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Obituary copies are available through our research services Use option 3.

Pre 1978: Volunteers have indexed old microfilmed newspapers. This collection contains a card with the name of the deceased and notes the newspaper name and date where the obituary is located.

Post 1978: RCGS has clipped obituaries from the Hutchinson News since 1978, for people with a connection to Reno County. This collection contains the actual obituary. Note: RCGS ceased to clip the obituaries in July 2008 and began indexing the names only in August 2008.

Black File Contents – you will find the obituary cut from the newspaper and attached to an index card.
·        1978 – 2004 Obits clipped
·        2005 & 2006 Obits partially clipped
·        2007 Obits clipped
·        2008 Obits partially clipped

Brown File Contents – you will find a card listing the name of deceased with newspaper name and date, to print from the microfilmed newspapers located by the reference desk.
·        Pre 1978 Obits indexed from various microfilmed newspapers
·        2005, 2006 & 2008 Obits partially indexed
·        2009 indexed

2010 forward –Online index only

Obituary copies are available through our research services. Use option 3.

Pre 1978 Name Card Index 1978 - 2004 Obit Card Index
 Aaron to Graham  A  B  C  D  E  F
 Grandon to Price  G  H  I  J  K  L
 Prickett to Zumalt  M  N  O  P  Q  R
     S  T  U  V  W X
       Y  Z    

2005 Forward
 2005 Obits & name index cards  2006 Obits & name index cards
 2007 Obits  2008 Obits & name index cards
 2009 Name index cards  2010 Online
 2011 Online Index Only  2012 Online Index Only
 2013 Online Index Only  2014 Online Index Only

Both Obituary collections are located in the Kansas Room of the Hutchinson Public Library.
We welcome you to make a copy, but please do not remove the original.

The society would like to thank Kathleen Dankanyin for preparing this online index and researching the missing years of 2005 & 2006.

Other items:

Misc. Obits

Misc. funeral / memorial cards. These are located in the small 2 drawer card file sitting on top of the larger Post 1978 obit card file.