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1920 Nacogdoches Phone Book

Baker Printing Company documents donated by James Thompson; originals now housed at The East Texas Research Center, scanned and transcribed by Debbie Parker Wayne

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Listings Ho - Ki
listings page 6
            T. J. KINSEY       Phone 41
              "The Home of Good Clothes"
French Dry Cleaning and Steam Pressing Neatly Done

Holland, C. O., res. 388                Jefferies, J. C., res. 224
Holt, Dr. T. P., res. 188               Jenkins, G. M., rural 9043-F2
Holt, Dr. T. P., office 286             Jinkins, John, res. 303
Hooks, T. M., res. 337                  Jinkins, Jno. S & Co., grocery 289
Hooks Lbr. Co., Mill 173                Jinkins. Pat, grocery 62
Horn, Jim, res. 419                     Johnson, F. W., rural 9000
Hornbuckle, W. S., rural 9020-F31       Johnson, John, rural 9018
Hoya, Chas., res. 181                   Johnson, J. T., rural 9000
Hoya, F. H., res. 78                    Johnson, Rev. M. C., res. 433
Hughes, D. E., res. 382                 Johnson, Mrs. Myrtie, rural 9044[-]F2
Hughes, D. E., Jewelry shop 460         Johnson, R. F., rural 9018
Humphrey, Oscar, rural 9017-F2          Johnson, Sate, rural 9018
Hunt, A. W., res. 440                   Johnson, W. L., rural 9000
Huston, F. D., res. 200                 Jones, George, rural 9015
Hutson, J. W., rural 9026-F2            Jones, H. A., rural 9031-F11
Hutson, H. M. Jr., rural 9026-F11       Jones, Roland, res. 80
Hutson, Rev. H. M. Sr., rural 9040-F2   Jones, Sam, rural 9044-F41
                                        Jones, W. B., res. 213
                                        Justice, Miss Lena, millinery 480

Industrial Transportation Co., 109
Inglet, A. M., res. 402
Ingram, T. W., res. 246                 Karnegie, Mrs. Minnie, rural 9027-F22
Ingraham, F. H., res. 482               Karnegie, W. A., rural 9027-F4
Ingraham Insurance Agency 69            Keithley, John, rural 9008-F2
Ireson, Mrs. A. B., res. 106            Kelly, Mrs. Alice, res. 52
Irion, Mrs. R. H., res. 343             Kelly, Mrs. Ida, res. 398
Isaacs, B. M., res. 164
Ivey, Ellis, res. 468                   KENNEDY DRUG STORE 20
Ivey, J. A., res. 373
Ivey, Josh, res. 455                    King, Anderson, rural 9015
                                        King, Davis, rural 9015
                                        King, Ed, rural 9015
                                        King, J. A., rural 9035-F11
Jackson, Marshal, rural 9015            King, Langston, res. 234
Jacobs, L. C., rural 9013               King, Marion, rural 9003-F12
James, D. L., res. 451                  King, M. L., rural 9037-F3

                 Lone Star Bakery
JAMES & SPIES, Proprietors           PHONE No. 28

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