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Hector Union Cemetery
Town of Hector, Schuyler co., NY
A thru H       J thru Z

List composed by William E. Fenton.
This is considered the most up-to-date list which is
kept on file in the local historical society.

Cemetery Superintendent: Clyde Switzer

Located on the north side of Rt 79 Between Burdett and Bennettsburg.
All stones checked by W. E. Fenton in May 2002.
If two names were on one stone or two stones were side by side &
appeared to be husband /wife then “his wife” was assumed and put in (   ).
 * denotes names of people from old lists where the stones were not found.
Any information in (   ) is not on the stone and should be checked.
Names that are underlined came from the Town of Hector death records.
Only those records that said “Bennettsburg” or “Hector Union” were added.
Names that said “Union” are not necessarily in Hector Union.
Underlined names were from obituaries that said Hector Union.

Jackson, George H  b.5-27-1844  d.1-17-1908  148 REG NY V
Jackson, Lura  b.7-27-1824  d.4-13-1912

James, Beatrice F Kaufman  b.1931  d.1993 *

Jaques, Harry L Sr.  b.1885  d.1971
        Harriette E (his wife)  b.1894  d.1962
Jaques, Harry L  b.1909  d.1967
        Blanche S (his wife)  b.1907  d.1962

Jaquish, Herbert M  b.1861  d.1948
Jaquish, James B  b.1856  d.1861
Jaquish, Jessie  b.1866  d.1954
Jaquish, Julia E  b.1822  d.1909
Jaquish, Louie R Shannon  b.1886  d.1971
Jaquish, Mathias J  b.1797  d.1882
Jaquish, S Elizabeth  b.1863  d.1933

Johns, Rev. Charles H  b.1888  d.1948
       Edith K (his wife)  b.1883  d.1963

Johnson, Charles M  b.1899  d.1955
         Cora R (his wife  b.1878  d.
Johnson, Clyde H  b.1917  d.1992
         Edith D (his wife)  b.1912  d.1997
Johnson, George R  b.1845  d.1905
         Emma his wife  b.1851  d.1921
Johnson, George W  b.1904  d.1972
Johnson, Henry W  b.1878  d.1953
Johnson, Homer D “Father”  b.1876  d.1959
         Minnie E “Mother” (his wife)  b.1874  d.1955
Johnson, Howard H  b.1876  d.1957
         Louise F (his wife)  b.1882  d.1981
Johnson, Janice Buck  b.9-4-1943  d.11-6-1988
Johnson, Margaret  d.5-18-1891 age 35
Johnson, Robert S  b.1922  d. ?
         Virginia D (his wife)  b.1923  d.1976

Jolley, Clarence L  b.1872  d.1932
        Kate M (his wife)  b.1887  d.1974
Jolley, Margaret Keep  b.1903  d.1933

Jones, Clifford  b.1899  d.1984               (Killed when train
       Gertrude H (his wife)  b.1897  d.1984   hit their car)
             (dau of Harry & Addie Howell)
Jones, Russell R  b.1900  d.1958
       Kathryn Price (his wife)  b.1902  d. ?

Judson, Albert Barnes  b.1889  d.1958
        Frances Brown his wife  b.1894  d.1989

Kaufman, Alfred E  b.1900  d.1983
         Alvreta E (his wife)  b.1902  d.1993
Kaufman, Judson W  b.1872  d.1960
         Laura A (his wife)  b.1883  d.1956

Keach, Charles Henry  b.1923  d. ?
Keach, Dorothy M Depew  b.1905  d.2001 (Sister of Charles)
Keach, Martha E  b.1886  d.1918 *
Keach, Seymour Lewis  b.1884  d.1979
       Lucy Smith (his wife)  b.1883  d.(1-16)-1970

Keep, Alice E  b.1865  d.1924
Keep, Anna M  b.1872  d.1960
Keep, Col. Calab  d.12-31-1884 age 77-0-6
Keep, Calab M  b.1891  d.1962
Keep, Caroline  b.1844  d.1924
Keep, Charlotte H  b.1893  d.1897
Keep, Charles M “Father”  b.9-12-1847  d.7-29-1900
      Emma A “Mother” (his wife)  b.1854  d.1932
Keep, Chauncey  d.(6-20-1914) age (61-9-14)
Keep, Herman I  b.1848  d.1920
      Mary Hudson his wife  b.1863  d.1944
Keep, John H  b.1909  d.1961
Keep, Joseph C  b.1850  d.1936
      Zela Allen (his wife)  b.1860  d.1926
Keep, M Adelle  b.1870  d.1959
Keep, Martha F  b.1895  d.1911
Keep, Martin M  b.1846  d.1924
Keep, Gen. Martin  d.5-23-1845 age 70
      Hepsibath his wife  d.11-24-1841 age 63
Keep, M (Martin)M  d.8-21-1894 age 80
      Lavinia B his wife  d.2-4-1887 age 70yr 5mo

Kellogg, Annamae  b.1913  d.1981
Kellogg, Charles L  b.1837  d.1906
         Mary E King his wife  b.1843  d.1925
Kellogg, George M  b.1851  d.1914
         Mary Bush (his wife)  b.1852  d.1917
Kellogg, Ray R “Father”  b.1884  d.1938
         Lena M Kellogg Whithey (his wife) “Mother”  b.1896  d.1966
         Ruth Elaine “Daughter” (their dau)  b.1927  d.1934
Kellogg, Stephen A  b.1871  d.1953
         Coral E (his wife)  b.1882  d.1973
Kellogg, Theodore J  b.1902  d.1988
Kellogg, Theodore J  b.1936  d.2002  Married 6-16-1976
         Carol A his wife  b.1950  d. ?
Kellogg, Theodore R  b.1840  d.1920
         Deborah A (his wife)  b.1842  d.1919

Kellog-Mix, Margery J  b.12-15-1934  d.4-14-2000

Kelley, Allen  b.1892  d.1894
Kelly,  Carl E  b.1898  d.1969
Kelley, Donald L  b.1-19-1930  d.7-24-1993  CPL US ARMY KOREA
Kelly,  Floyd L  b.1914  d.1993
        Ruth E (his wife)  b.1920  d.1986
Kelley, Ivan S  b.1895  d.1977
Kelley, Lyman S  b.1924  d.1930
Kelley, Mary  b.1899  d.1905
Kelly,  Mary Louise  d.2-8-1907 age 6-6-4
Kelley, Millard F  b.1897  d.1975
        Minnie B (his wife)  b.1904  d.1982
Kelley, Sherman  b.1865  d.1942
        Jessie R (his wife)  b.1870  d.1931

Kennedy, Isaac  b.1831  d.1897
         Susan (his wife)  b.1838  d.1900
Kennedy, L M  b.1830  d.1896

Kepler, George A  b.1870  d.1945
        Christine L (his wife)  b.1873  d. ?
Kepler, John G  b.1806  d.1907

Kerns, Owen S  b.1-14-1949  d.7-17-1996  SP5 US ARMY
       Emily A Eggersdorf his wife b.7-14-1950 d. ?  Married 6-14-1969
Kerns, Robert C Jr  b.7-18-1920  d. ?   Married 8-30-1940
       Flora B his wife  b.3-10-1923  d.2-2-1997

Kerr, Warren D  b.10-11-1910  d.5-25-1964
           PENN TEC4 1592 ENGE UNIT DET WWII
      Ruth Mathews (his wife) b.1926  d.1983

Kimble, Augustus W  b.1829  d.1896
        Martha J his wife  b.1835  d.1922
Kimble, John M  b.7-11-1910  d.10-9-1963  NY LCDR USNR WWII
Kimble, John M  b.1865  d.1958
        Lena M (his wife)  b.1872  d.1958
Kimble, Mary wife of Wm B b.9-28-1821 d.4-17-1879 dau of S&S Miller

Kinard, Jimmy E  b.1958  d.1977

King, Arthur F  b.1885  d.1980
      Helen M (his wife)  b.1883  d.1976
      Margaret their dau  b.1912  d.1913
King, David “Father”  b.1833  d.1923
      Mary A “Mother” (his wife)  b.1846  d.1925
      William David (their son)  b.12-25-1883  d.2-21-1886
King, Earl L  b.1900  d.1980
King, James A  b.1877  d.1949
      Grace B (his wife)  b.1871  d.1948

King, Herbert b  b.1867  d.1951
      Elizabeth (his wife)  b.1865  d.1942
King, Omera L  b.3-11-1836  d.9-2-1906 (killed when hit by train)
      Alvira Hill his wife  b.3-15-1845  d.2-22-1913

Kingsbury, Oliver A  b.1902  d. ?
           Margaret S (his wife)  b.1905  d.1994

Kingsley, Elizabeth Mead “Mother”  b.1835  d.1895

Knapp, Charles E  b.1912  d.1969
       Viviam May (his wife)  b.5-7-1916  d.10-23-1981
       Joyce A (their dau)  b.1941  d.1955
Knapp, Charles E Jr  b.8-28-1935  d.6-23-1997 US MARINE CORPS KOREA
Knapp, James H son of I H? & Rebecca  d.1853 age (eroded off)
Knapp, John A  b.1896  d. ?
       Flossie (his wife)  b.1903  d.1933
Knapp, Robert W  b.1923  d. ?
       Mildred A (his wife)  b.1926  d.1991
Knapp, Sarah E dau of John & Sarah  d.5-19-1874 age 17-6-10
Knapp, Walter W  b.1906  d.1979
       Helen L (his wife)  b.1918  d.?
Knapp, William  b.1828  d.1914
       Augusta Dresser his wife  b.1843  d.1928
Knapp, William J  b.1894  d.1962
       Mary H (his wife)  b.1889  d.1969

Kniepkamp, Hannis  b.1897  d.1955

Koontz, Edna Ross T  b.1904  d.1937

LaBarr, Clifford  b.1905  d.1980
        Helen E (his wife)  b.1912  d.1961
LaBarr, Elizabeth  b.1838  d.1846
LaBarr, Isaac W  d.9-14-1879 age 35-5-2
LaBarr, John K  b.1851  d.1932
        Delia wife of John K LaBar  d.5-1-1877 age 26-2-27
        Sara B his wife  b.1858  d.1942
        Bertie C son of John & Adell  d.4-4-1881 age 4-5-14
LaBarr, Julius  d.12-17-1896 age 80
        Eliza Ann his wife  d. 11-26-1896 age 85

Lafferty, Minnie Sherrer “Mother” b.1871 d.1950 (See Isabel Heller)

Lambert, Benjamin B  b.1822  d.1898
         Jane B Coats his wife  b.1820  d.1908
Lambert, ??? son of C T & B W  b.11-13-1881  d.12-1-1881

Landon, William “Billy”  b.1971  d.1993
Landon, Malcom H “Mac”  b.1939  d.1974
        Thanna B (his wife)  b.1939  d.?
Landon, Robert L  b.1934  d.1982  (Funeral Plaque)

Lanning, Abner A  b.1829  d.1903 *

LaPoint, Arthur D  b.8-12-1929  d.11-14-1999 A1C US AIR FORCE KOREA

Larrow, Henry  b.1928  d.1964

Leahey, Joseph P  b.1926  d.2002
        Barbara S (his wife)  b.1926  d. ?

