CSA Flags
of  the
Confederate States of America

animated gif of Flag of the CSA
13 Star Version of
the Stars & Bars
-- the First National flag of
the CSA

10 Dec 1861 to 1 May 1863
Click to see source of gif of flag

the Bonnie Blue Flag
Bonnie Blue Flag is Playing.
The words are by Harry McCarthy.
The music is "The Irish Jaunting Car".
The midi arrangement is by George Villiers.
I copied this song &
the Bonnie Blue flag & 2nd & 3rd national flags (below) from
the Ruffin Flag Company

The version of the music "the Bonnie Blue Flag" that you are listening to, with words

Another version of the music "the Bonnie Blue Flag" with the same words is at:

Which is easier to sing?

I put up the song the Bonnie Blue Flag because it is associated with an unofficial CSA flag, but I feel Dixie is more of the national anthem so here is a link to it & its words: http://www.erols.com/kfraser/dixie.htm. It is a little too fancy, so if anyone fines a simplier version of Dixie, please let me know. Thanks.

After downloading the 2nd & 3rd flag,
I started removing where colors grade from one to the other & removing "noise" in those 2 flags,
so now these flags are smaller files, so load faster & are sharper.

Immediately below is
the First Version of
the Stars & Bars
-- the First National flag of
the Confederate States of America

4 March 1861 - 1 May 1863
The 7 stars are for: SC, MS, FL, AL, GA, LA, & TX.
On 7 May 1861 an 8th star was added for VA
On 21 May 1861 a 9th star was added for AR
On 2 July 1861 a 10th & 11th star was added for TN & NC
On 28 Nov 1861 a 12th star was added for MO
On 10 Dec 1861 a 13th star was added in the middle of the ring for KY
13 star version of flag is at top of this page
I plotted the above flag 4 Jan 1998, using a circle & using geometry & trig to get the coordinates for a star.

The Stainless Banner
also called the Second National Flag
The Stainless Banner, revised
also called the Third National Flag
1 May 1863 - 4 Mar 1865
4 Mar 1865 - present

Also called the Jackson Flag,
because the 1st one was drapped over Jackson's coffin & because his portrait appeared with this flag on bonds & currency in 1864 & 1865.
This flag was adopted because the 1st national flag was being confused with the USA flag.
This flag was adopted because Stainless Banner was being confused with the white flag of surrender.

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