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    These pages aren't personal editorials of the tragedy's and the lives of the Cherokee People.  There's many web sites where anyone can get edited and often biased history.  These pages designed to give the user primary resource information designed to help in their research.  Given to you as honest and factual information. 

     We will do our best to give you, the user, an explanation, to the best of our knowledge, of what each document is and its purpose when possible.

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The American State papers are among the best resources we have for Indian Affairs.  Those related to Cherokee inhabitants are extracted and/or linked off

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(Some are downloadable .pdf files...others are documents.)

Alberti Family

Benge Family

Black Fox-The Inali Manuscript transcription

Monroe County, Tennessee's First Deed - Cabbin Smith deeds his reservation to Gideon Morgan, Jr.

Principal Chief John Ross' communication to the American Government concerning the Removal, 1834

Principal Chief John Ross' communications to the American Government concerning the Treaty of 1835 - Part 1

Principal Chief John Ross' communications to the American Government concerning the Treaty of 1835 - Part 2

Catherine Brown Memoirs from Harrison's Notes

Quallatown - Haywood County, North Carolina 1834

The Act of Congress Roll

Lt. Harris' Detachment (During the Removal)

Cherokee Intermarriages 1907

Springplace Moravian Mission and the Ward Family Part 1 (no copyright on these 3 documents) (This document's information has been brought into question by other researchers.  Please verify.)

Springplace Moravian Mission and the Ward Family Part 2

Springplace Moravian Mission and the Ward Family Part 3

Emigration Correspondence, 1831, 1832 from the American State Papers - Includes an 1835 Athens Journal Newspaper Article

Excerpt from a letter concerning the 1838 Removal - families in the Nathahala River Valley

Early Indian Wars in the Southeast

Indian Tribes in Tennessee


Cherokee Census Rolls

The very large number of census' taken of Cherokee Inhabitants began in the very early 1800's.  A working knowledge of these will always help any researcher.  These are not the rolls but information necessary to learn about them.

1834 Treaty Correspondence



Myths of the Cherokee - Mooney, James, 1861-1921

History of the Cherokee Indians and their legends and folk lore - Starr, Emmet

The removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia (Volume 1) - Lumpkin, Wilson, 1783-1870

The removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia (Volume 2) - Lumpkin, Wilson, 1783-1870

Cherokee Indian family history records by the name of Brown, back to 1835, in the United States - Burns, Annie Walker, 1894-

he case of the Cherokee Nation against the State of Georgia : argued and determined at the Supreme Court of the United States, January Term, 1831 : with an appendix ... - Cherokee Nation
Cohen, M.L. Bib. of early Amer. law


Memorial of Andrew Taylor, to the Hon. Edwin Hardin and Benjamin H. Brewster, commissioners under the Cherokee treaty of 1835, now in session in Washington city - Taylor, Andrew

History of the Moravian missions among southern Indian tribes of the United States - Schwarze, Edmund

A history of the upper country of South Carolina : from the earliest periods to the close of the War of Independence - Logan, John Henry
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The Indian races of North and South America : comprising an account of the principal aboriginal races, a description of their national customs, mythology, and religious ceremonies, the history of their most powerful tribes, and of their most celebrated chiefs and warriors, their intercourse and wars with the European settlers, and a great variety of anecdote and description, illustrative of personal and national character - Brownell, Charles De Wolf, 1822-1909