Lee, George M “Father”  b.1846  d.1911
     Sarah “Mother” (his wife)  b.1855  d.1920

Lefler, Bert E  d.10-10-1894 age 24-3-10

Lemke, Herman F  b.1906  d.1984
       Irmgard (his wife)  b.1914  d.1991
       Herman P (their son)  b.1934  d. ?

Lentz, Pearl B  b.1915  d.1951

Leonard, Anna C  b.1881  d.1905
Leonard, Charles W  b.1865  d.1949
         Hattie L Carr his wife  b.1871  d.1949
         Ann Tacy their dau  b.1891  d.1923
Leonard, Fred F  b.8-23-1897  d.2-19-1990  PFC US ARMY
         Daisy (his wife)  b.1897  d.1975
Leonard, Raymond G  b.11-16-1909  d.10-13-1985  BMI US NAVY WWII
         MaryAnn M (his wife)  b.1903  d.1992

Lindsay, Karen Morris  b.1941  d.1998

Lindvall, Elin S “Sister”  b.1873  d.1959
Lindvall, Henning W  b.1879  d.1962  Hus’ of Edith; Sis’ of Elin
          Edith his wife - no data

Lipschultz, Lillian B  b.1899  d.1971

Locke, Nora “Mother”  b.1878  d.1967

Loring, Carol Louise  b.3-2-1953  d.3-16-1993

Lott, Clifford A  b.7-27-1934  d.9-14-1998  Married 4-28-1956
      Dorothy B (Baker) his wife  b.5-3-1935  d. ?
Lott, Douglas E  b.5-9-1956  d.2-6-2000  Married 10-11-1980
      Pamela A his wife  b.4-25-1961  d. ?
Lott, Edward A “Husband”  b.1901  d.1973
      Gladys M “Wife” (his wife)  b.1907  d.1998
      Barbara “Baby” (their dau)  9-11-1928 only date
Lott, Edward C  b.1932  d. ?
      Flora M (his wife)  b.1927  d. 1975
Lott, Edward P  b.1877  d.1941
      Rose M Lee his wife  b.1875  d.1929
Lott, Mayme M  b.1874  d.1966
      Kathryn S (his wife)  b.1869  d.1952
Lott, Samantha Jo  b.1-24-1991  d.9-11-1997

Louy, Donald I  b.7-18-1926  d.8-2-1990  US ARMY WWII

Lovell, William H  b.1870  d.1911
        Etta M his wife  b.1864  d.1923

Lowell, Leslie J  b.1902  d.1965
        Helen D (his wife)  b.1904  d.1979

Lown, Truman P  b.6-5-1891  d.11-24-1949
      Electa Hunt (his wife)  b.3-11-1893  d. ?

Lynch, Roger  b.1888  d.1966
       Mary E (his wife)  b.1886  d.1975

Mackey, Joseph  b.1820  d.1888
        Jane E Smith his wife  b.1835  d. 1918

Madorsky, Dale L  b.6-13-1964  d.2-9-1993

Mahoney, Richard A  b.6-17-1933  d.10-19-1992
         Patricia S (his wife)  b.3-16-1937  d. ?
         Marlene “Daughter” (their dau) 2-14-1956 only date
         William P “Son” (their son)  b.3-23-1972  d.7-30-1995

Mains, Darius E  b.1878  d.1963
Mains, David E  b.1876  d.1967
       Cora P (his wife)  b.1880  d.1939

Manning, Augustus W  b.1836  d.1900
         Ann Eliza LaBar his wife  b.1839  d.1924
Manning, John T  b.1904  d.1985
         Ruth B (his wife)  b.1895  d.1979
Manning, Judge H  b.1856  d.1927
         Ella D his wife  b.1859  d.1932

Manning, Lena M Spaulding wife of Benjamin J  b.1878  d.1904
Manning, Thompson  b.1840  d.1909
         Lilie L Jaquish his wife  b.1859  d.1932

Marou?, Edward  d.6-21-1888 age 21-0-5

Marshall, Homer  b.1886  d.1942
          Eunice L (his wife)  b.1887  d.1981

Martin, Aaron M  b.1852  d. 1909
        Cora E Rogers his wife  b.1863  d.1925
Martin, Alburtus F  b.1898  d.1906
Martin, Almont M  b.1904  d.1963
Martin, Archer Delmer  b.1838  d.1897
        Sarah A Bump his wife  b.1844  d.1920
Martin, Daniel O  b.1862  d.1934
        Lorena E (his wife)  b.1863  d.1949
Martin, Ivah F  b.1900  d.1962
        Clell I (his wife)  b.1897  d.1961
Martin, J Reeves “Father”  b.1849  d.1896
        Addie “Mother” (his wife)  b.1853  d.1911
Martin, J Reeve  b.1890  d.1948
        Grace W (his wife)  b.1890  d.1966
Martin, Marquis L  b.1846  d.1928
        Emma Burt his wife  b.1850  d.1926
Martin, Myron “Brother”  b.1880  d.1903
Martin, Oliver W  b.1879  d.1941
        Kateura L (his wife)  b.1884  d. ?
Martin, Peter O  b.1854  d.1908
        Ella his wife  b.1855  d.1931
Martin, Russell S  b.1908  d.1984
        Eleanor A (his wife)  b.1911  d. ?

Mathews, Clyde H  b.1900  d.1962
         Ann M (his wife)  b.1902  d.1974
Mathews, E Grant  b.1898  d.1955
         Edna Wilson (his wife)  b.1892  d.1968
Mathews, Elmer  b.9-9-1828  d.1-13-1892
Mathews, Fred F  b.1903  d.1986
         Anna A (his wife)  b.1905  d.1996
Mathews, George C  b.1854  d.1934
         Sarah (Bowers)(his wife)  b.1867  d.1939
         [Karen Dickson writes: "Through Sarah Bowers we can trace back
          to John Alden & Priscilla Mullens of the Mayflower group.
          Sarah Olive Bowers' parents were Gilbert J. Bowers &
          Mary Kingsley.  Mary's father was Harmon Kingsley & the
          line goes back thru the Redfields, Peabodys & Grinells to
          Elizabeth Alden, who was dau to the forementioned John Alden."]

Mathews, George W  b.7-17-1830  d.(01-21-1918)
         Clara his wife  b.5-10-1829  d.7-17-1897
            Dau of Abram/Catharine Carley
Mathews, Gilbert  b.5-1-1835  d.(8-22-1926)
         Henriette his wife  b.10-10-1841  d. ?
Mathews, Milford  d.11-19-1912 age 93-9-25
Mathews, Samuel H  b.1878  d.1963
         Margaret K (his wife)  b.1880  d.1971

Mattison, Diantha L  b.5-25-1829  d.3-5-1887
Mattison, Frank N  b.9-26-1855  d.10-27-1887
Mattison, Lewis Howard  d.8-3-1915 age 3-1-11
Mattison, Sarah L  b.2-18-1853  d.8-5-1889

Mazourek, Rachel Jean  b.1979  d.1979 (Funeral Plaque) *

McCarty, Burr  b.1865  d.1946
McCarty, Laverne H  b.1865  d.1942

McClary, Mary Myers  b.1845  d.1908

McConnell, Joyce Ann - no data *
McConnell, Mathew - no data  CO I 4TH NYHA

McDonald, Elizabeth M  b.1926 only date
McDonald, Mary L  b.1916  d.1923
McDonald, Percy  b.1885  d.1968
          Helen (his wife)  b.1887  d.1973

McNetton, Alexander  b.8-16-1831  d.10-8-1907
          Mary Bell his wife  b.4-1-1839  d.3-8-1908
          George A their son  b.9-8-1882  d.11-28-1895
McNetton, Edward  b.1866  d.1920
McNetton, Elizabeth  b.1871  d.1917

Mead, Edwin D  b.1829  d.1906
      Theodotia C (or G) his wife  b.5-13-1834  d.12-30-1857
      Nancie E his wife  b.1838  d.1903
      Theodore T Swan son of Edward & Theo’ d.9-13-1875 age 17-8-15
Mead, Garwood J  b.3-18-1831  d.2-7-1920
      Esther M Morehouse his wife  b.5-21-1836  d.3-21-1882
Mead, Rev. John Calvin D.D.-LL.D.  b.1859  d.1936
      Madge Lansing his wife  b.1868  d.1939
Mead, Silas M  b.1863  d. ?
      Cora R Rolfe his wife  b.1867  d.1913
      Iva G their dau  b.1889  d.1927

Merrick, Daniel  b.1873  d.1946
Merrick, Laura  b.1865  d.1904

Messig, Charles F  b.5-10-1920  d.1-17-2000  US ARMY WWII
        Kathryn B (his wife)  b.1922  d. ?
Messig, Robert G  d.1953 age infant

Meyers, Hannah  b.1867  d.1952
Meyers, Willard H  b.1901  d.1971
        Mary A (his wife)  b.1893  d.1969
        Willard Eugene their son  b.1930  d.1934

Mickel, Grace E dau of Luther & Eva  b.5-12-1905  d.3-9-1907
Mickel, Herbert  b.1891  d.1981
        Nellie W (his wife)  b.1890  d.1978
Mickel, Silas N  b.1854  d.1928
        Emma B Lewis his wife  b.1860  d.1909
        Nancy Gibbs wife of Silas  b.1851  d.1919
Mickel, ???  son of Glenn & May  d.1903 age infant

Miller, Aaron B  b.10-24-1830  d.8-3-1884
        Mary E Burlew his wife  b.4-27-1837  d.1-24-1915
Miller, Adrian C  b.1920  d. ?
        Diana D (his wife)  b.1923  d.1998
Miller, Andrew Demott  b.1869  d.1926
Miller, Donald  b.1914  b.1934
Miller, Ernest L b.1886  d.1952
        May L (his wife)  b.1890  d.1971
Miller, James V  b.1837  d.1894
        M Adell Keep his wife  b.1840  d.1867
        Mary E Mead his wife  b.1835  d.1917
        Luella E dau of James V & Mary E  b.1873  d.1889
Miller, Joseph E  b.1875  d.1947
        Nina Belle (his wife)  b.1895  d.1973
Miller, Joy L  b.1953  d.1961
Miller, Margaret dau of Robert W & Laura W  d.1-29-1948 age ?
Miller, Rachel B dau of Joseph & Jane Coats d.2-18-1849 age 35-4-24
Miller, Samuel  b.12-11-1798  d.10-5-1857
        Salletty his wife  b.10-14-1801  d.11-23-1869
Miller, Sarah Isabel  d.8-5-1889 age 36
Miller, Wayne A “Son”  b.1959  d.1980

