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The purpose of the Trøndelag Mail List is to promote the discussion and sharing of genealogy research about our ancestors and immigrant families from the Trøndelag region of Norway and all things "Tronder."

The goal of this mail list is to provide a friendly, comfortable place to share genealogy ideas and information with our friends, new and old. 

On this web site you will find many resources for doing genealogy research in the Trøndelag area of Norway. Click on the links on the left and you will find these helpful sources.

  • List Guidelines.  Information you should know before joining the mail list.

  • How to Subscribe.  Specific information about how to subscribe to the Trondelag mail list.

  • The Basics.  Details on how to trace your family history in Norway. Also includes a list of recommended Internet web sites.

  • Our Library.  A listing of individuals who have volunteered to do lookups in materials they have available.

  • Our Word List.  Key terms often found in Norwegian documents.

  • Emigrant Biographies. Biographies of those who emigrated from Trøndelag.  Donations are welcome.

  • Lost and Found.  Photos for whom we have not found names. Could they be your relatives?

  • Recipes.  Favorite recipes of some of the Trøndelag mail list and Trønderlag of America members.

  • Trønderlag of America Bygdelag Nidaros Cathedral - Trondheim  (c) 2001 Linda K. SchwartzAn organization established to allow emigrants from Trøndelag to meet yearly. Today it is also an organization that assists descendants of emigrants with locating information about their Trønder ancestry.

For more Norwegian genealogy web sites, see Norway GenWeb


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