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President's Report - Monday, September 16, 2002

Each day that I have been associated with the Surry County Historical Society, I have become more respectful of the history of Surry County. For the last couple of months I have been delving into the records of my grandfather, A. W. Bohannan and my father, Willis W. Bohannan.

Going through the papers of my grandfather, I can see the love and devotion he gave this county. Letters to him from his friends show the honesty and integrity of this man.

I plan to continue to sort his works. At every Historical Society meeting I will share them with you. Tonight I have A. W. Bohannan's grade school report card when he was a young child in the schools in Surry. I will also show his diplomas and reports when he attended William and Mary during the 1890s.

I plan to donate my father's and grandfather's papers to the Surry County Historical Society whenever we can find an appropriate place for a museum displaying the history of Surry County.

The Surry Historical Society volunteers are compiling the genealogy of families of Surry, both black and white. Also Dennis Hudgins is exploring the families of Native Americans (Indians).

Going through the Bohannan papers, there are a few nuggets that we hope "to bring out" in the future. We first have to determine what we have, before we will act on it.

The first couple of years of the new millennium have been very good for Surry County history. Two books have been reprinted, Old Surry by A. W. Bohannan and The Comp'ny by T. E. Crittenden. In addition, Marion Baird published his new book Claremont on the James: It's Beginnings and Early Years Circa 1880-1920. Willis W. Bohannan's short book, Surry County at War: 1861-1865, will be reprinted in 2003.

Again I know I have big shoes to fill in following Jim Atkins. His devoted work has made the Rogers' Store project in Carsley a reality.

In closing I want to thank the Upton Timber Company for their kind donation to the Society of $500.

Our deepest sympathy to the family of Lilly Fields, a valued member of our executive board.

Gordon W. Bohannan, President

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