Mills, Charles J  b.1886  d.1918
Mills, Dorothy C “Mother”  b.1902  d.2000 (mother of John Mitchell)
Mills, Elizabeth  b.1880  d.1958
Mills, Henry F  b.3-15-1843  d.11-4-1933
       Mary Owen his wife  d.5-24-1894 age 38

Milspaugh, Ervin  d.(9-29-1923) age (78-1-13)
           Hannah M his wife  d.7-11-1900 age 65

Mitchell, John C “Son”  b.1929  d.1997 (son of Dorothy Mills)

Mix, Barbara J  b.1958  d.1960
Mix, Charles S  b.1957  d.1957
Mix, John F  b.3-20-1926  d.12-7-1981  PFC US ARMY WWII
Mix, Pauline N  b.4-6-1933  d.1-3-1996

Monroe, John M  b.1896  d.1982
        Charlotte R (his wife)  b.1902  d.1992

Moore, K George  b.1952  d.1982

Morgan, Arney A  b.1904  d.1995
        Eva M (his wife)  b.1912  d.1973

Morris, A Judson  b.1835  d.1918
        Mary Janette his wife  b.1848  d.1937
Morris, Albert C  b.1875  d.1916
Morris, Andrew W  b.9-20-1834  d.11-1-1908
        Caroline Smith his wife  d.2-7-1881 age 43yr 8mo
        Leonora Vaughn his wife  b.6-12-1851  d.9-1-1946
Morris, Ann C  d.4-17-1878 age 78
Morris, Benjamin  d.2-11-1883 age 36yr 4mo
Morris, Cornelia dau of Benjamin L/Georgianna  d.6-18-1877 age 3
Morris, Dorothy J  b.1920  d.1989
Morris, Ellen  d.2-20-1889 age 9-6-27
Morris, Ephraim  b.1-30-1799  d.10-21-1882
Morris, George H  b.1878  d.1968
Morris, Isaac b.1863  d.1907
        Frances E Bodle (his wife) b.1863 d.1907 (see Loeser Bodle)
        Ursula V his wife  b.4-21-1843  d.11-29-1894
        Isaac E son of Isaac & Frances  b.3-9-1900  d.4-16-1900
Morris, J Burge  b.1879  d.1962
        Katharine McCarthy his wife  b.1886  d.1938
        Katherine their dau  d.11-24-1907 age 10d
Morris, Kenneth J  b.1916  d.1932
Morris, Larry H  b.1945  d.1985
Morris, Lawrance Hollier  b.1906  d.1984
Morris, Leilla  d.10-6-1884 age 3
Morris, Mary Bradley  b.1882  d.1973
Morris, Robert G  b.1925  d.1992
        Jean (his wife)  b.1927  d. ?

Moser, David H Jr.  b.1927  d.1990  Married 4-23-1948
       Evelyn A his wife  b.1930  d.1998

Mosher, Dennis L “Son”  b.1949  d.1966
Mosher, Francis R  b.1918  d. ?
        Sue M (his wife)  b.1922  d.1988
Mosher, Grace Mains  b.1908  d.1966
Mosher, Jordan Robert  7-29-1993 only date
Mosher, Marvin G  b.10-8-1951  d.12-22-1952

Mowat, Alexander  b.1888  d.1955

Mowry, Earl G  b.1896  d.1967
       Nellie M (his wife)  b.1894 d.1974
Mowry, Marshall  11-20-1966 only date

Mulligan, George Hall  b.1859  d.1939
          Abby Elizabeth his wife  b.1869  d.1949  [nee Usher - sister of Bela Usher also buried here.]
Mulligan, Joseph  b.12-26-1834  d.3-24-1863
          Elizabeth Loveless his wife  b.5-16-1839  d.9-19-1892
Mulligan, William King  b.1861  d.1922
          Martha Coon his wife  b.1861  d.1932
          Joseph their son  b.2-9-1891 d.8-30-1891

Myers, Jacob  b.1792  d.1867
       Permelia M “Mother” (his wife)  b.1816  d.1896

Neal, Richard W  b.1868  d.1929
      Alpha E Everts his wife  b.1865  d.1917

Nevin, Brian Coats  b.1927  d.1999
Nevin, Charles Merrick  b.1892  d.1975
       Ruth N Coats (his wife)  b.1889  d.1986

Newton, Pearl Bush “Our Mother”  b.1904  d.1929

Nichols, Earl R  b.1878  d. ?
         Lena B Hill his wife  b.1877  d.1942
Nichols, Harry I  b.1878  d.1961
         Alice G (his wife)  b.1883  d.1955

Nivison, Mary W  d.7-9-1890 age 26
Nivison, Nelson  b.5-27-1816  d.7-14-1893
         Catharine (Cox) Colegrove his wife b.9-22-1822 d.7-29-1908
         Carrie L their dau  d.3-13-1857 age 1-1-17
         George F their only son  d.1-20-1861 age 2-4-2

Nyberg, Aina G “Mother”  b.1873  d.1958
Nyberg, Carl A  b.1901  d.1978
        Aina M (his wife)  b.1908  d.1999

Nydam, William Russel  b.7-27-1944  d.7-30-1944

Nye, ??? baby boy  d.5-16-1964

Olson, Bertha K “Mother”  b.1901  d.1973
Olson, Kurt b.8-30-1924  d.9-27-1993  TEC 5 US ARMY WWII

Osborn, B C  b.1813  d.1891
        Belinda his wife  b.1816  d.1887
Osborn, I B  b.1853  d.1854

Owen, Clarence S  b.1884  d.1967
      Blanche S (his wife)  b.1890  d.1988
Owen, Jane A - no data
Owen, Wilson - no data

Padbury, Earl E  b.1889  d.1973 (may be Robertson)

Paisley, Lewis  b.1903  d.1918
Paisley, Paul  d.2-26-1907 age 9mo (Twin brother Peter d.5-22-1906
               age 1mo 7d and records said buried “at home”)

Palmer, Harold T  b.1914  d. ?
        Ruth Creighton (his wife)  b.1917  d. ?
Palmer, J Sherman  b.1909  d.1991
        Laura B (his wife)  b.1918  d.1990
Palmer, John Debs  b.1908  d.1962
Palmer, John G  b.1886  d.1958
        Ruth B (his wife)  b.1889  d.1937
Palmer, John DeMill  b.1847  d.1930
        Cynthia (his wife)  b.1847  d.1932
Palmer, Loyal  b.1853  d.1922
        Mary L (his wife)  b.1857  d.1896
Palmer, Mabel Wells  b.1884  d.1947
Palmer, Phillip Burton  b.1877  d.1949

Paranjuk, Anton  b.1917  d. ?
          Maria (his wife)  b.1922  d.1985

Parker, Lewis W “Father”  b.1-10-1928  d.3-13-1984

Parlett, Edward F  b.1905  d.1970
         Florence E (his wife)  b.1911  d. ?
Parlett, Robert Christopher  b.3-7-1974  d.3-9-1974
Parlett, Robert F  b.1929  d.1980
         Pearle E (his wife)  b.1928  d. ?

Parsons, Thomas W  b.7-4-1803  d.3-16-1895
         Louisa L Baker his wife  b.10-14-1804  d.5-12-1884
         Asa their son  b.4-13-1834  d.9-14-1847
         David (their son)  b.1830  d.1907
         John T their son  b.3-10-1828  d.5-31-1853
         Sarah J (their dau)  b.1826  d.1910
Parsons, Truman  b.2-23-1832  d.4-28-1918
         Esther L Bloomer his wife  b.6-25-1833  d.3-27-1900
Parsons, William D  b.1844  d.1937
         Nancy A (his wife)  b.1848  d.1936

Partello, Clarence W  b.1874  d.1958 (Burdett barber for years)
          Florence C his wife  b.1869  d.1936
           (dau of Peter & Maria Coats)
Partello, Violet F  b.1899  d.1970

Patterson, Duane F  b.1912  d.1979 (son of Geo’ & Jeanetta)
           Bessie I (his wife)  b.1917  d.1984
           [Terri Everts Camp writes: "George & Jeanetta did have a son
            named Duane, but this is not the same Duane Patterson who is
            buried in Hector Union Cemetery next to his wife Bessie.  Duane
            & Bessie Simpson Patterson were the son & dau-in-law of Frank Robert
            & Lena Adella Patterson buried nearby (see below). I know this to be
            true because Duane & Bessie were my father's uncle and aunt; Frank &
            Lena were my father's grandparents.  Duane Patterson's sister is also
            buried in this cemetery; she is Nora Lucy Patterson Swick Everts.
            Nora was my grandmother."]

Patterson, Ella Thompson  b.1859  d.1934
Patterson, Frank R  b.1872  d. ?
           Lena A (his wife)  b.1881  d. ?
Patterson, George Broderick  b.1853  d.1945
           Jeanetta (Nettie) Thompson (his wife) b.1856  d.1923
           George B Jr. (their son)  b.1887  d.1898
Patterson, Helen L “Deno”  b.1943  d.1992
Patterson, Schuyler Colfax  b.1879  d.1958 (son of Geo’ & Jeanetta)
           Florence Lamb (his wife)  b.1877  d.1958
Patterson, Schuyler George  b.1905  d.1971
           Mary Young (his wife)  b.1909  d.1990

Pearsall, E Belle Auble wife of W M  b.1873  d.1920

Perry, James  b.1829  d.1901 *

Peterson, George F  b.1881  d.1960
          Hilda R (his wife)  b.1884  d.1971
Peterson, Herbert A  b.12-28-1912  d.8-8-1972  NY PFC US ARMY WWII

Pettengill, Floyd H  b.1893  d.1970
            Edna L (his wife)  b.1896  d.1970

Phelps, Asa C  b.1856  d.1926
        Catherine his wife  b.1862  d.1940
Phelps, Donald L  b.1917  d.1994
        Florence H (Howard)(his wife)  b.1918  d.1988

Phillips, Charles E – dates buried
          Aldah Hagerty his wife  b.1854  d.1919

Pike, Charles H  b.1915 d.1977   Married 8-3-1940
      Cynthia H (his wife)  b.1918  d.1995
Pike, Charles John  8-26-1949 only date
Pike, Clarence C  b.1883  d.1962
      Minnie his wife  b.1888  d.1940
Pike, Hiram C  b.1845  d.1927
      Lucinda his wife  b.1850  d.1932
Pike, Leon J  b.1907  d.1999
      Ruth H  b.1914  d.1983

Pinneer, Olin A  b.1899  d.1965
         Ruby J (his wife)  b.1893  d.1967

Pond, Genevieve J Wyckoff “Dau”  b.1903  d.1992
                dau of E Louise Smith Wyckoff

