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Newsletter and September 2002 Meeting Notice.

Please note that the meeting will be Monday, September 16 at 7:00 P. M. at the Surry County VA. Recreation Center.

Our Speaker will be Marion S. Baird, Jr. He will speak on the development of Claremont, VA. and his years of research which culminated in the publishing of his book, Claremont on the James, Its Beginnings and Early Years Circa 1880-1920. This book chronicles the founding of Claremont by J. Frank Mancha in 1886 and its settlement largely by families from the North and Midwest. Growing rapidly, a railroad, wharves and river traffic were soon in operation. Homes, churches and schools were established.
His book, with soft back cover, contains eighteen chapters [a comprehensive history] and has about 350 pages, with many pictures. He will also sign all books purchased. For mail orders of his book, please order it directly from

Marion S. Baird, Jr.
158 Yeardley Drive, #3
Newport News, VA. 23601-3236.

Cost is $24.95 per copy including mailing and tax. All books ordered will also be signed by the author.

Report on Nominations and Elections:
The following Officers were elected at our May 2002 Meeting. Officers are also board members for their term of office.
Office Name & Address Term
President Gordon W. Bohannan of Surry, VA.2002-04
Vice President Eve S. Gregory of Spring Grove, VA.2002-04
Treasurer Martha Rollings of Dendron, VA.2002-04

Note: There were no nominations for Secretary at the May meeting. Barbara Hopper was asked to continue to serve until a new Secretary is elected. Tarika Blizzard of Hampton. VA. has agreed to be nominated, and election for this office will be at this September meeting.

Board Members and their terms of office.
James E. AtkinsRichmond, VA.2002-05
Margaret S. BerrymanSurry, VA2001-04
S. Wallace EdwardsSurry, VA2002-05
Lily FieldsWaverly, VA.2001-04
Lee FudgeSurry, VA.2002-05
Amy Edwards HarteSurry, VA.2000-03
Mike HarrisonClaremont, VA.2000-03
Kenneth HolmesDisputanta, VA.2002-05
Barbara HopperClaremont, VA.2002-05
Barbara N. MooreSurry, VA.2002-05
Claude W. ReesonSpring Grove, VA.2000-03
Bill RichardsonDendron, VA.2001-04

Message from your President

I thank the membership of the Surry County Historical Society for bestowing on me the presidency of this fine organization. Although I was reared in Petersburg, my love for Surry County began when I was a boy during the 1940's when my father, Willis W. Bohannan, bought Pleasant Point from his cousin Willis Morrison. I spent my summers there. Pleasant Point Road was a dirt road in those days. I remember playing in the fields, exploring the woods and roaming the beach. It was heaven for an eight-year-old boy! My father sold Pleasant Point around 1950 and bought a cottage near Crouch's Creek a couple of years later, so my fascination with the quiet rural life in Surry County continued. I had other ties to Surry County, as well. My grandfather, A.W. Bohannan, lived in the village of Surry, as did my aunt, Mary Wilson Land. The memories of visiting my grandfather's house remain vivid. The house still stands on the outskirts of Surry, next to Anna's Pizza.

My visits to Surry continued after my wife, the former Hannah Sykes of Louisburg, NC, and I were married in 1966. Both of us were educators and in 1973 we had the opportunity to work in the Surry County Public Schools. My years as principal of the Surry Elementary School were very dear to me. I quickly learned that all our citizens wanted the best possible education for the children, and I saw first hand the positive results of many people working together in a common purpose.

This same common purpose is evident in our Society. Surry County history is unique, as the county served as a major gateway for families who moved west and south in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. We are very fortunate to have almost all of the records of the county's history from the 1600s forward intact. This history must be preserved and shared. I look forward to working with all of you in accomplishing the important preservation and education goals of our Society.
Gordon W. [Bo] Bohannan.

Past President's Report

I want to thank all of our members, especially the officers and board members who have served for the last four years, for their wonderful help and cooperation. Starting a new organization, we have made great progress. From the beginning in late 1998, we have attracted over 500 members. We have taken ownership of Rogers' Store, received a grant for its restoration and awarded a contract for this work. We have opened our office and built a good and growing library and archives of Surry County's history.

The Society is financially sound. We have approximately $19.000.00 in the bank, plus $45,000.00+ from the State of Virginia, Department of Historical Resources, to pay for the restoration of Rogers' Store. We own a 2.4 acre lot in Surry for a future office.

