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Genealogy Mail Lists on the Internet - complete list of all mail lists

Gen-Nordic - newsgroup for the discussion of genealogy in the Scandinavian countries 

Mail List Archives on Rootsweb (old messages) - Type in the name of the list you want to see and click on Submit Query.

Newsgroup (in Norwegian): no.fritid.slektsforsking.diverse

Newsgroup (in Norwegian): no.fritid.slektsforsking.etterlysing

Nor-Vestfold - A new mail list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the Vestfold region of Norway

Norway Genealogy Forum

Norway Mailing lists  by John Fuller - a list of those mailing lists for discussion of varying Norwegian topics, including genealogy.

Norway Mailing Lists from Rootsweb

The Ships List - Mail List - Subjects include emigration/immigration, ports of entry, ports of departure, ship descriptions and history, passenger lists and other related information

Trøndelag - Mailing list for discussion and sharing of genealogy information about ancestors and emigrant families from the Trøndelag region of Norway 

Valdres - Mailing list for discussion and sharing of information regarding the Valdres region of Norway and its emigrants

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