Porter, Edgar H  b.1920  d. ?
        Elizabeth M (his wife)  b.1921  d.1992
        Larry M (their son)  b.1946  d.1966

Potter, Charles L  b.1903  d.1982
        Lela M (his wife)  b.1902  d.1966
Potter, Ella S  b.1875  d.1943

Potts, Clarence E  b.1926  d.1994  US NAVY
       Winifred J his wife  b.1924  d.1996
Potts, Clarence S  b.1892  d.1918
Potts, Clyde H  b.1896  d.1966
Potts, David S  b.1854  d.1919
       Sarah J (his wife)  b.1855  d.1926
Potts, Dorothy  b.2-14-1922  d.2-17-1922
Potts, Fred D  b.1890  d.1969
       Mabel A (his wife)  b.1890  d.1971
Potts, Nellie I  b.1894  d.1988

Pound, Harold J  b.1905  d.1963
       Beatrice K (his wife)  b.1910  d.1991
Pound, Nathan G  b.1903  d.1965
Pound, Nelson  b.1876  d.1934

Power, David F  b.1860  d.1936

Pragel, Viviam E  b.2-23-1896  d.6-22-1946 *

Pratt, Adelle Wood wife of Llewellyn A Pratt  b.1832  d.1908
               dau of Gen. Willim B and Eliza Carson Wood
Pratt, James F  b.1927  d.1986
       Helen M (his wife)  b.1930  d. ?
Pratt, Mary W  b.4-2-1865  d.6-2-1956
Pratt, Steven J  b.1-4-1948  d.9-30-1995  US ARMY VIETNAM
Pratt, William E  b.1869  d.1946
       Sarah F his wife  b.1867  d.1934

Price, Flora Shero  b.1895  d.1993
Price, Levi Littell  b.1872  d.1953
       Ethel Litteer (his wife)  b.1875  d.1945
Price, T Otis  b.1899  d.1959

Probst, Norman L Jr.  b.12-10-1923  d.6-4-1993  PFC US ARMY WWII

Proper, Charles E  b.1905  d.1969
        Margaret E (his wife)  b.1909  d.1988
Proper, Chauncey  b.1866  d.1937
        Ada H his wife  b.1872  d.1928
Proper, George W  b.1895  d.1930

Purdy, Elias A  b.1834  d.1910
       Sidna Allen his wife b.1833  d.1896

Quick, James V Jr.  b.1933  d.1985
Quick, Lula B  b.1916  d.1985

Rae, Chester B  b.4-6-1912  d.12-14-1944
Rae, George H “Brother”  b.1908  d.1988
Rae, Rev. Harry  b.11-1-1881  d.7-10-1971
Rae, Marion T  b.1876  d.1944

Ramer, Howard L  b.1905  d. ?
       Hope Williams his wife  b.1904  d.1968

Rapalee, David T  b.1954 d.1981
Rapalee, Grace Roberts  b.1912  d.1993 (Next to John J Roberts)
Rapalee, Mary E  b.4-29-1920  d.6-27-1970 *
Rapalee, Tracy  b.3-22-1917  d.4-28-1984  T SGT US ARMY WWII *

Rarrick, Edwin S  b.5-2-1895  d.1-10-1963
                NY CPL 312 ENGR TRAIN 87 DIV WWI
Rarrick, H Emily  b.4-12-1894  d.7-27-1987

Rathbun, Elmo J  b.1912  d. ?
         Daisy M (his wife)  b.1905  d. ?
         Verna M (their dau)  b.(2-21)-1935  d.(3-5)-1935
Rathbun, Jerome “Father”  b.1856  d.1931
         Laura K “Mother” (his wife)  b.1862  d.1934
Rathbun, Julia A Barton wife of H S Rathbun  b.1824  d.1901

Reams, Myrtle E  b.1915  d.1974

Redner, Norma C  b.1882  d. ?
Redner, Peter  b.1847  d.1918
Redner, Susan H  b.5-15-1836  d.3-18-1905
Redner, Walter Percy  d.4-3-1917 age 18d

Reed, Harvey N “Father”  b.1874  d.1948
      Ellen E “Mother” (his wife)  b.1878  d. ?
Reed, Henry E (Eugene)  b.1898  d.(10-31)-1934

Reynolds, Charles W  b.1849  d.1850
Reynolds, George R  b.1866  d.1919
          Addie L Hill his wife  b.1874  d.1950
          George Jr. (their son) 1910 only date
Reynolds, Hiram  b.1825  d.1910
Reynolds, Rev. James  d.8-15-183(5?) age ?-4-29
          ???? his wife  d.12-28-1842 age 66

Reynolds, Maj. James M  b.1842  d.1909  10 REGT NY VOL CAV
          Helen Nivison his wife  b.1845  d.1926
Reynolds, John B  b.1862  d.1949
          Lida A (his wife)  b.1869  d.1942
Reynolds, John H  b.1910  d.1975
          Elaine C (his wife)  b.1908  d. ?
Reynolds, Rowena  b.1854  d.1854
Reynolds, Samuel H “Father”  b.1824  d.1893
          Emma M “Mother” (his wife)  b.1835  d.1915
Reynolds, William B “Father”  b.1834  d.1921
          Maximilla his wife “Mother”  b.2-10-1842  d.2-11-1902
Reynolds, William H  b.1813  d.1894
          Ealeanor Nivison his wife  b.1819  d.1850
          Martha M Lacy his wife b.1824  d.1910
          Silas son of W H & M M  d.2-19-1861 age 3

Rhynehart, Carl  b.1899  d.1969  (Funeral Plaque) *
Rhynehart, E Maude  b.1895  d.1976
Rhynehart, Helen Edna  b.1924  d.1937

Rice, Linda Kellogg  b.1949  d.1994

Rinker, Frank  b.1902  d.1981
        Alma M Knapp (his wife)  b.1915  d. ?
Rinker, Mary L  b.1939  d.2001

Ritz, Edward A  b.1910  d. ?
      Ella L (his wife)  b.1914  d.2000

Robbins, D  b.1917  d.1984
Robbins, Paul G  b.1886  d.1966
         Grace E (his wife)  b.1891  d.1962
Robbins, William H  b.1914  d.1969

Roberts, John J  b.1904  d.1959  (See Grace Rapalee)

Robertson, Glenn D  b.1905  d.1983
           Doris M (his wife)  b.1911  d.1973
Robertson, Harry F b.7-31-1922 d.2-19-1999 PFC US ARMY AIR CORPS WWII
           Dorothy R his wife  b.1921  d. ?    Married 10-24-1942
Robertson, Newton  b.1832  d.1915
           Martha E Luce his wife  b.1848  d.1920
Robertson, Newton L  b.1881  d.1961
           Allie M (his wife)  b.1885  d.1965
           Grant (their son)  b.1914  d.1917
Robertson, Ward  b.1879  d.1955
           Mary M Allen his wife  b.1880  d.1925

Robinson, George W  b.1887  d.1966
          Jennie L (his wife)  b.1890  d.1951
Robinson, Myrtle C  b.1902  d.1990
Rogers, Adella Ann  b.1860  d.1944
Rogers, Fred W  b.1885  d.1951
        M Edla (his wife)  b.1874  d.1949
Rogers, Jay W  b.1857  d.1919
        Ida E (his wife)  b.1858  d.1929
Rogers, J D  b.1817  d.1900
        Sarah H his wife  b.1826  d.1899
Rogers, R P  b.1822  d.1912
        Elizabeth C his wife  b.1827  d.1897
        Olive their dau  b.1853  d.1863

Rolfe, Leon J  b.1909  d.1971
       Clara E (his wife)  b.1918  d. ?

Rosencrans, Ira b.4-5-1824  d.9-2-1905
            Sarah Elizabeth his wife  b.8-5-1835  d.2-17-1888

Rosekrans, Edger T  b.1854  d.1942
           Christina his wife  b.1855  d.1924

Ross, Addie Ellen  b.1871  d.1964
Ross, Vernon V  b.8-21-1917  d.7-9-1935

Ruiz, Edward M “Grandpa”  b.1916  d.1998
Ruiz, Gennie W “Wife & Mother”  b.1907  d.1979
Ruiz, Joseph A M  b.6-19-1908  d.3-5-1971  NY TEC 4 US ARMY WWII

Rumsey, Lena L  b.12-26-1931  d.12-7-2000
Rumsey, Linford J  b.2-10-1911  d.5-15-1993
        Leona E (his wife)  b.6-13-1913  d.5-14-2000

Russell, Harold E Sr.  b.11-5-1926  d.9-1-1989
         Pauline J (his wife)  b.10-6-1934  d.12-28-1995

Sackett, John C  d.3-17-1896 age 74-3-11
         Rebecca A his wife  d.12-14-1891 age 65-11-2
Sackett, John Egbert  b.1879  d.1955
         Nellie Mathews his wife  b.1883  d.1952
Sackett, Philo  d.10-12-1863 age 75-4-0
         Gratia (his wife)  d.9-10-1869 age 82-7-24
Sackett, Roland  d.6-27-1913 age stillborn
Sackett, Seneca D  b.1852  d.1910
         Lucy B (his wife)  b.1851  d.1937
Sackett, Susie  b.1882  d.1968
Sackett, Willis P  b.1855  d.1925
         Myrtie Elliott his wife  b.1860  d.1910

Sampson, Herbert  b.1908  d.1977

Saylor, William H  b.1831  d.1907
        Maria Coats his wife  b.1835  d.1918
         (first husband was Peter A Coats)

Schmidt, Elmer Charles  b.1902  d.1992
         Alice Coon (his wife)  b.1904  d.1999

Scott, F Eugene  b.1854  d. ?
       Clara Adell his wife  b.1861  d.1898
Scott, Jennie  b.1776  d.2-17-1844 age 68
Scott, Margaret  b.1801  d.3-1-1886 age 85

Scovell, Dr. Nathan  6-5-1789  d.2-9-1874
         Hannah his wife  d.2-23-1854 age 60-3-17
         Elizabeth their dau  d.2-13-1829 age 1-5-15

Searles, Aaron  b.1816  d.1909
         Susan E his wife  b.1842  d.1914
Searles, Elmer J  b.1876  d.1962
         Amy E his wife  b.1888  d.1979
Searles, Marjorie Leonard wife of Charles Searles J  b.1915  d.2001
Searles, Ward E  b.1915  d.1998   Married 6-5-1942
         Anna E his wife  b.1920  d.1994

Secor, Clyde  b.1909  d.1909
Secor, Daton  b.1840  d.1905
       Eliza A his wife  b.1848  d.1921
Secor, Daton  b.1879  d.1931
       Bertha D (his wife)  b.1881  d.1953

Secord, Craig A  b.1-1-1968  d.5-7-1987
Secord, George W  b.1906  d.1973
        Alice R (his wife)  b.1907  d.1992

