Family Sketches Derived from Oren F. Morton's "History of Pendleton County, West Virginia."

This history book gives a detailed account of the history of Pendleton County, WV. It was originally published in Franklin, WV, in 1910. It has gone through several reprints and can now be ordered directly from Blair's Book Service. Since there is a wealth of family history information contained in this book, I am posting abridged versions of the family sketches. In addition to the data found in Morton, supplemental information has been provided on the families from the following sources:

The 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1900 Federal Census of Pendleton County.

Marriages of Pendleton County, VA (1788-1853) by Mary Harter (1978).

Pendleton County, VA, Marriage Bonds (1791-1853) by Mary Harter (1979).

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Here is a list of the family sketches:

Adamson Alt Anderson Arbaugh Armentrout Ayers Bell Bennett Bible Black Bland Blewitt Blizzard Boggs Bolton Borrer Bouse Bowers Brady Burgoyne Burnett Burns Buzzard Calhoun Campbell Capito Carr Cassell Champe Clayton Clifton Coatney Collett Conrad Cook Cool Coplinger Cowger Cox Crigler Croushorn Crummett Cunningham Custard Dahmer Davis Day Dean Dice Dickenson Dolly Dove Dunkle Dyer Eberman Eckard Emick Evick Eye Fisher Flinn Friend Full Fultz George Gilkeson Gragg Graham Greenawalt Guthrie Haigler Halterman Hammer Harman Harold Harper Harpole Hartman Hawes Hedrick Helmick Hevener Hille Hiner Hinkle Hiser Hively Holloway Hoover Hopkins Howell Huffman Johnson Johnston Jordan Judy Kee Keister Keplinger Kessner Ketterman Kile Kimble Kisamore Kiser Kline Kuykendall Lair Lamb Lambert Lantz Lawrence Leach Long Lough Mallow Martin Masters Mauzy McAvoy McClung McClure McCoy McDonald McQuain Mick Miley Miller Minness Mitchell Moats Montony Moomau Morral Mouse Mowrey Moyers Moser Mullenax Mumbert Murphy Nelson Nesselrodt Nestrick Newham Painter Patton Payne Peninger Pennington Pennybaker Peterson Phares Pickle Pitsenbarger Pope Powers Priest Propst Puffenbarger Raines Ratliff Rexroad Riggleman Roberson Ruddle Ruleman Rymer Saunders Schmucker Schrader Shaver Shaw Shirk Shreve Simmons Simpson Sinnett Sites Skidmore Skiles Smith Snider Sponaugle Stone Strawder Stump Summerfield Swadley Temple Teter Thacker Thompson Tingler Trumbo Vance Vandeventer Vaneman Varner Vint Waggy Wagoner Walker Wanstaff Ward Warner Waybright Wees Whitecotton Williams Wilfong Wimer Wise Zickafoose

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