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Platte County
Historical & Genealogical Society
Established 1945

A Photo of the Pleasant Grove Cemetery. This monument memorializes the 6 Confederate soldiers that died in the Battle of Camden Point in 1864.

Detailed Information on Cemeteries can be found in the cemetery record books available in the PCHS bookstore.

Cemeteries in Platte County

    ************************************** ************************************** **************************************
    Alexander Cemetery Ginter Cemetery Parks Cemetery
    Allen Cemetery Gore - Hutson Cemetery Platte City Cemetery (Hillcrest)
    Babert Cemetery Graceland Cemetery Platte City Cemetery (Marshall)
    Ballenger Cemetery Graves Cemetery Platte City Cemetery (Riverview Part 1)
    Barry Cemetery Grayson Cemetery Platte City Cemetery (Riverview Part 2)
    Bean Cemetery Green Cemetery Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
    Bellis Cemetery Guthrie - Bonifant - Mitchell Cemetery Pleasant Ridge Cemetery (Part 1)
    Bland - Stillwell Cemetery Hamm Cemetery Pleasant Ridge Cemetery (Part 2)
    Blankenship Cemetery Hampton Cemetery
    Blythe Cemetery Harris Cemetery Poehlman Cemetery
    Bonnell Cemetery Hawkins Cemetery Quinn Cemetery
    Boyd Cemetery Hazelwood Farm -Lasley - Breezy Acres Cemetery Ray Cemetery
    Brasfield Cemetery Heath Cemetery Redman Cemetery
    Brashear Cemetery Herndon Cemetery Reese Graves
    Brenner Cemetery Higgins Family Cemetery Richardson Cemetery
    Brightwell Cemetery Hoy Family Cemetery Ridgely Community Cemetery
    Brill Cemetery Hughes Family Cemetery Ridgely Community Cemetery )Pioneer Part)
    Brown Cemetery Huges Graves Ridgely Cemetery
    Burruss Cemetery Humphrey Cemetery Risk Cemetery
    Byrd Cemetery Hunt Cemetery Roberson Cemetery
    Bywater Cemetery Hurst Graves Rixley Cemetery
    Camden Point Community Cemetery Huvendahl Cemetery Rogers Cemetery
    Catholic Cemetery Iatan Cemetery Ross Cemetery
    Clay Family Cemetery Johnson/Packer Cemetery Rush Creek Cemetery
    Cockriel Cemetery Jones - Bane Cemetery Saint Matthews Church Cemetery
    Cole Family Cemetery Joseph Davidson Cemetery Sampell Cemetery
    Coleman Cemetery Judy - Judah Cemetery Scott - Bonnell - Shell Cemetery
    Collier Cemetery Kirkpatrick Cemetery Second Creek Cemetery
    Cook Cemetery Kitchen Cemetery Sexton Family Cemetery
    Cooper Cemetery Laurel Hills Cemetery Shortridge Cemetery
    Cox Cemetery Leachman Cemetery Shouse Farm Graves
    Crobarger Cemetery Line Creek Cemetery Simmons Cemetery
    Davidson Burying Ground Lutes Cemetery Sloan Cemetery
    Davis Chapel Martin Cemetery Smith Cemetery
    Dean Cemetery Maupin Cemetery Spears Cemetery
    Dearborn Community Cemetery McComas Cemetery Stafford Cemetery
    DeBerry Cemetery McEown Cemetery Standiford Cemetery
    Deister Cemetery McGhay - Manley - Stulz Cemetery Stanley Cemetery
    Dixon Cemetery McGown Cemetery Stillwell Cemetery
    Dollins Graves Miller Cemetery Stone, Thomas F Cemetery
    Downing-Farra Cemetery Mitchell Cemetery Tatman Cemetery
    Dunnagan Cemetery Moore Cemetery Todd Cemetery
    Durkes Cemetery Mount Bethel Cemetery Triplett Cemetery
    Dyer Cemetery Mount Zion Cemetery Union Mills Cemetery
    East Slope Cemetery Newby - Layton Cemetery Un-named Cemetery
    Elgin - Hubbard Grave New Market Cemetery Waller Family Burying Ground
    Ellis Cemetery Noland Cemetery Walnut Grove Cemetery
    Evangelical and Reformed Church Cemetery Oak Grove Cemetery Weston Cemetery
    Family Cemetery Old Camden Point Cemetery Whiley Cemetery
    Fancy Bottom Cemetery Old Campground Cemetery Wilkerson - Bee Creek Cemetery
    Farley Cemetery Old Cemetery Williams Cemetery
    Fox Cemetery Old Parkville Cemetery William - Hurst Cemetery
    Fulton Cemetery Only Family Cemetery Williams - Bleazard Cemetery
    Gabbert - Hull Cemetery Owens Cemetery Winston Cemetery
    Galloway Cemetery Pancake Cemetery Wren Cemetery
    Yocam Cemetery
    Yocum Cemetery