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Ron Isherwood October 9, 1946 - August 9, 2017
Ron Isherwood October 9, 1946 - August 9, 2017

Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project

There are over 3300 cemetery and burial sites located in Saskatchewan.   1750 are transcribed or photographed & indexed on this site as of August 1, 2017

Ron Isherwood October 09, 1946 - August 09, 2017 enjoyed working on his Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project, and he also had enjoyed doing genealogy research. Thank you very kindly to the many contributions made by Ron Isherwood as he networked with many contributors to enable cemetery digitisation, and for his dedication to the Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project, indeed.

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Ron Isherwood Box 282
Nokomis, Sask. S0G 3R0
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