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Trøndelag Mail List Guidelines

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When you join the Trøndelag Mail List, you are agreeing with the following guidelines:

  1. Respect. Be respectful of all persons and their opinions.

  2. Sharing.  Please share your responses to research questions on list so that all may benefit from the new information or knowledge. You never know when your posting may enable you to find a new cousin!

  3. Subject Line.  Change the subject line as needed to be sure the subject of your e-mail matches up with the content of your message.

  4. Signature Lines. Remove personal Signature lines before sending your messages to the list. The URL for your family web site can be included at the end of your message though.

  5. Replies.  When you reply, leave enough of the original message so that we know what you are replying to, but it's not necessary to include the entire original message or prior messages.

  6. Translations. Keep requests for translations short - paragraphs of no more than 10 lines at a time.  Please include the Norwegian characters, or the English equivalents. 
       å  = aa
       ø   = oe
      æ  = ae
    You'll find instructions on how to create the Norwegian characters on the Basics page.

  7. Personal Messages. Send messages of a personal nature Off-List (privately) please.

  8. Virus Alerts.  Please do not send virus alerts to the list. If you have a concern, contact the List Admin. She will alert the list, if necessary. But, if you don't have a virus protection software on your computer, it's well worth the investment.  Then update it often!

  9. Thank You's.  Please thank those who help you.

  10. Please also see Rootsweb's "Acceptable Use Policy".