Seitz, Clarence E “Ted”  b.5-2-1919  d.8-9-1997
Seitz, Georgia Vann  2-28-1946 only date

Semenuck, Olive A  b.1902  d.1976

Sensel, Edwin G  b.11-5-1924  d.2-18-2001

Shepardson, Louis A  b.1900  d.1956
            Jeanette Schoonmaker (his wife)  b.1907  d.1966
               “Loving Wife and Mother”

Shannon, C Earl  b.1909  d.1967
         Gladys S  b.1911  d. ?
Shannon, Frank P  b.1862  d.1936
         Mary Reynolds (his wife)  b.1863  d.1955
Shannon, Lyle C  b.1888  d.1924
Shannon, Mark  b.9-2-1829  d.7-18-1900
         Helen M Jewell his wife  b.3-17-1842  d.2-25-1898

Sharpe, Jessie  d. ?  (age 3)
Sharpe, Rev. William  b.1832  d.1903
        Rose Altha Patchen his wife  b.1844  d.1920
Sharpe, William V  b.1866  d.1935
        Henrietta Thompson his wife  b.1857  d.1935

Sharpsteen, Smith H  b.5-18-1827  d.5-8-1900
            Julia A his wife  b.11-2-1830  d.11-28-1921

Shelton, Lee  b.5-3-1888 d.7-27-1969 NY PVT 3 CO 153 DEPOT BRIG WWI
         Maude C (his wife)  b.8-15-1888  d.5-19-1980

Sherman, Miner W  d.4-14-1882 age 59
         Jennie dau of Miner W & Eliza A  d.10-14-1878 age 20-6-0

Sherrer, Clarence F  b.1888  d.1958 (son of Sam’ & Sarah)
         Blanche A (his wife)  b.1894  d.1967
Sherrer, Edith E  b.1-23-1915  d.6-26-1989
Sherrer, Ely J  b.1878  d.1948
         Margaret E Hultz his wife  b.1878  d.1968
         John H their son  b.1910  d.1923
Sherrer, Gerald M  b.1923  d.2000
         Phyllis A (his wife)  b.1927  d.1984
Sherrer, Gladys Marion  b.1907  d.1907
Sherer,  Hiram W  b.1891  d.1949
Sherer,  Jay C  b.1871  d. ?
         Elnora D his wife  b.1871  d.1945
Sherrer, Jerry R  b.1950  d. ?
         Judy L (his wife)  b.1953  d. ?
         Baby Boy (their son) d.10-?-1984  Funeral Plaque
Sherrer, John W  b.1836  d.1904
         Linda S Burlingame his wife  b.1842  d.1905
         Ida B their dau  b.1866  d.8-6-1881
Sherrer, Leon J  b.1901  d.1978
         Louise D (his wife)  b.1900 d.1991
Sherrer, Lloyd M  b.3-28-1914  d.2-10-1987  2ND LT US ARMY WII
         Edith E (his wife)  b.1-23-1915  d.6-26-1989
Sherer,  Melisa C  b.1844  d.1932
Sherrer, Samuel R  b.1841  d.1917
         Sarah C (his wife)  b.1850  d.1935
         Frank C (their son) b.1886  d.1919
Sherrer, William J  b.1873  d.1952
         Kathryn Pike (his wife)  b.1875  d.1947
Sherwood, Roxanna M “Mother”  b.1846  d.1906

Shiebler, Arthur M  b.1876  d.1959
          Imogene V his wife  b.1878  d.1961
          Arthur D their son  b.1904  d.1960

Shinkle, Margaret Welch  b.1905  d.1981

Shriner, Myron  b.1856  d.1927
         Marinda Chapman his wife  b.1858  d.1923

Sills, Leslie E  b.1-12-1917  d.9-19-1967  NY TEC 5 US ARMY WWII
       Virginia E (his wife)  b.1922  d. ?

Simmons, Cornelius  b.1843  d.1924
         Elizabeth P (his wife)  b.1846  d.1918
Simmons, Henry D  b.1909  d.1972
         Ada B (his wife)  b.1913  d.1974
Simmons, Richard  b.10-31-1868  d.3-1-1909
Simmons, Robley F  b.1871  d.1942
         Phitena B (his wife)  b.1873  d.1949
Simmons, Warren H  b.1866  d.1924
         Florence E his wife  b.1866  d.1925

Simpson, Alfred L “Snap”  b.1925  d.1985
         Frances L (his wife)  b.1925  d. ?
Simpson, Augustus  b.1868  d.1957
         Amanda B (his wife)  b.1874  d.1961
Simpson, Conrad B  b.1911  d.1980
         Myra L (his wife)  b.1913  d. ?
Simpson, Cynthia C  d.7-29-1914 age 78-8-29
Simpson, Edward W  b.1866  d.1945
         Nettie Chase (his wife)  b.1874  d.1972
Simpson, Eliza Ann  d.7-20-1916 age 89-4-24
Simpson, Elsie C  b.1927  d.1929
Simpson, Frank H  b.1880  d.1949
         Anna May (his wife)  b.1883  d.1945
Simpson, Glen H  b.1896  d.1955
Simpson, Harry A Sr.  b.1912  d.1974
         Edna E (his wife)  b.1914  d.1991
Simpson, Herbert H  b.1873  d.1960
         E Belle (his wife)  b.1878  d.1955
Simpson, Irvin  b.1878  d.1960
         Lillian M (his wife)  b.1881  d.1962
Simpson, Lauren D  b.1893  d.1972
         Margaret G (his wife)  b.1890  d.1959
Simpson, Mary D – no data
Simpson, Maude Arnold (See Stanley Arnold)
Simpson, Milton Theodore  d.3-5-1915 age 2mo 15d

Simpson, Raymond F son of Fred & Susie  b.1899  d.1920
         (Large stone with no names on lot for Raymond)
Simpson, Thelma Bell  d.3-4-1907 age 2-5-20
Simpson, William  d.3-25-1888 age 69

Sinclair, Zillah B Reynolds wife of John B  b.1862  d.1941

Sirrene, Alma Sill  b.1875  d.1939 *
Sirrene, Claude H  b.1891  d.1970
         Ethel E (his wife)  b.1901  d.1993
Sirrene, Oscar  b.1846  d.1922
         Olive A his wife  b.1850  d.1914
         Anna Sue (their dau)  b.1873  d.1959

Skilling, Theodore R  b.1-11-1904  d.11-19-1984  married 6-20-1943
          Florence S his wife  b.11-13-1914  d.12-19-1996

Slaght, Bertha E  b.1876  d.1966

Slater, David G  b.1909  d.1982
        Hannah L (his wife)  b.1909  d.2001
Slater, Wm David son of Harry & Caroline  b.1-22-1955  d.8-28-1986

Sloan, James R  b.12-1-1819  d.12-2-1901
       Anna M Hill his wife  b.7-9-1829  d.1-28-1907

Slocum, Edith B “Mother” (wife of Clyde Slocum)  b.1913  d.1991
              (1ST husband was Herman Switzer)
Slocum, Grace  (See Grace Dunham)
Slocum, Connie Mae “Daughter” b.1958  d. ?  (dau of Edith & Clyde)

Smith, A J “Father”  b.5-4-1832  d.10-15-1891 *
       Cristine “Mother” (his wife)  b.1835  d.1904 *
Smith, Ada Sherman  d.2-24-1890 age 20-3-20
Smith, Albert A  b.1849  d.1923
       Viola Mickel his wife  b.1854  d.1915
Smith, Albert C  b.1891  d.1966
Smith, Albert H  b.1858  d.1932
       Norma H dau of Albert H & Della H  b.11-27-1900 d.9-26-1902
Smith, Bela C  b.1-2-1829  d.2-23-1908
       Elizabeth N Osborn his wife  b.2-12-1837  d.2-15-1906
Smith, Candace  b.1829  d.1857
Smith, Clarence E  b.1888  d.1958
       Orpha Jane (his wife)  b.1892  d.1981
Smith, Charles R “Father” b.1870  d.1939
       Effie F “Mother” (his wife)  b.1872  d.1945
Smith, Claude A  b.5-5-1892  d.2-22-1966
       Mamie A (his wife)  b.10-12-1893  d.11-14-1961
Smith, Clifford L  b.7-18-1907  d.11-18-1978 PVT US ARMY WWII
       Celina D (his wife)  b.1917  d. ?

Smith, Della S  b.12-28-1882  d.4-10-1909  Funeral Plaque
Smith, Elihu  b.4-20-1831  d.11-6-1899  CO D 16 PENN CAV
Smith, Elmer L  b.1847  d.1875
Smith, Ely  b.1866  d.1954
       Cora E Simpson his wife  b.1871  d.1940
Smith, George Reed  b.1872  d.1931
       Anna Mead his wife  b.1867  d.1946
Smith, Harry C  b.1889  d.1972
       Flora M (his wife)  b.1894  d.1938
Smith, Henry M  b.1888  d.1970
       Della S (his wife)  b.1885  d.1962
Smith, Hollen C  b.1861  d.1921
       Tirzah Todd (his wife)  b.1863  d.1945
Smith, Horace W  b.1835  d.1909
       Maretta R Becker his wife  b.1833  d.1908
       Georgia A their dau  d.10-7-1879 age 15
Smith, Jabez E  b.1911  d.1983
       Ruth L (his wife)  b.1912  d.1997
Smith, Jabez S  b.1-26-1842  d.9-7-1927
       Susan Adelaide Janes his wife  b.2-27-1846  d.11-3-1930
Smith, James C  b.1905  d.1990
       May G (his wife)  b.1910  d.1984
Smith, Jane  d.4-10-1891 age 87-8-6
Smith, Joe C  b.1875  d.1904
Smith, Joseph C  b.7-10-1833  d.3-14-1882
       Margaret J his wife  b.7-28-1836  d.11-7-1885
       Carrie A their dau  b.4-20-1867  d.8-29-1872
Smith, Lewis B  b.8-9-1875  d.7-9-1897
Smith, Lewis I  b.1926  d.1998  Married 2-2-1949
       Mary B his wife  b.1929  d. ?
Smith, Margaret E  b.1906  d.1968
Smith, Marilyn Halena  b.1977  d.1995
Smith, Marjorie L Dunbar wife of Hollen  b.1921  d.1959
Smith, Mark Joseph  b.1891  d.1955
       Margaret Oaks (his wife)  b.1891  d.1967
Smith, Maude I  b.10-25-1914  d.5-18-1916
Smith, Minnie E  b.1886  d.1958
Smith, Osborn  b.1861  d.1943
       Carrie M Stillwell his wife  b.1866  d.1930
            (dau of John F Stilwell)
Smith, Raymond L  b.9-11-1930  d.6-24-1977  CPL US ARMY KOREA
       Joan M (his wife)  b.1938  d. ?
Smith, Rexford R  b.1918  d.1995
       Dorothy W (his wife)  b.1923  d. ?
Smith, Richard E  b.1805  d.1890
       Sally (Livingstone) his wife  b.1806  d.1872
Smith, Richard E  b.1897  d.1969  [death date confused with Richard M. Smith's?]
       Bertha G (his wife)  b.1898  d.1982
       [Doug Rumsey sends info from Soc Sec Death Index:
        Richard E. SMITH b: 02 Feb 1898  d: Jan 1972 in Burdett, Schuyler,NY
        Burial: Hector Union Cem., Burdett, Schuyler, NY
        + Bertha (GROVER) SMITH b: 01 Nov 1898 in Newfield or Cayuta, NY
        m: 11 Dec 1916 in Ovid, Seneca, NY d: Jun 1982 in Burdett, Schuyler,NY
       Burial: Hector Union Cem., Burdett, Schuyler, NY]
Smith, Richard M  b.1898  d.1972
Smith, Ruth E  b.1907  d.1982

