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Platte County Historical & Genealogical Society (PCHS) has published many books for use by historians and genealogists researching things and people of Platte County. Here is a list of our current books, their prices and ordering information.

The 3 books pictured here are a great supplement to a library for anyone interested in the history of Platte County, Mo., and are available through the Platte County Historical Society. From left to right, An Illustrated History of Platte County, Missouri; The History of Platte County, Missouri: A Proud Legacy; and The History of Clay and Platte Counties, Missouri. See below for prices and ordering information.


PLATTE COUNTY PLACES – Photographs taken by James W. Farley in and around Platte County, capturing a bit of its heritage, lifestyle & beauty. 35+ pages. $5 HISTORY OF CLAY AND PLATTE COUNTIES, MISSOURI (1885). Written and Compiled from the Most Authentic Official and Private Sources, Including a History of Their Townships, Towns, and Villages… $75 [Note: there are only six left! There will be no more after these are sold]. “Missouri Rebels Remembered: Si Gordon & John Thrailkill” (Revised Edition), by James W. and John W. Farley. This handsome, soft-cover book provides a well-written, fascinating historical account of the lives and exploits of two fearless Confederate warriors who, separately, fought the Union forces that occupied Missouri during the Civil War. 176 pages with endnotes, bibliography and index. Cost: $18 ea.

“An Illustrated History of Platte County,” written and illustrated by Matt Silber in honor of Platte County’s 175th Anniversary. 71 pages with colorful illustrations of Platte County’s history, from the very beginning, through the War Between the States and the burning of Platte City, the founding of Park College, and much, much more! Cost: $25 ea.


NEW History Book - HISTORY OF PLATTE COUNTY, MISSOURI, A PROUD LEGACY .  Dr. William S. and Kathryn. Worley wrote the comprehensive history of Platte County, Missouri. This hardbound, indexed book also includes a large number of  family histories,  numerous business histories, and many pictures. This book sells for $85.00 plus $6.00 for mailing. *** After publication, it was discovered that an article about the Duncan Family, written by PCHS charter member, Lu Durham, was missing from the book. Please CLICK the link below for a copy of the Duncan Family article. The PDF file can then be printed and inserted into the book at page 406.

The Duncan Family by Lu Durham


MAIL TO: Alan York, P. O. Box 103, Platte City, MO 64079-0103.
Postage & Handling
for the following books: 1st book $6.00. Additional books in same order, $3.00 each.

ANNALS OF PLATTE COUNTY, MISSOURI by William M. Paxton, 1897; 1185 pages, hardbound, indexed. Reprint by PCHS. Covers Platte Co. MO 1836-1897 in chronological order, local events, county history and MANY family genealogies. $100.00

ADDENDUM TO ANNALS OF PLATTE COUNTY, MISSOURI July 1897 through July 1916 At the conclusion of his Annals , Mr. Paxton asserted he would continue to chronicle Platte County people, places and events for so long as he lived. Through the efforts of Barbara Whitters, Mr. Paxton's work in the next 19 years can be yours. 8˝; x 11, soft cover, comb bound, 318 pages, plus 41 page index. $45.00.

PLATTE COUNTY, MO RECORDS 1839-1849 by Betty R. Murray, 1993; 318 pages, soft cover, comb bound. 6,982 names including 222 cross references. Contains: 1840 Fed'l Census. Sale of 16th Sections, 1842 Land Records (Maps) and Tax Lists of 1839, 1847, and 1849. Researcher's dream book. $30.00

1850 COMPLETE CENSUS PLATTE COUNTY, MO by Betty R. Murray, 1991; Every category listed on microfilm is printed in this book: free persons, slave inhabitants, mortality schedule, productions of agriculture, products of industry, Index. Lists 4,950 names, including cross index of 313 names. Soft cover. Comb bound, approx. 400 pages. $28.00

1860 PLATTE COUNTY CENSUS by Barbara Whitters, 1988; Soft cover, comb bound, by townships, Index. Lists given and surname of each person in household, age, sex and state where born. $28.00

1870 COMPLETE CENSUS PLATTE COUNTY. MO. by Betty R. Murray, 1996. Everything on microfilm except "can read/write, attending school & mortality schedule". .4,748 name index, representing 4,974 people, 70 cross references. $28.00

MORTALITY SCHEDULES 1850-1880 & REGISTER OF DEATHS 1883-1888 by Betty R. Murray, 1990. 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 mortality schedules, list of coroners, causes of death. Indexed. Soft cover. Comb bound, Map. $10.00

