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Revolutionary War Veterans Buried In Wellington, Ohio

Written by Linda Navarre

Wellington is the final resting place of five Revolutionary War Veterans, David Fox, John Lawrence, Abner Loveland, Samuel Pelton, and Ezra Sexton. Four of these men are buried in the West Herrick Cemetery and one in the Greenwood Cemetery. Abner Loveland and his wife, Lois were moved from the West Herrick Cemetery to the Greenwood Cemetery probably around 1862.

All of these men were privates in the service. Samuel Pelton was from Massachusetts, the other four were from Connecticut. David Fox, Abner Loveland and Samuel Pelton were all living in Brighton and all appeared in court before Judges John C. Wright and Joshua Collet on August 2, 1832 to file their pension applications. Their witnesses were Rev. Joel Talcott and David Webster. John Lawrence filed his application in Berkshire County, Massachusetts and Ezra Sexton files his application in Ashtabula County, Ohio. All five considered themselves farmers but John Lawrence listed his occupation as farmer-shoemaker.

David Fox was born 1751 in East Haddam, Connecticut. He states in his pension application that “I lived there until 1781 when I moved to Granville, Mass. I lived in Granville until 1826 when I moved to Brighton, Ohio to live with my son Elijah." Elijah had moved to Brighton in 1822. David enlisted 19 April 1775 as a minute man and on the 22nd he marched to Roxbury, Massachusetts. He was discharged the 17th of December. In March 1777, David was drafted and then discharged at White Plains, NY on 4 May 1778. He enlisted again in September of 1777 and was discharged the 12th of December. David went as a substitute for a drafted man in 1779 and served six weeks in a company of light horse. David Fox had no family information in his pension application, but William’s “History of Lorain County” says that he was an organizing member of the Brighton Methodist Episcopal Church. No wife is mentioned so we must assume that she died in Massachusetts. David Fox died 6 March 1833. His son, Elijah married Ellen S. Whitock April 25, 1825 in Lorain County. David was awarded a pension of $46.66 a year.

John Lawrence was born 5 November 1759 at Hartford Bay, Connecticut. He enlisted 2 December 1775 at Litchfield, Connecticut and was discharged at West Point on 3 June 1783. John was in the battle of White Plains and Trenton, serving about 7 years. He was allowed a pension on his application of April 27, 1818 while living at Alford, Connecticut. John married Sarah Darling 15 November 1791 in Hillsdale, NY. John’s wife’s mother, Lucy Andrews was living with him in 1820. John and Sarah had five known children, Jabez D., 2 premature children, Anna, and Elizabeth (Betsy) all born in Hillsdale, NY. In 1836 John was living in Wellington with his children. He died 4 December 1836. Sarah applied for a widow’s pension 4 April 1840. She was living in Troy, NY when she applied for Bounty land in 1855, stating that she had lived there since 1843 and was planning to move to Wellington to live with her daughter, Anna. Sarah died 19 February 1860 in Wellington. John received a pension of $96.00 per year and Sarah received $80.00 per year.

Abner Loveland was born 18 April 1764 at Glastonbury, Connecticut. Abner enlisted in 1779 at age 16 in Captain Samuel Welles’ Company and served 1 month 5 days. He again enlisted in 1780 and served for one month. In September that year he enlisted again, serving 4 months 5 days this time. While living in Pawlet, Vermont, Abner enlisted in September 1781 and served 15 days. Being persistent, Abner again volunteered in April 1782, this time as a seaman onboard the privateer “Viper.” They captured a merchant vessel and Abner was ordered on board to take it to Salem but the ship was recaptured in May 1782 and he was taken prisoner to Quebec and detained until August 1783. Abner married Lois Welles Hodge 11 January 1787 at Glastonbury, Connecticut. The couple had 10 known children, the eldest five were boys, all born in Southfield, Massachusetts. The boys were: Luman, Loring, Luther, Leonard H., and Abner, Jr. The youngest five, all girls, were born in Otis, Massachusetts, Sophia, Dorothy, Lovina, Pamelia, and Phila Minerva. Abner came to Brighton in July 1821 with his wife Lois, 4 daughters, Sophia, Lovina, Pamelia and Phila Minerva, and son Leonard H. and his wife, Margaret Whitlock. Abner and Lois were founding members of the Brighton Methodist Episcopal Church with services being held in their home. Abner died 6 September 1847. He received a pension of $25.78 per year.

Samuel Pelton was born 9 May 1757 at Granville, Massachusetts. Samuel first applied for a pension 3 July 1820 in Otis, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. This pension was rejected because Samuel had too much property. He had a demand note for $637.50, 1 cow, 1 beef creature, 1 hog, 1 old clock, 1 dozen knives and forks, 2 chairs, 1 crowbar, 1 hoe, 1 set of dray teeth, and 1 scythe. Samuel again applied 2 August 1832 in Lorain County Ohio Court. By this time all the Revolutionary War Veterans were able to get a pension. On the application Samuel states that he enlisted 2 March 1777 and served until 3 March 1780. He was in the battles of Burgoyne, Monmouth and Rhode Island. On 30 October 1782 Samuel married the widow Mary Woodworth Provine. They had nine children, only the following three surviving to adulthood: Betsy, Alice and Spelman. The family moved to Wellington in 1827. Samuel stated that Spelman was unable to work due to a childhood illness but Spelman married Amanda and lived to be 85 years and 4 months old. Betsy married a Jones and Alice married Whitman DeWolf. Samuel Pelton’s pension was $80 per year.

Ezra Sexton was born 25 January 1758 in Somers, Connecticut. Ezra resided in Hartford County, Connecticut when he enlisted on 1 January 1776 in Colonel Douglas’s Connecticut Regiment as a private. Ezra saw no battles. From June 1780 to 1 January 1781 he was a 1st Sergeant in Colonel Levi Nell’s Regiment. Ezra lived in Springfield, Massachusetts, Whitestown, N.Y. and Ohio. His pension was granted 25 September 1832 while he was living in Saybrook, Ashtabula County, Ohio. His pension file mentions no family. Ancestral file has his family as wife as Martha “Patty” Chapin, from Chicopee, Massachusetts, whom he married 25 January 1785. This file also lists nine children: Rebecca, Horace, Lucius, Harvey, William, Ezra, Sylvester, Martha and Asaph. One must assume Ezra was staying with family in Wellington at the time of his death on 10 January 1843 for him to be buried in Wellington. Ezra Sexton received a pension of $83.33 per year.

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