Smith, Samuel W  b.1826  d.1899  CO D 103 NY VOL
       Sophia (his wife)  b.2-24-1827  d.2-18-1892
       Winfield their son  d.1878 age ?-2-12 (unreadable in 2002)
Smith, T Olin “Father”  b.1879  d.1900 (See Mary DeHayes)
Smith, Thomas S  b.3-4-1806  d.7-16-1877
       Elizabeth T his wife  b.1809  d.1893

Sniffen, Herman E  b.1867  d.1942
         Mabel C (his wife)  b.1874  d.1972

Snyder, Adam  b.2-25-1826  d.2-7-1907
        Jane E Darling his wife  b.9-30-1829  d.12-31-1910
        Perry their son  d.6-23-1855 age 4mo 1d
Snyder, B O (Benjamin Ogden) d.2-18-1888 age 74
        Sarah S Thompson wife of B O  d.2-25-1881 age 65-8-28
Snyder, George A  b.1852  d.1932
        Annetta A his wife  b.1849  d.1939
        Stewart M their son  b.2-25-1879  d.12-25-1881
Snyder, Peter B  b.1821  d.1903
        Margaret J Tracey his wife  b.1822  d.1861
        ??? their son  b.1855  d.1855

Soule, Addie  b.1852  d.1916
Soule, Fred E  b.1875  d.1966
       Lena R (his wife)  b.1884  d.1971
       Frances their dau  d.1996 age ?
Soule, George A  b.1822  d.1903
       Ada R  b.1823  d.1898
Soule, Harriet M  b.1862  d.1916
Soule, Horace E  b.1845  d.1885
Soule, Oscar  b.1889  d.1944
       Margaret Strong (his wife)  b.1889  d.1936
Soule, Oscar K  b.1917  d.1992
       Agnes M (his wife)  b.1904  d.1983

Spaulding, Alberta  b.1875  d.1938
Spaulding, Barton Jay  b.5-25-1944  d.1-16-1996
Spaulding, Jeffrey D  b.1940  d.1965
Spaulding, Max V  b.1917  d.2001
           Ida C (his wife)  b.1920  d. ?
Spaulding, Oliver C  b.1916  d. ?
           Helen M (his wife)  b.1918  d. ?
Spaulding, Oliver D  b.1882  d.1962
           Edna V (his wife)  b.1882  d.1966

Spear, Fanny Rosencrans  b.2-20-1861  d.1-7-1939
           (on Ira Rosencrans stone)

Specchio, Francis  b.1912  d.1983
          Edith E (his wife)  b.1913  d.1988

Spielman, Leona May  d.7-23-1924 age 1-0-10

Stalter, David G  b.1909  d.1982
         Hannah L (his wife)  b.1909  d.2001
Stalter, Wm David son of Harry & Caroline  b.1-22-1955  d.8-28-1986

Steiner, Albert - no data
         Gertrude (his wife) d.(4-27-1930) age (69-5-27)

Stephens, Emily Graham Donnelly wife of John Buell Stephens
                b.7-24-1873  d.2-24-1938

Sterling, H A  d.4-16-1888 age 27

Stevens, Louise dau of S S & Mary Scovell Stevens  1863 only date
Stevens, Oscar B  b.1893  d.1982
         Roxana D (his wife)  b.1897  d.1987

Stevenson, Charles E  b.1875  d.1925
           May L (Bush)(his wife)  b.1879  d.1957
Stevenson, William C  b.1908  d.1996  CMMOM US NAVY WWII
           Elizabeth M his wife  b.1910  d. ?    Married 6-3-1931

Stewart, Jonathan  d.3-9-1881 age 78-3-23
         Mary G (or C) his wife  d.10-19-1880 age 77-1-27

Stilwell,  Benjamin F  b.1846  d.1929
           Mary E (his wife)  b.1850  d.1890
Stilwell,  Charles  b.1867  d.1947
           Lena M (his wife)  b.1872  d.1938
Stillwell, David P  b.1836  d.1912
           Nancy J his wife  d.6-14-1889 age 42-1-12
Stillwell, George H  d.10-29-1890 age 53
           Agusta (Howell)(his wife)  b.1844  d.1922
Stillwell, George M (son of John F)  b.1871  d.1956
Stillwell, H Proper  b.1846  d.1910
           Libbie F his wife  b.1851  d.1912
Stilwell,  Harold I  b.1917  d.1984
           Martha C (his wife)  b.1925  d. ?
Stilwell,  Helen Tracy “Mother”  b.1846  d.1928
           John L “Son” (her son)  b.1877  d.1965
Stillwell, Howard P  b.1874 d.1948
Stilwell,  Irving S  b.1886  d.1988
           Mary H (his wife)  b.1894  d.1980
Stilwell,  Jack H  b.1933  d.1986
Stilwell,  James Gray  b.5-21-1896  d.2-18-1972  NY S2 US NAVY WWI

Stilwell,  Joseph H  b.9-19-1915  d.2-2-1962
                    NY CPL ARMY AIR FORCES WWII
Stillwell, Joseph S  b.1844  d.1924
           Carrie Van Doren his wife  b.1860  d.1931
Stilwell,  Melvin C  b.1879  d.1934
           Anna L (his wife)  b.1882  d.1975
Stillwell, Mervin J  b.1879  d.1918  (son of James)
          Myrtle LaBarr his wife  b.1882  d.1951
Stillwell, Ralph E  b.1899  d.1950
           Amy P (his wife)  b.1897  d.1946
Stilwell,  Tracy  b.1872 d.1937
           Edith his wife b.1876 d.1952 (dau of Frank/Clara Eldred)

Stone, D Burr  b.1917  d.1995
       Ann C (his wife)  b.1921  d.1985
Stone, Lemuel W  b.1858  d.1936
       Nancy Coon his wife  b.1862  d.1921
       Clarence L (their son)  b.1886  d.1933
       D Burr M.D. (their son)  b.1882  d.1916
Stone, Walter J  b.1884  d.1928 (son of Lemuel & Nancy)
       Hazel M (his wife)  b.1888  d.1980

Stottle, Harriet A wife of Charles d.9-11-1861 age 21-3-15
             Dau of E & A Wickham

Strader, Aville J  b.1866  d.1948
         Catherine Bement his wife  b.1869  d.1936
Strader, Isaiah B  b.2-1-1895 age 62
         Helen Labar his wife  b.1840  d.1929
Strader, Peter  b.7-9-1828  d.11-25-1899

Stratton, Edgar G  b.2-4-1908  d.4-27-1960
                 NY TEC 5 CO A 743 RY OPR BN TC WWII

Strock, Esther J Wright  b.1910  d.1998 (Wife of Herbert Wright)

Strong, John L  b.1906  d.1967
        Ruth H (his wife)  b.1916  d. ?

Strows, Willis  b.1858  d.1943
        Alice May his wife  b.1870  d.1946

Stugart, Geral W  b.7-5-1925  d.9-2-1955
Stugart, Reuben B  b.1894  d.1975
         Mary M (his wife)  b.1895  d.1962

Sutherland, George F son of W J & Eliza  d.3-20-1880 age 5-4-0
Sutherland, Sarah E wife of Jacob  b.1837  d.1908

Sutphen, Minnie  b.5-17-1869  d.12-4-1909
Sutphen, Peter O  b.9-22-1829  d.1-29-1905
         Jane Jaquish his wife  b.7-18-1829  d.5-8-1906

Sutton, Willard J  b.1886  d.1933

Swancy, John  b.1860  d.1932

Swartout,  Bernardus  b.1861  d.1946
           Edith (his wife)  b.1872  d.1942
Swarthout, Clifford B  b.1904  d.1984
           Henietta S (his wife)  b.1905  d.1974

Swartz, Leroy J Sr.  b.1942  d. ?   Married 9-23-1961
        Emily R his wife  b.1942  d. ?

Swick, Carlton M  b.1931  d. ?
       Jolene West (his wife)  b.1942  d. ?
Swick, Fred  b.1884  d.1950
       Nina S (his wife)  b.1881  d.1963
Swick, John B  d.6-30-1875 age 78
       Sarah his wife  d.2-27-1864 age 73
Swick, Mary  b.1852  d.1895
Swick, Melisa Anna  b.4-1-1987  d.11-1-1989

Switzer, Helen L  b.1914  d.1934  dau of Geo’ & Jessie Beardslee

Taber, Caleman A  b.1890  d.1981
       Lenabel G (his wife)  b.1892  d.1978
Taber, Fred G  b.1870  d.1931
       Erla R (his wife)  b.1869  d.1962
Taber, Grant Conger  b.1919  d.1998
       Margaret C (his wife)  b.1922  d. ?

Tabor, T Lee  b.1923  d. ?
       Shirley H  b.1924  d.2000

Tanner, M Helen  b.1852  d.1938

Taylor, Amy S  b.1898  d.1972
Taylor, Kenneth A  b.10-12-1919  d.9-6-1921
Taylor, Leon J  b.1895  d.1936
Taylor, Robert E  b.1926  d.1978
        Audrey F (his wife)  b.1925  d.1976
Taylor, William Arthur  b.1869  d.1939
        Maude C (his wife)  b.1871  d.1950

Teed, John  b.1811  d.1896
      Anna Snyder his wife  b.1817  d.1907

Theetge, Henry C  b.1898  d.1966
Theetge, John L  b.1887  d.1969

Thomas, Jerome  b.1837  d.1924
        Lisetta (his wife)  b.1840  d.1901

Thompson, A C  b.1802  d.1890
          Amanda V (his wife)  b.1809  d.1888
Thompson, Abraham K  b.3-12-1800  d.12-25-1885
          Nancy Miller his wife  b.9-23-1806  d.11-4-1888
Thompson, Archibald  b.1776  d.1850
          Elizabeth Kniffen his wife  b.1782  d.1870
Thompson, David M  b.1810  d.1901
Thompson, Iva Baker  b.6-22-1904  d.11-2-1988
Thompson, John Gordon  b.7-20-1904  d.3-10-1983
Thompson, John S  b.1851  d.1932
          F Evelyn Lambert (his wife)  b.1853  d.1924
Thompson, Madell W  b.1855  d.1878
Thompson, Manley P  b.1842  d.1937
          Josephine (his wife)  b.1844  d.1934
Thompson, Martin V  b.1840  d.1924
          Minerva (his wife)  b.1840  d.1929
Thompson, Mildred A “Mom”  b.1903  d.1983
Thompson, William C  b.1812  d.1895
          Deborah A Palmer his wife  b.1827  d.1890
Thompson, Zalmon  b.1836  d.1919
          Sophia (his wife)  b.1845  d.1921
          Cora C their dau  b.1871  d.1949

Thorp,  Alfred C  b.1935  d.1969
Thorpe, Barbara B  b.1916  d.1954
Thorpe, Bernard  “Grandpa” b.1917  d.1984
Thorpe, Bernard  b.1964  d.1982
Thorpe, Blaine  b.1966  d.1982
Thorpe, Horace A  b.1915  d.1981
        F Grace (his wife)  b.1914  d.1968
Thorpe, John  b.1962  d.1977
Thorpe, Myrtle L  b.1909  d.1969
Thorpe, Wayne  b.1941  d. ?
        Sharon (his wife)  b.1943  d. ?

