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Area Cemeteries

The Wellington Union Cemetery board oversees the operation and maintenance of the two cemeteries in Wellington, Greenwood Cemetery and West Herrick Cemetery.

  1. Greenwood Cemetery

  2. The Greenwood Cemetery is located on the north side of Cemetery Road which is east off of 58 south. This cemetery was started in 1862 and is in use today.

  3. West Herrick Cemetery

  4. The West Herrick Cemetery is located a few blocks west of the center of town on Route 18 or West Herrick. It is on the south side of the road. The first burial in this cemetery was in 1824. The cemetery is no longer active.

Five Revolutionary War Veterans are buried in the Wellington Cemeteries: David Fox, John Lawrence, Abner Loveland, Samuel Pelton, and Ezra Sexton. Click here for more information on these Revolutionary War veterans.

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