Thomas Washburn (1762-) and Ruth Briggs (1765-1846)  

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b. 5 Apr 1762 in Carver, Plymouth Co., MA, the son of William and Sarah (BATES) WASHBURN
m. 25 Apr 1785 in Wareham, Plymouth Co., MA
d. unknown

bp. 11 Aug 1765 in Wareham, MA, the daughter of Ebenezer and Betty (GIBBS) BRIGGS
d. 16 Dec 1846 in Carver

No Plymouth County death record for Thomas Washburn has been found, that I know of. There was a Thomas Washburn who was one of the very first settlers of Bureau County, Illinois, arriving there by 1831. He lived in section 23 of Wyanet township (the L. Triplett farm on this 1867 map). This is just a few miles from where Stillman and Lucinda (Washburn) Vaughan would settle in 1851. This may be a coincidence, or it may indicate that Thomas Washburn of Wareham, father of Lucinda, is the same as Thomas Washburn of early Bureau County. If so, I'm curious as to the circumstances of his leaving Plymouth County for the Illinois frontier.

Children of Thomas and Ruth Washburn:

  1. Sophia Washburn, b. 25 Nov 1786. She m. George BARROWS of Carver.
  2. William Washburn, b. 30 Aug 1791.
  3. Thomas Washburn, b. 1 Nov 1793. He m. Huldah Savery 30 May 1815 in Middleborough. THey had children Thomas Savery, Sarah Swift, and Lucy Barrows.
  4. Rowland Washburn, b. 24 Apr 1796. He m. BETSEY SWIFT of Wareham (int) 9 Aug 1823.
  5. Lydia Bates Washburn, b. 17 Aug 1801.
  6. Lucinda Washburn, b. 16 Sep 1804.
  7. Betsey Briggs Washburn, b. 9 Mar 1809.
Five-Generation Pedigree Chart
Offspring This Family Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
Lucinda Washburn Thomas Washburn William Washburn Ephraim Washburn Joseph Washburn
Hannah Latham
Mary Polden John Polden
Lydia Tilson
Sarah Bates Thomas Bates Samuel Bates
Margaret Churchill
Lydia Savery Thomas Savery
Esther Saunders
Ruth Briggs Ebenezer Briggs
Betty Gibbs Joshua Gibbs John Gibbs
Hesther Swift
Mercy Hallett John Hallett
Mercy Howes


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