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Cemeteries of Reno County

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We are excited to share our cemetery surveys, old and new, along with access to cemetery & headstone photos with you. Click on the headstone picture to enter.

Do you have a family member buried in an unmarked grave or on a homestead? If so, please let us know.

We welcome your submissions of family information and photos of your ancestors.

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Cemetery Photos

Cemetery photos are provided by Gale Wall, unless noted otherwise. Please respect her copyright and not re-post these photos on any other sites.

Cemetery Book Project Volunteers

The 1978 surveys are from our 1980 publication "Cemetery Records of Reno County, Kansas 1865 - 1978". This book was retyped by the following volunteers: Debby Brown, Sally Eubanks, Annetta Hoffman, Freda Lea, Darren McMannis, Melody Morgan, Robert Richardson & Gale Wall.

New Survey Volunteers

The new surveys are indexed by the following volunteers: Kathleen Dankanyin, Sally Eubanks, Melody Morgan & Gale Wall.