Companies in Norwood, Ohio - "U"


  • Dr. George P. Ullom - [optometrist-optician] 4560 Montgomery Road; moved from 109 Center Building (Cin'ti?) to the ground floor of 4738 Montgomery Road, Norwood, probably in the 1940s.
  • Charles W. Underwood - [tile installer?] 2911 Grove Avenue
  • The Uniform Shop - [clothing store] Surrey Square Mall
  • United Dairy Farmers - [dairy products] 3953-55 Montgomery Road, main plant; 5026 Montgomery Road, 3963 & 3965 Montgomery Road (storage)
  • The Union Gas & electric Co. - [power company] n.e.c. Harris Av. & Marion Av.
  • United Petroleum Co. - [gasoline station] 4908 Montgomery Road
  • U.S.A.F. Recruiting Station - [organization] 4706� Montgomery Road, Room 101
  • The United States Can Company - [can manufacturer] incorporated February 1, 1916, south side of Highland Avenue
  • United States Merry-Go-Round Company - [merry-go-round manufacturer] 1818 Mills Avenue
  • The United States Playing Card Company - [playing card manufacturer] Beech Avenue at n.e.c. Park Avenue. Acquired by Diamond Internation Corp. in July 1969. Moved to Northern Kentucky in 2009.
  • The United States Printing & Lithograph Company - [lithographer] incorporated 1912, east side of Beech between Robertson and Kenilworth Avenues; nec Beech Street and Robertson Avenue with northern property line across from Kenilworth Avenue (did not extend to Duck Creek Road) Merged with Diamond Internation Corp. on Sept. 28, 1959, then operated as a division.
  • The United States Shoe Corporation - [shoe manufacturer] Plant No. 1, shoe factory at western edge of Norwood, between Pacific Avenue (west, Cincinnati), Cleneay Avenue (south, North Side Av.) and railroad tracks (east). Previously, it was the site of The Safe Cabinet Company and the Victor Safe Company. Now, the land os owned by Xavier University.
  • United Van Lines, Inc. - [moving & storage] (see Merle Fine Moving & Storage
  • Al. Unterman - [shoe repairer] 2002 Worth Avenue
  • H. S. W. Upmeier - [contractor - grading & sewer] cor, Williams and Elsmere (est. pre-1900)
  • Up-To-Date Food Products - [potato chip mfg.] 4920 Montgomery Road