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The Dennis Corner

Dennis Hudgins is well known as editor of Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, vols. 4 - 7, and continuing, published by the Virginia Genealogical Society. He has also been very active in mapping land boundary descriptions from deeds, grants and patents with the DeedMapper program, and in encouraging others to map them.

But Dennis is also a veritable fount of document transcriptions, and his work has been published in most of the Virginia genealogical publications. Paper publications, however, have limited space and other contributors, so Dennis has graciously consented to send some of his prodigious output to the Society's web site, where it can be quickly accessed and searched by many people who might never otherwise have access to these original Surry County documents. We all thank you, Dennis!

The first of many documents have arrived. Please check back frequently, as more information will be added on a continuing basis.

Many of these documents contain lists of names not reflected in the titles, such as names of slaves or headright lists. Please click on the links and search the pages with your browser to be sure you don't miss something of interest.

The Documents

  1. 21 August 1767 Indenture between William Allen and Emanual Jones, Master of the Brafferton, College of William and Mary.

  2. Moreland and Banks Notes, Information about the Moreland and Banks Families in Surry and nearby counties.

  3. Deed, Emmery to Maynard for land in Illinois, recorded in Surry County 15 January 1822.

  4. Mount Airy Shipping Notes, December 1776 through November 1779, recorded in Surry County Order Book (1775-1785).

  5. Two Surry County, Virginia, Legislative Petitions, for building a new Courthouse (November 1795) and for selling Southwark Parish silver (December 1809).

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