Cherokee - Gunion Miller Roll - Applicants Not Eligible
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Cherokee - Gunion Miller Roll - Applicants Not Eligible

 Cherokee, Guion Miller Roll - Applicants Not Eligible - 1909
     In 1907, 18 of the descendants of Tyre SARRETT and his Cherokee Wife Sus-An-Ah MILLER" filed to be put on the Cherokee Rolls to participate in monies to be recieved from the U.S. Federal Goverment, based on the judgment of the Court of Claims of May 28, 1906, in favor of the Eastern Cherokees.
     The U.S. Court of Claims decisions on May 18th, 1905, resulted in members of the "Eastern Cherokee" living either East or West of the Mississippi, not including "Old Settlers", to be entitled to participate in a monetare award by the Court for various treaty violations.
     In order to participate, one had to be alive on May 28th, 1906 and establish themselves as a member of the "Eastern Cherokee", or a descendant of a member living at the time of the violated treaties of       Click on Redball for More Info.<--- (Treaty of New Echota, Dec. 29, 1835) and   Click on Redball for More Info.<--- (Proclamation, May 23,1836)
     48,847 separate applications were filed, representing some 90,000 individuals. Out of this number, 3,436 Cherokee East of the Mississippi River and 27,284 Cherokee West of the Mississippi River were certified by Mr. MILLER as being elgilble to participate in the award.
"It is further ordered that the said roll of individual Eastern Cherokees entitled to share in the fund arising from the judgment in this cause, as reported by Special Commissioner Quion MILLER, on the 28th day of May, 1909, be and the same is hereby approved, ratified and confirmed, except as to so much of the same as shall be specially excepted to on or before the 30th day of August, 1909.
All such exceptions shall be forwarded to the Clerk of the Court of Claims, Washington, D. C. and shall be in writing, and shall state fully the grounds upon which such exceptions are based, and shall be supported by an affidavit of a person having knowledge of the facts and shall contain the name, age, and Post Office address of each individual claimed to have been omitted from said roll, or to have been improperly placed thereon.
Said exceptions and affidavits shall be filed in duplicate in each case, but only the originals must be sworn to. In case an exception is filed on behalf of an individual whose name has been omitted from said roll the said exception shall set forth fully the English and Indian name of the ancestor through whom claim is made, who was living in 1835 or 1851, and shall give the age of said ancestor in 1835 or 1851.
Such exceptions must further state the number of the claimant's application. All such exceptions shall be set down for hearing on the third Monday in October, 1909."

 Cherokee, Guion Miller Roll - Applicants Not Eligible - 1909
App.# Surname Given Middle Age Date b.Sta. Remarks
22231 POOR Polly  (SERAT)  59  20 Apr 1907 OK.   #10 1st d/o John,15 & 2w Nancy LANE
34526 SERAT William    70  10 Jun 1907 AR.   #5 3rd s/o John,15 & Deliah RIDENOUR
26681 POOR Polly  (SERAT)  59   OK.   #10 2nd of 2 Claims
30623 LANE Nancy E.  (SERAT)  78   OK.   #2. 1st d/o John,15 & Deliah RIDENOUR
30624 LANE James  B.  38   OK.   #2.09 3rd s/o Sam P. & Nancy E. (SERAT)
30625 McCASLIN Nancy E.  (LANE)  43   OK.   #2.08 5th d/o Sam P. & Nancy E. (SERAT)
30626 BUNYARD Missouri  (LANE)  35   OK.   #2.10 6th d/o Sam P. & Nancy E. (SERAT)
30627 MILLER Lucy A.  (RIDDENNOUR)  23   OK.   #2.08.1 1st d/o Alex. & Nancy E. (LANE)
30628 BRASSFIELD Mary A.  (LANE)  50   OK.   #2.05 4th d/o Sam P. & Nancy E. (SERAT)
31016 SERAT Frank    41   MO.   #8.1 1st s/o Jeremiah & Margaret (NAIL)
33106 SERAT Susan  (CRAVENS)  55  16 Sep 1907 AR.   #12. Widow of John C. SERAT
33821 SERAT Joseph    49  10 Aug 1907 OK.   #15. 4th s/o John,15 & 2) Nancy (LANE)
34080 LANE Frank  M.  54   AR.   #2.3 1st s/o Sam P. & Nancy E. SERAT
34526 SERAT Calvin    34   OK.   #8.3 2nd s/o Jeremiah & Margaret (NAIL)
43737 SERAT Florence    12   AR.   #8.2.1 d/o Lillie M. (SERATT) BARROW
43909 SIMPSON Harriett  (RUSH)  23   OR.   #11.4 3rd d/o John & Martha A. (SERATT)
44019 SERAT Jos.  M.     OK.  
00000, GRIMES Mary A.  (SERAT)  35  05 Aug 1907 MO.   9.1 1st d/o Sam & Cinderella (EATON)
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 The National Archives and Records Administrations has entered all the names (including parents) from the Dawes enrollment cards for the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Delaware, Mississippi Choctaws (also rejected), and Seminole tribes.

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