Obituaries - Allen County, Ohio


Obituaries - Allen County, Ohio

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Mrs. Sarah Lavona Goldsmith Norita Moss Charles E. Shepherd Norita Moss
Reva Lillian Goldsmith Norita Moss Mary Gladys Lewis Norita Moss
Edward Goldsmith Norita Moss Goldie M. Camper Norita Moss
Joseph Goldsmith Norita Moss John H. Camper Norita Moss
Doris L. Venezia Norita Moss Janice Mae Sterling Norita Moss
E. Jack Goldsmith Norita Moss Patricia D. Eberhard Altenburger Norita Moss
Robert N. Rockhill Norita Moss RICHARD P. ALTENBURGER Norita Moss
Adonijah Peacock Rockhill Norita Moss Hazel M. Swick Higbie Norita Moss
Belle L. Rockhill Norita Moss Marie Alberding Norita Moss
John Rockhill Norita Moss Lambert Rockhill Norita Moss
Clyde R. Rockhill Norita Moss Carl Fred Alberding Norita Moss
Harley H. Rockhill Norita Moss Jesse R. Shepherd Norita Moss
William H. Goldsmith Norita Moss Grace M. Shepherd Norita Moss
Cora E. Goldsmith Norita Moss Opal Mae Zerbe Norita Moss
Pauline Gwendolyn Goldsmith Norita Moss Ralph C. Zerbe Norita Moss
Dottie E Goldsmith Norita Moss Harold C. McMullen Norita Moss
Ruth E. Heil Norita Moss Alice McMullen Norita Moss
Mildred L. Benchoff Norita Moss Beven Shepherd Norita Moss
Minnie E. Feltner Norita Moss Edward Alberding Norita Moss
Margaret J. Shepherd Norita Moss Henry (Hank) C. Alberding Norita Moss
REBECCA S. THOMPSON Norita Moss Elizabeth " Wanda" Miller Norita Moss
Elizabeth A. Glick Shepherd Norita Moss Carl Alberding Jr Norita Moss
Jennie L. Scott Norita Moss Norma G. Riff Alberding Ritchie Norita Moss
Pfc. James S. Scott Norita Moss

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Steven J. Scott Sr. Norita Moss Amos Binkley 2-26-1943 Pavla Chandler
Nora K. Shepherd Norita Moss Barbara Fess Richie 4-24-1921 Pavla Chandler
Cary F. Shepherd Norita Moss Burr Fess 2-19-1966 Pavla Chandler
Emil K.( Charlie) Feltner Norita Moss David P. Shaffer 3-2-2005 Pavla Chandler
Delmer ( Dick) Shepherd Norita Moss Elizabeth Fess Brown 9-4-1945 Pavla Chandler
HELEN LOUISE SHEPHERD Norita Moss Elza Bowsher 1-6-1977 Pavla Chandler
Daniel S. Scott Sr. Norita Moss Arthur H. Binkley 4-29-1975 Pavla Chandler
Katherine Delph Norita Moss Betty Fess 4-20-1998 Pavla Chandler
Charles Lee Scott Norita Moss Betty Fess 4-21-1998 Pavla Chandler
Steve Scott Jr Norita Moss Carrie Bowsher 12-9-1977 Pavla Chandler
Steven M. Scott Norita Moss Catherine Richie 6-24-1923 Pavla Chandler
DARREN WILLIAM SCOTT Norita Moss Delbert Richey 5-9-1984 Pavla Chandler
FLOYD H. SHEPHERD Norita Moss Ida Binkley 10-22-1999 Pavla Chandler
SYLVIA B. JOSEPH Norita Moss Ethel Binkley 9-23-1975 Pavla Chandler
WALTER M. JOSEPH Norita Moss Fred V. Binkley 6-29-1976 Pavla Chandler
Elizabeth Annie Lanning Norita Moss Donald E. Brown 6-26-2000 Pavla Chandler
Samuel Lanning Norita Moss Ida Fess 11-7-1978 Pavla Chandler
William H. Bailey Norita Moss Goldie A. Fess 7-30-1997 Pavla Chandler
James Bailey Norita Moss Geraldine Fess 3-28-1995 Pavla Chandler
Emma Bailey Norita Moss Cyrus O. Allen 1-29-1933 Pavla Chandler
Samuel Burkholder Norita Moss Cyrus O. Allen 1-27-1933 Pavla Chandler
Marjorie M. Rockhill Norita Moss Harley Fess 7-3-1975 Pavla Chandler
Donald W. Rockhill Norita Moss Kenneth Bowsher 10-18-1969 Pavla Chandler
Clarence G. Rockhill Norita Moss J. M.  Mills 2-17-1923 Pavla Chandler
Leon Leroy Bodicker Norita Moss Jesse Fess 12-27-1974 Pavla Chandler
Merle E. Joseph Norita Moss Jennie Bowsher 4-17-1951 Pavla Chandler
Luella M. "Dottie" Maag Norita Moss James Crist 6-17-1969 Pavla Chandler
Charles L. Joseph Norita Moss Jacob Binkley 2-10-1938 Pavla Chandler
Virgil Charles Sloan Norita Moss