I urge you to support your new president, other officers and board. While we have a good base, it's just a base. Now we must move ahead to become a vital part of Surry County. Again, thank you for your support. I expect to continue to work hard for the Society, but with less overall responsibility.
Jim Atkins

Surry to Surrey Tour departs October 1!

The tour is filled, and there is a waiting list. Look for a report on the trip in our December 2002 newsletter.

Rogers Store: Restoration has begun.
Approximately a month ago, after requesting bids from five contractors, and receiving two, a contract was signed with Roger Atkins to restore Rogers Store. He has many years experience in restoring old historic structures, many in Surry County. The contract includes rewiring the store, painting and repairing the exterior and porches and some limited interior work. It also includes important work on Gwaltney's Store. Rotten framing and missing weatherboard will be replaced. A new metal roof will be installed. Flooring will be repaired and wiring will be replaced.
Overall, these repairs will allow us to open Rogers' Store, hopefully during the 350th Celebration of the founding of Surry County.

Some Wonderful Gifts

The Society has received a wonderful gift from Mrs. Betty Goodrich Lowrance of Clinton, North Carolina. She has given the Society a collection of books and Civil War items of her great grandfather, Alphius A. Goodrich of Surry County, Virginia, and his family. Her ancestors left Surry County in 1920, taking a trunk filled with mementoes from their past. Betty inherited this trunk, and found these items.
It is noteworthy that Betty discovered the Society through our Web Page on the Internet. This modern method of communication thus led to her gift of early communications, one 236 years old, the most recent 119 years old.

Included in this valuable collection are:

  1.  A. A. Goodrich's parole paper allowing him to come home from Appomattox, VA. A. A. Goodrich was in Co. D, 10th Virginia Artillery. His parole paper is signed by Jas E. Gray, 2nd LT, Comdr, Co. D,. 10th VA. Batt. Artillery. The date, April 19, 1865, is however part of the printed form, and may not be the date signed. This is a Confederate document and is signed by a Confederate officer.
  2.  A. A. Goodrich's oath, #121, stating that he pledges to henceforth faithfully support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Union of the States. This form was signed at Surry C. H. on July 17,1865. It is attested by B. F. Winger, Lt. Col., 2nd Pa. Vol Arly, Provost Marshal. It is a preprinted form, obviously Union, signed soon after the surrender at Appomattox. Does the #121 signify him to be the 121st from Surry County to take the oath? Both are rare examples of the war.
  3.  A collection of six books, one dating back to 1766. They are:
    • A.The oldest is a Bible, published in 1766, by Alexander Kincaid, His Majestys Printer in Edinburgh, Scotland. A handwritten note in the back states "Langley Crafford Wills, this Bible bought of Robt. McIntosh LC, Price 6/0". Robert McIntosh is the man who gave the land and built the first Courthouse at Surry Courthouse in 1797. McIntosh also owned the Tavern in Surry. Also noted is that Langley C. Wills gave this book to Silia Wilson on May 3, 1806.
      The earliest birth noted in the Bible is Nancy Thompson, March 15,1789. Others are Thomas M. Thompson, dated Sept. 10, 1792, Silia Wilson dated June 6,1803, John Thompson dated July 1, 1813, Lyn Thompson dated May 11, 1815 and Sarough Eliz'a Thompson dated May 4,1819.
    • B."Scripture Views of the Heavenly World" by J. Edmonson, A. M., copyrighted in 1854. It was owned by Indianna Collier in 1856. It was written for the Methodist Episcopal Church, South..
    • C. "Gospel Hymns consolidated", as used by D. L. Moody, printed by Biglow and Main and John Church and Company, Copyright 1883. It was owned by William E. Goodrich, Piney Grove School, May 8,1884.
    • D. "History of Virginia" for the use of Schools, by Mary Tucker Magill, published in 1888. It is noted as William E. Goodrich's Book.
    • E. "Intermediate Arithmetic", by Charles S. Venable, LLD, published in 1887. It was owned by Minnie Price.
    • F. "Holmes Third Reader", by George F. Holmes LLD, Copyrighted 1870. Of interest are a number of seals, hardly discernible, stamped in the book.
We are now seeking expert advice on how to be a good guardian of these items. Again, we thank you, Mrs. Betty Goodrich Lowrance.
P.S. We received later two early 1910- 1920 postcards of Bacon's Castle and a monetary gift from Mrs Lowrance. What more can we say? Thank you!

