bowie county petit jurors & commissioners, Jury List Texarkana, new boston area

Jury Commissioners of the County Court of Bowie

Original document is housed at the Texarkana Museum   

From copy of the original document issued by A.B. Jordan, County Clerk, signed by Sue Mebane, Deputy .

 LIST OF PERSONS drawn by the Jury Commissioners of the County Court of Bowie County, Texas at the July Term, 1919 to serve as Petit Jurors during the 3rd week of January Term, 1920 of the said Court.

 Hugh Allen, Malta

W.A. Eubanks, Texarkana

W.S. Kirby, Texarkana (excused)

Egbert Fromm

Sam George, Redwater

W.L. Roseborough, 1106 Maple St. Texarkana

Henry McCutcheon, Hooks

A.L. Black, 1609 West 9th, Texarkana

J.F. Rochelle, 2123 Magnolia, Texarkana  (excused)

C.S. Braswell, DeKalb (Undertaker)

T.B. Britt, 1625 West 37th, Texarkana  (excused)

J.T. Dennis, DeKalb

S.J. Conder, DeKalb  (S.G. Condor)  (excused)

E.J. Willis, 903 Olive, Texarkana

(Unreadable), Redwater

A.J. Foster, Simms   (excused)

W.N. McDuffie, 1120 Wood

Will Tiller, Redwater 


Came to hand the 5th day of Jany 1920 at 10 o’clock a.m. and executed as to the following named persons by notifying each of them on the dates and in the manner set opposite their respective names to be in attendance on the County Court of Bowie County, Texas on the 2nd day of Feby 1920 at 10 o’clock a.m. to serve as Petit Jurors for the 3rd week of the Jany Term, 1920, therof, to-wit:

Hugh Allen

W.A. Eubanks

W.S. Kirby

Egbert Fromm

Sam George

W.L. Roseborough

Henry McCutcheon

A.L. Black

J.F. Rochelle

C.S. Braswell

T.B. Britt

J.T. Dennis

S.J. Conder

E.J. Willis

Milam Mahone

A.S. Foster

W.N. McDuffie

Will Tiller 

Document reflects all were served on 1/28/1920. Manner of Service was “By Notice”




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