Norwood's Funeral Homes, Undertakers and Embalmers

The dates given are years found in source documents. The actual years of the business operation may be longer.

  • W. J. Behymer & Son - undertakers, livery and boarding stable

    northeast corner Montgomery and Monroe; 4400 and 4402 Montgomery Road

    (also, Madisonville?)
  • H. J. Ihlendorf and Sons - funeral director

    4400 Montgomery Road

    (Note: this is the same address as the previous Behymer funeral home; later, this business merged with another to become The Kleb & Ihlendorf Funeral Home, Inc.
    Harry J. Ihlendorf Funeral Home and Ambulance Service
  • The Kleb-Ihlendorf Funeral Home, Inc. - funeral home

    3900 Montgomery Road (near Wayland Avenue)
  • Edward Meier, Jr. - Embalmer and Funeral Director

  • Moeller Funeral Home - funeral director

    Montgomery Road and Mentor Ave.; 3943 Montgomery Road
  • The Romer Funeral Home - funeral home

    formerly Moeller Funeral Home

    Montgomery at Mentor (3943 Montgomery Road );
  • The Tredway Funeral Home and Tredway's Livery and Stable - funeral home & livery stable

    Est. 1892 by Oscar & Decature Tredway, funeral business & livery stable at 4141 Montgomery Road. They had a branch office at Estep and Meyer, Montgomery below Hopkins.

    The original building faced Cameron Avenue at the L. & N. R.R. crossing. In 1925 they moved to 2131 Cameron Avenue with funeral home on first and residence on second floor, on the south side of Cameron, between Elsmere and Lafayette/Montgomery
  • The Tredway-Pollitt Funeral Home, Inc. funeral home

    (previously, Tredway Funeral Home)

    2131 Cameron Avenue
  • Vorhis Funeral Home - funeral home

    5501 Montgomery Road (across from Cypress Way)

    Jacob Vorhis est. 1876 in Sharonville, moved to Lockland in 1888, Leroy J. Russell, affiliated in 1919. In 1924, after A. M. Vorhis retired, Mr. Russell became a partner. The funeral home at 5501 Montgomery Road, Norwood, (at the old Col. P. P. Lane estate) was added in 1933