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Do you have any photos stuck away in family albums and have no idea who they are?  Or when they are taken?  Or what the picture is about? 

Send a copy to us to post in our Lost and Found box and perhaps someone else will be able to give you some clues. 

Send your scanned photos (.jpg format), a description and an explanation of what you're looking for to:  skarvold @ ameritech.net

Click on the thumbnail version of the photo to see a larger version.

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Olepnew2.jpg (112023 bytes)

#1 - Uniform from Norway 
Picture is from Norway.  Believed to be Ole Olsen Wagnild/Vagnild, b. 1832 in Soknedal. Is the uniform one that someone who worked for the King would have worn in the 1800s? Where would I look for information?  Maryellen   aacme@discover-net.net 

unknown.jpg (44496 bytes)

#2 - Farm family
Is it Støren? Soknedal?  It was on one of those postcard type pictures in my grandmother's album.  Does anyone recognize the family?  lschwartz1@telocity.com 

School2.jpg (62804 bytes)

#3 - Fossum, Rennebu
This was taken near Rennebu, probably around 1912-14. The male teacher in the background is Foss. Ole Fossum is the lad on the end at the left, third row from the front. Can anyone identify the rest? Martin Fossum   martinf@imag.net 


AndersLundinUniform.jpg (53488 bytes)

#4 - Uniform/Anders Lund from Vikna

What is the uniform in this photo of my grandfather, Anders Edward
Georgesen Lund  taken in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the late 191x's or the early 192x's. He left Vikna Norway around 1900 from Vikna parish, Nørd Trondelag. I have found no indication that he was in the military before he left. Notice the crown on the left sleeve and the coat of arms on the cross strap. The family adopted Lund as the family surname after arrival in Massachusetts in 1894. Kermit Roger (KR) Lund    krlund@garlic.com 

aunefh075.jpg (154582 bytes)

#5 - Tydal - Aune
Tydal, Sør Trøndelag. The lady on the left is Ragnhild Stuedahl Aune. Wondering if anyone knows who the other two ladies are. Thanks.  Margit   mbakke@eot.com 

rrrogness.jpg (32536 bytes)

#6 - Robert Roy Rogness
Robert Roy Rogness, born 02/15/1927, died 11/22/1963 - 3rd from the right in the picture.  I'm searching to find out who he really was. Background information is mixed on his parentage and nothing concrete has been found.   He married my Mother in 1957 in Iowa City Iowa. Does anyone recognize him?  Mary Stickney stickneys@ALLTEL.NET 

AndersonGrandmother.jpg (2861 bytes)

#7 - Great-Grandmother Anderson
I have this picture and all it had written on it was Grandmother Anderson.  My great-great grandfather was Daniel Anderson, but his first wife died quite young and his two daughters were raised by ?.  So I don't know if this would be his new wife or his mother. Any help is appreciated.  Carol Goodroe  jcmmgood@home.com 

Waynesburg-Unknown.jpg (36764 bytes)

#8 - Waynesburg, PA
My husband and I were on vacation about 2 years ago and visited an  "antique shop" in Walton, Iowa and I found this picture in a box of  many, many pictures.  I was just wonder who the little girls could  be and if they are still alive.  I only bought it because I use to have  alot of ancestors that lived in Waynesburg, Pa.  If anyone knows  who it could possibly be, would you please let me know? Carol Goodroe  jcmmgood@home.com 

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