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Claremont Manor: A History by Eve S. Gregory

Claremont Manor is in Surry County, Virginia, on the south shore of James River at its confluence with Upper Chippokes Creek. It was in the area occupied by the Quiyoughcohannock Indians when George Harrison received a grant of land there is 1621. The house was built about 1750 and survives with many alterations.

This book details the history of the house, the land, and the people who lived there. There are maps, photographs, land title information, architectural and archaeological information, biographical and genealogical information, and color coats-of-arms. A chronological list of landowners, information from the Table of Contents, and a list of all the names in the index are given below.

    Claremont Manor: A History
Dates   Years Owned   Owners
1621-1625  4 George Harrison
1625-1633  8 Elizabeth Clement  
1633-c1657  24 Jeremiah Clement
c1657-1658  1 Elizabeth Clement Perry
1658-1681  23 Edward Oliver
1681-1710  29 Arthur Allen II
1710-1741  31 John Allen
1741-1793  52 William Allen
183 1-1875  44 William Orgain Allen
1875-1886* 11 William Allen IV  
1886-1887   1 J. Franklin Mancha  
1887-1888   1 A. B. and Edward Randall  
1888-1894  6 A. B. Randall
1894-1900  6 Benjamin F. Hilt
1900-1909  9 Elizabeth G. Winter  
1909-1919   10 Harry C. Burdick
1919-1928   9 Eleanor C. Johnston
1928-1940  12 Ann O. Cocke
1940-1950  10 Millicent Rogers
1950-1964  14 James Walter Carter
1964-1976  12 Felician Sisters
*1681-1886 205 years of ownership by Allen family  

  Claremont Manor: A History   
Chapter    Page 
  List of Illustrations  ix 
  Foreward by Lewis Kirby  xiii 
  Preface by Lewis Kirby  xv 
  Acknowledgments  xvii 
  Chronology  xix 
Early Architectural History 
II  Twentieth Century Renovations 
III  Outbuildings and Grounds  11 
IV  "Clermont": the Name  19 
English Origins and Heraldry of the Claremont Allens  21 
VI  Two Arthurs and Before  25 
VII  John Allen's "Elegant Seat"  33 
VIII  William Allen's "Clermont"  45 
IX  William Allen II  51 
William Griffin Orgain Allen  57 
XI  Willie and Minnie Allen  71 
XII  Claremont Colonists  75 
XIII  Meredith Armistead Johnston  79 
XIV  General and Mrs. William Homer Cocke  83 
XV  Millicent (Huttleston) Rogers  85 
XVI  Mr. and Mrs. James Walter Carter  89 
XVII  The Felician Sisters and the School  91 
XVIII  The Kirby Family of Morristown, New Jersey, and Claremont, Virginia  95 
XIX  Smallwood Institute  99 
XX  Quicohanna, now Montclare House  103 
XXI  Archaeology at Claremont Manor  105 
XXII  Ghosts and Other Things  111 
  Appendix A: Map 6 Tract Title Information  113 
  Appendix B: Household Items from John Allen's 1742 Estate Inventory  122 
  Appendix C: Transcription of Records in Allen Family Bible  124 
  Appendix D: 1832 Estate Inventory for William Allen II, Claremont Furnishings  125
  Appendix E: Claremont Overseers  127 
  Appendix F: Land Transactions of William Allen I  128 
  Appendix G: Land Transactions of William Allen II  129 
  Appendix H: Slaves Emancipated by William Allen II  130 
  Appendix I: James Dunlop's Slaves  131 
  INDEX   132 

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