Also, Anne Worrell and Gray Rowell Henry have given the Society a collection of photos, letters, and documents from their mother, Ethel Roach Rowell's, files. This collection has many mementoes from Surry County.

Barbara Moore has given the Society a mail sorting table and file. This was used to sort the mail at the Savedge, VA. Post office before delivering it on the RFD. It will be used at Rogers' Store Museum, which also served as the Carsley Post Office.

Alice Epps Deans has given the Society three slide projectors. These are very welcome. Often speakers need a projector, and the Society will need one to display slides from our huge collection of rural scenes by Lorena Wilcox Leath.

Our genealogical files are growing at a rapid rate. We are filing the information alphabetically, with collateral families noted. We expect to soon computerize the list, including information on collateral families. We ask all visitors who come to our office for help to share their information with the Society. It is working well, and our visitors are contributing a tremendous amount of information for our archives.
We appeal to all of our members to send us copies of their genealogical information. So much of the work of tracing our ancestors is repeating work others have already done. Bringing together this information makes our Society increasingly valuable. This file will become one of our most valuable assets, and a most important part of the Society's archives
When you add this information to that in published books on our shelves, we can often give help to members and visitors in a matter of minutes.
Most of the Society's research, newsletters and speakers involve the history of Surry County. We try to print information in our newsletters that has the broadest appeal. Yet, many if not most, of our visitors come to trace their roots. Every bit of information you can share with us attracts new members and makes your Society more valuable.


Transcribed by Dennis Ray Hudgins

The established Church of England had a major part in the colonial Surry government. Our early church records are missing, but our Court Order Books reveal some of the responsibilities and control the Church had over the early settlers. If our Lawnes Creeke Parish and Southwarke Parish records were available, we would find that processioning of land along with the yearly tithing by the parishioners were major responsibilities of the land owners. We are fortunate that the the Albemarle Parish Vestry Book is available and contains processioning records after 1743 for that part of Surry, south of the Blackwater Swamp (little Surry and land now in Sussex County).

The County Surveyor and his Deputy were also a major part of the colonial government. Processioning of the lines occasionally resulted in discrepancies in the property lines which resulted in the orders to the County Surveyor for the lines to be resurveyed. Processioning Masters were required to coordinate the walking of the property lines by the land owners or their agents or overseers. I can't imagine that happening today when most of the land owners don't even know their neighbors.

The parish and vestry responsibilities, the position of the County Surveyor, yearly tithing plus processioning of properly lines, had such an influence on early county organization that the Southwark Parish continued well into the 19th century. Future articles will provide information on another responsibility of the Surry citizens, the forming of "the Overseers of the Poor."

The first processioning reference in Surry records is found in Surry Court Orders (1672-1682) p.197:

At Court held March 5th. 1677 [1677178].
It is Ordered that the Vestry of Each Pr.ish in this County doe forthwith meete & lay out their Pr.ishes into pr.cincts and appt. severall pr.sons in those pr.cincts to see that the Act for processions be punchtually Complyed with and pr.formed.

Peak development of the county processioning is reflected in the following records: Surry Court Orders (1795-1800) pp. 1-595:

