bowie county petit jurors & commissioners, Jury List Texarkana, new boston area


Jurors were paid $2.50 per day for each day of service

Book is housed at the Texarkana Museum   

First Week of April Term, commencing 22 April 1912

W.K. Cameron

E.H. Nash

W.A. Foster

Abe Reed

Leon Missildine

J.M. Case

Ben Fort

W.A. Benge

A.J. Carpenter

G.B. Haggard

R.P. Newsom

O.H. Proctor

C.D. Wyse

W.W. White

N.W. Love

Oscar Lanier 

Second Week of April Term, commencing 29 April 1912

R.C. Mauldin

R.M. Autrey

Z.G. Cummings

S.D. Walraven

Paul Holmes

D.A. Thompson

Jack Riding

T.J. Able

J.D. McCullough

W.G. Lee

Alex Champion

N.B. Brooks

Ralph Hamblett

Walter White

W.K. Lynn

Dan Wyatt

G.D. Missisdine

Ed Akins

Bill Mitchell 

First Week of October Term, commencing 21 Oct 1912

S.C. Minnick

R.S. Fant

S.H. Kesler

J.H. Stinson

A.J. Goodnight

C.D. Wise

W.M. Kesler

A.C. Evans

Tobe Barnes

W.R. Mathis

R.C. Creekmore

W.J. Loudermilk

W.C. Fowler

E.D. Jones 

Second Week of October Term, commencing 21 Oct 1912

Jim Baxter

C.H. Odell

E.J. Sheddlebar

J.F. Redburn

W.H. Turner

G.D. Missildine

Clarence Dalby

S.G. Martin

Fox Hall

Jim Peters

Tom Able

Tom Shirley

J.F. Collins 

State of Texas vs George Welch Jury

J.F. Redburn

Marvin Lynch

G.H. Lynch

J.A. Missildine

F.W. McGee

J.E. House