Tichenor, Jabez  d.10-28-1872 age 77yr 6mo
          Phebe S his wife  d.9-?-18?? age 91yr 4mo

Totten, Ada Simmons Bills  b.1877  d.1954

Townsend, Deborah  d.9-10-1890 age 63
Townsend, James L  b.1888  d. ?
          Clarissa M (his wife)  b.1890  d.1964
Townsend, Stanley C  b.1898  d. ?
          Ruth E (his wife)  b.1900  d.1976
Trotter, Claudius I  b.1844  d. ?
         Olive E Parsons his wife  b.1836  d.(8-11-1922)

Tuttle, Harry  b.1898  d.1979
        Ruth Bement (his wife)  b.1907  d.2-?-2002 (Buried in Florida)
Tuttle, Harry W  b.1931  d.1970
        Phyllis E (his wife)  b.1930  d.1997
Tuttle, Robert E  b.1937  d.1962

Tyler, Clarence  b.1911  d.1976

Updike, Fern Elizabeth  b.1907  d.1970
Updike, Gloria Jane  9-19-1945 only date
Updike, Harold E  b.4-21-1914  d.1-22-1997  SGT US ARMY WWII

Usher, Orin K  b.1897  d.1963
       Winifred S (his wife)  b.1898  d. ?
Usher, Robert L  b.1902  d.1972
       Anna S (his wife)  b.1900  d.1951
Usher, Bela   [no stone, but buried in Mulligan plot;
               was the brother of Abby Usher Mulligan; he never married.]

Van Amburg, Wayne Arthur  b.10-29-1932  d. ?
            Betty Lou Dean (his wife)  b.3-5-1933  d.2-18-2001

Van Doren, Horatio W  b.1831  d.1906
           Elizabeth A (Elliot) his wife  b.1830  d.1906
Van Doren, Charles F  b.1858  d.1890  son of Horatio & Elizabeth
           Emma E (Dusenberry)(his wife)  b.1862  d.1941
           John Ward their son  b.4-27-1889  d.2-22-1900
Van Doren, Leah A  b.1821  d.1903 (sister of Horatio)

Van Duzer, Francis L  b.1905  d.1985
           Sarah B (his wife)  b.1909  d.1997
Van Duzer, Janet May  b.7-19-1933  d.3-21-1934

Van Fleet, Catherine Alice  d.9-10-1919 age 2d
Van Fleet, Earle  b.1921  d.1960
Van Fleet, Edwin  b.1858  d.1944
           Nettie Coddington his wife  b.1855  d.1928
           Andrew C their son  b.1891  d.1892
Van Fleet, William Bryan  b.1896  d.1987
           Percilla Ann (his wife)  b.1897  d.1982
Van Fleet, William D  b.1924  d. ?
           Belle Marie “Peg” (his wife)  b.1923  d.1988

Van Loon, Chauncey W  b.1858  d.1905
          Frances Dean his wife  b.1859  d.1932
          Lena their dau  b.1880  d.1913

Vann, Benjamin  b.1887  d.1959
      Dorothy (his wife)  b.1908  d.1963
Vann, Benjamin D  b.1924  d.1988

Van Order, D Emmett  b.1868  d.1950
           Stella E (King)(his wife)  b.1869  d. ?

VanTuyl, Emma Parsloe  b.1872  d.1942

Vaughn, A Ogden  b.4-1-1824  d.7-21-1888
        Catharine his wife  b.6-2-1835  d.11-18-1904
Vaughn, Brady J  b.3-8-1979  d.8-21-2001
Vaughn, Erie  b.10-18-1838  d.6-29-1927
        Emeline Morris (his wife)  b.7-5-1840  d.6-11-1917
Vaughn, Hannah  b.2-3-1764  d.6-9-1839
Vaughn, William b.2-3-1806  d.11-18-1887
        Lovina M (his wife)  b.4-10-1807  d.3-12-1883
Vaughn, William J  b.1867  d.1942
        Eda G (his wife)  b.1873  d.1950
        ???  their son  1912 only date

Velie, Birge  b.1868  d.1950
Velie, Charles N  b.1865  d.1944
       C Adelia Dunham his wife  b.1855  d.1929
Velie, John W “Father”  b.1828  d.1915
       Lydia A “Mother” (his wife)  b.1840  d.1921

Vernooy, Abraham L  b.1865  d.1939
         Dora S (his wife)  b.1884  d.1967

Visscher, Robert P  b.1938  d.1985

Von Reyn, Charles A  b.6-6-1920  d.4-3-1998  1ST LT US ARMY WWII
          Florence G his wife  b.5-28-1925 d. ?  Married 11-20-1943
Von Reyn, Evehardt E  b.1918  d.1980
          Frances S (his wife) b.1920  d.2001

Voorheis, Christopher Melvin  b.6-14-1979  d.4-3-1997
Voorhees, Darwin D  b.1921  d.1988
          Mildred S (his wife)  b.1927  d. ?
Voorheis, Edwin E  b.1916  d. ?
          Lora B (his wife)  b.1915  d.1982
Voorhees, Elwyn L  b.1930  d.1962
          Mary K (his wife)  b.1927  d.1975
          Delores A (their dau)  1947 only date
Voorhies, Fred A  b.1920  d.1976
          June E (his wife)  b.1921  d.1992
Voorheis, Geraldine  1938 only date
Voorheis, J Harold  b.1913  d.1989
          Gladys H (his wife)  b.1919  d.1998

Voorheis, Jason Lyle  b.12-12-1976  d.7-6-1979
Voorhees, Joan E  b.1940  d.1995
Voorheis, Judith Lorraine  b.6-?-1959  d.6-?-1959 *
Voorheis, Keith C  b.1910  d.1968
          Mary W (his wife)  b.1909  d.2001
Voorheis, Keith L  b.6-25-1967  d.12-14-2001  Funeral Plaque
Voorheis, Keith T  b.1939  d. ?
          Nancy B (Bush) (his wife)  b.1939  d. ?
Voorhees, Kenneth C  b.4-1-1935  d.4-24-1989  CPL US ARMY KOREA
Voorheis, Liza Daunne  b.6-5-1961  d.6-12-1961 *
Voorheis, Rodger  1937 only date
Voorheis, Terri Lynn  b.1964  d.1976
Voorhees, Walter A  b.1887 d.1964
          Etta M (his wife)  b.1897  d.1969
          Ellis (their son) 1934 only date
Voorheis, William E  b.1887  d.1961
          Theresa S (his wife)  b.1890  d.1972
          Roland C (their son)  b.(7-17)-1930 d.(7-26)-1930
          Russell Lee (their son)  b.(10-28)-1931 d.(4-23)-1949

Wager, Penny Kay  b.1960  d.1973  (originally listed as "Perry Kay")

Walker, Augusta C dau of Jesse & Irene  b.1886  d.1913

Waller, Randy James  b.12-3-1955  d.5-3-1956

Walty, Esther Chesley wife of P D Walty  b.1884  d.1908
           (on J B Chesley stone)

Ward, Irvin M “Father”  b.1889  d.1969
      Clara M “Mother” (his wife)  b.1892  d.1959
      Gertrude Lillian (their dau) b.1915  d.1996
Ward, W Albert  b.1913  d.1974
      Gertrude H (his wife)  b.1904  d.1999

Warner, Albert Lyman  b.3-1-1903  d.1-11-1971
                      DIST OF COLUMBIA COL US ARMY
        Harriet R (his wife)  b.1902  d.1993

Warren, Clifford N  b.1901  d.1982
        Christine S (his wife)  b.1902  d.1977
Warren, Nelson E  b.1903  d.1956

Wasson, Bessie B “Mother”  b.1880  d.1965
Wasson, Raymond S  b.1915  d.1973
        Muriel C (his wife)  b.1918  d. ?

Weber,  Joseph  b.1907  d.1986
        Mildred M (his wife)  b.1911  d. ?
Webber, Mary M  b.1919  d.1984
Webber, Michael  b.6-19-1844  d.11-29-1901
        Sarah E (his wife)  b.6-10-1848  d.10-26-1907
Weber,  William C  b.1893  d.1959
        Marie M (his wife)  b.1892  d.1986

Weisbrod, Ethel Grant  b.1893  d.1971

Weiskopff, Harry O  b.1920  d.1985
          Isabella (his wife)  b.1924  d.1963

Welch, Daniel E  b.1918  d.1967
       Eloise L (his wife)  b.1921  d. ?
Welch, F LeRoy  b.1850  d.1917
       Clara Proper his wife  b.1866  d.1921
Welch, Louis S  b.1902  d.1961
Welch, Shirley Ann  b.6-18-1964  d.8-8-1973

Wellman, David E  b.1929  d.1990
Wellman, Earl B  b.1902  d.1943
         Edith M (his wife)  b.1909  d. ?

