Pendleton County Historical Information

Pendleton County Historical Information

The E. E. Barton Index to Papers Updated!  

Pendleton County Airports - New Page added October 21st 2010

First Winery In Pendleton County - New Page added October 21st 2010

Pendleton Maps


The Histories of Several Pendleton Communities
by Mildred Bowen Belew

The Historical Formation of Pendleton County
by Mildred Bowen Belew 

A Woman Remembers Morgan

Morgan High School

Morgan School...."built on the wrong side of the river".   

Morgan, Kentucky and the Confederate General John Hunt Morgan

More Reminiscences of Morgan, Kentucky

General Clark, Buffalo Trails, Indian & Pioneer War Paths

The Letters of Henry C. Ogle, Sr.
These valuable letters are a must read for people interested in the history of not only Pendleton County but of Kentucky as well!

Turn of the Century Butler
 - A Tour


Turn of the Century Pendleton County -
 A Tour

Pendleton County Infirmary

"Boston" Tea Party         

A glimpse of early Pendleton County, as a man remembers his youth. 

The story of William Leroy "Leet" Norton - A man of many faces! Fascinating!

Historical Kentucky Lines  

Sir Edmund Pendleton  

Butler Bridge

History of the Falmouth Outlook

A Walk Through Falmouth  Please feel free to print the map and data!

"Forks of the Licking"

"The Way It Was"
Mr. Kenneth Marquette's account. Wonderful, mentions many Pendleton Families!

The Physicians of Pendleton County
By Mr. Kenneth Marquette

History of the Judiciary & Bar
By Mr. Kenneth Marquette 

A letter from Alfred Clark to his brother, William

Reminiscences of Falmouth & Vicinity

Carntown 1911-1913, A Pictorial View  

Hayes Station 

The Settlement of Pendleton County

 School Days Page 1     

School Days Page 2

Teaching Career of Lula Pierce Young

Railroad History

The Pendleton Academy 

Merchants of the Past

When Falmouth was a Babe....

Graduation Announcements

Our Ancestors Look at the Past

Early Pendleton Post Offices 

Bridges of Pendleton County - 1

Bridges of Pendleton County - 2

City of Falmouth - 1928

An Interview With Dr. Victor Corbin

City of Falmouth History

Biographic Sketches

The Lynching of Adolphus Monroe

Foster Ferry Pictures

A Description of Falmouth - 1853

Some Old Homes in Pendleton County

Cultural Influences

Reuben McCarty; Woodhead Funeral Home

Newspapers From the Past