Territory of the United States South of the River Ohio, a.k.a. Southwest Territory : 

William Blount, (Territorial Governor), Democrat 1790-1796
John Sevier Democratic-Republican 1796-1801
Archibald Roane Democratic-Republican 1801-1803
John Sevier Democratic-Republican 1803-1809
Willie Blount Democratic-Republican 1809-1815
Joseph McMinn Democratic-Republican, 1815-1821
William Carroll Democratic-Republican, 1821-1827
Sam Houston Democratic-Republican, 1827-1829
William Hall Democrat 1829-1829
William Carroll Democratic-Republican, 1829-1835
Newton Cannon Whig 1835-1839
James Knox Polk Democrat 1839-1841
James C. Jones Whig 1841-1845
Aaron Venable Brown Democrat 1845-1847
Neill Smith Brown Whig 1847-1849
William Trousdale Democrat 1849-1851
William Bowen Campbell Whig 1851-1853
Andrew Johnson Democrat, 1853-1857
Isham Green Harris Democrat 1857-1862
Andrew Johnson
Military Governor
Democrat, 1862-1865
William Gannaway Brownlow Whig-Republican 1865-1869
DeWitt Clinton Senter Whig-Republican 1869-1871
John Calvin Brown Whig-Democrat 1871-1875
James David Porter Democrat 1875-1879
Albert Smith Marks Democrat 1879-1881
Alvin Hawkins Republican 1881-1883
William Brimmage Bate Democrat 1883-1887
Robert Love Taylor Democrat 1887-1891
John Price Buchanan Democrat 1891-1893
Peter Turney Democrat 1893-1897
Robert Love Taylor Democrat 1897-1899
Benton McMillin Democrat 1899-1903
James B. Frazier Democrat 1903-1905
John I. Cox Democrat 1905-1907
Malcolm Rice Patterson Democrat 1907-1911
Ben W. Hooper Republican 1911-1915
Thomas C. Rye Democrat 1915-1919
Albert H. Roberts Democrat 1919-1921
Alfred A. Taylor Republican 1921-1923
Austin Peay Democrat 1923-1927
Henry H. Horton Democrat 1927-1933
Hill McAlistar Democrat 1933-1937
Gordon W. Browning Democrat 1937-1939
Prentice Cooper Democrat 1939-1945
 Jim Nance McCord Democrat 1945-1949
Gordon W. Browning Democrat 1949-1953
Frank G. Clement Democrat 1953-1959
Buford Ellington  Democrat 1959-1963
Frank G. Clement  Democrat 1963-1967
Buford Ellington Democrat 1967-1971
Winfield C. Dunn Republican 1971-1975
Leonard Ray Blanton Democrat 1975-1979
Lamar Alexander Republican 1979-1987
Ned Ray McWherter Democrat 1987-1995
Don Sundquist Republican 1995-2002
Phil Bredesen Democrat  2002 -present

Both James Knox Polk and Andrew Johnson served as Presidents of the
United States.

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