[p.45] At a Court held for Surry County July the 28th 1795. Present Lemuel Cocke James Kee John Watkins & Josiah Wilson Gent. Justices
[p.46] Ordered that this County be laid off into precincts to have all the Land marks lying within the same processioned agreeably to law, that the precincts be denominated as is hereafter expressed and that the persons named in each precinct to have the said processioning performed, do proceed on the same on the days following, to wit -
Hog-Island precinct, William Holt & Thomas Walke on the first monday in March next.
William Allen's, Josiah Wilson & Robert Hunnicutt first tuesday in March
Bakers, I'Anson Edwards & John Thompson first friday in March
Chipoax, Robert Mc.Intosh & John Mallecote first monday in March
White Marsh, Willis Wilson & Thomas White second tuesday in March
Upper Black-Water, Joel Thompson & John Moring Jr. first tuesday in March
Lower Black-Water, Hartwell Hart & James Judkins second money in March.
Cokers, Archibald Cocke & Burwell Sharp first monday in March.
College, William Edwards Nicholas Faulcon first tuesday in March
Scotland Neck, Jacob Faulcon & John Ellis first Wednesday in March
Indian-Spring, William Spratley & William Clinch senr. first tuesday in March
Hull-Cabbin, John Warren John Wesson, second wednesday in March
Swans Point, Benjamin E. Browne William Browne first monday in March
Weir-neck, John Watkins jr William Cryer first friday in March
Creeds, William Simmons Samuel Carrell first tuesday in March
Wakefield, William Allen & John N. Burt second tuesday in March 6
Cabin-point, Thomas Peter & Benjamin Putney, first monday in March
Col° Cockes, Walter Cocke & David Cocke second tuesday in March
Otterdam, Lemuel Cocke & Nathan Jones first tuesday in March
Johnchecohunk, Benjamin Ellis & John Cooper second tuesday in March
Bowling-Green, William Justiss & John Tillott first monday in March
Cypress-Swamp, Christopher Lucas & Jesse Dewell second monday in March
Clays, Stephen Sorsby & Richard Ellis second tuesday in March
Seacock, Samuel Bailey & Lemuel Bailey, first monday in March
Birch-Island, Lewis Pulley & John Wilson second monday in March
Reedy Branch, Joseph Holloman & John Presson first tuesday in March

And it is further ordered that the processioning masters afore named do make return to the Court of the several lines they may procession in their respective precincts, together with the names of the persons present when the same is performed, and also of all lines they may fail to procession and the particular cause of such failure - And it is requested by the Court that the processioning masters aforesaid, do likewise make return to the Court of the true bounds of their respective precincts

[p.428] At a Court held for the County of Surry the twenty fourth day of September One thousand seven hundred and Ninety Nine Present James Kee Lemuel Bailey Benjamin E. Browne & William Allen} Gent. Justices

[p.435] Ordered that William Holt and James Simpson do superintend the processioning of all the Land marks within Hog Island precinct in this County that they proceed on said duty on the first monday in March next and that they make return of the lines they so procession with the names of the persons present at the time of performing the same and such times as may remain unprocessioned and the particular reason of such failure, and that they give due notice to the several persons within the said precinct of the time of such processioning
In William Allen's precinct Samuel Wilson and Robert Hunnicutt are appointed processioners to act on the first Tuesday in March next & make report
In Baker's precinct Samuel Wilson and John Thompson are appointed processioners to act on the first Friday in March next and make report
In Chipoax precinct Robert McIntosh and John Mallicote are appointed processioners to act on the first Monday in March next and make report
In White Marsh precinct Willis Wilson and Thomas White are appointed processioners, to act on the first tuesday in march next, and make return
In Upper black water precinct Joel Thompson and John Moring are appointed processioners, to act on the first tuesday in March next and make return
In Lower black water precinct Hartwell Hart and James Judkins are appointed processioners, to act on the second monday in March next & make return
In Cokers precinct Archibald Cocke and James S. Lane are appointed processioners to act on the first mo[n]day in March next and make return
In Scotland Neck precinct Jacob Faulcon and John Ellis are appointed processioners to act on the first monday in March and make return
In Indian Spring precinct William Spratley and William Clinch Sew. are appointed processioners, to act on the first tuesday in March next & make return
In Hull Cabin precinct John Warren and John Wesson are appointed processioners to act on the second Wednesday in March next & make return.
In Swans Point precinct Benjamin E. Browne and William Browne are appointed processioners to act on the first monday in March next and make return.
In Weir Neck precinct John Bartle jr and William Cryer are appointed processioners to act on the first Monday in March next and make return.
In Creed's precinct William Simmons and Samuel Carrell are appointed processioners to act on the first tuesday in March next
[p.436] In Wakefield precinct in this County William Allen and John N Burt are appointed processioners to act on the second tuesday in March and make return
In Cabin point precinct Thomas Peter and Benjamin Putney are appointed processioners to act on the first monday in March next & make return
In Col° Cocke's precinct Walter Cocke and David Cocke are appointed processioners to act on the second Tuesday in March next and make return
In Otter Dam's precinct Lemuel Cocke and Nathan Jones are appointed processioners to act on the first tuesday in March next & make return
In Johnchecohunk precinct Benjamin Ellis and Fred k-Cowper are appointed processioners to act on the first tuesday in March next and make return
In Bowling Green precinct William Justiss and John Tillott are appointed processioners to act on the first monday in March next and make return
In Cypress Swamp precinct Thomas Bilbro and Jesse Dewell are appointed processioners to act on the second Monday in March next and make return
In Clay's precinct Richard Ellis and Archibald Davis are appointed processioners to act on the second tuesday in March next and make return
In Sea Cock precinct Thomas Clary and Joseph G. Bailey are appointed processioners to act on the first monday in March next
In birch Island precinct Lewis Pulley and Randolph, Harriss are appointed processioners to act on the first monday in March next and make return
In Reedy branch precinct Joseph Holleman and John Presson are appointed processioners to act on the first tuesday in March and make report

