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Extracted off microfilm of the Texarkana Papers
 on file at the College Library.  Other submission noted as to where the records or located or the submitter.


July 1880 (in part) 

We the undersigned citizens and electors of Miller county Arkansas hereby petitions your Honor and state that we are in favor of incorporating the town of Texarkana into a body corporate. (signatures) R. W. Chappell, Blyth and Chappell, W. T. Gammon, Sam Hiller, Rube G_____, J. C. Hiller, J. A. Blythe, R. A. Allen, Joseph Nelson, R. E. Fawbush, R. F. Mayo, J. C. Ray, S. B. Johnson, Mike Waldron, John M. Oats, O. S. A. Burgess, John Moran, J. R. Johnson, Ira A. Church, H. M. Beidler and James Richie. Submitted by Wayne Adcock from his files.



Miller County Ark.

Oct. 4, 1884

Jury List

The following are grand jurors for the November term of Miller county circuit court: H. J. Allen, A. S. Blythe, Gew. W. Fouke, Roy Nash, Lew J. Best, John F. Dickens, Vernon C. Polk, R. S. Mudford, Chas. A. F. Hutt, John T. Morton, J. J. Towery, Sam Paulk, M. T. Embree, A. W. Slay, James Wood, E. F. Adcock.  Alternates—F. A. Byars, M. Kosminsky, M. R. Slay, J. W. Lambeth, Allen Atichison, Wm. Hooper, T. W. Crow, James Yates, J.P. Stephens.  Petit jurors—E. C. Donnelly, P. S. Ramseur, Ed Schicker, F. L. Schuster, R. L. Trigg, W. E. Varner, Jas Mullaney, Jno Collins, Iven Wise, Joe Tisdale, James Shelton, B. M. Mitchell, Peter Paxton, J. C. Mills, M. L. Kempt, J. R. Nall, Dan W. McKinzie, Alfred Hooper, W. L. Kirby, Jesse Moore, W. J. Davis, A. C. Cross, B. T. Sexton, Wm Austin.  Alternates, T. W. Rose, F. M. Pearson, E. D. Lassiter, John Floyd, John R. Goodwin, Joe Vinson, C. C. Sexton, W. T. Bryant, J. P. Stevens, Wm Sikes, J. D. Pate Marion Jones.  Texarkana Papers on microfilm at the College Lib.

May 18, 1886

List of Grand Jurors for nest Miller County court:

B R Attaway, F M Coe, T M Davis , T W Crow, Sr.,  D R Coleman, N.T.A. Hutt, B M Hendricks, J D Blanton, Richard Cawthorne, W W Carloss, S W McKneeley, , O Whittemore, W T Furguson, W T C Gardner, , J W Strange, and R Higginbotham.. 

Alternate jurors:

S G Watkins,  K Persons, Sr., J D Trigg, B B Ramsey, Henry Stephens, W B Allen , Odgen Bryant, , Joe Beddlingfield, James Goodwin. 

List of  petit jurors:

D M Henry, A H Vanderbilt, B Wilson, E R Cully, W B Scott,  J W Adams, S T Seagraves,  j Sewards, Nathan Bassett, W J corzine, M J Crank, F M  Dickut ,       G C Dickut, J E Shankle, J E Friday, J C Gerold, J I Gentry, J M G Gunn, G H S Higgs, J M B Jones, W e Kimball, W M Kemp, N F Jackson., J D Davis. 

Alternate petit jurors:

W D Kuvin, Frank Varner, J A Lynn, A P Lisserton, H C Lee, Dan W McKenzie, W T Meredith, J W McAdams, J A Maxey, E W McClure, N G Walls, P S Pate.


Tues 8 June 1886

Extracted by Wayne Adcock


State vs. Anthony Matlock; gambling, plea of guilty, fine $10,


Kirby vs. T. & St. L. R. R., demurrer to answer filed.
J. Russell vs. Geo.  W. McKinney, judgment by default.
Hall Safe & Lock Co. vs. W. H. Ward and F. M. Leatherman, motion filed to dismiss as to Ward and to strike out answer of Leatherman.

Blymyr Manufacturing Co. vs. J. S. Hankins, et. al. Answer of Hawkins filed.
Schicker Bros., vs. Mike Hardin, Jury trial pending at noon.

The following is a list of the petit jurors for the term:

D. M. Henry, R. Vanderbilt, E. R.  Culley, S.T. Seagraves, J. W. Adams, J.D. Davis, G. C. Dickert, J. E. Shankle, J. C. Gerrod, G. H. S. Higgs, J. A. Lynn, A. P. Littleton, C. Lee, D. W. McKinzie, J. A. Maxey, N. G. Nalls, Jo Bedingfield, Ogden Bryant J.D. Armstrong, Thos. Allen, W. .J. Hooper, Wm.  Kennedy, F. C. Crain, Thos. Thomas.


Bowie County, TX
July, 3, 1908
Bowie County Court
Will convene at Bostone on the 20th
Inst. and Juries are Selected.
Following is a list of the jurors summoned for the county court of Bowie county for the ensuing term which begins on the 20th instant:

First week, July 20th--John Cooper, J. J. Nix, J. A. Johnson, Clarence Dalby, George Akin, W. K. Lynn, W. C. Strickland, J. D. Elliott, J. H. Neal, W. E. Skidmore, Joe Cooper, Ed Jones.  

Second Week, July 27th--Bob Stewart, Joak Knight, N. A. Williams, R. T. Shipp, Henry Curbo, P. M. Davis, Mark Arnold, J. A. Edmondson, B. T. Donahoo, W. G. Hibbs, D. S. Edwards, Luther Jones.

Third Week, August 3d--John Hazlewood, A. Champion, L. P. Mitchell, Roy Yardly, W. A. Hames, A. J. McCullough, W. J. Henry, S. W. Humphries, S. C. Rose, Jack Forsythe, W. L. Tapp, J. W. Haraldson.  Texarkana Papers on microfilm at the Texarkana College Lib.

Bowie County District Court

The Bowie county district court will convene in Boston May 7, having been moved up one week due to an error made in the court calendar.  The following grand jurors have been drawn for the term:  W. A. Lowery, New Boston; J. S. Ashford, Carbondale; J. W. Smith, Hooks; Robert Berryman, Texarkana; Hal Brown, Texarkana; Edgar Bonham, Maud; N. N. Arnold, Dekalb: C. I. Warden, DeKalb: C. W. Dalby, Dalby Springs; James H. Sims, Sims; V. A. Ghio, Texarkana; Claude Martin, Tecxarkana: W. L. Nettles, Redwater: A. M. Stephens Nash; T. W. Lowery, Eylau; Jim Spencer, MintonTexarkana college lib. microfilm


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