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Cherokee Chief
Cherokee Chief
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This is a Series of works that has been going on for over 40 years the main "thrust" of this program is identifying the various tribes and villages in the Southeastern part of the United States prior to 1835. I have broken this Series down to several Volumes of items, which I expect will grow, because I get distracted in my primary focus, due to Input from various people on the Internet with Questions or request's that interest me. The following is an Index of what I have acquired to-date. I am willing to share what ever information I have, just let me know what you are interested in and I will try to accommodate. Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. [email protected]
 Vol.  Title  File (Click on File)  Subject
 00.  Introduction  NA_VOL00  Swanton, John R.; The Indian Tribes of North America; 1944 [Retired from active membership on the staff of the Bureau of American Ethnology]
 01.  Indians, General  NA_VOL01  Physical Characteristic; Origins, Population Estimates and traditional Culture of the Native American Indian.
 02.  Indian, Languages  NA_VOL02  Scientific Study, Origins & Classifications, Native American Indian Historical Linguistics.
 03.  Five Civilized Tribes  NA_VOL03  History of the confederation, formed in 1859, of the Native American Indians in what was then "Western Indian Territory" (Oklahoma) Comprised of the Iroquoian-speaking CHEROKEE, and the Muskeogean-speaking CHICKASAW, CHOCTAW, CREEK, and SEMINOLE.
 04.  Indian, Treaties  NA_VOL04  History of the Indian Treaties, dates, places, and broken promises starting with the DELAWARES in 1778.
 04.a     Turkey Town Treaty  Turkey Town Treaty, of July 8, 1817. Cherokee of East of Mississippi River and Cherokees on the Arkansas River conceed
 04.d  Indian, Removal  Trail of Tears  History of the Cherokee Indians removal from the East to Oklhoma. 1838,9
 05.  Indian, Wars  NA_VOL05  History of Indian Wars, dates, places, starting with de CORONADO and the ZUNI warriors in 1540, to the 3 1/2 centuries later in 1890, when the U.S. cavalry troops almost wiped out BIG FOOT'S band of SOUIX at Wounded Knee.
   06. Placements Northeast Tribes!
 06.a  NE. Hunters    Includes: Eastern Canada, Maine, USA.
 06.b  NE. Indian    Includes: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, all USA.
   07. Placements Southeast Tribes!
 07.a  SE Indians Index  SE Index  Includes: Alabama,    Arkansas,    Florida,    Georgia,    Kentucky,    Louisiana,    Mississippi    Tennessee,    all USA,
 07.b  Catawba  Catawba Nation  North & South Carolina, all USA,
   08. Placements Western Tribes!
 08.a  Western Framers    Includes: Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma,    South Dakota, all USA.
   09. Placements High Plan tribes!
 09.a  High Plains    Includes: Colorado, Montana, Texas,    Wyoming, all USA.
   10. Placements of Southwest Tribes!
 10.a  SW. Indians    Includes: Arizona, New Mexico, all USA.
 10.b  Great Basin    Includes: Idaho, Nevada, Utah, all USA.
   11. Placements of Northwest Tribes!
 11.a  NW. Indians    Includes: Oregon, Washington, all USA.
 11.b  California Indians    Includes: California, all USA.
   12. Research & Source Aids!
 12.a  Howto Research  Howto  Short file on "How to" research NA Records
 12.a1  Enrollment Research  Enrollment  Short file on "How to" enroll Cherokee Nations
 12.b  Archive Research,  Rolls  A TXT file list'g NA "Rolls" and in the National Archives Record Centers (NARC) & what they consist of.
   SFAŠ Choctaw Roll  1898  Dawes Final Roll, some SFAŠ members
   SFAŠ Cherokee Roll  1909  Guion Miller Roll, some SFAŠ members Applicants Not Eligible
 12.c  Texas Research,  NARC-TX  A file list'g NA "Rolls" at the National Archives Record Center, of Texas (NARC) & what they consist of.
 12.d  Events Research,  Events 1540-1799  Chronalogical order of events of the Cherokee Nation from 1540 to 1799
 12.e  Events Research,  Events 1800-1995  Chronalogical order of events of the Cherokee Nation from 1800 to 1995
 12.f  Events Research,  Events 1756-1907  Chronalogical order of events of the Creek Nation from 1756 to 1907
 12.g  NA Guide  NA_GUIDE.TXT  A Travelers Guide to the Cherokee Nation, in Oklahoma Some 86, locations of places to see.
 13.  Indian People  BIO-IDX.HTM  Some Biographies of some famous American Indians and or related persons.
 14.  Source, Genealogy  NA_SOURC.HTM  Resource of Native American Indian Books, Publications, etc. and where to find them.
 15.  Early Maps, Boundaries  MAP-IDX.HTM  Some various map of Native American in United States.
 16.  Indian Photographs  PHOTOS-IDX.HTM  The NA_PHOTO.IDX file is an "Index" of some 421 Photographs's of Native American Indians.
 17.  Cherokee Outlet  STRIP1.TXT  This Land Run of 1893 in Oklahoma, is a partial list of names of those who claimed land in the "Cherokee Outlet" land run of 1893.
 19.a  Debate  T. Frelinghuysen  (For) Indian Removal Debate; T. Frelinghuysen, Apr. 08, 1830
 19b.  Debate  J. Forsyth  (For) Indian Removal Debate; John Forsyth, Apr. 15, 1830
 19.c.  Debate  P. Sprague  (Against) Indian Removal Debate; Peleg Sprague, Apr. 16, 1830
 19c.  Debate  R.H. Adams  (Against) Indian Removal Debate; Robert H. Adams, Apr. 20, 1830
 19d.  Debate  Act 1830  (Passed) The Indian Removal Act - 1830
 20.  U.S. Seals  Seals  Various Indian & Government Seals

      The above "Placement of Tribes" was abstracted from Mr. John R. Swan Retired staff member of the Bureau of American Ethnology in 1944. His work consisted of Placement of Tribes, Branch, Sub-Tribes, Sub- Divisions, Village names, Linguistic stock, Name meanings, Short Histories, Population Estimates, and Connection in which the Tribes have became noted. Indexed by this writer.


Part of the SFA Native American Indian - Catawba Series!  These records are part of the "History American Indian Profile©" by Volume - I. Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Family Profile© Compiled and self Published in Jun. 29, 1993 by Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. with the assistance of my late mother Mrs. M. Lucille (WILSON) SARRETT (1917-1987) The SFA "Work-Books" were compiled by "General, Languages, Tribes, Treaties, Wars, How to Research NA Ancestors, Bibliographies". In 1996 I started "Up-Loading" this material on the Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America (SFA©) site. ..prs
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