Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project - Berthaler Cemetery - Carrot River, Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Cemetery Project bids farewell to its old Rootsweb dwelling and eagerly welcomes you to its new digital sanctuary at A heartfelt nod to and for their past support as we embark on this exciting transition.

Our mission remains unwavering-to preserve family legacies through the digital immortalization of Saskatchewan cemeteries. Unearth the stories of your ancestors, reconnect with long-lost kin, or simply wander through the virtual landscapes of our comprehensive cemetery records. Even as winter blankets these sacred grounds, our year-round cemetery headstone digitization program opens doors to exploration from any corner of the globe.

For those who share our passion for documenting history in stone, we extend a warm invitation. Whether you've been part of our journey or wish to lend support through Patreon, your involvement is treasured. Join our growing community at and ensure this invaluable service endures through the ages.

Embark on a new chapter with us at Together, let's weave the tapestry of history, one headstone at a time. If you find our endeavors worthwhile, consider supporting us on Patreon. United, we honor the past and carve a path for generations yet to come.

Warm regards, The Saskatchewan Cemetery Project Volunteer Team

Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project

Originally Compiled by Ron Isherwood

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