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These individuals are willing to assist you in obtaining gravestone photographs, etc., in their
respective communities or have photographs or information they are willing to share.

Click on the volunteer's name to send an e-mail outlining your request.

If you are interested in doing volunteer look-ups or taking gravestone
photographs in your community cemetery, e-mail R. Isherwood

Community Volunteer  
Fish Creek
Sheila M. Schmutz I am willing to do lookups for cemeteries in the RM of Corman. I also have a list of burials in the diocese of Prince Albert, for the parish of Fish Creek (Immaculate Conception) Park
Debbie Shearwood Willing to take photos of gravestones in the Davidson, Bladworth & Girvin Cemeteries. I also have the History Books for Davidson, Bladworth, Girvin, Kenaston & Craik and willing to do family look-ups in them.
Tabitha Wasylenchuk Over 300 gravestone photos from these cemeteries
Stacey Starkell I will do research & take cemetery photos (only in the spring/summer/fall) of Woodlawn, Ravine Bank & Mabel Hill Cemeteries in Nipawin, Elkhill Cemetery west of Codette, St. Peter & Paul Orthodox Cemetery east of Codette, the Roman Catholic Cemetery at Codette, and will consider others in the area. I also have history books for Codette/Pontrilas, Nipawin, Lost River, Gronlid & Carrot River all in the Nipawin area; along with books from Quill Lake, Wadena, Paswegin, Fosston, Rose Valley, Odessa, Kisbey, Indian Head & Ethelbert MB.
Denholm Linda Welch Gravestone photos
Denise Smith Still photos of gravestones
Fort Qu"Appelle
Ralph Goff Gravestone transcriptions and photos. Digital and video pictures available for Lipton cemetery.
Jan Joynt I have photos for the Kipling area and the cemeteries near by
Elaine Vanderwal Still photos of gravestones & gravestone transcriptions
Holdfast Julie Crawford Will do look-ups in the Holdfast History & Heritage Book
Margaret Debenham Will do research in the Kennedy - Langbank area
Marion West Still photos of gravestones
Laird Ginni Morey Gravestone transcripts for Stoney Hill Cemetery
Milestone Connie Kinvig Will do gravestone lookups & photographs for Milestone
North Battleford Adeline Sanoy Still photos of gravestones. I also have photos taken in cemeteries in Holdfast, Wilkie, Denzil, Luseland, Tramping Lake, Revenue, Scott, Landis, Unity, St. Donatus, Cando and the Battlefords.
Prince Albert Garth Ulrich Willing to do still photos of cemeteries in Prince Albert
Regina Brenda Ward Still photos of gravestones
Regina S. A. Skaalid Still photos of gravestones
Saskatoon Elsie Henry Still photos of gravestones, Public Records lookups and copying
Saskatoon Shirley Heitmar Lookups or take photos at City of Saskatoon cemeteries; Woodlawn Cemetery, 1502-2nd Ave North, Hillcrest Memorial Gardens & Crematorium
Saskatoon Amy Radke Willing to do lookups in Saskatoon, or forward gravestone transcriptions/digital photos. I also travel north through Prince Albert almost to La Ronge, so if time is not of the essence I might be able to assist with research or lookups there as well.
Swift Current & Area Hugh Henry Still photos of gravestones and will do research, for city cemeteries and surrounding rural areas.
Swift Current Robert Nisbet Still photos of gravestones, Public Records lookups and copying
Tisdale Bernice Lawrence Death records for the Tisdale Cemetery
Watson Kathy Thacyk Will do gravestone photos of St. Peter's Mancroft Anglican Cemetery, and any of the cemeteries located at Watson
Weldon Lori Lauen Still photos of gravestones
Weyburn Juliann Parsons Will do digital photos of Weyburn's Hillcrest Cemetery and Green Acres Memorial

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