 End PDF Files

Nathaniel Isaac Shepherd Norita Moss Tommy L. Goldsmith Norita Moss
Virginia (Ginny) Gesler Norita Moss John W. Nicoline Tina Hursh
Leroy ( Punch) Gesler Norita Moss Nellie Pauline (Gillham) Nicoline Tina Hursh
Leonard Shepherd Norita Moss Marie Antonette Nicoline Tina Hursh
Thomas Daley Jr. Tina Hursh GEORGE DELPH SR. Norita Moss
Fred Gillham Tina Hursh PATRICK HENRY MOONEY Norita Moss
Sharon Maurer Tina Hursh Janice A. Wilson Norita Moss
Mrs. Ollie Napier Welsted Tina Hursh Mary Lou Shepherd Norita Moss
Samuel Thomas  Tina Hursh Lucy Ann Drolet Mary Ellen Drolet
Frank E. Clay Tina Hursh Alfred Andrew Drolet  Mary Ellen Drolet
David B. Walters Tina Hursh LILA ISABEL LENTZ  Norita Moss
Andrew Carpenter Tina Hursh DAVID W. MUSSER  Norita Moss
Elmer E. Brogan Tina Hursh LEO J. HAUNHORST  Norita Moss
Anna Roller  Pam Kidd  Lewis J. Rhoda  Pam Kidd
Charles H. Tallman  Pam Kidd Nettie M. Snook Pam Kidd
Emma Rhoda  Pam Kidd S. W. Durkee Pam Kidd
F. Royal Albridge  Pam Kidd Mrs. Harry Snook Pam Kidd
John Black  Pam Kidd Chester E. Spohn Pam Kidd
Goldie Murlin Pam Kidd Luella May Wilson Pam Kidd
Lewis O. Durkee Pam Kidd Dora Stinebaugh Pam Kidd
Mabel V. Rope Pam Kidd Eugene Black Pam Kidd
Peter Snook Pam Kidd Ronald Lee Graham Norita Moss
Zelma Fox Pam Kidd Samuel Robert Miller Kim Graham
LENA ALBERDING MOONEY Noritz Moss Lena Irene Alberding Noritz Moss
The following are Microsoft Word files:
Arthur Kidd Pam Kidd Donald E. Snook Pam Kidd
William H. Kidd Pam Kidd Edith Albridge Snook Pam Kidd
Anna V. Snook Pam Kidd Florence Snook Griebling Pam Kidd
Bertha Snook Seltz Pam Kidd Fredrick Louis Snook Pam Kidd
Bessie Spohn Black Pam Kidd Nellie Clendaniel Albridge Pam Kidd
Charles C. Black Pam Kidd Rosa Miller Snook Pam Kidd
Christian Rhoda Pam Kidd William Snook Pam Kidd
End Microsoft Word files:
Millie E. Lanning  Norita Moss Mrs. Anthony Bruns Tina Hursh
Samuel B. Rockhill  Norita Moss Odelia F. Bruns Tina Hursh
Bernice S. Maurer Tina Hursh Anthony J. Bruns Tina Hursh
Bernice S. Maurer #2 Tina Hursh Leroy Anthony Bruns Tina Hursh
Erwin C. Maurer Sr. Tina Hursh Raymond R. Bruns Tina Hursh
Robert B. Maurer Tina Hursh Elvira Florence Bruns Tina Hursh
Sam J. Maurer Tina Hursh Albert B. Bruns Tina Hursh
Linda Maurer Tina Hursh Helen A. Buchanan Norita Moss
John Edward Nicoline Tina Hursh Mrs. Hilda Rowe Tina Hursh
Charles C. Crossley Tina Hursh Marjorie Alice Joseph Tina Hursh
Betty Musser Norita Moss Wilbur A. Bailey Norita Moss
Mary F. Riley Norita Moss Richard G. “Dick” Baker Norita Moss
Hollis D. McDonel Norita Moss Dorothy Alice Gulker Norita Moss
James W. Offenbacher Norita Moss John Daniel Musser Norita Moss
George S. Scott Norita Moss Robert L. "Bob" Metz Norita Moss
Ruth Olive Allen Blosser Norita Moss Donelda H. Smithttawa Norita Moss
Alice Ida Prichard Norita Moss Ellen Judy Tina Hursh
Elizabeth T. Browning Tina Hursh Mary Joanna Ackerman Contris Good Norita Moss
Larry Badertscher Norita Moss William A. "Jack" Roeder Norita Moss
George M. Bingham Norita Moss VIRGIL E. BRUNO Norita Moss
Richard R. REEDER Norita Moss BETTY J. KLINK Norita Moss
MARIE MASON Norita Moss Dr. Willard Evans Norita Moss
Norwood O. Perry Norita Moss Anna Mae Fender Norita Moss
ELIZABETH "LIBBY" HULL Norita Moss Helen Lucille Taylor Norita Moss
FRANCIS L. KIRACOFE Norita Moss Robert M. Bailey Norita Moss
GLEN M. HOYT Norita Moss