The first available (Southwark Parish) processioning return can be found in Surry Processioners Returns (1796-1828) as follows:

[p.1] In obedience to an order of the Worshipful court - court of Surry county, hereunto annexed, We did proceed to the processioning of the lines within our precinct [Weir Neck Precinct] and processioned the following lines, to wit -
The line between William Cryer and the land called Cryers belonging to Richard Cocke between Wm Cryer and Moody Collier,
the line between William Cryer and the upper part of the land called Selby the line between Cryer and John Bartle,
the line between John Marks and John Bartle, the line between John Bartle and Richard Cocke, the line between John Marks and Richard Cocke, the line between Michael Smith and the late Thomas Marriotts Quarter land,
the line between the lands Peter Hamlin lately purchased of Michael Smith and the land of the said Marriots Quarter -
The line between the said Peter Hamlins land and Michael Smiths,
the line between the Lands of Robert Watkins called Brotherton, and the land of Richard Cocke call' d Taylors,
and between the said Richard Cocke's land and a part of Thomas Bages land, the line between the said Richard Cocke and Moody
the line between Moody Collier's land and the land call'd Selby -
The persons present were William Cryer, John Bartle jr, John Marks, Michael Smith, John Rispess, (Overseer for Richard Cocke) and James Clarke -
The line between the lands of Robert Watkins calld Brotherton and Jacob Faulcon,
the line between the said Robert Watkins and William Browne of Pipsco,
the line between the lands John Ellis purchased of John Colliers estate and Thomas Bage,
the line between the said John Ellis's land and William Browne of Pipsco, & Robert Watkins's land,
the line between Jacob Faulcons land called Holdsworth's and William T. Browne, and the land of Four Mile Tree
between the said Faulcons and Peter Fagan,
and between James Clarke and Jacob Faulcon land, called Bages,
the line between James Clarke and the Land of the late Nathaniel Adams,
and between the said Adams land, and Benjamin E. Browne,

[p.2] and the line between Robert Watkins, Brothertons land and Thomas Bage -

Persons present - William Cryer, John Bartle Jr. James Clarke, Benjamin E. Browne, Jacob Faulcon, John Ellis, James Adams, Robert Watkins -
Also the line between Moody Colliers land and Thomas Bage, present Moody Collier, John Bartle Jr. and William Cryer, which line we conceive to be all that are contained within the limits of our precinct - Given under our hands this 21st day of June 1800.
John Bartle Jr.   William Cryer
The above is Weir Neck precinct teste J. Faulcon C.S.C

The extent of Weir Neck Precinct was later described on pp. 50-51:

The boundaries of Weir Neck precinct as far as we can obtain information from the former processioning masters extends as follows, beginning in the fork of Grays Creek between the Mills of Mrs Marriott and Robert McIntosh, thence up the said McIntosh Mill on the south side until it butts William Scammell's line, thence on said Scammells line to Clinches orphans line, thence on William Fraziers line to the estate Henry Marks, Richard Cocke and Robert McIntosh senr. through the Indian Spring on to the Cypress Church road, thence down said road to the dividing line between the estate of Thomas Marriott and the estate Peter Hamlin, thence on said line to Mrs. Marriotts Mill pond and down said pond to the beginning.
Robert McIntosh & David Price} P. Masters
April 26th 1808.