PLATTE COUNTY CEMETERY RECORDS. VOLUME I, including Appendix, by PCHS, 1961. Surveys in 1945-1960 of 53 older, smaller cemeteries located about Platte County. 92 pages, soft cover. Index. $12.00

INDEX TO CEMETERY RECORDS PLATTE COUNTY. VOLUMES I & II by Betty R. Murray, 1997. Index of nearly 13,000 names in the two cemetery books published in 1960s. Married women listed by maiden names and surnames of other spouses. A MUST if you own these two original volumes. Soft cover matches original books. Comb bound, 83 pages. $10.00

WESTON TOWNSHIP CEMETERIES & SEXTON'S ACCOUNTS Includes Brill, Durkes, Fancy Bottom, Graceland, Huvendahl, Laurel Hill aka Weston, Miller and Stillwell cemeteries, funeral homes of Platte County and much more. Started by Genrose Welsh, dec'd., completed by Betty R. Murray. Comb bound. 191 pages. Index. $18.00

GONE & FORGOTTEN, PLEASANT GROVE CEMETERY & CHURCH, CAMDEN POINT Researched and compiled by Lu Durham and Irma Miller. Edited by Betty R. Murray. 3004 names listed. 182 pages include photos of pioneers and tombstones. Maps & history of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church 1844-1895. Also known as Confederate Cemetery due to burial of 6 Confederate soldiers after Battle of Camden Point. Also includes the speech by R.P.C. Wilson upon dedication of Confederate Monument. Soft cover. Comb bound. Index.  $20.00

PLATTE COUNTY MO. MARRIAGE RECORDS. VOLUME I - 1839-1854 plus ADDENDUM 1839-1861 Abstracted by Betty R. Murray from original volume. Never before published records in Section 1, plus 58 in the two addenda. $18.00

PLATTE COUNTY MO. MARRIAGE RECORDS. VOLUME II 1855-1870 by Genrose Welsh. 3100 entries. Soft cover. Comb bound. Indexed by grooms and brides. Shows presiders, churches and maps. $18.00

PLATTE COUNTY MO. MARRIAGE RECORDS. VOLUME III 1871-1885 by Genrose Welsh. 150 pages, 3100 entries. Indexed by grooms. Has brides. Includes presiders and churches. Soft cover. $22.00

1877 ILLUSTRATED HISTORICAL ATLAS OF PLATTE CO., MO. 14 x 17 soft cover plat book of villages, cities, townships, patrons, directory, illustrations, table of contents, names of owners and number of acres owned. $35.00

1907 ILLUSTRATED HISTORICAL ATLAS OF PLATTE COUNTY. MO. Soft cover with plats of villages, cities, townships, patrons with date of arrival in county, names of landowners and acres owned, over 400 illustrations. $45

1929 HISTORICAL & GENEALOGICAL REVIEW OF PLATTE CO. MO - CORNHUSKER, Compiled by the Weston Chronicle and the Platte City Landmark , editors for the 1929 National Cornhusking Festival. 36 pages. Not indexed. Sketches, photos, advertisements. Thumbnail sketch of Platte Co. history. $20.00

MY HERITAGE & MY LIFE by Gordon Miller. A time-line history intertwined with Platte County history and the Miller family. Fantastic book on the people and happenings, especially in Platte City. Just plain good reading. $25.00


**** This CD Index is no longer available. ******

PLATTE PEOPLE CD  by Lee Wilhite from 14 Indexes compiled by Betty Runner Murray.  An index of 65,363 names of Platte County people and where in which of our books to find them.  Finds married women no longer using their maiden name if record includes their maiden name!  Includes many cross-references for multiple spellings of names.  Covers our 1840, 1850, 1860 and 1870 Census, Original Landowners, 1839 & 1849 Tax Lists, Marriage Records, Death & Mortality Records and all our Cemetery Records books.  Find all the books you need to document your ancestor’s recorded presence in Platte County.  In spreadsheet format for Excel (95) and Works (Ver. 4) and later.  Detailed instructions in a word processor file, plus a printed instruction sheet with the CD.   $20.00.


MAKE CHECK TO: PCHS Internet Book Sales.
MAIL TO: BOOK SALES, P. O. Box 103, Platte City, MO 64079-0103.
Postage & Handling: 1st book $6.00. Addl. books in same order, $3.00 each.

Because of the increased cost of printing and reproduction, we are, from time to time, required to increase the price of our publications. Please be aware that prices may change without prior notification..

These books are available at our Museum Library Thursday and Friday, 1:00 to 4:00 pm, from April 18th to October 18th.


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