NacGS Society Meetings
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The Nacogdoches Genealogical Society


January 9 Recalling Some Experiences in Local Education Jerry Whitaker
February 13 Elections and the job of the Elections Administrator Debra Gaston
March 13 Oklahoma Sooners Dr. Bobby Johnson
April 10 Police Duties and What It Takes to be a Policeman Chief Jim Sevey
May 8 Frost Thorn - Texas First Millionaire Dr. Joe Ericson
June 12 Research in Mississippi and Alabama Betty Burr
July 10 Civil War Research in Texas Carolyn Ericson
August 14 DNA Research and Genealogy - Update Dr. Joe Pyle
September 11 My Family Genealogy Hall Nichols
October 9 Enhancing Your Civil War Story:
The Official Records of the U. S. Civil War
Debbie Parker Wayne
November 13
6:00 pm
Holiday Dinner
Installation of Officers
December No meetingHappy Holidays
January 10 New London, Texas School Explosion Dr. Bobby Johnson
February 14
at the East Texas Research Center at SFASU
East Texas Research Center Center Staff
March 14 Restore and Make Books Kathy Jackson
April 11 7pm - Organizing Your Research
6pm - Computer Group - Browser Configuration
Debbie Parker Wayne
May 9 7pm - Early Murders of East Texas
6pm - Computer Group - More Browser Configuration
Bob Bowman
Debbie Parker Wayne
June 13
No Computer Group at 6pm this month
  Carolyn Ericson
July 11
No Computer Group at 6pm this month
Methodists in Texas Joe Ericson
August 8 Texas and the Civil War
6pm - Computer Group - Backups
Archie McDonald
Debbie Parker Wayne
September 12 Family Migrations
6pm - Computer Group - Word Docs and Images
Dr. Joe Pyle
Debbie Parker Wayne
October 10
NO Computer Group Session this month
Buffalo Bill and the West John Bob Cody
November 14
6:00 pm
Holiday Dinner
Installation of Officers
December No meetingHappy Holidays

The Computer Interest Group topics have been incorporated into our regular meetings.

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