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Tennessee was formed in 1796 from North Carolina and Native American treaty lands. Tennessee grew from the lands of our fathers in the Cherokee and Chickasaw Indian Nations.

Our history is wide, varied and wonderfully interesting. From pre-historic mound builders to our Native American people and on to our modern times Tennessee has it's own rich history. From West Tennessee there is Memphis' Beale Street Blues, Elvis Presley & Chickasaw State Park...From Middle Tennessee there is Nashville, the home of country music & our state capitol and Lynchburg the home of the famous Jack Daniel's Distillery, then to East Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Cherokee National Forest and the home of the Overhill Cherokee. Tennessee has something for everyone.

Tennessee first saw white settlement in the very early 1770's...when it was still North Carolina.

Tennessee's and North Carolina's Appalachian Mountain's boast more varieties of tree and wildflower species than any other place in this great country....what a wonderful place to be.

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The Dew/Due/Dewes/ Family as researched by Steve Due

James Dew

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George Haig

The Due and Haig familys were prominent in early Cherokee history in South Carolina & Tennessee

Dew Family updated info - June, 2011

William Dew update - June, 2011

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