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1920 Nacogdoches Phone Book

Baker Printing Company documents donated by James Thompson; originals now housed at The East Texas Research Center, scanned and transcribed by Debbie Parker Wayne

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      Robert Lindsey Insurance Agency
          Fire, Life and Accident
We Want Your Business          Phone No. 24

Golub, N., res. 501                     Hardeman, B. F., res. 44
Gonzales, Jessie, rural 9018            Hardeman, F. B., res. 504
Goolsby, Tom, res. 395                  Hardeman, Lee, res. 153
Grambling, R. C., res. 99               Harrington, W. G., rs. 284
Gray, C. E. & Bro., 9013                Harris, J. C., res. 92
Gray, J. R., res. 144                   Harris, J. C., office 146
Graves, H. B., res. 519                 Harris, Miss Jennie, res. 439
Graves, W. A., res. 199                 Harris, W. J., rural 9039
Greene & Muller, Inc., 96               Harvin, Floyd, rural 9029-F5
Greve, J. J., res. 307                  Hazel, M. G., res. 241
Griffin, L. E., res. 529                Haselwood, R. W., res. 233
Grimes, Dan, res. 138                   Hazen, Mrs. M. E., rural 9027-F6
Grimes, Geo. J., rural 9039             Hatchl, H. C., res. 162
Grimes, John, rural 9015                Hayter, Mrs. J. J., res. 55
Grimes, N. J., rural 9015               Hayter's farm 9019-F4
Grubbs, S. V., rural 9023-F2            Heaton, W. F., rural 9039
Gulf Refining Co., 68                   H. E. & W. T. Ry. depot 17
                                        Heyberlin[,] Robert[,] rural 9034-F12
                                        Heitman, C., res. 488
                                        Henderson, Dr. R. R., res. 270
Hagan, A. J., res. 371                  HENDERSON & SIVLEY
Halcomb, A. V., rural 9029-F12          DENTISTS 2
Hale, Ford, res. 239                    Henson, Josh, res. 123
Halderman, Henry, rural 9012-F4         Herring, L., res. 231
Hall, B. M., res. 311                   Hill, Chas., rural 9017-F5
Hall, H. H., res. 449                   Hill, H. T., res. 534
Hall, J. Thos., res. 7                  Hill, Pitt, rural 9015
Hall, R. A., res. 170                   Hill, T. D., res. 214
Hall, S. H., rural 9004                 Hillencamp, W. G., res. 314
Hall, W. Y., res. 244                   Hines, G. H., rural 9016-F3
Haltom, Chas., rural 9010-F11           Hobbs, Holly, rural 9015
Haltom, B. B., res. 513                 Hodges, C. A., res. 363
Haltom, Giles M., res. 273              Hodges & Greve, office 280
Hamilton, Mrs. Will, res. 384           Hodges, E. C., rural 9018
Hammond, J. H., rural 9015              Hogan, Ed Jr., rural 9007-F41
Haney, W. H., rural 9004                Holbrook, Miss Bertha, res. 315
Hanks, L. C., rural 9014-F11            Holbrook, Will, res. 341

            Perry Bros. Novelty Store

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