (not shown)    Most Popular Boy