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History Books on Reno County

A list of books about or containing Reno County history in the Kansas Room
of the Hutchinson Public Library, unless otherwise noted

A Biographical History of Central Kansas
A Prairie Beacon - Dr. Grant Clothier & Jeanie Clothier Montford
A Timeline of Events in the History of Reno County, KS - Wm. D. Rexroad
Arlington - J. A. Fehr Index of names for people listed in events 1876-1937
City of Hutchinson, Kansas
Early Ghost Towns, Post Offices and Hamlets in Reno County, Kansas - Bert Newton
Historical Reference of the City, Hutchinson, Kansas
History of Reno County, Kansas - Sherdian Ploughe, 1917
Hutchinson, A Prairie City in Kansas
Hutchinson, The Salt City - 1970 reprint from 1910
Nickerson, Compiled by the Cameo Club in 1967
Reno County, The Early Years - Tim Stucky
Salt City Souvenir, 1921
Seeking The Promised Land; Portraits of the Chancy Clothier Family - By Dr. Grant M. Clothier
Symphony, The History of the Hutchinson Symphony Orchestra - Wm. D. Rexroad
The Fair City, Postcard Views of Hutchinson, KS - 2 volumes
The Hutchinson News, July 1893
The Old Trail and The New 1865 - 1918

Many books are now online at Google books.

Use "Reno County Kansas" as your search term.