Companies in Norwood, Ohio - "V"


  • G. B. Van Horn - [sand and gravel, coal supplier, and sewer pipe] No. 5 Monroe, east of Montgomery (est. pre-1900)
  • Van Houten Quality Shop - [dry goods store] 3955 Montgomery Road, south of Williams
  • Varon's Pick and Pay Food Market - [grocery] 4909 Montgomery Road
  • Mrs. Anna Vatter - [grocery, ice cream & confections] Montgomery and Smith Roads (est. pre-1900)
  • Raymond E. Vaughan - [gasoline station] 4640 Baker Av.
  • Ward H. Ventress - [physician] 4320 Montgomery Road
  • Victor Safe & Lock Company - [safe manufacturer] corner of Cleneay Ave. and C.,L.&N. R.R., Norwood, telephone: Ridge 2170 The Safe Cabinet Company, acquired the entire Norwood plant of the Victor Safe & Lock Co. in April, 1920. The location was described around 1922 as being at Norwood's southwestern corner, north of Cleneay Avenue, east of Station Avenue (later, named Pacific Avenue and not to be confused with the other Station Avenue between Sherman and Foraker Place) and west of the railroad tracks. In 1926, Rand Kardex Bureau, Inc. took control of The Safe Cabinet Company. Later, the location was the site of the United States Shoe Corporation's Plant No. 1. Now it is the property of Xavier University.
  • The Victoria Retirement Community - [retirement home] corner of Victory Parkway and Reading Road
  • Village Bottling Works - [bottler] 1923 Mills Av. (E. R. Bellis, proprietor?, home at 4126 Ivanhoe av.)
  • Paul Villari - [barber] 1766 Mills Av., 1910s; 4118 Montgomery Ave., 1950s
  • John Vine - [dry goods, notions & tobacco] 4905 Montgomery (ca. 1902) ; [men's furnishings] at B&O Bridge, est. 1898 (ca. 1916)
  • John L. Vine - [druggist, ice cream & confections] corner of Montgomery and Maple; 4721 Montgomery (ca. 1896-1902) (est. pre-1900)
  • Vino's - [wine] 4704 Montgomery Road
  • Vista Food Market - [grocery] 1906 Cleneay Avenue
  • Philip Voekler's Norwood Hair Dressing and Shaving Parlor - [barber shop] east side of Montgomery Road, 2nd house south of Smith Road (est. pre-1900)
  • The Vogue - [clothing store] 4601 Montgomery Road ; nwc Montgomery Road & Sherman Av.
  • Willard A. Volz - [restaurant] 2402 Park Av.
  • Vorhis Funeral Home - [funeral home] (1876..1933-now) 5501 Montgomery Road (across from Cypress Way), Jacob Vorhis est. 1876 in Sharonville, moved to Lockland in 1888, Leroy J. Russell, affiliated in 1919, 1924 after A. M. Vorhis retired, Mr. Russell became a partner, added another home at 5501 Montgomery Road, Norwood in 1933 at the old Col. P. P. Lane estate; by 1937 Russell was joined by a Mr. Benge (ME-4884; L. J. Russell, Norwood director - 1950)
  • Geo. H. Voss - [grocery] 4652 Montgomery Road, Edward W. Brockhoff, manager (res. Cin'ti)
  • Voss Grocery Company - [meat market] 2125 Williams Avenue;[grocery] 4640 Montgomery Road (ca. 1917); n.w.c. 2125 Williams, Forest & Robertson, 1926 Mills and 4640 Montgomery; 2125 Williams Avenue, 2360 Robertson Avenue and 1926 Mills Avenue