Thomas Vaughn (1832-1899) and Lydia Hollingshead (1838-1908)  

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Thomas Earl VAUGHN
b. 20 Jul 1832 in Middleborough, MA, the son of Stillman and Lucinda (WASHBURN) VAUGHAN
m. 9 Nov 1855 in Bureau Co., IL
d. 9 Feb 1899 in Wyanet, Bureau Co., IL; bur. in Forest Hills Cemetery, Wyanet

b. 18 May 1838 in Belmont Co., the daughter of Thomas and Mary (HARTLEY) HOLLINGSHEAD
d. 11 Mar 1908 in Wyanet; bur. in Forest Hills Cemetery

Thomas Vaughn was born in 1832 in Middleborough, MA, where his family had lived for almost 200 years. He was one of two children. As a young boy, his family moved west to Muskingum Co., OH, and then in 1851 to Bureau Co., IL. They settled just north of Wyanet.

Lydia Hollingshead was born in Belmont Co., OH to Thomas Hollingshead and Mary Hartley, Thomas' second wife. Her mom, Mary Hartley, died, probably at Lydia's birth. Her father remarried shortly thereafter, to Sarah DONALDSON. In about 1845, the family moved to Bureau Co., IL. Thomas Hollingshead died shortly after that. With the remarriage of her stepmother (to William ELLIOTT), Lydia roomed with relatives and worked as a domestic.

Thomas and Lydia were m. 9 Nov 1855. They built a house on family land about three miles north of present-day Wyanet. Thomas was a successful businessman, in addition to a farmer, operating a store north of Wyanet. This area became known as Vaughn's Corner.

Thomas and Lydia's house was located on the site of the first white settlement in Bureau Co. The house is still standing today, although deserted.

Children of Thomas and Lydia Vaughn:

  1. Lewis Hollingshead Vaughn, b. 12 Mar 1857; d. 4 Jul 1909 in Bureau Co. He never married.
  2. John Adams Vaughn, b. 23 Oct 1859; d. 7 Nov 1932 in Tiskilwa, IL. He m. Jennie SMITH 28 Feb 1888 in Bureau Co. They had children William and Lisle.
  3. Nathan Franklin Vaughn, b. 9 Sep 1861; d. 5 Mar 1922 in Golden, CO. He m. Herma Irene LAMM 31 Aug 1910 in Princeton, IL. They had children Howard, Mable, and Bessie.
  4. Julia Ann Vaughn, b. 22 Jan 1864; d. 9 Jul 1939 in Bureau Co. She m. (1) Stephen W. SMITH May 1883 in Bureau Co. They had children Earl and another boy. She m. (2) John PRIOR 5 Mar 1907 in Bureau Co.
  5. Lillian May Vaughn, b. 17 Aug 1866; d. 23 Jul 1902 in Greeley, CO. She m. John MARKLEY 1887 in Bureau Co. They had child Mervin.
  6. Thomas Chipperfield 'Chip' Vaughn, b. 4 Nov 1868; d. after 1920. He m. Ida M. MATSON 13 Mar 1895 in Bureau Co. They had children Evelyn, Lydia, and Hazel.
  7. Emma Jane Vaughn, b. 27 Nov 1870; d. 14 Feb 1920 in Bureau Co. She m. Nyde CONKLING 16 Oct 1912 in Bureau Co.
  8. Fannie Elizabeth Vaughn, b. 20 Nov 1874.
  9. Maggie Susan Vaughn, b. 1 May 1877; d. 30 Dec 1895 in Bureau Co. She m. Howard L. SMITH. They had one baby.
  10. Earl Stillman Vaughn, b. 1 Feb 1880; d. 8 Feb 1920 in Bureau Co. He m. Pauline WESSELL 15 Mar 1905 in Bureau Co. They had children Minnie, Lawrence, and Lewis.
  11. Verna V. Vaughn, b. 3 Feb 1883; d. 22 May 1911 in Golden, CO. She m. Arthur W. WRIGHT 2 Apr 1903 in Bureau Co. They had children Russell, Lee, and Margaret.
  12. Nelle L. Vaughn, b. Sep 1885; d. 14 Oct 1960 in Princeton, IL. She m. George Latta in 1906. They had children Vaughn, Doris, and Ines.

Pictures and Stuff

Portrait of Thomas Vaughn

A biography of Thomas Vaughn from 1885
A biography of Thomas Vaughn from 1906
Thomas's obituary
Lydia's obituary

From Forest Hills Cemetery, Wyanet:
    Vaughn monument
    Thomas' gravestone
    Lydia's gravestone

Thomas Vaughn's house, as it stood in 1997
An outbuilding on the property
The historical marker commemorating the Vaughn homestead as the sight of the first white settlement in Bureau County
Another Vaughn distinctive - this rock, located in the timber, is said to be a meteorite
A close-up of the meteorite

Five-Generation Pedigree Chart

Offspring This Family Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
Elizabeth Vaughn Thomas Vaughn Stillman Vaughan Peter Vaughan Peter Vaughan
Joanna Barrows
Betsey Cushman Isaac Cushman
Sarah Miller
Lucinda Washburn Thomas Washburn William Washburn
Sarah Bates
Ruth Briggs Ebenezer Briggs
Betty Gibbs
Lydia Hollingshead Thomas Hollingshead John Hollingshead
Elizabeth --?--
Mary Hartley Mahlon Hartley Mahlon Hartley
Hannah Moon
Charity Scarborough John Scarborough
Margaret Kirk


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