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contributed by Nadine Christall
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Timeline for Surry County "FLETCHER"

1711Land Patent Book 15 Prince George County,Virginia p.112 "deed 6th of March 1711 WILLIAM HEATH of Southwark Parish in Surry County to JAMES FLETCHER of Martins Brandon Parish, Prince George Virginia 150 acre lease for three years for 30 pounds" ( This James Fletcher died 1733 is the ancestor to Don Fox Fletcher who matches 67/67 with the line of Thomas Fletcher who was born 1762 and lived in Pittsylvania/Halifax Co.,VA from 1790-1838)
1719at Surry County,Virginia "james Fletcher witness' Adam Heath will the father of William Heath who sold the land to James in 1711.
1731Surry County,Virginia Deed Book 1741-1746 pg.163 "Indenture on Feb 16th 1741 recorded on October 19th 1743 Stephen and Mary Caudle both signed of Brunswick County to Lawrence Gibbons of York County 195 acres on the north side of Nottoway river in Surry adjoining Benjamin Harrison and Francis Russel granted to Caudle on August 25th 1731 witnessed by WILLIAM FLETCHER. *this appears to indicate that 20 years after James Fletcher leased land in Surry County, that a "William Fletcher" is in the same area around the Nottoway River.
1733Two weeks before James Fletcher died with a will naming a son less than 16 yrs of age, WILLIAM FLETCHER purchased 200 acres from James Matthews and wife Ann on 26-27 September the deed witnessed by William Moore.
1742Surry County,Virginia 23rd March: William Aycock and wife sell to WILLIAM FLETCHER land on the Roanoke River.
1765Accomack County,Virginia 1663-1800 Wills: "14 April 1765 MARY BURTON.... "to my grandaughter Mary Stewart; to my great grandaughter Anne Snead Stewart; grandson ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, great grandson John eustace...." Archibald Campbell is the named son of Colin Campbell in Colins 1782 will at Surry County,Virginia
1766"2 miles from Cabin Point: JAMES FLETCHER on Lizzard Creek: The Virginia Gazette: "With houses and orchard in Prince George County, within 2 miles of Cabin Point, and very convenient to church and mill. Also Also 250 acres of strong tobacco and wheat land, with all convenient houses, apple and peach orchard, and the plantation in good order for cropping, lying on Lizard Creek in Brunswick county, joining the county line, within 3 miles of Eaton's ferry, on ROANOKE RIVER; with crops of corn and fodder, and flock of cattle, hogs, and sheep. Any person inclinable to purchase may know the terms of the first mentioned tract by applying to MR. JAMES FLETCHER, living near the premisses and the later mentioned to the subscriber, living on the premises James Wortham."
1776July 5th Surry County, Virginia Deed Book 10, p.503 "Archibald Campbell" (son of Colin) of Surry County, Colony of Virginia, gives bond in the full sum of 666.13.4 to JANE COPELAND of the same county, wereas Mary Clear, late of the town of New Bern, in North Carolina did by her last will and testament dated September 23 1775 (among other things) devised unto JANE Copeland, niece of the said testatrix, 10 negroes or 500 proclamation money of North Carolina and whereas the said Archibald Campbell, nephew residuary legatee of the said Mary Clear, ect ... witness: JAMES BELSCHES, COLIN CAMPBELL recorded March 25th 1777"
1780Surry County Virginia will mentions Jane Copeland: "William and Mary Quarterly Vol. 20 p.218 The will of Colin Campbell, who as a major and adjutant trained the militia of Eastern district of Virginia in 1775, dated Feb 21, 1780 was proved in Surry County, Virginia on April 25, 1780. He names his sister, Jane, residing in the burough of Southwark, London, his niece JANE Coupland (Copeland) to whom he gave the care of his place "the Grove Plantation". to Sarah Wills daughter of Mr. Thomas Wills of Warwick County; to his sons, Archibald Campbell and Colin Campbell to Rebecca Aitchison daughter of his friend William Aitchison (once a merchant in unhappy Norfolk" and to his grandson Collin Campbell to whom he gave his swords and guns. To son, Archibald Campbell,M.D. whom with Capt James Belches** and Hamilton Jones he made his executors"
178240 Years later: Surry County,Virginia 29 July: Thomas Fletcher m. Jane Copeland
Thomas Fletcher list with 2 whites and 11 blacks
1785Surry County,Virginia Thomas Fletcher list with 3 whites. In the Court order book he's named in the Cabin Point Precinct next to ** James Belches at FLETCHER'S ORDINARY (tavern) near Avery's Ordinary along Archibald Dunlop's Mill Run to Fletcher's Mill Run (Nadine wants you to note that James Belches was mentioned in Colin Campbell will of Surry County whose niece Jane Copeland married Thomas Fletcher there in 1782)
1786Surry County,Virginia 25th August 1786 Bonds etc listed by Archibald Campbell: William Ronald, Sampson Grantham, THOMAS FLETCHER ......
1790Personal Property tax list for Henrico Co.,Virginia at Petersburg list Thomas Fletcher
1796at Petersburg Virginia the elder THOMAS FLETCHER died "on Wednessday last" executor Thomas Peter of Cabin Point will sell 12 of his slaves"

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