Wenban, C Harry  b.1893  d.1919
Wenban, Gordon H  b.1914  d.1954
        Mary T (his wife)  b.1915  d.1966
        Gordon (their son) b.1940  d.1941
Wenban, Morris  b.1917  d.1919

West, Martin G  b.1902  d.1986
      Alma Clark his wife  b.1907  d.1987

Westbrook, Harry  b.1914  d.1983
           Frances (his wife)  b.1916  d.1986
Westbrook, Harry A Jr. “Sonny”  b.1946  d.1986

Whalen, Azubah  b.1861 d.1921

Wheat, Alexander b.5-20-1829  d.6-9-1906
       Sarah E his wife  b.2-21-1836  d.9-1-1905
Wheat, L Emerson  b.1854  d.1908

Wheeler, Spencer  b.5-27-1821  d.12-10-1896
         Emeline S (his wife)  b.8-8-1835  d.4-25-1912
Wheeler, Wilmer A  b.1875  d.1966
         Bertha E his wife  b.1875  d.1965
         Philip S their son  b.1901  d.1908

White, Andrew Herbert (son of Herbert & Mabel)  b.1960  d.1963
White, Charles H  b.1912  d.1984
       Ida V (his wife)  b.1921  d. ?
White, Frank E  b.1913  d.1972
       Leah C (his wife)  b.1919  d.1986
White, Herbert E  b.10-12-1918  d.2-2-1988  CPL US ARMY WWII
White, James M  b.1863  d.1942
       Ella Myers (his wife)  b.1861  d.1937 (2nd stone says b.1862)
White, Raymond B  b.1914  d.1971
       Naomi B (his wife)  b.1918  d. ?
White, Robert Elmer  b.1872  d.1954
       Mary A “Mae” his wife  b.1900  d.1978
       Alta their dau  b.1923  d. ?
       Daisy Mae their dau  b.7-13-1917  d.7-19-1917
       Edith Rae their dau  b.4-15-1930  d.5-7-1930
       Elma M their dau  b.1919  d.1967
       Elna M their dau  b.1925  d. ?
White, Stewart Clar  b.1899  d. ?

Whitford, William D  b.1869  d.1908
          Nora Thorp his wife  b.1879  d. ?

Whitney, Charles E  b.1909  d.1992
         Lulu K (his wife)  b.1918  d.1991
Whitney, Joseph W  b.1884  d.1967
         Mary C (his wife)  b.1882  d.1940
Whitney, Lena M Kellogg “Mother”  b.1896  d.1966
           (First husband was Ray R Kellogg)

Wickham, Alexander C  b.2-26-1815  d.4-2-1886
         Elizabeth his wife  b.2-6-1846  d.10-25-1909
         Olive his wife  b.9-29-1816  d.8-12-1868
         James C son of A C & E H  d.2-25-1881 age 5
         Libbie M dau of A C & E H  d.3-17-1881 age 7
         Myrna dau of A C & E  d.3-15-1881 age 3
Wickham, Belmont  b.1882  d.1959
         Ethel Mae Dunham his wife  b.1882  d.1919
         George their son  b.1910  d.1913
Wickham, Benjamin Arthur  b.1886  d.1919
Wickham, Charles E  d.2-11-1911 age 65-7-19
         Amelia J Keep his wife  d.3-1-1895 age 44-6-7
         Martin E their son  d.6-8-1873 age 3-0-19
Wickham, Edward E  b.9-27-1891  d.7-20-1958
Wickham, Erastus  d.1-13-1883 age 70-11-9
         Almeda (Everts) his wife  d.1-1-1875 age 65
         Clarissa their dau  d.8-19-1866 age 22-7-19
Wickham, F Marion  b.1842  d.1924
         Emeline Gardner his wife  b.1847  d.1901

Wickham, Ford M “Husband”  b.1872  d.1958
         Marietta Donnelly “Wife” (his wife)  b.1876  d.1973
Wickham, Fred  b.8-2-1868  d.9-2-1892
Wickham, G (George) Clark  b.1836  d.1921
         Helen B Herrick his wife  b.1845  d.1941
Wickham, Harry E (Ely)  b.1876  d.1942
         Anna L Capell his wife  b.1876  d.1945
Wickham, Hattie  d.3-21-1862 age 6mo 21d
Wickham, Jane C  b.2-5-1908  d.6-13-1984
Wickham, Martha R “Mother”  b.1860  d.1915
Wickham, Maryetta wife of Clark W  b.5-?-1839  d.11-?-1875
Wickham, Nelson  d.1-25-1882 age 68-4-13
         Harriet (Scoville) his wife  d.4-22-1843 age 25-6-19
            (his second wife was Alice A Miller)
         Elon son of Nelson & Harriet d.8-6-1841 age 1-4-29
Wickham, Thomas A  b.1864  d.1939
         Nellie R (his wife)  b.1869  d.1939
Wickham, W Lavearn  b.10-6-1874  d.10-3-1916
Wickham, Willis W son of Harris & Louise  b.1863  d.1886

Wiggins, John  b.1818  d.1903
         Adah C his wife  b.1824  d.1899
Wiggins, J Dillaye  b.1850  d.1937
         Ophelia H his wife  b.1857  d.1926

Wightman, Elihu B  b.1853  d.1927
          May his wife  b.1858  d.1879
          Mary A (his wife)  b.1865  d.1932
Wightman, Elihu K  b.1891  d.1942

Widger, Benjamin Albert  d.4-17-1913 age 26-5-8

Wilber, Mary R Canfield  b.8-21-1917  d.5-30-1991

Wilcox,  Irene S  d.11-26-1888 age 5-2-10
Willcox, John B  d.10-2-1890 age 70yr 4mo
         Lorinda his wife  d.11-14-1903 age 69
Wilcox,  N W  b.1825  d.1901
         Elzada his wife  b.1840  d.1915
Wilcox,  Rena L dau of Edward D & Elizabeth  b.1883  d.1888

Willett, Tracy C  b.1890  d.1959
         Cora A (his wife)  b.1894  d.1987

Williammee, Lyle L  b.1925  d. ?
            Rosemary C (his wife)  b.1938  d.2000

Williams, Andrew C  b.1900  d.1980
          Waive H (his wife)  b.1910  d. ?
Williams, Agnes L  b.1857  d.1873
Williams, Charles B “Father” b.1859  d.1927
          Mary Coon “Mother” (his wife)  b.1864  d.1944
Williams, Charles O  b.12-30-1869  d.1-10-1914
Williams, Elizabeth  b.1849  d.1894
Williams, Francis B “Skip”  b.1939  d.1988
Williams, Glenn Hager  b.2-7-1892 d.6-13-1961
                     PFC CO C 324 FIELD SIG BN WWI
Williams, Harold K  b.1918  d. ?
          Clara D (his wife)  b.1918  d. ?
Williams, Isaac H  b.1829  d.1900
          Mary E Paige his wife  b.1839  d.1918
Williams, Jacob  b.1830  d.1885
          Henriette Bennett his wife  b.1842 d.1921
Williams, Jacob  d.4-17-1937 age ?
          Abbie his wife  d.4-5-1934 age ?
          Pearl their dau  b.1887  d.1900
Williams, J P (John)  b.5-28-1868  d.3-30-1896
          Minnie B Hager his wife  b.5-8-1871  d.3-29-1892
Williams, Mary Lou  8-?-1938 only date
Williams, Mott Omer  b.1893  d.1952
          Elizabeth K (King)(his wife)  b.1896  d.1989
Williams, Oliver H  b.8-27-1828  d.1-23-1908
          Alvira J his wife  b.11-23-1832  d.7-19-1877
          Lucy A his wife  b.2-23-1838  d.1-28-1908
Williams, Rita  b.1878  d.1915
Williams, Solomon  d.12-17-1880 age 56-10-8
          Maria (his wife)  b.1829  d.1917
Williams, William  b.9-15-1830  d.1-22-1898
          Harriet A Erway his wife  b.1-17-1843  d.6-23-1893

Wilson, Fred L  b.1876  d. ?
        Jennie M (his wife)  b.1877  d.1939
Wilson, John D  b.1868  d.1943
        Louise Grant (his wife)  b.1875  d.1957
Wilson, Nellie Stilwell  b.1869 d.1902

Winn, Eleanor wife of Arza  d.9-16-1875 age 74

Withiam, Andrew O  d.6-20-1889 age 27-10-28
Withiam, Anson A  b.1864  d.1948
         Susannah B (his wife)  b.1869  d.1959
Withiam, Archie E  b.1900  d.1981
         Ruth E (his wife)  b.1896  d.1975
Withiam, Clarence A  b.5-3-1887  d.10-31-1954
Withiam, Fred D  b.1863  d.1937
         Ella C (his wife)  b.1863  d.1946
Withiam, Harry B  b.1889  d.1968
         Marion W (his wife)  b.1890  d.1962
Withiam, Nathan  d.2-1-1893 age 37-11-27

Wood, Ethyl Morris  b.1887  d.1959
Wood, George “Father” b.1880  d.1961
      Clara L “Wife” (his wife)  b.1891  d.1981
Wood, Lewis R  b.1892  d.1970
      Annette S (his wife)  b.1892  d.1974
Wood, Mary Jane  b.1931  d.1956
         [Terri Everts Camp writes that Mary Jane Wood was half-sister
          of her father; Mary Jane (SWICK) WOOD was dau of Clarence SWICK
          & Nora Lucy PATTERSON SWICK EVERTS who is buried in this cemetery.]

Wood, Wilma  d.5-30-1925 age 4d

Woodring, Leon Lewis  b.3-13-1931  d.2-5-2001  PFC US ARMY KOREA
          Anne J (Switzer) his wife  b.1932 d. ?  Married 9-13-1950
              (Dau of Herman & Edith Switzer)

Wortman, Edward  d.5-16-1906 age 77

Wright, Charles W  b.1928  d. ?
        Wanda S (his wife)  b.1925  d.1960
Wright, Estella C Mathews wife of Theron Wright  b.1871  d.1912
Wright, George R  b.1854  d.1919
Wright, Grace M  b.1882  d.1966
Wright, Herbert  b.4-10-1910  d.11-6-1964
        Esther J (his wife)  b.1910  d.1998
Wright, Herbert B  b.1861  d. 1913
Wright, Horace H  b.1924  d.1924
Wright, Joseph H  b.1862  d.1940
Wright, Nellie M  b.1891  d.1926
Wright, Robert J  b.4-4-1849  d.8-11-1898
        Lucy E his wife - no data
Wright, Theron C  b.1846  d.1917  CO A 50 REGT NY VOL
        Ada E Allen his wife b.1858  d.1911
        Estella C Mathews his wife  b.1871  d.1912
Wright, Thomas R  d.2-15-1901 age 83-9-14
        Elizabeth G his wife  d.4-20-1877 age 54-10-7
        Charles M their son d.12-24-1866 age 22yr 10mo
              Charles Died in St. Louis, Mo
        Lottie G their dau  d.7-3-1861 age 4yr 8mo
        William Penn their son  d.7-11-1874 age 7
Wright, Wiltcher D  b.1887  d.1942

Wyckoff, E Louise Smith “Mother”  b.1880  d.1967 (see G Pond)
Wyckoff, Edgar J  b.1853  d.1939
         Stella Satterlee his wife  b.1853  d.1927

Yanch, Anthony G  b.1916  d.1961
       Maude S (his wife)  b.1913  d.1991

Yaw, Putnam A  b.1886  d.1951
     Harriet B (his wife)  b.1876  d.1956

Zammett, Klim F  b.1913  d. ?
         Iris W (his wife)  b.1917  d.1994

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