Books Needed!
With our rapidly increasing number of visitors searching for their Surry roots, there are several books that are needed urgently for our archives. These are out of print, hard to find, and sometimes expensive. If you have a copy that is unused and just collecting dust, the Society could put it to good use.
  1.  Register of Albemarle Parish, Surry and Sussex Counties, 1739-1778 transcribed by Gertrude R. B. Richards PhD
  2.  Colonial Surry by John Bennett Boddie
  3.  Southside Virginia Families, Vol. One and Two by John Bennett Boddie
  4.  Historic Southern Families, by John Bennett Boddie
  5.  Births, Deaths and Sponsors of Albemarle Parish 1739-1778 by John Bennett Boddie
  6.  Virginia Wills and Administrations 1632-1800 compiled by Clayton Torrence
  7.  Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624-25.
Family History Day: a special day for genealogical research. On September 14, 2002, the Society, along with the 2002 Celebration Committee of our 350th year as Surry County will have a day of genealogical research. We will meet at 10:30 A. M. at the Surry Recreation Center. Refreshments and a box lunch will be supplied.

Dr. Edgar Toppin of Virginia State University will be our keynote speaker. Dr. Toppin has been on the faculty of Virginia State for over 30 years. He has served as Dean of the Graduate School. Dr. Toppin has authored five books and co-authored five more. He has served on the board of the Virginia Historical Society and the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities. His topic will be "Family History, what it teaches us, the past, present and future."
The Society will have extensive files and experienced genealogists available to assist participants in research. Copy machines to make copies of information we found will be available. All with Surry County roots are welcome. It is likely we can help you learn more of your ancestors and past.

Possible Office move.
The Society is likely to have to move its office in the near future. Plans are underway to vastly expand the Courthouse. If this takes place, the buildings behind the Courthouse, the Old Jail- our office, the Academy and the Commissioner of Revenue building will have to be moved or demolished. The Society is actively following events and are asking the County to move these historic buildings to our lot, across Church Street, if the Courthouse expansion takes place.
The expansion is contentious, and until final plans are approved and contracts let, all we can do is plan and look at alternatives. Our Board of Directors are following this closely, and will keep you informed.

Rare Surry County Newspaper copy for sale!
The Society has copies of a rare example of a newspaper published in Claremont, VA. It was published by the Temperance, Industrial and Collegiate Institute, Rev. John J. Smallwood, President, on June, 13,1896. It was Vol. 1, Issue #2, the only one known to survive.

It consists of four 11" X 17" pages, full size, 95 % easily readable. There are articles by Rev. Smallwood, a list of gifts for the year, his speech commemorating the fifty first birthday of Lincoln and letters they received. Twenty acres of land was offered for sale for $700.00.

The Virginia Historical Society has declared this as a rare example of a newspaper published by a black college in the 1800s. It is a snapshot into this little known part of Surry County's history. Price is $4.00 per copy including mailing and tax. See the order form on the last page. It will also be available for sale at our September meeting.

More information about Dr. Smallwood and his Institute at Claremont.

Order a copy of this very rare and fascinating newspaper.

Extra - Extra! Old Surry by A. W. Bohannan for sale!
Perhaps no book of Surry County history has been as popular as this book written by A. W. Bohannan and first published in 1927. Mr. Bohannan was treasurer of Surry County for nearly fifty years and a great lover of Surry County and its history. He wrote of old homes, places, churches and events. As he roamed around Surry County he talked with the "old folks" and made notes of our oral history. Many had first hand recollections of the Civil War. From these conversations and his extensive research, this book was written. There was a second printing in 1957. For years it has been nearly impossible to secure a copy. The few that came to market were very expensive.

The Society is pleased to announce that Gordon W. [Bo] Bohannan and his family have just received the third printing of this book. It is hard bound, and unlike earlier editions, is indexed. Everyone who has Surry County roots, or a love of its history should have a copy. The Society is very pleased to offer it for sale. While they are available, get one for every member of your family. They make great presents. They will also be available for sale at our Sept. 2002 meeting for $21.00.

Order a copy of Old Surry.

Also- It Took a Village by Gray Rowell Henry is for sale. These remembrances of growing up in Surry Village 1926 - 1944 tell of life in a slower time when doors were left unlocked and keys left in cars. It will be available for sale at our September 2002 meeting.

Order a copy of It Took a Village.


Surry Courthouse 1862-1877

This picture came from the Manuscript Print Collection, Special Collections Dept., University Of Virginia Library. Written on the back of the original print is Payton A. Cocke, Newport News, Virginia.

The picture shows Corbell and Cocke on a bulletin board, and faintly painted on the building front beside the right window. "Post Office" is written over the door. The second, third and maybe seventh persons from the left appear to be wearing Confederate uniforms.

Is this The Surry Courthouse, or is it a picture taken at Surry Courthouse? The Society welcomes any verification or information.

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