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United Daughters of the Confederacy

General John Bratton Chapter, UDC #929
c/o Miss M. R. McMaster
418 Evans Street Extension
Winnsboro, SC 29180

According to Miss McMaster, this chapter was founded in 1905 from Fairfield County's Ladies Memorial Association.  There were Ladies Memorial Associations in counties around the south collecting money for Confederate Monuments and they felt they needed a central organization so they formed the UDC in 1896.  Fairfield County's Confederate Monument was unveiled 10 May 1901.

This Chapter is scheduled to meet on 1st Fridays at 4 PM,
but sometimes it meets on Thursdays or Saturdays
as needed to accomdate speakers & members.
It meets in members' homes.
Dues are $25/year & that covers local, state, & national dues.
No year book or newsletter is produced.
There are 12 members.

President: M. R. McMaster
Vice President: Helen Rexrode
Registrar: Helen Rexrode
Secretary & Treasurer: Carolyn Rexrode Walters CCAGBB@AOL.Com
Historian: Ruth Davis

Future Meetings
October 2001 Meeting

4 PM Friday 5 October 2001
in basement of
1st Methodist Church
corner of Congress & College Streets
Winnsboro SC
speaker: Paul Nowlen
of Jenkinsville, Fairfield County, SC & SCV
home: 803-345-1052   work: 800-922-1282, ex 45393
Subject: (1) Stonewall Jackson, the Christian Soldier and
(2) some letters from the soldiers to loved ones back home.

November 2001 Meeting
No November Meeting
Instead the local chapter will attend the National UDC Meeting Nov 1 - 6
at the Sheridan Hotel on Bush River Road in Columbia SC

Past Meetings
November 2000 Meeting

local Children of the Confederacy (CofC)

Mrs. Carolyn Rexrode Walters of UDC &
her husband Boyce E. Walters of SCV CCAGBB@AOL.Com
have 3 young children & would like to form a local CofC camp.
Please email them if your minors are interested.

National UDC
National CofC
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